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April 11, 2024

Top Trading Courses for Beginners

Long Wealth Capital by Darold Trinh

Darold Trinh's Long Wealth Capital offers a beginner-friendly and affordable stock trading mentorship program, featuring modules on fundamental analysis, technical analysis, risk management, and entry/exit strategies. Trinh emphasizes a focus on quality, undervalued stocks and long-term compounding gains, advocating against emotional investing and day trading. While the platform is still in its infancy and lacks extensive online reviews, Trinh's personal success as a stock investor and his commitment to teaching suggest potential value for students. Overall, Long Wealth Capital provides accessible education for aspiring traders, with an emphasis on fundamental principles and real-life mentorship experiences.

Price: The mini mentorship is $9.97, and $47 for the Flawless Options Trading System. The cost of Darold Trinh’s one-on-one coaching program isn’t posted on his website.

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ATN Unlimited by Aaron Richards

Aaron Richards' ATN Unlimited offers an automated trading program, emphasizing its use of AI and bots to facilitate passive income for experienced traders. The program highlights its promise of 7% to 15% ROI per month, AI-driven trading and FTC compliance. Although, a steep $25,000 minimum investment and lack of transparency is required if you want to join the program. Testimonials on the website offer success stories, but limited public information and mixed social media feedback suggest some skepticism about the program’s credibility. Richards' background in business and trading underpins the program, but some Facebook reviews reveal a somewhat mixed online reputation.

Price: The price is not mentioned on the website, but an estimate of $25,000 capital is required before they accept you in the program. 

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The Daily Traders by Mark Thomas

Aaron Richards' ATN Unlimited offers an automated trading program, emphasizing its use of AI and bots to facilitate passive income for experienced traders. The program highlights its promise of 7% to 15% ROI per month, AI-driven trading and FTC compliance. Although, a steep $25,000 minimum investment and lack of transparency is required if you want to join the program. Testimonials on the website offer success stories, but limited public information and mixed social media feedback suggest some skepticism about the program’s credibility. Richards' background in business and trading underpins the program, but some Facebook reviews reveal a somewhat mixed online reputation.

The Daily Traders Review

Infinity Investing by Tobi Mathis

Toby Mathis' Infinity Investing is an educational platform focused on teaching investing in real estate and the stock market. It offers various resources like courses and coaching to help users grow wealth and achieve financial freedom. Despite positive user feedback, the platform lacks external reviews due to its recent introduction.

Members can choose from free and paid memberships, but refunds aren't available. The platform's success in generating passive income may depend on the current economic conditions, emphasizing the importance of cautious investment strategies in the fluctuating real estate and stock markets.

Price: Free membership, Starter Membership costs $29.95/month, 360 Pro Membership costs $2,997 one-time payment; $997 annual renewal, Coaching programs (non-members) cost $4,997 for 10 one-on-one sessions and $2,795 for 5 one-on-one sessions.

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Bullish Bears by Lucien Bechard

Lucien Bechard's Bullish Bears offers educational resources for both new and intermediate stock traders, including a variety of both free and paid courses on day trading, futures, and technical analysis. It encourages an active community where users can exchange ideas and learn from expert-led live streams.

While the platform is generally well-received for its content and supportive environment, some have found it not very user-friendly, and the risks associated with day trading are notable. With reasonable pricing and different subscription plans, Bullish Bears is praised for its valuable educational material. Its adaptation to the changing market in 2023 highlights its goal to provide practical trading education and support for traders managing their own investments.

Price: The price for Bullish Bears membership costs $69.97 monthly subscription, 399 for 1 year access, and $597 for unlimited access.$69.97 monthly subscription; 399 for 1 year access; $597 for unlimited access.

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Money Press Method by Preston James

Money Press Method by Preston James teaches how to achieve consistent income generation through weekly options trading. The program targets both beginners seeking to venture into options trading for the first time and seasoned investors looking to adopt Preston's strategies. The Money Press Method approach aims for efficiency, claims substantial growth potential, and provides traders with actionable insights to capitalize on weekly options trading opportunities.

Price: Money Press Method offers free learning materials (1 printed guidebook, 2 instructional DVDs). People only have to pay $7 for the shipping.

