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Top 11 Airbnb Courses To Maximize Your Profit (Even in Low-Profit Areas)

April 16, 2024

top Airbnb courses

To build an Airbnb empire, you need to:

  • Start strong by learning everything about the Airbnb business model and the vacation rental industry. This covers the basics of Airbnb hosting and the strategies for scaling and automating your business.

  • Optimize your pricing by reviewing market demand and trends.

  • Enhance the guest experience by adding practical amenities and valuable services.

  • Regularly check real estate local laws and short-term rental regulations to avoid legal drawbacks.

  • Maximize social media to attract potential guests and boost direct bookings.

  • Increase your Airbnb listings to grow your passive income.

  • Consider joining top Airbnb courses to become a successful Airbnb host.

You can make money with Airbnb hosting by listing a private room in your home or your entire property. Then, you can choose between hosting a short-term, mid-term, or long-term rental. Take note that short-term rentals are more profitable since the daily pricing fluctuates depending on the demand.

Successful Airbnb hosting can bring about some easy residual income, especially if you choose the best Airbnb courses online to help you. However, an Airbnb property management course won't solve every problem you'll encounter. And overall, you'll need to put in a significant amount of work (getting the property ready, legal documentation, etc) for only a few tens of thousands annually (if you're lucky). That’s why I also included automated Airbnb courses in this list.

A business model like local lead generation manages "digital properties" rather than physical ones, so there is less overhead and work, plus a bigger payout. While Airbnb hosting can drive a 6-figure monthly rental income, reaching that amount requires patience and effort. Local lead generation can offer you a more scalable online business.

What Should I Know Before Listing on Airbnb?

What Is the Startup Cost for an Airbnb?

The startup cost of an Airbnb hosting business is around:

  • $1,500/bedroom + $2,000-$3,000 to refurbish the rest of the home if you are renting out your own place, or
  • The same amount plus the cost of the home you want to purchase (probably around $300K-$500K if you are purchasing a new property).

How Much Money Do You Need To Start Investing in Airbnb?

To start investing in an Airbnb hosting business, you’ll need about $5,000-$30,000. This amount depends on the permits, appliances and furniture, insurance, and other costs needed. For an initial property investment, it’s a good idea to have a partner or a joint investor, or a partner property manager, so you take on half the risk but get your full ROI.

How Do You Start Airbnb With Little Money?

To start an Airbnb with little money, you’ll need to own the property you wish to rent out. You can continue living on the property and rent out the remaining rooms. As a new Airbnb entrepreneur, this will also benefit you since you can clean the Airbnb rooms without booking a cleaning service.

How Many Steps Does It Take To Begin Hosting on Airbnb?

The steps it takes to begin hosting on Airbnb will depend on the exact Airbnb business model you choose. It will take longer if you choose to buy a new property. However, renting out a room in your own home can take a few steps:

  • Decide what you need to purchase to get the room ready. This may include locks for other rooms of the house, sheets, a TV, etc.
  • If your home still has a mortgage, confirm with your lender if listing the property as an Airbnb rental business does not breach your contract.
  • Determine what permits and licenses you need to operate your Airbnb rental business and obtain them. DO NOT skip this step.
  • Set up your Airbnb account and select your room’s availability.
  • Airbnb will price your location for you, but you can choose your own price if you’d like.
  • Create your Airbnb listing, and specify that you are only listing a single room, who is in the property, and any important features. The best listing will showcase all the necessary details that potential Airbnb guests should know.
  • Fill out a W-9 form for Airbnb (they will hold back a full 28% of your rental income for tax until you do so.)

Is Starting an Airbnb Hard?

Starting an Airbnb business can be difficult if you don’t know the steps involved in building your Airbnb short-term rental business. You should start small. Purchasing and managing a large property will be a lot of work. Focus on one property and slowly grow your Airbnb rental portfolio.

Where Is the Best Place to Own an Airbnb?

The best place to own an Airbnb is in Big Sky, MT. According to Rabbu, properties in this area have the highest gross yield. In general, 6%-8% is considered a good gross yield. But, purchasing a property here is around $500K to $750K. So, other high-yield options for a property owner include:

  • Hot Springs, AK for budgets under $250K
  • Blue Ridge, GA for budgets between $250K and $500K
  • Key West, FL for budgets exceeding $750K

Which City is Best for Airbnb Investment?

