Tiffany and Josh High’s Virtual Group Review – 3 Real Estate Wholesaling Challenges

April 15, 2023

The Virtual Group by Tiffany and Josh High from Results Driven REI is an online real estate training program that helps active real estate investors take action and implement the most important steps in four key areas. Those areas are marketing, systems, acquisitions, and dispositions. Part of their scaling strategy is to hire and team to outsource work to and to reward them to work harder. 

This Virtual Group review will reveal if pursuing a career with physical real estate will allow you to earn a recurring passive income each month and how it compares to making money online renting digital real estate with the local lead generation business model


Tiffany and Josh do over 300 real estate wholesale deals per year, totaling over $4 million in revenue. 

Training on how to hire a team.

Classes are recorded so you can go back and rewatch them. 

They provide you with the most up-to-date information from the most recent trainings. Lifetime updates.


This training is not for beginners. 

Physical real estate is far from passive because you have to look for buyers all day, set up expensive PPC campaigns, and more.

Your income with physical real estate is not steady from month to month. 


The Virtual Group costs $997.


4 week live virtual training that starts on the first Tuesday of every month. They give you access to all their scripts, onboarding schedule, and SMS/RVM templates.


Private Facebook group


Tiffany and Josh High started the Results Driven REI company in 2018. 


Tiffany and Josh have a good online reputation and you won't find negative reviews about them, their business or their trainings. 

3 Real Estate Wholesaling Challenges

1. Inconsistent Income

The income you make with real estate wholesaling is not one you can budget for from month to month. This is because though you can control certain aspects of a deal, like how much money you make and how much you'll spend on your marketing efforts, there are parts of the business you can control. These include investors backing out of deals and issues with the title like bankruptcy filings, past deeds, outstanding tax records, and more. When getting started in this business, it's best to keep it as a side hustle before you gain traction and close several deals in a short amount of time. 

2. Saturated Markets

The barrier to entry of real estate wholesaling is low because of how inexpensive it is. Any beginner looking to get into real estate usually starts with wholesaling and real estate agents who start flipping houses first move to wholesaling. Tiffany and Josh High are examples of this. To succeed in a saturated real estate market, an investor must stay on top of their communication channels, have their finances in order in case a deal needs to be made, and establish strong partnerships with contractors, portfolio advisors, and more. 

3. Low Quality Leads

Another challenge with real estate wholesaling is the low-quality leads generated. Many leads are targeted by every other investor, which makes cold outreach for new real estate investors more difficult each time a lead is contacted for the purpose of buying or selling a home. Only the real estate investors who are good at networking and getting referrals are going to have the most success. 

What's included in the Virtual Group by Results Driven REI?

Weeks 1 & 2) Marketing and Systems with Tiffany

In the first two weeks of this live training, you learn how Tiffany and Josh's team works. They show you:

  • How their custom-built CRM works 
  • What metrics they use and how they track them
  • How their marketing campaigns flow (cold calling, direct mail, SMS, PPC, Facebook)
  • How their phone systems works
  • What happens when a lead is generated

During these two weeks, they introduce you to the developer that helped Josh and Tiffany build their CRM and who provides technical support for it. 

How do you market wholesale real estate deals?

To market wholesale real estate deals, it's best to find and organize your buyer's list, offer deals to the most serious buyers, and send text message and email marketing campaigns regularly to your entire list providing information about properties that is easy to digest.

Week 3) Acquisitions Process with Josh

This week, Josh covers scripting, doing deasl virtually over the phone, lead follow-up, managing your sales team, how to compensate your team and more. 

Week 4) Dispositions & Transactions Coordinating with Tiffany

In week 4, you learn how to find the right buyers, how to market properties, how to set up inspections and how to sell deals for massive profits. Tiffany and Josh take you through everything step by step. 

Who are Tiffany and Josh High?

Tiffany and Josh High are 7-figure real estate investors from Columbus, Ohio. In 2015, they began their career in the real estate industry by buying rentals and flipping houses. In their first year, they flipped over 40 homes but still lost over $100,000. They stopped flipping homes in their second year and began wholesaling. They wholesaled 165 homes in 2016. By 2018, they were doing over 300 flips/wholesales. 

Tiffany worked as a brand and program manager at the Marathon Petroleum Corporation from 2009 to 20011. From 2011 to 2015, she worked as a wholesale account manager and light products trader for Husky Energy. In 2015, she worked as a business manager in Owens Corning. Tiffany is currently the president and CEO of Results Driven REI, which teaches real estate investors how to build, stabilize, and scale their business. Tiffany is also the CEO of Heels Homes, where they buy and sell homes online for a profit.

On the Tiffany and Josh High YouTube channel, where they only have over 890 subscribers, Josh takes the lead in sharing content, where he teaches people in the real estate industry how to take their businesses to another level of revenue.

On TikTok, they have over 6,000 followers and share the same type of content they do on YouTube.

