Trey Smith’s AI Mastery Live Review (5 Ways To Use AI in Any Business)

April 17, 2024

AI Mastery Live by Trey Smith is a six-week training program which teaches you how to grow your business using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools to generate ebooks, courses, and sales funnels. The course targets anyone who wants to sell online through e-learning. According to MS Power User, AI-made art, books, and courses helped the industry generate $15.84 billion in 2023. Since November 2022, half of digital business entrepreneurs use AI to boost profits.

There were only a couple of reviews online regarding AI Mastery Live, both saying that the course is generic. Using AI in business makes things faster and smarter, from automating simple tasks to making smart suggestions for customers, like what Amazon and Netflix do. This helps companies work better and offers more of what people like.

While it sounds easy to do, AI requires in-depth knowledge of how to use it properly. Not writing the correct prompts could lead to misinformation and low-quality AI-generated products. The competition is stiffer because anyone can prompt the AI to do tasks like creating ebook covers and story writing. To earn maximum profits and get ahead of the competition, you must know the details of good AI content.

In this review, we will go through the AI Mastery Live course and how you can use the tools to kickstart your business and find the right buyers. Here, you will find what you will discover in the program's six-week lesson, along with its upsells, such as CopyCraft AI, AutoFunnel AI, and Bookle AI.

AI Mastery Live Review: Pros and Cons


Provides tools that are easy to use for many business operations

Requires little to no workforce

Easier to generate content that you can do under an hour

Live sessions with Trey Smith every week


AI business is oversaturated

Some inaccuracies in generated content

Some people still see AI as unethical due to potential plagiarism


AI Mastery Live is free to download, but will upsell you for $499 per month with its Pro Edition of AI tools: CopyCraft AI, AutoFunnel AI, and Bookle AI.


AI Mastery Live is self-paced, but has live Zoom calls every Thursday for 52 weeks after purchasing the training program.


AI Mastery Live is $1,497, with access to the exclusive group if you subscribe to Trey Smith's AutoFunnel AI bundle.

Refund Policy

AI Mastery Live uses a 30-day refund policy


AI Mastery Live is still a new course with no testimonials.


AI Master Live was created by Game Academy founder, Trey Smith. He established AI Mastery Live in 2023 after realizing the high-income potential of AI tools.

5 Ways To Use AI in Any Business

1. Crafting Various Content (Emails, Posts, Blogs, etc.)

Trey Smith's course includes CopyCraft AI, which generates persuasive copywriting for emails, blog posts, and ads. With this tool, you can turn any idea into a polished piece much faster than manual writing. With AI tools and frameworks like Copy.AI and Jasper, you can create bodies of texts using specific type-written commands. You don't need prompt engineering to do this.

Modern businesses frequently rely on AI-powered tools for their sales and marketing endeavors. In a case study by Bloomberg, more than half of businesses have been leveraging on AI since ChatGPT opened to the public in November 2022. Because creating engaging, persuasive content is crucial for catching people's attention and winning over customers. And with AI, you can produce more of this winning content without it eating up all your time.

2. Creating and Automating Ads

AI Mastery Live explains how your ads get smarter and more effective with AI. When marketing on social media, automated AI content helps by suggesting eye-catching images and writing catchy lines that address to your customers. Plus, it can test different versions of your ad to see which one works best.

There are also tools out there, like AdEspresso and Revealbot, that use AI technology to take a lot of the guesswork and manual effort out of ad campaigns. These tools can handle everything from setting up your ads to adjusting your budget, so you're always deciding on how your budget goes.

3. Building Sales Funnels

Trey Smith's signature AutoFunnel AI uses automated data analytics to streamline building and optimizing sales funnels. They help manage your leads, score them based on how likely they are to buy, and even nurture them with personalized content.

When you're advertising on platforms like Google, Facebook, and YouTube, AI can be a reliable tool. Here's how AI makes things better: It looks at tons of data about how people interact with your ads and website. Then, it uses this info to show your ads to people who are most likely to be interested in what you're selling.

When creating ads, AI helps by picking the best images and writing catchy ad copy that's more likely to get clicks. It can also test out different versions of your ads to see which one performs the best, all automatically.

4. Writing Books (eBooks, Audiobooks, etc.)

Bookle AI is a vital tool in Trey Smith's course. It can help at every stage, from initial brainstorming to drafting sections of your book. Writers also prefer platforms like Scrivener and Google Docs for organizing and writing their manuscripts, and they can enhance the writing process by pairing them with AI tools.

Writing a book traditionally can take months or even years, but with AI, you can have a rough draft or a detailed outline ready in a fraction of that time. Using AI has shortened the time required to create and publish books on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon KDP) from months to only days or weeks.