The best city for Airbnb investment this 2024 is Fairbanks, Alaska. According to AirDNA, the city has a high rental demand. The average daily rate (ADR) is $198, and the average yearly revenue is $49,000 with a 65% occupancy rate.

How Much Does an Airbnb Host Make?

An Airbnb host makes an average of $41,026 in revenue yearly, according to AllTheRooms. That’s $3,418 that Airbnb owners make a month. However, factors like location and Airbnb type can affect this amount.

For example, Airbnbs in Hawaii make more annually ($73,247) than Airbnbs in Alabama ($41,937). Also, an entire home can bring in $14,498/year, while a single room will earn only $5,260/year. Finally, the number of reviews you have is also crucial. A host with 0 reviews may only bring in around $2,741, while a host with over 101 reviews might drive an average of $23,862.

What Percentage Does Airbnb Take?

Airbnb takes 3% as Host Fee and from the booking subtotal for the Split-Fee structure. Those using the Host-Only Fee structure pay 15% known as Simplified Pricing. Airbnb Plus hosts pay a one-time $149 non-refundable application fee on top of the regular host fee. Keep in mind that until you fill out your W-9, they will withhold a full 28% for tax.

Is It Profitable To Run an Airbnb?

Yes, it can be profitable to run an Airbnb hosting business. However, the average profit margins vary wildly according to the city and type of property. Your property might not be booked every night, but you can expect a booking rate of around 40%. You also need to consider Airbnb management expenses like cleaning, maintenance, supplies, property and income taxes, insurance, liability covers, necessary permits, and licenses.

What Are the Risks of Airbnb?

The risks of Airbnb hosting include a slow return on investment (ROI), irregular monthly rental income, property damage caused by guests, lawsuits from injuries caused by issues at your property, and theft. An Airbnb hosting course can help you prepare for these circumstances. Moreover, a host guarantee can help protect the personal property in your Airbnb.

What Is Best Airbnb Course Reddit?

The best Airbnb courses talked about on Reddit are Robuilt Host Camp by Rob Abasolo and the Airbnb Automated YouTube channel of Sean Rakidzich. These online educational resources discuss how you can start, scale, and automate your Airbnb hosting business. Various Reddit threads also mention The Airbnb Course by Nathan Rice, Kai Andrews’ YouTube channel, and Udemy courses (in general).

Expensive Airbnb Courses

Robuilt Host Camp by Rob Abasolo

robuild host camp review

Robuilt Host Camp is an 8-module, step-by-step Airbnb course by Rob Abasolo. This program specializes in teaching his unique business niche. Rob made a fortune from small, "mom-and-pop"-owned vacation rentals. He started by building "tiny houses" in his own backyard and listing them on Airbnb in 2017.

By listing secluded single-family rentals, log cabins, or treehouses on Airbnb, Rob earned about $4,000 monthly from each listing. In 2021, he expanded his portfolio to investing in a massive “glamping” compound in Gatlinburg.

Who Should Take This Airbnb Hosting Course?

This is a great course for those who can't or do not want to purchase or rent another property to list on Airbnb but have the space in their current property.


Rob Abasolo is a successful real estate investor with a wide portfolio, including a hotel/motel mix and a glamping compound.

The course has a private Facebook group.

It comes with 12 monthly group coaching calls.

You get lifetime access to the course.


The course does not teach Airbnb rental arbitrage.

It has no price transparency and refund policy.


Robuilt Host Camp currently costs $7,000.


No known refund policy





3-month program

Vodyssey by Shawn Moore

vodyssey review

Vodyssey is a mentorship program by Shawn Moore that instructs you how to use Shawn's signature method to create what he calls a "lifestyle asset" business. This method teaches you how to build and automate a themed short-term rental business that is profitable all year round.

Shawn's company, Wasatch Luxury, has been buying, selling, building, and investing in properties throughout Utah since 2006. He regularly runs his vacation rental podcast and has written a book on his lifestyle asset business strategy called What the Heck Is a Lifestyle Asset?: How To Build Lifestyle & Financial Freedom Investing In Vacation Homes.

Who Should Take This Airbnb Hosting Course?

Vodyssey is for anyone who wants to build a successful short-term vacation rental. The course is for those serious enough to get the capital to purchase their property.


Shawn is a veteran real estate investor who has a successful real estate business.

You'll have your own vacation property that you can use with your friends or family.

