Jon Penberthy’s Tube Traffic Mastery Review: Are YouTube Ads Dying?

April 17, 2024

tube traffic mastery review

Tube Traffic Mastery is a free four-part training series created by Jon Penberthy. The course focuses on how you can drive traffic, increase leads, and produce more sales through YouTube advertising. It's packed with valuable content and goes through all the strategies that Jon has used himself to build an online business. 

People from Reddit have mixed opinions about Tube Traffic Mastery. While many found success with the course, several also pointed out that it did not work for them, despite following everything Jon said he did. Moreover, YouTube advertising, which is the core of the course, remains the lowest conversion rate, according to Forbes. Video ads are also more expensive and complex to set up. 

In this Tube Traffic Mastery review,  we will talk about its pros and cons, content, students testimonials, and many more. We will also look at some other programs by Jon Penberthy. At the end, you will learn a more cost-effective model than YouTube advertising. 

Tube Traffic Mastery Pros and Cons 


Jon Penberthy has years of practical knowledge about YouTube and digital advertising.

The Tube Traffic Mastery offers a  comprehensive lesson on YouTube advertising. 

The course is structured in a step-by-step manner.

The Tube Traffic Mastery offers live coaching as a bonus. 


The Tube Traffic Mastery can be quite expensive. 

The course requires a significant time commitment. 

Outcomes may vary per students of the course. 


The pricing details for Jon Penberthy's Tube Traffic Mastery is not available. 


Tube Traffic Mastery offers a video-based training program with step-by-step instructions, practical demonstrations, live coaching and interactive support.


Jon Penberthy has a Facebook page with 48k followers. 

Refund Policy

The Tube Traffic Mastery has no refund policy available. 


The Tube Traffic Mastery started in 2015. 


Jon Penberthy is recognized as a knowledgeable and successful digital marketing expert, particularly in YouTube marketing. 

Are YouTube Ads Dying?

No, YouTube ads are not dying. It remains a powerful tool for digital marketing. In 2022, YouTube removed keyword targeting. Many feared that it could affect current advertising strategies. But, Jon Penberthy clarified that there are still niche scenarios where keyword targeting applies.

Jon and his team suggested using other effective strategies. Especially those without relying on keyword targeting. He mentioned understanding your audience and crafting high-quality video ads to engage viewers. Jon reassures that with the right strategies, advertisers can still achieve significant results.

What is the Tube Traffic Mastery?

Tube Traffic Mastery is a training series composed of 4 sections and 20 modules, study guides, and videos. It is a comprehensive program that gives you the ins and outs of marketing using videos and YouTube. These modules go into the pillar techniques that Jon has used in his own business. It will help you get started quickly in learning the strategies Jon has used to make more than a million dollars in sales.

Here are some of the critical things you’ll learn while going through the program:

  • How to capitalize and dominate on YouTube's platform

  • How to use YouTube's advanced targeting algorithms to target customers who will surely buy your products or services

  • How to use 1 simple video ad to dominate your industry

  • How to use video marketing to grow an extensive email list

  • The keys to making a lot of money online without having a website or even having to create your products.

  • Jon’s formula for creating money-making YouTube courses, videos, and webinars

  • How to grow ad campaign budgets but remain profitable

What is in the Tube Traffic Mastery course?

Section 1 – Tube Traffic Mastery

This section covers seven detailed modules aimed at harnessing YouTube for effective online marketing.

  • Module 1 is about selecting the right products to promote without costly tools. 
  • Module 2 focuses on uncovering profitable keywords for content optimization.
  • Module 3  is about creating high-quality videos  and strategies for outsourcing video production.
  • Module 4 teaches the essentials of setting up and optimizing a YouTube channel.
  • Module 5 addresses on-page SEO techniques for videos.
  • Module 6 explores advanced SEO tactics, including strategic backlinking to boost video rankings.
  • Module 7 teaches creating multiple content types from a single video to maximize visibility and traffic.
Section 2 – Bonuses & Resources

This section provides a range essential topics to master YouTube advertising. It covers from content creation to SEO enhancement.

  • Module 1 teaches how to profit from product launches by creating review videos to capture interested traffic.
  • Module 2 offers a library of Jon's past videos, allowing users to model their work after proven examples.
  • Module 3 includes both simple and advanced scripts that incorporate marketing psychology to streamline video production.
  • Module 4 ensures thorough application of each step in the video marketing process.
  • Module 5 provides a list of trusted backlink vendors that Jon uses to enhance video SEO.
  • Module 6  lists currently profitable products and niches for immediate promotion.
  • Module 7 features Jon's presentation at Russell Brunson's event. It details his approach to reverse-engineering the marketing process for consistent home-based income.
Section 3 – Masterclass

Section 3 focuses on the in-depth, hands-on training series where Jon Penberthy guides students through the entire TTM process. It also comes with practical demonstrations. The section complement the core TTM training modules. It provides a real-time, step-by-step walkthrough of Jon implementing his methods. This includes uploading and ranking videos live on screen and many more. 

  • Module 1 teaches how to quickly find products and identify the right keywords to target for ranking.
  • Module 2 guides on creating videos and setting up a YouTube channel optimized for success.
  • Module 3 focuses on the proper techniques for uploading videos and ranking them. 
  • Module 4 explains how to craft a bridge video that enhances funnel conversions significantly.
  • Module 5 provides strategies for creating high-converting capture pages.
  • Module 6 offers insights into setting up an email autoresponder and crafting an effective email follow-up series.
Section 4 – Coaching Archive

This fourth section features over 19 videos of Jon Penberthy conducting live sessions. This is also where he answers advanced questions from participants about the course.  

