Traffic Authority Review: MLM Scam or Legit Money-Making Method?

July 15, 2024

Traffic Authority is a platform that aims to help online entrepreneurs increase their site traffic. Affiliate marketing is a $17 billion industry, so there's definitely opportunity to make money here. Traffic Authority has a wide range of products, including traffic packages, traffic optimizers, the traffic academy, and a multi-level affiliate program. The company's goal is to provide high-quality traffic, useful marketing tools, practical link-building strategies, and valuable training to business owners. TA also offers affiliates an opportunity to earn lucrative profits through a multi-level affiliate system. 

In this Traffic Authority review, we'll answer if it's an MLM scam or a legit business model. We'll also cover the pros and cons of Traffic Authority, the traffic packages, traffic optimizer, traffic academy, its affiliate compensation plan, the rules of the compensation plan, the business model, and the founders Greg Chambers, Chad Stalvey, & Dough Wellens, and their backgrounds. 

Traffic Authority Pros and Cons

Traffic Authority Pros

Profiting Business Model: Traffic Authority has a legit and working business model for making money online. 

Huge Commissions: Its affiliate marketing program offers to 80% commission.

Good Training: Students and affiliates get high-quality traffic training on how to use sales funnels, how to build capture pages, use link trackers, and how to drive organic traffic to the site. 

Monthly Subscription: Traffic Academy is a subscription rather than a one-time payment. So, you can stop anytime without buying the whole program upfront.

Traffic Authority Cons

Transparency Issues: If you click on “Get Started Now” on TA’s website, you’ll be asked for a sponsor’s name before you can proceed. So, you can’t see more info on the program unless a sponsor invites you.

Shady Reputation: Founders Chad Stalvey and Doug Wellens are allegedly linked to other multi-level marketing businesses like the Infinite Leverage System and Club Cash Fund.

Refund Issues: Some Traffic Authority members report online that they have trouble getting a refund.

Not for Beginners: The business model is too complex for beginners to make money with. It’s only suitable for those who have prior knowledge of MLM, affiliate marketing, and network marketing. 

Quality of Traffic: There’s no guarantee you’re getting quality traffic with their system.

Complex Affiliate Program: Traffic Authority’s affiliate program is complex with so many levels, rules, and offerings. It can be hard for new affiliates to keep track of their commission earnings.

Upselling and Networking: Traffic Authority is all about upselling and recruiting more affiliates to join the compensation program.


Traffic Academy is priced at $97 monthly. 

Refund Policy

30-day refund satisfaction guarantee on all initial fees, however, subsequent fees paid are nonrefundable


The trade name and domain are both registered in 2015, so that's probably the start of their website 


TA claims to have been supplying leads for over 18 years

July 15, 2024

I invested $220 in a basic traffic package, which resulted in 187 clicks, 12 leads, and one sale for MIF, priced at $49.

I recommend this service because of its simplicity and “set it and forget it” approach. I intend to buy a larger traffic package soon and will share my updated results.

Charity White

3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

Traffic Authority Product and Packages

Traffic Store

Access to unlimited high-converting traffic for affiliate marketers, network marketers, and other online-based businesses. The Traffic Store promises 100% United States and Canada-based traffic, so there’s no waste of the money you spend on international paid traffic.

Traffic Packages 

All email-based traffic, "drip-style", will take about 2 to 4 weeks to complete 

  • Basic Traffic Package: $220 (170-190 clicks)
  • Bronze Traffic Package: $440 (340-380 clicks
  • Silver Traffic Package: $660 (510-570 clicks)
  • Gold Traffic Package: $1097 (850-950 clicks)
  • Platinum Traffic Package: $2197 (1700-1900 clicks)
  • Titanium Traffic Package: $4297 (2400-3800 clicks)
  • Diamond Traffic Package: $8397 (8100-8400 clicks)

What You Get:

  • Premium Traffic at a Competitive Price
  • Fast Order Delivery
  • Unlimited Top-Tier Traffic Supply
  • Quality Results

Traffic Optimizer

Access to the best marketing tools for online businesses to increase leads, sales, and profits. The digital tools aim to optimize your online business and deliver quality results by tracking clicks, capturing leads, and converting sales. The Traffic Optimizer is a fully loaded traffic conversion software platform that has everything you need to grow your online business in one place.

Monthly Subscription to the Traffic Optimizer is $47

What You Get:

  • Email capture pages you can personalize
  • Advanced link tracker and rotator
  • Split-testing software for testing different website versions
  • Pop-ups, Timers, and Exit Pages

Traffic Academy

A digital library of training modules on social media and internet marketing. This certification program teaches students how to generate traffic for online businesses. It features a 30-day step-by-step guide for traffic generation.