Vodyssey teaches you how to keep your vacation rental business from being seasonal.


Vacation properties are luxury purchases that require a larger down payment.

Local short-term rental laws and policies may constrain your vacation rental business.

Applying for mortgages or loans with vacation properties is more difficult and comes with higher interest rates.


Vodyssey costs $4,800 to $6,800 with occasional discounts.


14-day no-questions-asked refund policy





90-day coaching program

More Info

Affordable Airbnb Courses

Live the Off Grid Dream Course by Azhen Sanctuary

Live the Off Dream Course is a self-paced training program created by the brothers Jaymie and Shelby Freisen specializing in Airbnb rental of self-sustainable properties. You can earn money by selling your crops and renting out your amenities and "lifestyle" to vacationers.

The Freisen brothers were constantly overworked, underpaid, and exhausted from their previous “modern” lifestyle. So, they bought raw land and cultivated it into an eco resort. Off grid living rentals are an untapped niche in vacation rentals and can be quite lucrative.

Who Should Take This Airbnb Hosting Course?

This is the perfect course for those who are feeling the negative effects of city life and technology. For those without capital, the course teaches you how to find and make deals with like-minded investors.


The Freisen brothers are experienced in the eco resort and off grid homestead business.

Self-sustainable properties can remove a substantial part of your expenses.

In the long run, hiring caretakers who live and work on the property can free up hours of your time.


An Azhen Sanctuary campaign was the subject of an unresolved fraudulent crowdfunding claim.

Developing raw land takes a lot of time, work, and money.

It will take a long time before your business will be ready to list on Airbnb.


Live the Off Grid Dream Course comprises 3 payments of $137 or a one-time payment of $397. “Premium” content is available for an additional fee.


100% money-back guarantee + $2,000, provided you prove you followed everything written in the course






VRM Formula by Jon Bell and Julian Sage

The VRM Formula by Jon Bell and Julian Sage is an eight-week online course designed to teach strategies for establishing a successful Airbnb hosting business through short-term rentals, even without owning property. 

This course aims to guide users towards generating a six- or seven-figure income via Airbnb arbitrage, offering practical templates, tools, and expert mentorship. With the growing market for vacation rentals, the VRM Formula is timely, yet the course’s effectiveness can vary based on individual commitment and market dynamics.

Who Should Take This Airbnb Business Course?

Audience within the hospitality and real estate industries, including newcomers and seasoned professionals, should take this Airbnb business course. It helps launch and expanding a management business with a minimal time commitment of just four hours per week for maintenance work. 


Access to real insights from expert coaches.

Clients highly rated VRM Formula courses.

Designed for long-term business growth.


Heavy focus on customer service skills.

The program requires dealing with various stressors in real estate and hospitality.

No refund.


$5,000, or 2 payments of $2,600


No refund.



Beginners and intermediate


8 weeks

More info:

Short Term Rental University by Richard Fertig

Short-Term Rental University (STRU) is an educational platform that helps entrepreneurs build profitable short-term rental businesses. There are two courses offered by STRU: "The Ultimate Guide to Finding & Buying STR Properties," which is a self-paced, 5-module course, and the STR University Cohort which includes a 75-minute one-on-one coaching call with Richard. It was launched in November 2016 and was featured in major news outlets like CNBC, Business Insider, ABC, and Forbes. 

Who Should Take This Airbnb Business Course?

STRU is for individuals who are interested in investing in a real estate business. It is for aspiring entrepreneurs and current property owners who want to monetize their homes by renting them out in Airbnb. This is also for individuals looking for a passive income stream and current investors who want to diversify their portfolio. 


Credible reputation as realtor and entrepreneur: Richard Fertig has a credible reputation and has been in the real estate industry for many years, making him a credible coach. 

Featured in business networks: Richard has been featured in big business channels like CNBC, Business Insider, ABC, and Forbes. 

Positive reviews: Short-Term Rental University has many good reviews online, real students of the courses can vouch for its quality and effectiveness. 


Sketchy Facebook reviews: STRU’s Facebook profile is flooded with fake accounts giving reviews on STRU's page. 

Not applicable to everyone: Acquiring real estate varies in different locations, so the lessons in “The Ultimate Guide to Finding & Buying STR Properties” course may not apply to everyone. 

Limited coaching session: One-on-one coaching call with Richard is only limited to 75 minutes, which is not a lot of coaching time. 


