Thomas Kralow Review: What Is Cryptocurrency Trading?

April 10, 2024

Thomas Kralow is a CPD Certified mentor teaching cryptocurrency trading. His University Grade Trading Education offers self-pace, with guidance and VIP programs. Students will learn trading psychology, get access to Thomas’s trading strategy and a certificate of completion.

Thomas Kralow has a 4.4 rating in Trustpilot with a mix reviews of positives and negatives. Some reviews praise his approach to teaching trading, while others say the strategies he’s teaching aren’t effective and sustainable. His recent Retrodrop course also gathered very polarizing reviews in Trustpilot.

Crypto trading is a high-risk investment. According to Crypto Rating, 90% of investors lose money. And a recent study by the University of Sydney School of Economics found that high-risk cryptocurrencies produce even lower yields. In this Thomas Kralow review, you’ll learn the pros and cons of working with him, the courses he’s offering and if trading is worth it in 2024.

Thomas Kralow Review: Pros and Cons


CPD Certified: Thomas Kralow is a CPD certified provider since 2021.

Certificate of Completion: Students who took the guided program will receive a certificate of completion.

Learning Options: Thomas Kralow offers 3 types of programs that cater to different learning methods.


Not Active Trader: Thomas Kralow is no longer trading.

Outdated curriculum: Students mentioned the trading strategy in the programs won’t be useful in today’s market.

Inadequate Customer Service: Students complained about not getting the support they need when issues arise. Some of them said they even get blocked.

Controversial Trading Records: Thomas Kralow’s futures trading records are under the name Thomas Kralows. Even though his real name is Tomass Krilovs.


Thomas Kralow’s University Grade Trading Education cost range from $2170 to $5870.


Thomas Kralow has a Facebook group for his students.

Refund Policy

Thomas Kralow has a 30-day money back guarantee.


The reputation of Thomas Kralow is a mix of positive and negative.

What is Cryptocurrency Trading?

Cryptocurrency Trading course also known as Thomas Kralow's Complete Trading Program covers spot trading and futures trading in cryptocurrency through Bitget exchange. Kralow endorses using Bitget exchange since it has copy trading, staking, savings accounts, token-based incentive and trading bots.

The trading course teaches technical, fundamental, and macro analysis, and risk management strategies. Some of the strategies are diversification of assets or trades, and implementing a 3:1 take-profit and stop-loss ratio. Kralow also emphasizes not risking more than 1% of trading capital per trade.

Cryptocurrency trading is taking claim on the direction a cryptocurrency will take. It is traded through opening an exchange account or a contract for difference (CFD) account. An exchange account will require a trader to buy a coin they have to store in hot or cold wallets until they sell it. A CFD account will open the market to traders without owning a coin.

Who is Thomas Kralow?

Thomas Kralow is a trading coach, crypto investor and entrepreneur. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business, Management, Marketing and Support Services in Florida International University, Miami, Florida in 2013.

According to Thomas, his trading experience started in 2009. He met his trading mentor in New York. It took him months to gain profit from trading and 4 years of isolation before he reached the peak of his trading journey. Thomas started trading in futures and moved to stock trading.

In 2022, Thomas had the Kralow Trading Show. It is a 7-episode show of Thomas mentoring 5 randomly selected participants from US, Latvia, Australia, Slovenia and Malta.

Thomas Kralow’s estimated net worth is $50 million, according to Eric Singer. Thomas lived in Switzerland and is now living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with his wife, Sofia. Thomas Kralow was born in Riga, Latvia on June 1, 1994.

Is Thomas Kralow Legit?

Yes, Thomas Kralow is a legit mentor with a CPD accreditation. His Thomas Kralow Complete Trading Learning Program Online Course was accredited last October 2021.

The CPD is an institution that assesses training, webinars, programs, workshops and events against a set standard for continuous professional development.

