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Importance of Video Marketing: 9 Attractive Ways Video Improves Your Business (+ Why You Need It in 2024)

January 19, 2024

What is the importance of video marketing?

I’ve been marketing my businesses for years, and let me tell you:

You need to use video marketing in 2024 and beyond.

Here you’ll find 9 attractive ways that video improves your business.

Let’s go.

1. Video Marketing Boosts Sales

Can marketing videos actually help increase sales? 


In fact, in a 2021 study, 78% of video marketers reported that video increased their sales.

How does video marketing do this? 

It’s simple. 

By using sight- 

our most dominant sense-

You are able to attract new customers.

Stats clearly show a significant increase in video marketing usage since 2016

2. Video Attract New Customers and Build Engagement

It’s no secret.

Videos are extremely interesting. 

And the more meaningful, creative, content you put out there-

The more people convert to potential and paying customers.

Videos increase your brand awareness.

They also lead to more engagement.

Indeed- 49% of consumers engaged with branded videos on Facebook in 2020.

You don’t need to be a marketing whiz to know that more exposure = more traffic.

And more traffic = potential customers.

Potential customers that are looking for a solid, legit brand.

How can you build the trust they need to purchase?

You guessed it.

Just another reason why you need to be using video marketing in 2024.

The undisputed King of YouTube with 90 million subscribers with videos that regularly get Superbowl views... he's someone I study a lot when it comes to creating engaging video content. Here's some of his main tips.

  • Hook viewers within the first 10 seconds by telling them exactly what they're gonna watch
  • Plots & storylines - sometimes multiple stories that run concurrent to the main story (Hey whoever keeps their hands on this million dollars till the end, keeps it! Also everytime Karl (his friend) says "you know" his mom gets $1000)
  • Introduce something new, entertaining or educational every 10-15 seconds (keep the content moving)
  • Create a pay-off at the end (people want to watch Mr. Beast's videos till the end because they want to know who won the ultimate prize)

Ultimately what he keeps saying over and over again is to just focus on making the best video possible. Go the extra mile to put in the extra care because people can sense effort. As simple as it sounds, it comes down to the fact that people will click on your videos if they enjoyed your last video. Don't just pump out content to get clicks, but rather focus on creating the best possible experience for your audience.

There are about 30,000,000 DAILY active users on YouTube…

And each of these visitors stay for an average of 40 minutes.

3. Building Trust: The Most Powerful Video Marketing Technique

Why is building trust the most powerful video marketing technique?

Well, it’s a personable way to engage with the audience.

In other words, it puts a face behind the product.

And, consumers are more likely to buy when they feel a personal connection.

Just think about your last purchase.

Why did you choose that brand, on top of all the others that sell the same thing?

You either trusted it, or you were so impressed by it that you wanted to support it.

Wondering how you can nurture that same trust from your audience?

Use videos.

Video Ask is a tool we use to really use videos to increase engagement with our audience and customers

Here's an example:

Generating leads is one way to use Video Ask but you can also use it to provide support for your customers, for example it has allowed us to build more stronger connection with our students in our local lead generation coaching program.

This is what the backend looks like, as you can see, there is much stronger engagement that's happening using video. We can provide support or receive feedback & testimonials.

For example, our mentor Dan created a simple Video Ask where he asked for a quick Merry Christmas message from all the leaders in our program

You can just hit respond with a video, and just film your video response right then and there, & it uploads it automatically to Video Ask, which makes it super easy & fast.

Within minutes Dan had all these different messages from the leaders that he mashed it up and played it during our weekly lives, I took that clip and uploaded it to Youtube, which you can watch here:

The point is, more trust is built the more you put yourself out there (& other people in your company)

It also helps to build culture

4. Videos are Better on Social Media

90% of consumers watch videos on their smartphone.

& It's growing every year, Youtube reports video consuption grows 100% every year.

You need to access that massive audience.

For instance, a square video will take up 78% of consumers’ news feeds.

That’s incredible real estate.

Furthermore, 85% of video viewed on Facebook is muted, without any sound.

So, make sure your video can say what you want it to say-

Through images, graphics, and BIG text.