The Ultimate Guide to Finding & Buying STR Properties costs $1,995, STR University Cohort is $1,500

Refund Policy

No refund 






Cheap Airbnb Courses

Successful Airbnb Hosting by International Open Academy

International Open Academy is an online library with a wealth of courses. They currently have over 200 courses on varying topics, such as American sign language and criminal psychology. Successful Airbnb Hosting is their comprehensive Airbnb training program. Completing the course will earn you an accreditation.

They offer the option to subscribe to all courses for $9/month, $99/year, or $299 for lifetime access. They also give 80% off for student discounts.

Who Should Take This Airbnb Hosting Course?

The course is for newbies who are interested in hosting with Airbnb either with another property or at their own house. It is also for those looking for another income stream.


International Open Academy offers a variety of courses, including accredited TOEFL courses. Their programs also have some of the highest standards and come with a certificate from the International Council for Online Educational Standards.

Although generic, the course is comprehensive.

Regular sales can lower the price. You can also purchase a course extension from 90 days to lifetime access.


Some of the International Open Academy courses have been claimed as rip-offs.

The training is general and does not focus on a specific niche or method.

This is a standalone course with no mentorship or coaching.


Successful Airbnb Hosting costs $99 but can be bought for as low as $15 when discounted.


14-day full refund





6 weeks

Airbnb Entrepreneur: Become the Best Listing in Town by Paul Nekh

Paul Nekh created a 3.5-hour Udemy online course called Airbnb Entrepreneur: Become the Best Listing in Town. It talks about maximizing Airbnb rentals by analyzing the local market and automating your Airbnb renting process. The course discusses how your Airbnb property can become the best renting option in your city.

In this course, Paul shares his six years of knowledge and experience in the successful Airbnb hosting of various units in different cities. His high rating and in-demand course offerings have earned him the title of Udemy Instructor Partner.

Who Should Take This Airbnb Hosting Course?

This course is for individuals who want to rent out their property on Airbnb, improve their Airbnb rental performance, or surpass the tight competition in the vacation rental market.


It is a Udemy bestseller course.

The online course overview is comprehensive.

You get lifetime access to the course

The course has a high rating (70% are 5-star reviews).


The course might not be beginner-friendly.

Airbnb hosting has a lot of competition.

According to some testimonials, the course offered only a few useful information.


This course costs between $50-$56.


30-day money-back guarantee






Mastering Airbnb by Evan Kimbrell

Evan Kimbrell developed Mastering Airbnb to help newbie hosts learn how to price, list, and manage their Airbnb rental properties. It shows you how to rank on the first page of Airbnb search and create catchy listing titles. This online training program also discusses the techniques for scaling your Airbnb income to $600 per night.

Evan’s property in San Francisco was ranked #1 out of 5,000+ listings when potential renters searched for properties with 3+ guests. Moreover, he is also a Udemy Instructor Partner because of his solid knowledge in various fields, including Airbnb hosting.

Who Should Take This Airbnb Hosting Course?

Mastering Airbnb is for anyone with a spare room on their property and people who will spend significant time and effort learning the entire course. It’s also for frequent travelers and individuals wanting to fund their current lifestyle or business venture.


The course talks a lot about Airbnb hosting.

The course has 117 lectures and 46 articles.

Evan’s courses have been featured on famous media platforms like CNN, Forbes, and Business Insider.


His videos have a lot of fluff and less useful information, according to some of his students on Udemy.

Mastering Airbnb is available on other online learning platforms like StackSkills and ShareWis, which have different pricing.

The course only has a 3.6 rating on Udemy.


Mastering Airbnb costs between $39-$43.


30-day money-back guarantee



Beginner to Intermediate



Starting Your Airbnb Hosting Business (From Newbie to Pro) by RJ Austria

Starting Your Airbnb Hosting Business (From Newbie to Pro) is a 9-part online course by RJ Austria. It teaches you how to list your Airbnb properties, earn 5-star reviews, develop a smooth check-in/check-out process, and become an Airbnb Superhost. The course also talks about real estate marketing, mortgage, property management, and financial modeling.

RJ is an Airbnb Superhost in his city in the Philippines. In this course, he talks about Airbnb hosting strategies and practical tips.

Who Should Take This Airbnb Hosting Course?

