Desmond Acha’s USA Contract Solutions Review – Top 3 Reasons To Avoid Bidding for Government Contracts

April 6, 2023

The Govcon University course by Desmond Acha from USA Contract Solutions is a training program that teaches you how to find and win government contracts consistently in three steps. The 3 steps focus on creating a value proposition, streamlining contract acquisitions, and leveraging team agreements. 

Bidding for United States government contracts is a long process that includes you having to get your DUNS number, finding your NAICS, registering your business as a government vendor in the SAM system (System for Award Management), soliciting a past performance evaluation, and more. All of that has to be done before you even prepare and submit your proposal. 

It is difficult to find guidance on how to prepare proposals and win government contracts. But, does Desmond's course provide the solution to learning every about winning government contracts?

To learn how to make money without having to deal with all the difficulties that come with bidding for government contracts, check out the local lead generation business model, which offers a more predictable passive income and a lower level of competition. 


Desmond and his team have helped thousands of entrepreneurs enter the government marketplace and win contracts.

Step-by-step training on how to find and win government contracts. 

24/7 support

1-on-1 coaching

Weekly coaching calls every Monday evening.


Bidding for government contracts is time-consuming. 

You're competing with many businesses who are also submitting bids for the same contracts.

You've got to submit many proposals because you may not get all the contracts you'd like.


Govcon University costs $2,498.

Refund Policy

14-day, 100% money-back guarantee.


Training is in video format.


Desmond founded USA Contract Solutions in 2019.


Desmond has a good online reputation. On Trustpilot, he was given a 4.8 out of 5 stars from his students on their reviews. There are no negative Desmond Acha reviews which prove that his government contract solutions do work.

Top 3 Reasons to Avoid Bidding for Government Contracts

1. Slow Payments

One of the biggest reasons you may not want to bid for government contracts is that the government can take up to 60 days to pay you. The government is famous for taking an extremely long time to pay contractors. If you don't have the patience or credit line to hold you off until the government pays you, this business model might not be one you want to get into because you can't rely on the contract money if you're trying to manage your budget every month. It is like the real estate industry.

2. Not Stable

When you win a government contract, keep in mind that they can stop working with you at anytime with little notice. If you are relying on only one contract at a time, this can be risky. If the government stops working with you and you aren't aware of it, you won't make money. It's best to apply for multiple contracts at a time to increase your chances of making more money even if one contract stops abruptly. 

3. Lots of Paperwork

To get started with government contracts, there is a lot of paperwork you need to put together and submit before you win a contract. You must for special qualifications and codes such as the DUNS, NAICS and SAM. Putting the paperwork together is time-consuming and can frustrate you if you can't compile everything in a timely manner. It's also worth keeping in mind that the government can audit you if you are contracted.

USA Contract Solutions Overview

1) Maximize Your Chances of Winning Contracts

Desmond and his team assess your abilities, making plans that use your skills and resources to give you an advantage when competing for government contracts. 

What are the 4 types of government contracts?

The 4 types of government contracts are:

  • Fixed-price contracts
  • Cost reinbursement contracts
  • Time and materials contracts
  • Indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contracts

Fixed-price contracts are used when the contract is low risk because the government and contractor can come to an agreement on the price. A cost-reimbursement contract is where a contractor is paid for all allowed expenses and an additional payment so the contractor can make a profit. A time and materials contract is of higher risk for the government and less of a risk for the contractor. This contract is used when it is not possible to estimate accurately the extent or duration of a contract. Therefore, the government buys supplies or services based on labor hours and true material cost. An IDIQ contract is used when the government doesn't know how many materials will be needed or how many hours of labor will be required.

2) Streamline Client Acquisition

Within 48 hours of joining this program, Desmond's team helps you find a list of potential contracts that are ideal for you based on your competencies and, according to Desmond, are the fastest and most profitable way to scale with contracts. 

What is the best website to find government contracts?

One of the best websites to find government contracts is On that website, you can find information for each federal contract that will help you decide if you're going to go after a certain contract or not.

How to find government contracts for free?

