John Charles Wilker’s Simplest Biz Review – Top 3 Issues With Pallet Flipping

May 27, 2023

The Simplest Biz 2.0 training course by John Charles Wilker teaches you how to make money online by brokering wooden pallets between businesses. According to John, you can do this business without hiring any employees, without a warehouse, and with no technology. This business model has several names, such as pallet recycling, pallet redistribution, and pallet flipping. The idea is to find businesses who want to get rid of their wooden pallets and sell them to other businesses who will pay you $8-$10 per pallet.

That all sounds great, but the problem is that your customers may not stay with you for long and your source for pallets may work with someone else without notice.

In this course, there are 13 comprehensive training modules and you're given access to their private Facebook group for support. The in-field training is also helpful because you can see how things are done in real time.

Pallet recycling is a genius business model, but I prefer going with something that offers a higher profit margin and that is more passive, such as local lead generation with free traffic. In this Simplest Biz review, I'll dive into what you learn in each module of this course, if anyone is making real money flipping pallets and if this course is worth your money.


John is the original pallet flipper and has made over 7-figures in the industry

You get in-field training examples

They provide you with an extensive buyer and supplier list 

You're taught passive income brokering strategies that will help you earn extra money


There are a lot of moving parts in the pallet flipping business model, and you've got to deal with many distinct personalities in buyers and sellers.

The income you earn in the pallet flipping industry is not as passive as John Charles makes it seem.

It's difficult to lock down inventory and clients who need pallets 

It can get expensive to hire a truck to carry pallets daily if you don't have one which will cut into your profit


The Simplest Biz Review costs $2,797

Refund Policy:

24-hour money-back guarantee


13 training modules, 1 bonus module; DFY documents for you to implement in your business immediately.


Private Facebook support group


John got started with pallet flipping over 23 years ago and started the Simplest Biz in 1998


John Charles Wilker has been in the industry for over 2 decades and you won't find any negative reviews about him

Top 3 Issues With Pallet Flipping

1. High Competition

When starting a pallet flipping business, one of the main issues you have to deal with is that there are other pallet suppliers or brokers. In any city or town, there are at least 20 pallet suppliers that are working tirelessly to outwork you. This can slow you down from scaling your business unless you initially work long hours and network all day long. Also, your customers can easily stop buying pallets from you if your competitors offer a better price per pallet than you do. It can be a real headache to compete with pricing. It's like Amazon FBA, where you and your competitors are competing for the Buy Box. As a result, everyone's profit margins are diminished.

2. Finding the Right Buyers & Suppliers to Work With

If you can't find pallet suppliers or businesses that agree to give you their empty wooden pallets, it's going to be hard to make any money. Keep in mind that many businesses already work with other pallet flippers and may not want to work with someone new. It's on you to convince them to do so and to convince buyers to buy from you. This can become a time-consuming process and months can go by without you being able to make any money. 

3. Hiring the Right Team to Scale

The only way to grow your small business is to put a team together to do all the hard work while you, as the business owner, use your time to focus on sales and closing more deals. Your team will be the ones to pick up pallets and drop them off to customers. Finding help isn't the easiest of tasks and it will also cut into your profits. You want to find employees that are reliable, on time, and professional. This can also take months and even years to put a solid team together that you can trust to get the job done. 

Who is John Charles Wilker?

John Charles Wilker is from Birmingham, Alabama. From 1987 to 1990, he attended Jacksonville State University to study business, management, marketing, and related support services. He knew he wanted to start some kind of business at a young age. It was just a matter of finding the right business for him.

After college, John got into the construction business as a contractor and even started a catering business.

In 1998, he came across the pallet recycling business and everything changed. He realized he was making more money during his lunch break recycling pallets than he did all week at the catering business. That was when it clicked for him and he went all in on pallet flipping. That year, he founded The Simplest Biz. In his over 24 years in the business, he's made over 7-figures.

The John Charles Wilker - The Simplest Biz YouTube channel has over 27.7K subscribers and John posts new videos twice per week that cover different aspects of the pallet recycling business.

The Simplest Biz Training Course Breakdown

1) Introduction

This first section is where John Charles gives you an introduction to the course and you get an overview of what you can expect from it.

2) Supplies

In module 2, John breaks down all the tools and supplies you're going to need to get started in your pallet flipping business.

3) Scouting

In module 3, John shows you where you need to look to find potential pallet buyers and sellers. This step can be difficult, but John does a good job covering all aspects of this step.

4) Fundamentals

In the Fundamental module, you learn all the terminology associated with this business model. This terminology will help you navigate your way through conversations with buyers and sellers and possibly do business with them. 

5) The List

In this module, you learn several sales and marketing strategies that will help you build your network of buyers and sellers. The greater your network, the greater your income potential.