5. Developing Courses and Course Ideas

For coaches, mentors, and course creators looking to share their knowledge, AI can be a powerful ally in developing interesting course content and ideas. AI can analyze trends, interests, and gaps in existing educational content to suggest fresh course topics that are likely to attract students. It can also help outline the structure of a course, suggesting modules and lessons based on what learners need to know to achieve their goals.

For example, if a fitness coach wants to create a new workout program, AI can help by analyzing what's popular or lacking in current offerings. It might suggest focusing on short, high-intensity workouts for busy professionals, based on current fitness trends and user preferences.

Tools like Thinkific or Teachable are popular for building and hosting online courses, and when combined with AI, they become even more powerful. AI can help tailor course content to different learning styles, ensuring that your courses are accessible and engaging to a diverse audience.

What is AI Mastery Live?

AI Mastery Live is a six-week course that teaches you everything you need to learn about using AI to either start or maximize the growth of your business. It explains how to use generative AI to create content and leverage AI algorithms and models so your business becomes relevant to Google and social media ads.

The course is doable for anyone. It does not require complex knowledge like computer science to learn AI basics and use its technology to build your booming business.

What Do You Get With AI Mastery Live?

With AI Mastery Live, you get six weeks' worth of deep learning of AI techniques, including turning your ideas into reality, producing viral ebooks, crafting courses, posting Facebook ads, establishing a sales funnel, and writing newsletters. 

AI in product development has become the new norm for businesses because it does not require other personnel as long as you have the tools to do so. You can operate your entire business solely on AI instead of hiring individuals to do so.

Who is AI Mastery Live for?

AI Mastery Live is for anybody wanting to create a business online without the need to spend a lot in capital. It is an informational book regarding the current state of automation in businesses and why you should join the trend of the startup ecosystem for AI. 

According to a PwC report, AI-based business will grow by 86% in 2025. Trey Smith recommends implementing AI while it is still in its early stage.

Are AI Mastery Live Students Getting Results?

AI Mastery Live students are not found yet because the program is still new without testimonials. However, another blog that reviewed the training program gave it a 2.6 out 5 stars.

Who is Trey Smith?

Trey Smith is an entrepreneur and visionary in the tech and gaming industries, best known for founding Kayabit Games in October 2010. Under his leadership, Kayabit Games achieved success with over 100 million downloads on games like The Line Zen and Sky. In January 2015, Trey expanded his tech business by establishing Buildbox in Palo Alto, California. As the first platform allowing users to create games without coding knowledge, Buildbox revolutionized the game development landscape, with its games reaching over 100 million downloads during Trey's tenure as CEO until June 2019.

In May 2023, Trey became the Co-Founder and CEO of in San Francisco, focusing on AI-driven business solutions. Continuing to innovate, he took on the role of President at in March 2024, pioneering the future of Web3 Gaming.

Trey Smith’s Other Services and Products

  • Autofunnel AI - crafts your entire sales funnel using advanced AI, from copywriting to design, hosted securely by Trey Smith. With one-click edits, mobile optimization, comprehensive analytics, and a rich template library, it is a great tool for seamless, AI-driven online growth.
  • Bookle AI - an ebook tool, transforming ideas into professionally crafted books ready for publication. Covering any genre and style, it offers voice customization, auto-cover art, and in-depth content creation for unlimited books. With sophisticated editing tools and audience targeting, Bookle AI also lets you generate your ebook in multiple formats for seamless distribution.
  • CopyCraft AI - a software designed to produce high-quality sales and email copy. It uses a proprietary Large Language Model trained on successful examples of copywriting to generate content that meets the specific needs of modern marketing and business. The software provides versatile options for crafting copy across different themes and industries. Users can start by providing a simple description of their promotion or product, and Copycraft generates personalized, data-backed copy.

Trey Smith's Claims

Trey Smith claims that the old ways of business are dying and AI is taking over to streamline everything and earn profits faster. AI applications in specific industries like e-commerce, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and digital marketing have been helping business owners improve their growth and engagement with clients.

He will show you the secrets of how he established his business within a month and started gaining audience. He used generative AI programs to create everything from written books to video ads. Now, he wants to share his knowledge with you. After all, he has been in the digital business since 2010.

Trey Smith's Claims DEBUNKED

While Trey Smith's AI tools for copywriting, ebooks, and Facebook ads may offer significant advantages like time and cost savings, his claim of AI industry being in the early adopters stage may be already too late.

Currently, the AI industry has already kicked off with plenty of corporations now implementing it into their businesses, like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon. AI is past early adoption stage and is now in an early majority momentum that continues to shake the workforce of companies. If you were to start your AI-made business now using his program, you are already facing heavy competition.

Speaking of competition, he never mentions how plenty of current businesses use generative AI from one or two popular sources, namely ChatGPT, MidJourney, DALL-E, and Jasper. With the exception of MidJourney, both beginner and veteran entrepreneurs have failed to create unique products because most of them use ChatGPT - a tool that is currently struggling with crafting something out of the ordinary per user.