In an interview with Ryan Pineda, Tiffany and Josh have the goal of eventually becoming private lenders. 

Tiffany and Josh High Net Worth

Tiffany and Josh High have an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $4 million dollars when you factor in the $4 million dollars in revenue they make each year. This is also factoring in the money they make from their training programs. 

Is the Virtual Group worth it?

The Virtual Group is worth it if you are already in active in the real estate industry but are struggling to understand how to put systems together that will help your business grow. For only $997, Tiffany and Josh show you the backend of their business operations so you can create a roadmap for your own business and begin scaling. Most of what's taught in this program will cost you thousands in any other online real estate course. 

Tiffany and Josh High Testimonials

This student shared how grateful he was for going through Tiffany and Josh's program. He said this training could easily go for thousands of dollars because of the value he got from it. The virtual assistants, tools and systems he was provided with have helped him grow his real estate business. He said with everything you get, it's impossible not to make any money as long as you pay for marketing.

This couple attended one of Tiffany and Josh's live events and were blown away by everything they learned. Something that stood out to them was how transparent Tiffany and Josh were in sharing all the steps that are needed to be taken to grow a real estate business. They recommend taking Tiffany and Josh's training because they help you not make the same mistakes they did when they got started.

The Virtual Group Alternatives

SEO for Real Estate Investors by Jerryll Noorden is a course that teaches you how to generate highly motivated seller leads using search engine optimization strategies. This course has 15 video training modules, a private Facebook group for support, one-on-one mentoring, and high-converting website templates for you to use. Jerryll himself checks your work as you go through the course material to hold you accountable. 

Price: SEO for Real Estate Investors costs $25,800 (?)

More Info: SEO for Real Estate Investors Review

The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets training program by Van Sturgeon is an introduction course that teaches you how to make money in real estate by implementing the 4-F framework (Find, Fund, Fix, Flip). There are 8 training modules that teach you how to get your feet wet in the industry, how to find hidden gem real estate deals, how to fix and flip rental properties successfully, and more. You also get a 1-on-1 strategy session with Van.

Price: Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets costs $29.99.

More Info: Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets Review

The R.E.M.C Launch Program by Prab Mangat of Generate Agent Leads is a certification program that shows real estate professionals how to start and scale a real estate marketing consultancy. You learn how to generate leads on autopilot using a video sales letter. Prab offers real estate agents a way to make money in real estate without having to deal with the day to day of a wholesaler or house flipper. Each week there is a live call with Prab and his partner Jas where they answer questions for students and there is a private Slack community for ongoing support. 

Price: Generate Agent Leads costs between $5,000 and $15,000, with financing options available.

More Info: Generate Agent Leads Review

For a list of more alternatives to The Virtual Group, read my article on the top real estate wholesaling courses.

The 90 Day Rental Roadmap by Blake Choisnet is an online coaching program that teaches you how to get your first property and set up a rental portfolio with $10,000. It is a 12-week course that focuses on the basics of real estate investing, market economics, and deal closing to generate passive income.

Price: The 90 Day Rental Roadmap has a flexible pricing that depends on your individual coaching needs.

More Info: 90 Day Rental Roadmap by Blake Choisnet Review

Is wholesaling real estate worth it in 2024?

Wholesaling real estate is worth it in 2024 if you want to break into the real estate industry and understand the risk associated with investing in physical real estate. Your income isn't guaranteed and there's lots of instability in the real estate marketing. When prices increase, you end up losing out on profits. It's also highly possible that you buy an unsellable property after having invested thousands of dollars upfront for it.

The physical real estate industry has many moving parts and requires a lot of upfront effort and money before you see any profit. If you're not networking, making connections, and having conversations with investors who buy and sell, you won't get closer to closing any deal. 

You can make money with wholesaling real estate, but it doesn't offer you the benefits that renting digital real estate to local small businesses does. 

Digital real estate with free traffic is better than owning physical real estate

With digital real estate, you are in control of how you run your business. You choose the niche and market to get into, your online ranking strategies, the business you'll send leads to and how much they have to pay you. 

You don't have to wait months on end to close a deal and once you close one, you continue to get paid each month on autopilot as long as your lead generation sites are ranked at the top of the search results on Google.

This tree care site has continued to pay me $2,000 every month ever since I built and ranked it in Grand Rapids over 7 years ago. 

Local lead generation

These digital properties can be built within hours, then ranked and rented for a profit margin of over 95% within weeks if you put in the work. With physical real estate, you won't ever see that high of a profit margin.

The money you make with local lead generation is passive each month after you've ranked it. Over 7400 students are currently building out their digital real estate empires and easily scaling because digital real estate is inexpensive and not as demanding, as with physical real estate. 

To learn how you can get paid every month without having to deal with complicated real estate contracts, saturated markets or property inspections, check out the local lead generation training program.

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