Who is the Tube Traffic Mastery for?

  • Digital marketers looking to use YouTube to drive traffic, generate leads, and boost sales.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to use YouTube to promote their products or services, attract more customers, and increase brand visibility.
  • Content creators and influencers who want to maximize their channel's potential for monetization and audience growth.
  • Affiliate marketers who are looking for effective ways to use YouTube ads to increase conversions and revenue.
  • E-commerce store owners who want to drive more traffic to their sites through targeted video advertising.
  • Coaches and consultants who wish to use YouTube to establish authority, attract clients, and deliver educational content.
  • Marketing teams tasked with managing digital marketing strategies.
  • Beginners who want a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to getting started with YouTube ads and video content.

Who is Jon Penberthy?

Jon Penberthy is a British marketer recognized for his expertise in YouTube and video marketing. He began his marketing career at 18 by buying and selling on eBay and transitioned to YouTube marketing by 20. His businesses are currently earning over six figures annually. At 25 years old, Jon has expanded his reach, building an email list of 85,000 leads and generating over seven figures in online sales.

Jon also dedicates time to educating small business owners on increasing traffic and sales. He serves as the CEO of and Jon Penberthy Marketing LTD. He shared his strategies in digital marketing through his social media platforms. It covers topics such as optimizing webinars, crafting ads, business scaling, and high-ticket sales. He has received features in major publications like Forbes and NY Weekly. He has 48k followers on Facebook, 31.6k subscribers on YouTube, 19.3k followers on Instagram, and 26.7k followers on TikTok.

What People are Saying About Tube Traffic Mastery?

People from Reddit are saying mixed opinions about Tube Traffic Mastery. For example, Redditor, Penberthyscam, claimed that he had invested thousands of dollars in Jon Penberthy's program with promises of earning $25,000 a month within three weeks. However, after 16 weeks, he reported having no clients despite following the prescribed methods rigorously. He also pointed out that Jon did not respond to his messages in Slack.

Another Redditor, gzaw1, offers a more balanced perspective. He purchased lower-priced products from Penberthy (ranging from $30-$100) and found them legitimate and useful. He added that much of the useful content is available for free on Penberthy's YouTube channel. This user also criticizes Penberthy's marketing tactics. Particularly, the use of a fake live webinar, which they found deceptive. 

Joe Burnich said he was pleased with the course for several reasons. First, it introduced him to new marketing strategies not covered in other courses. He also finds it accessible for both beginners and advanced users. Secondly, he appreciates Jon's sincere and organized teaching style. Just one month into the course, Joe has already made a couple of thousand dollars and is optimistic about reaching $10,000 per month.

Is Tube Traffic Mastery legit?

Yes, Tube Traffic Mastery is legit. This educational resource is perfect for those looking to enhance their skills in YouTube marketing. The course promises comprehensive training. It covers topics from video creation to SEO and YouTube monetization strategies. Moreover, people recognize Jon Penberthy as an experienced marketer. His public profile and past features in reputable outlets like Forbes suggest that he has a credible background.

Other Programs by Jon Penberthy


AdCon is a marketing event for coaches, course creators, and service providers. The event promises to deliver world-class marketing education. It showcases effective, simple strategies that top marketers around the world, such as Steven Bartlett, use to generate millions. 

The Future of Webinars

The Future of Webinars is a virtual event designed to teach participants how to use modern webinar techniques. This includes in-depth training on YouTube and Facebook advertising, high-ticket sales, creating highly converting webinars, and tips for optimizing webinar funnels. Additional benefits include a session on sales mastery and a mindset coaching session.


AdClients is a comprehensive training and coaching organization that focuses on providing strategies and personalized coaching to help clients scale their businesses and maximize their revenue. It also provides support for sales using video ads, webinars, high-ticket selling, and sales funnels.

Course Launch Bootcamps

Course Launch Bootcamps teach participants how to launch and scale their online courses or coaching programs. These boot camps are ideal for individuals who already have a product or service and are looking to maximize their online presence, increase sales, and scale their business efficiently. 

Why Local Lead Generation Offers Distinct Advantages Than YouTube Advertising?

Local lead generation offers distinct advantages over YouTube advertising because it offers a more targeted reach. This kind of targeting is often more precise than YouTube's broad and global reach. Thus, ensuring that marketing efforts convert into customers. According to Search Engine Roundtable, 46% of Google searches are with local intent. From this, 78 % of searchers buy locally after searching. Local customers often have a higher conversion rate. They prefer services or products advertised that are immediately relevant and accessible to them.


In addition, local lead generation can be more cost-effective compared with YouTube advertising. YouTube ads need significant investment to reach a large audience. Local lead generation uses lower-cost tactics like local SEO. Fiverr reports that video ads on YouTube range from $0.10 to $0.30 per view or per click. For example, to reach around 100,000 viewers, you need to pay around $10,000 - $30,000. Local lead generation can only cost around $500-$2000 for an unlimited amount of reach. Forbes also mentioned that YouTube has the lowest conversion rate, while search engines remain at the top.  

Local lead generation providers can easily earn more than $50k a month by owning many digital assets rented to local businesses. So, if you are looking for a scalable business, with less competition and a more targeted approach, try local lead generation

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