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The Webinar Agency Review (2024): Mini Webinars vs Traditional Webinars

November 16, 2022

The Webinar Agency is a marketing agency that creates online sales presentations for high ticket offer clients. They incorporate the use of webinar marketing to attract more converting leads. It was created by Joel Erwel in 2015 and has helped over 200+ clients.

85% of marketers who use webinars say that webinars are crucial for their marketing, according to livewebinar. If you’re selling service based products, webinar marketing might be an excellent strategy to use as it lessens the cost per appointment by ensuring that your leads are qualified. However, you still need to pay for ads and make sure that you can create an effective webinar. Business models like local lead generation don’t have the need for paid ads, as you can generate free traffic by building your own website. 

Mini Webinars vs Traditional Webinars

Traditional Webinars

Long form webinars that usually lasts 45 minutes or more. 

  • Educates your leads about your service or product 
  • Opens your campaign to more leads 
  • Many types of offers
  • Takes longer to complete 
  • You mostly attract marketing qualified leads. 
Mini Webinars

Offer centric webinars that lasts less than 15 minutes. 

  • Mostly attracts sales qualified leads. 
  • Less expensive and time consuming to create 
  • People are mostly likely to watch the whole thing. 
  • Doesn't contain as much information 

What Is The Webinar Agency? 

The Webinar Agency

The Webinar Agency is a marketing agency founded by Joel Erway in 2015. They have helped over 200 clients generate 7 figures through webinar strategies and systems. Their services are centered on educating you on using webinars and creating create power offers. This can help you lessen the cost per appointment while converting high ticket sales. 

Pros and Cons of The Webinar Agency


They provide done-for-you services and on-going maintenance 

Many successful business owner use their services

You can learn how to do it yourself or have them do it for you. 

They build a customized sales approach catered to your business 


There isn't a lot of information about their process or prices on their website. 

Their refund period is very short. 


Starts at $2,500

Refund Policy

3-day refund policy




There aren't any negative reviews about The Webinar Agency. Most people who have used their services have seen some growth in their conversion rate. 

Who Is Joel Erway?

Joel Erway is a webinar consultant and expert. After trying out a career in mechanical engineer, he pursued digital marketing. He founded The Webinar Agency in 2015 and has made several online courses on webinar promotion. He hosts two podcasts, Sold with Webinars and Experts Unleashed where he talks about ways to leverage your business.

How Much Does The Webinar Agency Cost? 

The Webinar Agency offers two primary packages. The done-for-you service starts at $2,500. They also offer an ongoing maintenance package that costs $6,000 monthly. 

Does The Webinar Agency Offer Refunds? 

The Webinar Agency allows you to cancel their services at any time. However, you can only request a refund if you cancel before 3 days after your purchase.

For Which Companies Is The Webinar agency Useful For? 

The Webinar Agency is for clients who have high ticket offers of at least $2,000. They are perfect for companies who provide service or education. It is for clients who are looking to build a sales team and have consistent qualified appointment. 

For who the webinar agency is for

What Services Does The Webinar Agency Offer? 

The Webinar agency’s primary service is to create sales presentations for their clients. However, they’ve also included other services that can help your business convert more leads into sales. They develop and analyze systems, provide consultation, and help you generate leads. Their services include: 

  • High Ticket Selling
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Webinar Consulting (Analysis, Review, etc.)
  • Webinar Build
  • Webinar Software (SlideSell)

How Do You Get Started With the Webinar Agency? 

After watching their webinar, you can get started by scheduling an appointment with their team. You will need to send in an application that will ask you 4 questions about your business.

The webinar Agency's questionnaire

What Type of Webinar Does The Webinar Agency Recommend? 

The Webinar Agency recommends mini webinars for beginners. Your webinar content should consist only of your power offer. One mistake a lot of businesses commit is that they are too connected to their message. Their webinar content serves to educate instead of validating their offer. They end up attracting marketing qualified leads. These are people who may be interested but are not ready to make a purchase. You end up spending a lot of money on advertising and booking appointments without actually converting any sales. Mini webinars allow you to validate your offer and get straight to the point. This filters all your leads at the start of the sales funnel and you get to put your time into leads who are ready to make a purchase. 

the buying cycle of SQL and MQL's by the webinar agency

When Will You Feel The First Results With The Webinar Agency? 

It takes 10 days for them to develop your strategy and webinar. The Webinar Agency doesn’t guarantee the same results for everybody. It would still depend on your products and your target audience. However, there are some clients who see a noticeable change the day they launch their first product and for some, it can take as long as 6 months.

the webinar agency testimonial

How Can Webinar Marketing Help You? 

Webinar marketing can be an effective sales strategy if you’re selling high-ticket items or services. They allow you to provide a lot of information about your product in a short amount of time, thus nurturing your leads. It also makes you build your brand awareness without having to pay more for advertisements. Webinars can be educational and you can sell without appearing sales pitchy. Most people are more inclined to purchase a product if they can learn more about it instead of feeling pushed for a sale. 20%-40% of webinar attendees become qualified leads, according to ReadyTalk. 

The Webinar Agency Review and Testimonials 

The Webinar Agency has worked with several successful businesses over the years. Their most notable clients being Russel Brunson, the co-founder of ClickFunnels and Anik Singal, CEO of Lurn. Both have nothing but high praise for Joel Erway’s marketing agency. There are other 7-8 figure earners that use their services, which can be found on their website. I couldn’t find any negative reviews about The Webinar Agency or Joel Erway’s expertise. Most people who use their company find excellent results

Conclusion: Can The Webinar Agency Help You Create 6-7 Figure Sales Presentations? 

The Webinar Agency can help you create an effective online sales presentation. A lot of their clients have seen a 10x return on ad spent with their webinars. on the However, they can not guarantee that the webinar they make will produce the same results for your business. Joel Erway definitely knows what he’s doing. He is an expert on webinar marketing. Their company shoots for a minimum of 4x return. If you’re somebody who thinks webinar marketing is an important thing for their business but does not know how to make one. Then The Webinar Agency might be what you’re looking for.

Webinar Marketing is a great way to build brand awareness and nurture leads. However, it still requires that you spend money on ads to drive in more clients. If you’re interested in creating a business that doesn’t require running ads, then you may be interested in local lead generation. This business model allows you to generate free traffic by building your own website. Once your website ranks, you can rent pieces of this digital real estate to other business owners for passive income.

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