Adura Sanya’s Sanya Method Review – Two Reasons Wholesaling Isn’t Passive

July 10, 2023

The Sanya Method by Adura Sanya is a course that teaches people wholesale real estate investing. Adura's goal is to get you to close 5 to 10 wholesale deals each month with predictability by implementing a more strategic marketing strategy that appeals to different sellers. This strategy is called targeted advertising. Targeted advertising is where you create marketing material that is specific to the needs and wants of your ideal audience in the places where their attention is. This can be social media, online forums, billboards, commercials, and more.

The problem with real estate investing is that marketing is challenging because of how competitive the industry is. According to one study, there are over 3 million people with active real estate license and thousands of real estate investors. Everyone is competing for the same buyers and sellers. Those buyers and sellers are also shopping for the best deals. There are many variables that can hold a deal back and the income you can make is not something you can predict from month to month.

To succeed with this business, you need the proper guidance from someone who is well established and making money month in and month out. Is Adura's course the right one for you to invest in to learn how to wholesale?

If you want to earn an income that you can predict each month in a business model where you have more control over how you run your digital real estate business, look into the local lead generation business model.


Adura has generated multiple 7-figures in his wholesale real estate business. 

Adura hosts coaching calls multiple times per week to share his experience and knowledge with his group. 

Training on how to market to different types of sellers.

Access to resources, templates and documents to help you run your wholesale business with ease.


You won't make a consistent income each month with real estate because you may not flip a property every month.

Real estate doesn't offer you a passive income.

Closing deals may take weeks or months. 


The Sanya Method costs $997. 

Refund Policy

No refunds. 


Step-by-step video training. 


Private Facebook group.  


Adura has been doing real estate since 2007. 


Adura has a good reputation in the real estate space. His methods of teaching have helped many students make thousands of dollars in their wholesale real estate business. Negative Adura Sanya reviews are hard to find, if any. 

Two Reasons Wholesaling Isn't Passive

1. No Regular Income

With wholesaling, you won't make a regular income each month. One that you can depend on so that you can budget properly. Months may pass without you closing any deals. If a year passes by and you don't close any deals, you won't have a business to run. You shouldn't leave your day job and jump in full-time immediately. Once you build up a solid system where you close at least one deal per month on average, for at least 6 months, then you can leave your 9-5 job. It can take years before you can deal with the irregular income that comes with running a wholesale real estate business. If you aren't patient enough, you won't want to earn an income this way.

2. Lead Generation is a Slow Process

Competition is high in the world of real estate, which makes generating leads more difficult each year. Paid traffic ads are expensive on platforms like Facebook or Google. The CPM on each platform has increased 61% and 75% each year over the last few years and will continue to rise in years to come. You also need to do research on who your ideal audience is so you know how to market to them and grab their attention. If you generate a lead, there's no guarantee it's going to turn into a closed deal. Not to mention, all the time that passed before you generated that lead. Other things you can do to increase the number of leads you generate are to join a BNI group, create marketing material, go to networking meetings and establish relationships with other people in the real estate world, such as contractors and title companies. 

Who is Adura Sanya?

Adura Sanya is a real estate investor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was raised in Plainfield, New Jersey and worked a few 9-5 jobs before getting into real estate investing. In 2009, he learned about the wholesale real estate industry and fell in love with it. Sometimes he would take calls while working his 9-5 job. Adura was making around $38,000 per year there. After closing his first deal, he knew he could make more money wholesaling. He eventually got fired from his job and went full-time in real estate. 

Today, Adura has done over 600 wholesale deals and made over 7-figures in sales. He was even able to retire his wife before she hit 30 years old. On Instagram, he has over 60.9K followers and posts content teaching people how to make money wholesaling. 

The Sanya Method Review: Is it Worth Buying?

The Sanya Method is worth buying because Adura shares in detail all of his systems and strategies to make the wholesale real estate business model work for you. He actively supports all of his students through coaching calls and direct mentoring. Many of his students have made thousands of dollars and others have made 6-figures in sales.

How Risky is Wholesaling Real Estate?

Wholesaling real estate offers the lowest risk in the real estate industry because it requires less money upfront to get started. If you are creative with your financing, you can leverage investors' money to purchase and repair property. The only other risks you may face are that you don't sell a property for months or years on end, your contractors do a sub-par job, or buyers and sellers pulling out of deals last minute.

The Sanya Method Testimonials

Illya got involved with Adura because he wanted to find more deals. In his business, he already had great connections with designers and construction crews, but wasn't able to get enough deals to feed his family. After investing in Adura, he immediately saw results. In 6 months, he made over $100,000. What stood out to Illya was the support and knowledge that Adura provides.

Torrance had closed some deals before joining The Sanya Method. What he had problems with was figuring out the systems and processes to have a consistent deal flow. He also had problems with marketing. The systems that helped him the most from Adura's course were how to interact with sellers, how to improve marketing, and more. After 45 days, he had made over $40,000.

The Sanya Method Alternatives

Wholesale to Millions by King Khang is a real estate course that helps beginners and experienced investors. You learn three main steps which are finding distressed properties, negotiating deals, and finding investors to buy the property. There is a private Facebook group where you can network with other students and get support. 

Price: Wholesale to Millions costs $1,495.

More Info: Wholesale to Millions Review

The Virtual Group by Tiffany and Josh High is an online real estate investing training program. They train you in marketing, systems, acquisitions, and dispositions. This 4-week training starts on the first Tuesday of every month and you get access to all the scripts, funnels, onboarding schedules, and SMS templates. There's also a private Facebook group for support. 

Price: The Virtual Group costs $997. 

More Info: The Virtual Group Review

Is Wholesaling Real Estate Worth it in 2024?

Wholesaling real estate is worth it in 2024 if you are looking to take your first crack at making money in the real estate industry. If you understand that you won't earn a passive income and are patient enough to deal with everything that comes with closing real estate deals, you can with time, grow your business.

The problem with real estate is that there is too much instability and there is a real possibility that you purchase a property that no one buys. If that were to happen, you are stuck with the property. Generating qualified leads is also difficult for how time-consuming and expensive it can be.

The way things currently are in the real estate market, this is a difficult business model to start, but with the right mentorship, guidance and deals, you can make some money but don't expect to make a passive income. 

In my opinion, buying and selling physical real estate doesn't offer the benefits digital real estate does. 

Local Lead Generation Offers a Passive Income Unlike Wholesaling

The local lead generation business model offers a passive income for building digital real estate. 

Your lead generation sites are built in the niche of your choosing and in the town you decide to generate leads in. You also decide what local small business owners to send leads to. It is also up to you to decide how much your clients have to pay you each month. All you do is design and build your sites, rank them on Google, and once leads start being generated, you exclusively send them to a business who can take on more work each month. As long as your digital properties generate leads on autopilot, your clients will happily pay you every month. If it goes really well, you may even get to invoice your clients each week. 

My tree care site has paid me $2,000 every month for over 8 years and I haven't had to do much else to the site but refresh some content now and then and make posts on the Google Business profiles associated with the lead gen site.

Local lead generation

You can achieve financial freedom much faster with digital real estate than with wholesaling physical properties. You save time, money and your profit margins are over 95% once you've got your lead gen site and GBP to rank at the top of the search results.

To learn how to leverage digital real estate and scale a passive income business with relative ease, check out the local lead generation business model

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