This course is perfect for real estate owners/brokers, entrepreneurs, Airbnb owners, business people, and condo unit owners. It’s also for anyone who wants to gain an additional income stream.


You get full lifetime access to the course.

67% of his course rating are 5-star reviews.

He has 19,370 students overall on all his Udemy courses.


RJ only has 1 hour of on-demand video.

He has less significant experience with Airbnb hosting, and more on stock trading.

The latest update on his course was in 2022.


RJ’s course costs between $14-$16.


30-day money-back guarantee






Airbnb Co-Hosting Courses

The Real System by Jorge Contreras

Jorge Contreras believes he can teach you how to make 6 figures through your Airbnb rental. He developed this course after surviving a rough childhood, becoming a dance instructor, and setting up the very first bachata nightclub, where he learned sales, marketing, and how to own a business.

He’s been in real estate since 2012, and by 2018, Jorge was a millionaire through his Airbnb business. His course comes with a step-by-step training material, 90-minute live group coaching calls, and more. Jorge will teach you how to make money on Airbnb by buying properties, subleasing, and co-hosting.

Who Should Take This Airbnb Hosting Course?

The Real System is perfect for beginners with the capital to invest and those without. It is also a good course for experienced real estate investors who want to start Airbnb to diversify their portfolios.


Jorge has significant expertise.

The course has a Private Facebook group.

It includes a library of templates for listings, check-in/check-out procedures, and links to guest supplies and furniture.

You get direct access to Jorge.


There are no negative reviews online, so there may be an NDA or affiliate program.

Airbnb is very reliant on customer reviews.

Jorge’s free eBook doesn’t contain much useful information.


The Real System costs $1659.


No official policy. Sometimes they offer a refund if a negative review is taken down.





90 day coaching program

Airbnb Courses for Beginners

MFRE Impact by Justin Fontenelle

Justin Fontenelle's MFRE Impact is a coaching program designed to teach participants how to make money on Airbnb without owning properties. Fontenelle, a successful Airbnb host and owner of multiple real estate companies, offers insights into the Airbnb market, which saw substantial revenue growth in 2022. The program, however, has its drawbacks: the cost is undisclosed and there's limited information and external reviews available.

The course content includes business structuring, market analysis, pitch skills, space setup, and automation in real estate. Fontenelle is a successful entrepreneur in the real estate industry, caters this program to those aspiring to enter or excel in the real estate business via Airbnb. 

Price: You need to book a call with Justin to discuss the cost of the coaching program.

More Info: MFRE Impact Review

Short Term Shop by Avery Carl

the short term shop review

Avery Carl's "The Short Term Shop" is a real estate course focusing on short-term rental properties, particularly in vacation markets. It teaches the intricacies of finding, buying, and self-managing these properties. The 5-week Vacation Market Masterclass includes consultations, property information, management classes, and community support, but it's noted for only teaching self-management, which may limit scalability.

Price: Short Term Shop costs $469.00.

More Info: Short Term Shop Review

Build STR Wealth by Bill Faeth

Bill Faeth

Build STR Wealth by Bill Faeth, offers an array of programs about investing in short-term rentals (STRs). Faeth's courses, ranging from basic training to advanced mastermind programs, delve into strategies for maximizing profits in the STR market. Despite lacking external reviews, the platform provides a wealth of resources and benefits from Faeth's extensive real estate experience. However, challenges such as oversaturation and regulatory hurdles pose significant considerations for prospective investors, suggesting a need for a thorough evaluation before committing to Faeth's strategies.

Price: The 3-Day Training for New Airbnb Hosts costs $379, the Facebook Ads Training costs $285, Airbnb Profit Maximizer costs $997, The Superhost Library costs $67 a month, and CoHosting Masterclass costs $797. Bill Faeth’s STR Mastermind costs $15,000 or $3,250 down and five $2,650 payments.

More Info: Build STR Wealth Review

Creating Multiple Commas by Chantalia Cooper

Creating Multiple Commas by Chantalia Cooper offers a course specifically tailored to guide individuals towards achieving a seven-figure income through multiple streams of income, with a strong focus on leveraging Airbnb without property ownership. This course provides comprehensive training on essential action plans, property acquisition strategies, profit management techniques, and effective scaling methods for entrepreneurs entering the short-term rental market.

Through the course, participants gain access to valuable resources, including guides, ebooks, and tools covering various aspects of Airbnb automation, debt collection response strategies, credit education, and more. 