However, Thomas Kralow is also under scrutiny for his futures trading records. According to Tommy D, the futures trading records are under “Thomas Kralows,” a name trademarked by Tommi Krilovs in 2021. The futures trading records became controversial since opening an account for trading requires your legal name.

Thomas Kralow Reviews

People say a mix of positive and negative comments about Thomas Kralow. His Trustpilot rating is 4.4 with 280 reviews. According to Jape from Florida, Thomas Kralow trading course is great for people with no experience. The valuable insights Jape got from the course gave him a lot better chances to be successful.

Alex Hanczarski from Great Britain, recommends the trading program. He suggests going with the assisted package since the guide is a huge help. Although he mentioned it is pricey.

The Trustpilot rating is high with a lot of positive reviews, but people like Alister996 in forums call it a scam. According to them, Thomas asks for a review via email and will send the Trustpilot invite if it's a positive review. Otherwise, he will claim the negative reviews to be fraud even though the reviews are marked as verified by Trustpilot.

AA from Italy’s review is verified by Trustpilot. AA said the tactics taughts are a simple bounce of support and resistance level strategy and better information can be found for free in forums. The reviewer is also asking for proof of trading from Thomas.

Youtube user, tomislavpetrac6248, said the trading course is legit. He said Thomas used to trade, but stopped because he’s selling courses and doing affiliate marketing instead. He also said Thomas has live videos and explained all of that in his lessons.

While Arbegas from Zurrieq, Malta, advised everyone to stay away from Thomas. According to Arbegas, Thomas’s course has basic information and strategy. And this type of strategy will not be profitable in the long run. 

The experiences of people with Thomas Kralow are a combination of good and bad from his trading course to how he handled customer service and support.

What Are Thomas Kralow's Educational Programs?

Thomas Kralow’s Education Programs are Self-Paced Course, Mentorship and VIP. The course's price range is $2170 to $5870, with partial payment options.

Self-Paced Course

The Self-Paced Course covers crypto and forex trading in 8 modules. This trading course is designed for people looking to learn on their own and on the go. The course costs $2170 with 3-months access to its content.

The Self-Paced Course also includes trading materials like checklists and guides, calls with Thomas, club access and the trading system Thomas created.


Mentorship pairs a student with a mentor providing chat support and will check their work throughout the course. The course modules also expand to stock trading and long term investing strategies. Mentorship costs $2870 with 6 months access to the curriculum and a certificate of completion.


The VIP course contains everything within the Self-Paced Course and Mentorship course with the creation of your own trading strategy. The VIP course costs $5870 with 9 months access and zoom sessions with your mentor.


Crypto Campus - Crypto Campus is a course in Andrew Tate’s The Real World. It covers the same crypto principles plus NFTs and investing for a lower price for $49.99 per month.

Is Cryptocurrency Trading Worth It in 2024?

Cryptocurrency trading is worth it in 2024 if you have the capital, the knowledge and the psychological resiliency needed to profit from it. According to Crypto Rating, 9 out of 10 crypto investors and traders lose money for overestimating their knowledge and stress-handling capacity. The failure rate of exchanging fiat currency to crypto currency is also at 50% according to Cointelegraph.

Cryptocurrency is also a zero-sum game. There are winners and losers. An example of this is the 2022 Bitcoin trend when small users bought Bitcoins while the whales are selling. According to CNBC TV, the whales gain from the small users buying the coin.

It’s also vulnerable and volatile. According to DeFiYield, $75 billion worth of cryptocurrency has been hacked since 2013. And based on Visual Capitalist’s study, 76.54% of crypto coins launched in 2014 are already dead coins.

Cryptocurrency is a speculative asset. It’s also traded 24 hrs per day so dramatic dips can happen anytime. According to USA Today, Bitcoin reached an all-time high of $70k+ this March 2024. And in 2022, experienced a 75% dip in value. As per Nerdwallet, you shouldn’t invest over 10% of your capital in a risky asset such as cryptocurrency.

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