Dan Wardrope Course – The Alternative Facebook Agency Review, is it worth it?

November 6, 2018

Everybody goes on Facebook.  They go to catch up with old friends, keep up with faraway family, and show everyone their cute pets, kids, and what they had for dinner.  Facebook is great for regular people and those who want to advertise.


It’s important to remember that using Facebook for marketing is totally different than using it for fun.  People can actually make a living with Facebook by becoming a Facebook agency. I’d heard that, but I didn’t know how.  

It sounded like something technical that I wouldn’t understand even with years of training.


Dan Wardrope proved me wrong.


Who is this Dan Wardrope?

I had no idea when I first discovered him.  A couple of Facebook friends were talking about his program and how they were blazing past other agencies.


He’s really a regular guy who keeps his personal life off the internet.  That’s probably something one learns after working with Facebook.


Dan Wardrope finished high school, went on to college, and eventually found himself in a job that dominated his time and gave him little to show for it.  I know I can relate to that. It’s frustrating when you do everything you’re supposed to and success still eludes.


It only took Dan two years from beginning his Alternative Facebook Agency to turning his techniques into a sought-after course.  


So what is the Alternative Facebook Agency?


When businesses want to advertise on Facebook to grow their client base and improve their influence and branding—they can hire an agency to handle it.  They run campaigns on behalf of clients for a fee.


But here’s the thing—over time, Best Practices are developed for Facebook agencies.  People write blogs and sort of decide together what works and what doesn’t. Before you know it, everyone is doing different versions of the same thing.  Rising above the noise that creates seems impossible.


Dan Wardrope found a way past all that.  His techniques helped me break off from the crowd—well, break AHEAD is more like it.  My existing clients were impressed and talked me up to others. Before I knew it, seriously—within a few months—my client base had more than doubled.  


What did I like most about this course?

  • It’s a downloadable video, so I don’t need Wi-Fi to watch.
  • I was able to pay for the course in installments, which I needed at the time.
  • Dan totally knows his stuff, but never talks down to his audience.
  • I’ve been able to surpass people whose Agencies are much older than mine.  Ha! 
  • They help with the site landing page and basic templates for campaigns.


The best part may be that phone consult with Dan Wardrope himself.  It wasn’t a lesson so much as a chat about whether or not I was on the right track, and then setting up a plan of action.  

His feedback was excellent and he gave me his complete attention.


How I am earning 6 figure income and how you can do it too

However, using Facebook alone can rise up your startup cost. And not to mention you need to prove first to your client that you are worthy to invest in.

I would rather choose local lead generation using free traffic. With this business, you can let your result do the talking for you. Where clients will be the one who wants to do business with you.

You can build digital assets that can earn a residual income. Here is an example of my lead gen sites that use free traffic and not paid ones. It keeps earning $750 per month until now. And I haven’t touched that since 2014

Thus, creating a residual income for me.

If you want to learn more or would like to have your very own digital assets that create passive income for you, then you can check out this coaching program. You can learn to build local lead generation using free traffic and earn over 6 figure income this 2024.


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