Price: $997 is the cost of the Airbnb And Business Funding Course. Their Airbnb mentorship costs $1,997.

More Info: Creating Multiple Commas Review

Anbe Group Rental Arbitrage by Maya Johnson

Maya Johnson and Jorn Martin's Anbe Group Rental Arbitrage course offers valuable insights into running a successful Airbnb business, drawing from their own experiences in the field. Despite the affordability of the course, priced at $15, its value is somewhat obscured by limited information available online, including the absence of a refund policy and student feedback. However, Maya and Jorn provide a free comprehensive rental arbitrage course on YouTube, covering essential topics such as property selection, landlord negotiations, unit decoration, and short-term rental strategies. While the paid course may present some uncertainty, the free YouTube course offers accessible guidance for those interested in entering the Airbnb business arena.

Price: Anbe Group Rental Arbitrage course costs only $15.00.

More Info: Anbe Group Rental Arbitrage Review

Million Dollar Renter by Sean Rakidzich

Sean Rakidzich's Million Dollar Renter is a platform that teaches how to build profitable Airbnb rental arbitrage businesses. Sean emphasizes the potential for achieving millionaire status within the real estate industry - even without property ownership. Million Dollar Renter aims to democratize entrepreneurship by providing opportunities for all learners, irrespective of financial status. The platform offers several courses, namely Airbnb MBA 2.0, RE: Algorithm, Target Price, Pricing Masterclass, Closers Crash Course, Big Data, Upsell Course, and Cracking Superhost.

Price: Million Dollar Renter courses cost from $0 (free) to $5,000.

More Info: Million Dollar Renter Review

Vacation Rental University by Micah Berg

Micah Berg's Vacation Rental University (VRU) is an educational platform for short-term rental owners. The program includes organizational and owner management to marketing, guest relations, and revenue management. The video length ranges from 3 to 15 minutes. Micah Berg, a former U.S. Marine and financial advisor turned entrepreneur, founded VRU from his extensive experience in vacation rentals.

Price: Vacation Rental University cost range is $49 to $2640.

More Info: Vacation Rental University Review

Best Free Airbnb Course

The best free Airbnb courses available online are Airbnb seminars, offered by Airbnb itself. These host courses last about an hour.

Airbnb also offers another free course called the Airbnb Entrepreneurship Academy, in which Airbnb partners with local organizations. This program started in South Africa in 2017. Now, it has already expanded to other countries like Kenya, Colombia, Thailand, and the United States.

Airbnb Courses in Other Countries

Airbnb Courses UK

Running an Airbnb hosting business in another country is different from the US. So, there are courses that teach you how to be a profitable Airbnb host. One such course is Peachy Plus.

Advanced Airbnb Course for Beginners—What is Peachy Plus?

Peachy Plus is an Airbnb course created by Corin Craig for intermediate to advanced hosts that want to continue growing their wealth through Airbnb. For £999.99, you’ll be able to access a lead tutor and their exclusive community. The course itself has active learning features, like quizzes.

Why Learn From Corin Craig?

Corin Craig is the top host in Greater Manchester and has over 6 years of experience in Airbnb. His real estate portfolio is worth millions, and he owns an Airbnb hosting business.

Airbnb Courses Canada

Finding Airbnb courses specifically for Canada is difficult. Hence, I recommend the How to Start and Host a Successful Airbnb Experience course by Beibei Qian. She is a host with years of Airbnb experience based out in Victoria, Canada. Beibei has hosted over 500 travelers and accumulated over 200 reviews.

Airbnb Courses Australia

Renovating for Profit by Cherie Barber clearly breaks down Australia's rules for short-term rentals. It includes 54 video lessons, a private Facebook community, and student webinars, all for $495.

What is Airbnb Automated Course?

An Airbnb automated course is a program that teaches you how to eliminate manual Airbnb hosting practices. Airbnb automation helps business owners automate pricing, bookkeeping, guest communications, cleaning and maintenance, online bookings, check-in/check-out procedures, and listing management. Alternatively, traditional Airbnb courses are programs that talk about setting up and scaling your Airbnb hosting business. These courses are manual and require significant time and effort. Here are 6 Airbnb automation courses that I recommend:

Airbnb Rental Arbitrage Courses

Airbnb rental arbitrage courses are training and lectures about hosting on Airbnb using the subleasing method. These are programs that highlight taking advantage of other people’s properties through long-term rentals and listing them on Airbnb as short-term vacation rentals. The best Airbnb rental arbitrage course is Blake Rocha's MrFourToEight Airbnb since it's free yet comprehensive. Moreover, considering other best Airbnb rental arbitrage courses will help you maximize modern strategies to succeed and become an Airbnb expert.

