Tanner Chidester Review — What Makes Him Different From Other Online Coaches?

March 15, 2024

Tanner Chidester is a bodybuilder, entrepreneur, mentor, and personal trainer based in Los Angeles. He became a millionaire by the age of 27, building two successful businesses called Fit Warrior and Elite CEOs. These businesses offer various programs like Elite Mastermind, Elite 360, and Conversions Conversations. Tanner Chidester is also the CEO of these ventures.

Tanner Chidester focuses on teaching affiliate marketing and creating your own program. But local lead generation through rank and rent offer some advantages. With local lead generation, you create websites that rank well on search engines and generate leads for local businesses. The great thing about this approach is its passive nature. Once you've set up a website and achieved top rankings, you can enjoy a steady flow of leads without actively promoting or managing products. It's a more hands-off approach, providing a passive income stream that can be sustainable.

Tanner Chidester Pros And Cons


Top publications like Forbes, Business Insider, and CNBC recognize Tanner Chidester.

He became a millionaire within two years.

Chidester guides you to build your own online business.


He receives some bad reviews claiming that he is a scam.

He charges his premium programs so high.

What Makes Tanner Chidester Different From Other Online Coaches?

Tanner Chidester differs from other online coaches in two notable ways. He has actually built two successful businesses. One that made millions from direct sales to consumers, and another that made millions from serving other businesses. Most coaches only teach, but Tanner has real-world experience.

Second, Tanner achieved remarkable success by creating a company that earned over $910,000 in less than 22 months. Few people can claim such accomplishments. When you learn from Tanner, you're learning from someone with hands-on experience, not just theories.

Who Is Tanner Chidester?

Tanner Chidester is the owner of two 7-figure businesses; Fit Warrior and Elite CEOs. Tanner helps business owners and fitness professionals scale their businesses to 7 figures. He shares proven strategies and methods to grow their businesses online and offline. He has experience in scaling his fitness business to 7 figures in less than 12 months. Tanner offers mentorship and coaching to guide others toward success. 

Tanner Chidester's success stems from his practical approach to setting goals. He believes in breaking down big goals into smaller, manageable steps by reverse engineering them. This method removes the overwhelming feeling and provides a clear path to success. Moreover, Tanner emphasizes the value of monetizing existing skills as a starting point for earning significant income. By leveraging your abilities, you can lay a solid foundation for achieving your financial goals.

Tanner Chidester Age

Tanner Chidester is currently 31 years old. He was born on January 16, 1992, in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is still doing mentoring and training in Los Angeles now and living his life with her girlfriend. 

Tanner Chidester Networth

According to CNBC, Tanner's net worth exceeded $1 million by the age of 28. This impressive wealth comes from his successful ventures, Fit Warrior and Elite CEOs. Both of his businesses generated seven-figure revenues.

Tanner Chidester's Success Story

Tanner Chidester's success story began while he was studying at Texas A&M. He discovers personal training and online marketing. Then, Tanner made the bold decision to drop out of school and focus 100% on his personal training and online marketing business.

In the early stages, Tanner faced challenges. He invested $50,000 in coaching programs and tried various strategies; which made him struggle to achieve the desired results. He even worked at Olive Garden and did door-to-door sales to make ends meet. After that, Tanner forges his own path. He combined the lessons he learned from his previous experiences and started implementing his own methods. This decision proved to be a turning point.

Tanner experienced a breakthrough moment - he had his first $10,000 week. This success boosts his determination, and he never looked back. He transitions from being a petroleum engineering student and football player to becoming a millionaire.

In 2017, Tanner launched Fit Warrior LLC, an online health and fitness coaching program. Within a few months, the company generated seven-figure annual revenue. It is the beginning of his entrepreneurial success. Other fitness trainers ask Tanner to guide them to achieve a result. This led to the creation of Fitness CEOs, a course where Tanner shared his knowledge and strategies. Fitness CEOs also made rapid success and generated a seven-figure revenue within a short period. In 2019, he opens the Elite CEOs, which also made fast success. 

What Does The Internet Have To Say About Tanner Chidester?

The internet provides good reviews about Tanner Chidester for being an effective mentor of the Elite CEOs. It has a 4.8 high rating from Trustpilot, which is high.

One review says that he never imagined making $10K in just 30 days. He claims that the program 100% meets his expectations. Another one claims that he made $12,000 in his first 30 days. Also, he said that the Elite CEO is super effective. And there are a lot more good reviews there.

And below, you will see some negative reviews stating that the program is a scam. They share their experience to warn others to get away from the course. 

Tanner Chidester Featured Stories

Tanner Chidester's training program gained significant attention from elite publications like Forbes, Business Insider, and CNBC. These reputable sources feature his program's remarkable success in their articles.

Tanner Chidester's Social Media Presence

Tanner Chidester maintains a strong social media presence with a significant following. He has 446K followers on Instagram, 96.2K followers on TikTok, and 441K followers on Facebook. Additionally, he has 11,755 followers on LinkedIn and over 500 connections on the platform. His active engagement and large following on these platforms showcase his online influence and reach.

How Do You Make Money Online With Tanner Chidester?

Tanner Chidester's Elite CEOs program offers a pathway to make money online through affiliate marketing. The program teaches you how to set up sales funnels, create engaging content, and find and promote high-ticket offers. It also covers how to run successful Facebook ads and automate your online business. You have the potential to earn commissions and generate passive income online if you will use Tanner's strategies. This approach provides you with the knowledge and tools to build a successful online business.

What Is Elite CEOs?