Traffic Academy is $97 monthly 

What You Get:

  • 100 hours of video content
  • A training course that teaches the fundamentals of traffic generation lead-capturing, and converting leads into sales
  • 30-day step-by-step traffic plan that will grow you from a beginner to an expert
  • Live training that teaches the exact ways for driving thousands of high-quality traffic to websites every day
  • Traffic Authority Certification enables you to conduct training and consulting with other online businesses
  • New modules added multiple times a year

List Leverage

Access to a revolutionary software and platform that helps you grow from 1 lead into 1,000.

Newbie Program (Monthly Membership) = $49/month

Super Affiliate (Annual Membership) = $398/year

List Leverage Upgrades


15 additional lead-capture pages so you can build your email list faster.

Price: $97 onetime payment


Access to Mathew Neer’s 7-figure collection of email swipes on 1,000 high-converting email swipes templates.

Price: Onetime payment of $247


Access to over 30 hours of content of first-hand strategies from top email marketers. It includes access to 10 webinars, unlimited replay, and download and stream options.

Price: Onetime payment of $497

Bonus Webinars: “How To Flip Domain Names For Thousands” and “Internet Marketing Conspiracies”

Who Can Use Traffic Authority? 

Traffic Authority is for internet marketers, affiliate marketers, multi-level marketers, home-based businesses, and network marketers. It's a platform for increasing your website traffic, while it also gives an opportunity for making money online through affiliate commissions. 

How Can You Make Money Online with Traffic Authority?

There are two ways you can make money online with Traffic Authority. The first method is by using the traffic packages to generate more leads for your business. Other products such as the traffic optimizer, academy, and leads list help grow your business by increasing sales. The second method is by signing up for Traffic Authority's affiliate program. Starting as a rookie, you'll earn a 50% commission, which will increase to 80% after your 6th sale. Traffic Authority also promises annual incentives to its affiliates. 

How To Be A Traffic Authority Affiliate?

To become an affiliate of Traffic Authority, you can either buy the products and complete the training (for an additional fee) or sell three qualified programs of the Traffic Optimizer and Traffic Academy. Traffic Authority’s affiliate scheme is multi-level and the earnings are all coded. For every sale, affiliates get a commission. Every affiliate is encouraged to do two things: sell the programs/packages and recruit new members to the team. All affiliate commissions are paid through iPayout (an e-wallet).

What is Traffic Authority's Compensation Plan?

Traffic Authority has a coded affiliate marketing compensation plan that offers great potential for unlimited earnings. As an affiliate of Traffic Authority, you’ll be compensated for your referrals and your team’s. As a general rule, you can only resell programs and packages if you have purchased them yourself. 

If you want to sell the basic traffic package, buy it at $220 and earn $100 on each sale you make. For the gold traffic package, you buy it at $1,097 and earn around $500 (estimate) on every sale you make after that. 

Aside from the regular commissions, qualified affiliates of Traffic Authority are promised a $400 annual bonus. 

What are the Rules of the Compensation Plan?

When a sale is made, two people receive a commission, the sponsor and the up-line. Every affiliate marketer starts as a “rising star”. A rising star is a member of the affiliate program who actively recruits team members to join the system.  

Upon making 6 initial sales on each of the product categories, the member advances to the 3-star category. At the 3-star level, your commission will also increase to 80% (from 50%).

Sample commission computation:

Traffic Academy costs $97/month

$50 goes to the two affiliates whose codes are linked to the purchase.

So, $25 goes to the sponsor and the other $25 goes to the up-line.

What is Traffic Authority’s Business Model?

Traffic Authority works on a P2P (pay-to-play) system. Interested affiliates are required to purchase a package to join the program and become eligible for a commission. To grow your business with Traffic Authority, you’ll also be required to complete the training (additional purchase) to resell their products and traffic packages. 

Another option is to expedite the process by selling three packages. Once you sell three packages, you’ll be eligible to earn a commission. 

If you purchased a Gold Traffic Package, you'll only be eligible to sell traffic packages and earn commissions on the Gold Package or packages below its level (Silver, Bronze, and Basic).

In case the person you referred to the program purchases a Platinum package (and you're only on Gold), you will not get the commission. Instead, it will go to the next qualified up-line. 

MLM Scam or Legit Money-Making Method?

Traffic Authority is technically not a scam and you can make legit money through the leads you buy, the tools in the optimizer, and list leverage. TA's affiliate program also offers a lucrative opportunity for making money online. 

There are reviews that say that Traffic Authority gives solid training in its online academy. Their affiliate program has an MLM structure because it focuses on recruitment and a multi-level system. Although TA gives a hefty commission on every sale, affiliates will have to invest in expensive packages first before they can sell products and qualify for commissions. 

Traffic Authority's method of generating leads is also not disclosed, which will make you question the quality of traffic they provide. A Traffic Authority Review given by Garrett Barry (on YT) mentioned that their leads are all email-based. But this information is not confirmed and verified. 

MLMs are also not a dependable long-term source of income because their priority is on recruitment rather than delivering a high-quality program that lasts. Once the program runs out of new recruits, it will fall apart because there’s no money coming in. 