What is the Best Airbnb Hosting Business Success Roadmap?

The best Airbnb hosting business success roadmap is one that you personalize through extensive rental market research and comprehensive Airbnb online courses. Here are top Airbnb courses to help you create the perfect Airbnb hosting business success roadmap:

  • Robuilt Host Camp by Rob Abasolo

  • Vodyssey by Shawn Moore

  • The Real System by Jorge Contreras

  • Living the Off Grid Dream Course by Azhen Sanctuary

  • Successful Airbnb Hosting by International Open Academy

  • Airbnb Entrepreneur: Become the Best Listing in Town by Paul Nekh

  • Mastering Airbnb by Evan Kimbrell

  • Starting Your Airbnb Hosting Business (From Newbie to Pro) by RJ Austria

Airbnb FAQs

Do You Need Permission To Turn Your House Into an Airbnb?

Yes, you will need a permit and a business license to host an Airbnb if your property is in North America. Some places you won't have to, but look into the local laws in whatever town your property is in to find out the exact requirements. This is not a step you should skip.

How Many Airbnb Listings Can You Manage at Once?

There is no limit to the amount of Airbnb listings that you can manage at once. However, if it is your first time managing a rental property, start with just one. That way, you can focus on the quality of your guests' stays and learn how to rank your rental at the top of Airbnb search.

Can You Airbnb Your House if You Have a Mortgage?

You can Airbnb your house if you have a mortgage if your lender allows this arrangement. However, sometimes using a property as a rental is against your mortgage contract. That’s why you should contact your lender before setting up any Airbnb listings.

How Many Days Can You Rent Your Airbnb?

You can rent out your Airbnb for 28 days or longer. Some guests prefer longer stays, depending on the purpose of the travel/visit. However, it is important to note that some cities restrict how many days you can rent out your Airbnb. For instance, New Orleans doesn’t allow stays shorter than 60 days within the French Quarter. If a stay is longer than 28 days, it becomes a long-term rental. Depending on the location, this setup will entail different policies.

If you don’t want to pay taxes on the income, you can only rent it out for 14 days or less and use it yourself for 14 days or more (or at least 10% of the time it was rented to others).

What Type of Airbnbs Make the Most Money?

The type of Airbnbs that make the most money are private apartment rentals. According to Smart Asset, these Airbnb properties, preferably in a popular city or beach town, can generate significant income.

Do You Pay Tax on Airbnb Income?

Yes, you will pay tax on your Airbnb income if you rent out your property for over 14 days. You should report your income to the IRS and pay taxes on it. If you try to avoid this by not filling out your W-9, Airbnb will withhold 28% of your income to cover taxes.

Why Host on Airbnb?

When you host on Airbnb, you can earn a sizable monthly passive income. You can also meet your Airbnb guests and make unexpected friendships. Hosting on Airbnb is beneficial. You can list more properties and add another income stream. These funds will allow you to pay off your mortgage, save for your kids’ college, or repay unsettled debts.

Can You Get Rich Off Airbnb?

You can get rich off Airbnb hosting. In fact, some people make money with Airbnb without owning property at all. They make up to 6 to 7 figures monthly. Still, it will take time, as the most experienced Airbnb hosts/managers make just $100K/year.

Are Airbnb courses worth it? Yes. Finding top Airbnb online courses can shorten your learning curve and enable you to master Airbnb hosting. Knowledgeable hosts have higher profitability because they can provide quality Airbnb experiences to their guests.

Is Airbnb a Good Investment in 2024?

Airbnb is a good investment in 2024, though certain cities are becoming too saturated to stay competitive while also being profitable. Plus, it will be a lot of work to maintain your property and keep it in good repair to garner positive reviews.

While it’s not too late to make money on Airbnb, you might want to consider a business model that is much more profitable while also providing a scalable passive income. With local lead generation, you create “digital real estate” and “manage” these properties by ranking them organically on Google. Once they’re ranked, they bring in hundreds of valuable leads per month. This online business model will give you an unlimited monthly income.

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