To find government contracts for free, you can visit the following sites:


3) Leveraging Team Agreements & Scale

The third key to winning government contracts and scaling is by partnering with other companies and subcontractors to win and execute more and larger contracts. This is like what you do in the Home Service Academy program, but on a larger scale and for the government.

Who is Desmond Acha?

Desmond Acha is a businessman from Houston, Texas. He attended Stevenson University from 2013 to 2017 for a bachelor's in business administration and entrepreneurship. When Desmond found out about government contracting, he committed to learning everything about it. He even attended government contracting events and SBA events. But didn't learn the actionable steps he needed to take to win bids. Because of this, Desmond quit. 

In time, he started working at a consultancy helped other businesses win over $20 billion in government contracts. There, he learned everything he needed to win contracts.

In 2019, he took everything he learned and put together a step-by-step process anyone can follow and win contracts in the Govcon University course his company, USA Contract Solutions, promotes. USA Contract Solutions is an online program that teaches people the steps to win government contracts even if you have no experience. 

On the Desmond Acha YouTube channel, Desmond has over 8,900 subscribers. On Instagram, he has over 26K followers and all the content he posts is about how to make money with government contracts.

Desmond Acha Net Worth

The net worth of Desmond Acha is not publically known, but it is fair to estimate his net worth between $3 and $8 million or more. 

USA Contract Solutions Review: Is Govcon University worth buying?

Govcon University is worth buying if you're looking for a program to teach you how to get your feet wet with government contracts. Desmond teaches you his entire process of getting setup with your NAICS. and DUNS numbers, registering with SAM, crafting and submitting your proposal and finding subcontractors. There are few courses that will teach you this business model, but few that open up their playbook like Desmond does for his students.

Govcon University Successful Students

Ray Williams shared how he won a bid bond on a phone call with Desmond. He mentioned that his proposal was for $320,000 and the closest competitor was at $342,000. Ray said that what he learned from Desmond in the Govcon University course made the difference for him. Before, he would scour YouTube for how to win government contracts, but this course gave him the blueprint.

Antonia Vaughn learned of Desmond Acha through the Clubhouse platform. On one particular day, she was in 3 government contract rooms before Desmond joined. After listening to him talk about the business model, she felt the need to learn more and eventually join his program. What stood out to her was his desire for his students to win and feels that she is in good position to win bids.

Are Government Contracts Profitable in 2024?

Government contracts are profitable in 2024 because the government continues to pay small businesses to take on certain projects. 

The problem with going after government contracts is the long and tedious process you must go through before you even submit your proposal. There is a lot of paperwork the government requires and if you don't provide what you need, you will be wasting your time. There is also no guarantee, after you put together all the paperwork together, that you will win the bid. Most times, you won't win a bid. Therefore, you are taking a lot of action that doesn't result in you winning a contract.

Though you can make money with government contracts if you win one, the process is long, and the income is unpredictable. Even after you win a contract, you then have to find sub contractors to fulfill the job. You must manage them and hope they are reliable and will finish the job efficiently and in a timely manner. 

There are too many moving parts and variables when going for government contracts, which is why it it similar to the real estate industry and doesn't have the benefits the local lead generation business model offers. 

Local lead generation is more passive than bidding for government contracts

Local lead generation gives you the time freedom and financial freedom that bidding for and fulfilling government contracts doesn't. You don't need to prepare tons of paperwork, craft proposals, and find subcontractors. All you do is build simple service sites, rank them on Google in the town of your choice, and send the leads to a local contractor who wants more work each month. 

Once your site ranks, you don't have to continue doing anything else to it. As long as it ranks, it will generate leads and your clients will pay you on autopilot every month. 

My tree care site in Grand Rapids, Michigan is an example of these simple service sites. Ever since I put it together and ranked it over 8 years ago, it has paid me $2,000 every month, like clockwork. 

Local lead generation

Scaling this business is as simple as building out more sites, ranking them on Google and sending the leads to local small business owners. The more sites you build, the more businesses will want to pay you.

To learn how to earn a predictable, passive income with over 95% profit margin and avoid the government contracting process, check out the local lead generation business model.

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