Traffic Authority Red Flags

  •  Abandoned Trademark

As of writing, the trademark “Traffic Authority” by Streamlined Marketing Systems is dead/abandoned since May 26, 2023.


This Trademarkia search result also shows that Traffic Authority changed the class/description from advertising and marketing to workshops and webinars. To be fair, they may have a legit reason for changing class, but it can also be an attempt to conceal the real nature of the business.  

The names of any of the 3 founders of the Traffic Authority don’t appear in the registration. Instead, the name Christian Baker with an address in 300 Nashville TN 37203 appears as the correspondent.

  • Bloating Tactic

Traffic Authority claims they have been supplying leads for over 18 years. But, upon verifying their domain name, it shows that “” has only been registered in June 2015. 

Oddly, the trademark registration also shows that the Traffic Authority Trademark was only filed on March 2015 and registered in the Principal Register on November 2016. 

Of course, there could be an explanation for this claim. And, it could only be just a typical “bloating tactic” by businesses to show that they’re an authority in the niche.

  • Sponsor System

 Another issue with Traffic Authority is that you cannot proceed to checkout or learn more about the program offers without a “sponsor”.

Traffic Authority is very serious about its referral system and they strongly encourage affiliates to purchase the Diamond package which costs $8K+.

Who are the Founders of Traffic Authority?

Greg Chambers, Chad Stalvey, and Doug Wellens are the founders of Traffic Authority. The company that owns Traffic Authority is Streamlined Marketing Systems, headquartered in Florida, United States.

Greg Chambers graduated from the University of Pheonix, and his LinkedIn profile shows that owned before Traffic Authority was founded (around 2010-14).

John “Chad” Stalvey is allegedly linked to the Club Cash Fund (, a mail gifting scheme. An article published in, mentions that Chad is also linked to other suspected multi-level marketing schemes such as the Infinite Leverage System (inactive domain) and GiveOpp & Numbs Network.

Doug Wellens is also mentioned in a blog on BehindMLM. He is said to be one of the founders of Enigma Network, a company that sells automated trading bots. There are no accounts online that could confirm if he is still linked to the company now or he cashed out entirely. 

Does Traffic Authority Give a Refund? 

Yes, Traffic Authority gives a 30-day refund guarantee. However, all refund claims go through a review process and are subject to certain conditions as stated in the Terms of Service section on TA's website. 

As stated in the refund policy, customers can only request for refund on their initial subscription. All subsequent fees paid to TA are considered nonrefundable. Additionally, used traffic is not eligible for any reimbursement. Only the unused portion of the traffic package can be claimed for a refund. Customers are also responsible for pausing their order in the event they wish to send a refund request. Finally, the reimbursable value is always subject to a 20% cancellation fee of the total traffic package.

Does the Affiliate Program Have an Expiration? 

Yes, Traffic Authority’s affiliate agreement section 2, under expiration, renewal, and termination, states that the agreement term is for a 1-year period. Failure to annually renew the affiliate business (probably by purchasing a new package) means automatic termination and cancelation of your rights as an affiliate. 

Traffic Authority Alternative Courses

  •  Kyle Loudoun's Wealthy Affiliate is a popular affiliate marketing program that teaches fundamentals of the business model while giving affiliates an opportunity to earn commissions. The program features a 7-day trial and live chat & community support. Wealthy Affiliate's program focuses on creating Facebook pages and commenting on posts.
  •   David Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer teaches four online businesses: affiliate marketing, digital products, coaching & consulting, and events & mastermind hosting. Unlike Traffic Authority, Legendary Marketer has a single-level affiliate structure.
  •  John Crestani's Super Affiliate System is a course on becoming an affiliate marketer. Affiliate Training with the Super Affiliate System is more in-depth because it covers paid ad campaigns, targeting data, preselling pages, automation, and scaling.

Is Traffic Authority the Best System for Finding Leads and Making Money Online? 

Traffic Authority has a working system in place, but it is not the best for finding leads and making money online. TA has a complex system and method, and there's no guarantee of success here. Its founders also had a history of closed and abandoned businesses. Most are related to an MLM scheme. 

Of course, Traffic Authority could take a different track. But is it worth risking thousands of dollars, time, and effort on this system? I say there's a better business model than TA that has generated real passive income for me since 2014. 

For me, local lead generation is still the best business model for finding leads and making money online. In local lead gen, we build digital real estate by organically ranking them in Google. Google processes 99,000 inquiries per second. So, there's unlimited opportunity to generate free traffic and leads that you can sell to small business owners through this business model. Unlike a multi-level affiliate business, the system doesn't collapse when it runs out of new members that "pay-to-play". Local lead gen is stable, recession-proof, and long-term. You own and control the digital real estate and earn passively from them. I make $52K from this business model monthly. 

Make a steady and long-lasting passive income online by enrolling in a lead generation course along with the 7,000 plus who already did! 

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