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Wealth Builders Institute by Todd Rampe

The Wealth Builders Institute (WBI) is an educational platform designed to teach new traders how to succeed using the TSL strategy and market analysis. It offers a comprehensive 6-week program, regular workshops, and direct coaching to help students navigate market fluctuations and maintain profitability. The platform was created by Todd Rampe and it covers various trading strategies, including futures, stock options, swing trading, trading psychology, and risk management.

Todd Rampe is the founder of Wealth Builders Institute based in Las Vegas. He was a fighter pilot before he became a financial advisor and stock broker in 1998. He also authored two books, including “Trading by Numbers” and “How to Profit in the Forex Market". 

Price: Not disclosed on the website, but online forums say it's around $9,000

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Jeff Clark Trader

The Jeff Clark Trader program, led by successful options trader Jeff Clark, is a comprehensive course designed to educate individuals on profiting from options trading. Priced at a discounted $19 from $199, the program includes a full year of new trade opportunities, frequent updates, special reports, and access to the Money Multiplier Masterclass. Jeff Clark Trader has received negative reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and some YouTube videos, and option trading is noted for its complexity. Additionally, the absence of a cash refund policy could be a deterrent for some potential students. 

Price: Jeff Clark Trader costs $199 but right now it's $19.

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Prolific Traders by Cameron Kelly

Cameron Kelly's Prolific Traders offers an interesting approach to day trading, promising $12,000 monthly earnings through AI-driven strategies. The program distinguishes itself by emphasizing consistent results and personal mentorship with Kelly himself. Despite its promising features, Prolific Traders lacks comprehensive reviews outside its website and social media platforms. The course structure, including 55 video tutorials and weekly Mastermind calls, aims to equip traders with Cameron's AI Smart Money Systems, streamlining trade analysis and execution. While success stories like Tom Owen's and Bill Rohrbough's underscore the program's potential, the undisclosed pricing and absence of a specified refund policy may deter some prospective traders. Nonetheless, for those with the requisite capital and dedication, Prolific Traders offers a structured pathway to navigate the complexities of day trading, guided by Cameron Kelly's expertise and AI-powered insights.

Price: Prolific Traders' price is not mentioned, but you have to answer a survey and get in a call with Cameron to find out. 

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Trade With Me Now by Michael Love

trade with me now review

Trade With Me Now is a comprehensive stock trading training program offering various strategies like swing and day trading, using proprietary tools and indicators. Designed by a former chef, the program aims to help beginners potentially grow their investments significantly in a short period. It includes courses on different types of trading, including cryptocurrency and NFT trading, with custom trade alerts and a focus on swing options trades.

Price: Trade With Me Now costs $1,497 a year for the Day Trading Course, and $3,700 a year for the TWMN Legacy Elite.

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O-DTE Options Trading Blueprint by Ernie Varitimos

ernie varitimos review

O-DTE Options Trading Blueprint focuses on zero days to expiration (0DTE) options trading, teaching strategies for high-risk, high-reward trades in the stock market. The course aims at experienced traders, offering techniques for exploiting short-term price changes in options that expire on the same day. It requires significant risk management skills, as 0DTE trading involves rapid price decay and vulnerability to market volatility. The course includes detailed strategies, personal mentorship options, and tools to assist in trading decisions.

Price: O-DTE Options Trading Blueprint costs $297. The VIP coaching program costs $6,000 a year, and the customized coaching with lifetime plan costs $10,000.

More Info: O-DTE Options Trading Blueprint Review

Elite Signals by Elie Abou Faissal

elite signals review

Elite Signals offer a comprehensive trading course and tools for various markets, including stocks, forex, and crypto. The course utilizes the Elite Algo indicator and signals, designed to increase market prediction accuracy, especially suited for both beginners and experienced traders. It covers using TradingView and offers coaching and a community for support.

Price: Elite Signals costs $995 for the lifetime membership or $67.95 a month. 1-on-1 coaching costs $699.95 to $999.95.