Elite CEOs is an online coaching program that guides aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners in building their own ad agencies. Also, it helps them to get clients and achieve financial success. The program focuses on affiliate marketing. It teaches how to use ClickFunnels and Facebook ads to drive traffic and earn commissions. Elite CEOs empower individuals to scale and grow their businesses to generate more revenue. The founder of Elite CEOs is Tanner Chidester.

Elite CEOs Pros And Cons


It teaches you how to build your own agency, land clients, and provide results for them.

It receives tons of good reviews.

It has many testimonials showing its effectiveness and legitimacy.

Tanner offers financing options and an option for you to use PayPal Credit where it's 0% APR for 6 months.


There is little negative feedback about the course and Tanner.

You need to arrange a call with them to know all the details, including the price.

There is no information about the refund policy.

It's for sure a high-ticket program.


Elite CEOs started in 2019.


Elite CEOs help online entrepreneurs to generate significant income. Some of them reach $10K, $50K, and $100K in 30 days. Also, few students reach $1M income one year.

How Much Does Elite CEOs Cost?

The cost of accessing the basic training of Elite CEOs is $37. Yet, it serves as an introduction to a high-ticket coaching program. Besides, there are extra monthly expenses of approximately $240 for essential tools.

These tools include:

  • ClickFunnels ($97/month)
  • Email autoresponder like Aweber ($15/month)
  • Tracking software like ClickMagick ($27/month)
  • Facebook ads/YouTube ads ($100/month or more)

Upon further research, joining the premium coaching program can range from $10,000 to $18,000.

Does Tanner Chidester Offer A Refund Policy?

Tanner Chidester does not offer a refund policy, according to some articles. But Tanner mentions nothing about a refund policy in his messaging.

Is Tanner Chidester's Elite CEOs Worth It?

The Elite CEOs program by Tanner Chidester may not be worth your investment. It's true that Tanner has achieved success, and the program has received positive reviews. But, there are important factors to consider.

First, the cost of the program is quite high. While the initial price is $37, this is just an introduction to a much more expensive coaching program that can range from $10,000 to $18,000. This hefty price tag may not be workable for many, especially those who are just starting out.

Another concern is the lack of a refund policy. Without the option to get your money back if you're not satisfied, there's a higher level of risk involved in joining the program. There are also some negative reviews and feedback online that claim that it is a scam. It's important to take these into consideration when deciding.

Given these factors, it's important to assess your own financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance. Also, some entrepreneur claims that affiliate marketing is dead in 2023. But it isn't dead. 

Is Tanner Chidester' Elite CEOs Legit?

Tanner Chidester's Elite CEOs is a legitimate program. It has many video testimonials and reviews available on its website. The course has received positive feedback, with a rating of 4.8 and 208 5-star ratings on Trustpilot.

Does Tanner Chidester Sell Any Other Programs?

Yes, Jeff Lerner sells 3 programs within Elite CEOs. These are:

  • Elite Mastermind - Elite Mastermind is a program that teaches you how to establish a strong online presence in your respective niches. The program provides access to a private course/members' area, a supportive community, and a team of skilled coaches and marketers. Its goal is to assist participants in dominating their niche and achieving success in the online realm.
  • Elite 360 - Elite360 is a digital marketing solution designed to support the growth of businesses online. It offers unlimited funnels, websites, domains, contacts, and courses/memberships. As well as an advanced CRM with automation features, email and texting capabilities, and more. The cost of Elite360 is $97 per month.
  • Conversion Conversations - Conversion Conversations is a program for business owners who are new to online business. This entry-level program introduces a top strategy for achieving outstanding online sales results. It costs $97 per month.

My Tanner Chidester Review

Tanner Chidester's achievements are truly impressive. It includes becoming a self-made millionaire within two years. Also, he builds two seven-figure businesses from scratch. While there are a few negative comments, most reviews highlight the legitimacy and effectiveness of his program. It helps many entrepreneurs to create their own income streams. However, it has some notable drawbacks. It includes the high price and lack of transparency on pricing, as well as the absence of a refund policy. Still, Tanner remains a legitimate and successful entrepreneur.

Are There Alternatives To Tanner Chidester’s Elite CEOs?

  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery - Affiliate Marketing Mastery teaches you how to make money online through affiliate marketing. It provides step-by-step guidance and aims to help beginners earn within a 1-3 month timeframe, even without prior technical skills.
  • Fullstaq Marketer - Fullstaq Marketer by Keala Kanae offers the Business Launch Challenge where the Fullstaq team builds a fully functional affiliate marketing business for you in just 48 hours. It teaches you how to achieve that by using its established funnels, products, and strategies.
  • Finance Simple - Finance Simple by Sara Rosalia (Sara Finance), is an online program offering three courses: affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and stock market investing. The program provides guidance on achieving monthly earnings of up to $15,000 through affiliate marketing.

Conclusion: Is Tanner Chidester A Scammer?

No, Tanner Chidester is not a scammer. He has helped thousands of entrepreneurs generate significant income through his courses, and he has a good reputation online as a trusted guru.

But given that his course teaches affiliate marketing to scale your own business, I may be a little skeptical. It is where you promote other people's products and earn commissions. Local lead generation through rank and rent is a better option because it's more passive. You create websites that generate leads for local businesses, and then you rent those websites to the businesses for a steady income.

Unlike affiliate marketing, you don't have to keep promoting or maintaining products. Once your website ranks, it can make money on its own with little effort. So, local lead generation through rank and rent offers a simpler and more hands-off way to make money compared to affiliate marketing. 

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