Can You Use AI to Generate Passive Income?

You can use AI to generate passive income much like any other digital production tools like Adobe Photoshop and CapCut. However, there is no guarantee that you will attract a loyal audience and returning customers when many other independent entrepreneurs are doing the same as you.

For example, a case study from Reddit showed how a 7-figure entrepreneur made $2,836 per month in less than a year used AI to generate traffic to his websites. He used ChatGPT along with other unnamed programs to create 490 articles with 1,500 words each. Because AI is cheaper than a freelancer at Upwork, he scaled his business' profits by up to 355%. He spent $15,200 for the content and 41 websites, but made a return of $69,199.

AI tools like Grammarly and OpenAI's GPT-4 have been transformative in increasing efficiency and aiding in content creation, but they also require careful monitoring and human intervention to ensure the content meets high-quality standards. Ethical considerations, dependency on data, and the need for continuous updates and training for AI systems are additional challenges that businesses need to address when integrating AI into their content creation processes.

To stand out in the competition and earn profits, you should curate your AI-generated products with human hands. This requires your artistic prowess and marketing skills to sell your products and persuade visitors and on-goers why your AI products are worth buying and not the others. If you succeed in this stage of your business, then you can certainly make a passive income from AI.

Are AI Integrations Worth It in 2024?

AI integrations are worth it if you combine the creative mind of a human-being and the automated technology of AI. The real competitive edge comes from using AI strategically, integrating it into your existing tech stack, processes, and strategies to enhance decision-making, streamline workflows, and personalize customer experience.

However, to fully leverage AI's potential, businesses must be mindful of the challenges and conditions that come with these integrations. These include ensuring data security in line with global standards and regulations, as businesses and governments collaborate more closely to implement verification and security measures.

Additionally, it's crucial to focus on patterns that can scale across various functions of the business rather than isolated use cases, and to provide incentives for employees to use new AI capabilities in innovative ways that reimagine their roles.

My Top Recommendation in 2024: A Course on AI Integration or Local Lead Generation?

AI integrations can make businesses run smoother and more efficiently. However, local lead generation might be a better choice if you want clear and quick results in getting new customers. Using AI requires a lot of learning. Businesses using AI might also worry about keeping data safe and having to keep up with changes in technology.

There are other issues too, like the chance of copying others' work by mistake or sharing wrong information because AI doesn't always get things right. There's also no guarantee that the AI services you use will be around forever. If they stop working, your business might face some big problems. Local lead generation is more reliable and easier to control, avoiding these kinds of risks.

Local lead generation is simple. It's all about finding people who might be interested in a business's services in a certain area and then connecting them with that business. This approach can grow easily by setting up more websites to generate leads, unlike AI which needs more customers to expand. Some people who specialize in local lead generation make a lot of money from just one website, showing that it can be a good way to earn income passively.

Thinking about these points, getting into local lead generation might be a smarter and more profitable choice. Taking a course on local lead generation could make things clearer and teach you how to succeed in this area, helping you build a strong and growing income source.

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  1. I purchase ($1999) his AI MASTERY LIVE course.

    I never received an email on the software. His sign in page says my email does not exist. I can get no one to response to his support

    I received an email which gave me the link to and I am able to sign in with my user name and password and start to watch the videos.
    However, I do not have an email regarding the software.

    Last Thursday on the LIVE TALK, in chat I was told to go to and reset my password. I did so, using both emails.
    The autoresponder said "will send email" but as of today, yet nothing.

  2. I am brand new at AI and marketing online, something I have never been good at doing for myself. However, I have in the past been very successful doing programs for companies all over the United States, a few in Canada, and one in the middle east Saudi Arabia. I am a professional speaker and I did extremely well until 2020. Since then I am re-writing material and see real place for me to use AI. I want to use it to do live programs in a 100 mile radius of my home base. I want to do programs online to introduce people to what expertise I have in the various subject matter I have been presenting for many years. Here is my question would your program serve me regarding finding work in the field I have just described. I have made a living for a very long time on word of mouth and working as an independent contractor. 2020 changed all that and the people I had in that corporate community have signed off, retired, finished there careers. I am not ready to to that as I am fortunate to be in good health and have a passion for helping people find their way to a better life through faith practices. e.g. I coach pastor, not on their theology, rather they speaking mechanics. I have been courted before from people who have told me they could help me build an online funnel of leads…to no avail. this has made me concerned, and yet, what I have read above sound like a genuine offer.

    1. Hey, Tony. If you mean to say you want to build an online business that can help people while earning significant income and sharing your knowledge, then a local lead generation business is the right fit for you. You can assist people in local markets to find the services they need. You can check out to see if this business model is really for you.

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