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Prosper Trading Academy by Scott Bauer

Prosper Trading Academy is an online platform offering trading education, including courses, mentoring, and live trading support. They provide a range of programs and resources like live trading webinars, trade alert subscriptions, and ebooks. Their options volatility crash course, taught by CEO Scott Bauer, equips beginners with the essentials of options trading, strategies, and order placement techniques. 

Scott Bauer is  an experienced market analyst and the CEO of Prosper Trading Academy. He started at the Chicago Board Options Exchange in 1991 and became known for trading options. Scott has appeared on major financial networks and taught at the University of Illinois Business School. He has worked in trading for over 25 years, including a significant role at Goldman Sachs. His expertise covers trading in big companies' stocks, like Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola.

Price: Crash Course at $499.99; Full Course (Penny Stocks and Short-Term Options at $4,995)

More Info: Prosper Trading Academy

Monument Traders Alliance by Bryan Bottarelli

monument traders alliance review

Monument Traders Alliance, co-founded by Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla, offers a trading course focusing on options trading. The key service, the War Room, provides trade recommendations and education with a claimed high win rate. The course is tailored for a range of traders from beginners to veterans, incorporating various subscription services and tools for trading insights.

Price: Monument Trader Alliance's War Room costs $7,500 a year.

More Info: Monument Trader Alliance Review

Warrior Trading by Ross Cameron

warrior trading review

Warrior Trading, led by Ross Cameron, is a day trading educational platform offering courses and tools for various trading strategies, including day and swing trading. The program targets beginners to advanced traders and provides a comprehensive approach, from fundamental techniques to complex strategies like small-cap scalping. The course includes access to a trading simulator, emphasizing the importance of risk management and strategy development.

Price: Warrior Trading costs $797 for the Basic plan or $2,797 for the Pro plus up to $247 a month for the trading tool subscription.

More Info: Warrior Trading Review

Stock Hours by Nour Atta

stock hours review

Nour Atta's Stock Hours offers a day trading signals chat membership focusing on scalping trading, which capitalizes on quick market movements. It includes training, alerts, algorithm, and live trade streaming, but it's noted for being high-risk and high-stress, making it less suitable for beginners. This program is recommended for experienced traders, especially those interested in scalping.

Price: Stock Hours costs $199 a month for the signals group and $49 a month for the algorithm. The VIP bundle costs $224.99 a month.

More Info: Stock Hours Review

My Investing Club by Alex Temiz

my investing club review

My Investing Club (MIC), co-founded by Alex Temiz, offers a day trading community focused on strategies like scalping and intraday swing trading. The club provides various membership tiers (Silver, Gold, Platinum), featuring access to a Slack chat room, webinars, video libraries, trade alerts, and mentorship calls. Aimed at both beginners and experienced traders, MIC emphasizes learning through courses and real-time trade analysis.

Price: My Investing Club costs $497 a month for the Silver membership. Gold and Platinum can cost up to $15,000.

More Info: My Investing Club Review

Stock Navigators by Tim and Tom Luong

Stock Navigators by Timothy and Tom Luong is an educational trading platform offering courses for both beginners and experienced traders. Their flagship strategy, 'Echo Mapping,' aids in identifying entry and exit points in trades. The courses are self-paced, have Q&A sessions, a student community on Discord, and a 60-day refund policy.

Price: Stock Navigators' Money Method Zone costs $97. The Expert Trader Program cost range is $4500 to $7800.

More Info: Stock Navigators Review

Index Fund Pro by Andrew Giancola

Index Fund Pro by Andrew Giancola offers a comprehensive trading program with over 30 video lessons guiding investors through investing in index funds, focusing on long-term wealth building. While index funds provide diversification and steady returns, they may not outperform the market, and investors have limited control over individual stocks. Pros of Index Fund Pro include affordability and a generous refund policy, while cons include limited student reviews and the program not being a get-rich-quick scheme.

For $99, you can gain access to lessons covering various aspects of index fund investing and a chance for a coaching session with Giancola. With a solid reputation and net worth of $1.5 million, Giancola aims to help beginners and experienced traders alike achieve financial freedom through his programs. 

Price: Index Fund Pro costs $99.00.

More Info: Index Fund Pro Review

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