6) Bird's Eye View

Module 6 is all about using specific tools that will help you manage your inventory. 

7) Pricing 

Here you learn how to price each type of pallet to help you keep your business connections.

8) Pro Tips

John Charles Wilker shares valuable insight on how to best build your pallet flipping business.

9) Additional Revenue

Here, you learn one sales and marketing tactic after another.

10) Sales Speak

This is another module where John talks about sales, especially if you offer more than just pallets in your business.

11) Safety

In this safety module, you learn the right way to move pallets between locations in a way that won't compromise anyone's safety.

12) Inspiration

In this module, you'll be able to learn from other entrepreneurs who have had success in their pallet recycling business. You'll also watch a video of John sharing his keys to success.

13) Management

This final module will teach you how to use certain software to help you with bookkeeping and other tasks. This software will help you run your business more efficiently and help you scale faster.

VIP Bonus Module - Brokering

This VIP module is available to you only if you've paid for the course in full. You learn how to grow your business by growing your team of brokers.

The Simplest Biz Success Stories

Rob Breedlove is a digital marketer from Southern California. He has six kids and is the only breadwinner in his family. One day, his friend explained to him about the pallet recycling business and he was convinced to purchase The Simplest Biz online course without his wife knowing. He took immediate action after going through the course material and began implementing what he was learning. He's currently making over $120K in revenue per month recycling pallets and is continuing to scale his business.

Darris is from Tennessee and also found success with the course by John Wilker. Before joining The Simplest Biz training program, he ran his family lawn care business. He finished the course within a week and quickly got to work. After putting his head down and working, he grew his pallet business to where he makes $4000 per week, on the low end. He spoke highly of the support received in the private Facebook which guided him in the right direction with his business.

Andrew McIntyre is from Northern California and is another student who took John's course and is growing his pallet business in Tacoma, Washington. Before joining the program, he had worked at PepBoys and he worked at a defense contractor company called General Dynamics. After getting laid off only after 9 months, he found John Charles's course. Within a year of getting started, he reached over $7K in revenue per month in his pallet recycling business.

Is The Simplest Biz Course worth it?

The Simplest Biz course is worth it if you've never heard of the pallet recycling or pallet flipping business model and want a solid introduction to it. John does a good job of teaching you how to get started. Unlike other online courses, John gets right into the meat and potatoes of the course. There isn't a mindset section, as most online courses include, which I think is great because you can just jump right into the course and not waste anytime on anything else.

There is plenty of sales and marketing training which will help you knowledgably navigate conversations with pallet buyers and sellers. Also, the inspirational videos in module 12 help you gain insight from more experienced pallet flippers. You can learn a bit from each successful student.

Clearly, there are several students that have become successful thanks to John's training and you won't find any negative online reviews on Reddit about the course. The price is steep, but if you take as much action as Rob, Darris, and Andrew, you may earn thousands of dollars per week and make your tuition back. If you're not into pallet flipping, check Do Deals With Me to learn the A-Z of house flipping. 

Is Pallet Flipping worth it?

According to Circular Supply Chains Inc., there are over 2.5 billions pallets that are in circulation in the United States. Many businesses need to get rid of their pallets and many more need them daily. This is where you can come in and become the middleman by taking pallets from one business and selling them to another. 

The problem with pallet recycling is that there are many moving parts, such as communicating with sellers and buyers, driving back and forth between locations, driving in traffic, possible maintenance issues with your truck, managing your social media accounts, and more.

As a side hustle, pallet flipping can make you some money, and it is one of the simpler, underrated business models around, even compared to some online business models, but it doesn't have all the benefits local lead generation does. 

Local lead generation is better than pallet flipping, here's why...

Local lead generation has less moving parts and most of the work you do is done before you even start getting paid. 

Also, you're in more control of your business. As a small business owner, that's what you want. More control. You get to choose the niche you're going to generate leads for, who you're going to send leads to, and how much your client is going to pay you. Sometimes, you can even choose how often you get paid. This business model allows you to easily manage your cash flow.

This tree care site I built and ranked over 7 years ago is still paying me over $2000 per month.

Local lead generation

It only took me a few hours to build and because it's ranked atop the search results on Google, it generates leads every month for my client. As long as they keep getting leads, they're happy to continue paying me, which has been the case all these years for my over 50 lead generation sites. Each site is another passive income stream.

Thousands of students have joined the original coaching program that teaches you how to build, rank and rent lead generation sites. Many are making thousands of dollars per month passively and others are earning over 5 to 6-figures per month.

To learn how to become financially free without having to worry about driving around picking up and dropping off pallets, even if it's just for a few hours per day, check out the local lead generation training program.

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