Video usage on mobile is only growing every year

  • Instagram has added Reels.
  • There isn’t a Gen Zer alive who doesn’t know a TikTok dance.
  • Facebook has added Stories (which stay visible longer on social feeds).
  • SnapChat, in essence, has its own TV channels.

With this kind of growth, it’s no surprise that by 2024, 82% of global internet traffic will come from videos and downloads. 

Already, ⅓ of ALL online activity is spent watching videos.

That means-

If you’re not on video, you’re missing out on all that traffic.

5. Videos encourages Social Shares

When people share your videos, that's extra FREE traffic

Pro Tip: People share emotions, not facts

76% said they would share branded videos if it was entertaining.

Billy Gene is Marketing nailed it with this Wolf of Wallstreet ad (emotional & entertaining)

This video boats 2 million views you Youtube  but when you factor in the views it got on FB, IG & other platforms that number is way higher.

Billy took Mr. Beast's approach of going the extra mile to create the best video possible.

The end result is getting shares, going viral & getting bunch of views that Billy didn't have to pay for. Brilliant.

6. Have a Complicated Product? Videos Help Get the Word Out

Did you know that there are 4 types of learning?

One of them is visual learning. 

Another is auditory. 

With video marketing, you can teach your audience about your product or service by tapping into 2 of these learning styles.

This is powerful.

and the statistics back up the fact that most people prefer videos to learn about a product or service.

By using video marketing to demonstrate your product-

Or tell a story about your brand-

You educate your audience.

Hosting webinars is another way to do this.

Of course, this will work best with specific kinds of products-

Especially those that require some kind of education to decrease the customer’s time to value.

94% of video marketers noticed that videos helped their audience understand their product in 2021.

7. Video Marketing is Great for SEO

You’ve probably noticed that YouTube videos are often featured near the top of many Google searches.

So, it's no surprise that video marketing helps you rank higher in search.

Moreover, if you include a video in your SEO agency's strategy...

Google will generate a video thumbnail about 26% of the time when users search your keyword.

It follows that users are more likely to click on that listing.

This is a free boost on advertising you just don’t get with other content elements. 

Videos also increase dwell time on pages which is a ranking factor.

And on top of that, blog posts with video attracts 3x more backlinks according to Moz.

8. Videos Do Great Things for your email Marketing & landing pages

Email marketing is a very important aspect for any business generating leads online. Stats show that its still the more powerful way to communicate with your customers than social media

Here's some great statistics showing the power of using videos in email

As my subscribers have seen, every email that I send out I've included a video, that's specific to the message or information that I'm conveying.

I've been on a lot of email lists where you just keep getting the same types of text only messages and after a while you don't feel compelled to open their emails anymore.

Your audience can tell when you go the extra mile.

ROI Anyone? Video Has a Great Return on Investment 

You’ve looked at 8 ways that video marketing can improve your business.

All of this adds up to a great ROI.

Yes, video production isn’t easy.

And, it’s not cheap.

My mentor Dan, recently flew to LA to film a documentary that we will be using to market our lead gen coaching program.

Here's some photos from the film shoot

This documentary is produced by a high-level director that has worked on a lot of famous films, it was pretty expensive to hire this company, over 6 figures to produce this documentary.

But after being in marketing for over 7 years, we understand the power of videos that tell a compelling story.

We are also well aware of the rising popularity of documentaries.

We're fully confident that this investment will yield great returns. I will keep you guys posted when this documentary is finished. I can't wait to watch it myself.

Video marketing doesn't have to be expensive.

Actually, the trend is producing quality video content is getting cheaper every year.

Editing tools are constantly getting cheaper, plus people like Tai Lopez proved that sometimes the low produced, selfie-style video performs better because it can feel more authentic.

This is something that Jordan Blackman teaches in his Booking Big Fish Clients course.

So really, all you need is your phone…

And the ability to hit record.

By reading this list, you’ve seen exactly what kind of return on investment you can get from video marketing.

And, on top of that:

87% of video marketers report that video gives them a great ROI.

Want to get started?

Here’s some tips.

So... How Do I Do Video Marketing?

Now, you’re wondering…

“How do I create a marketing video for my business?”

Above all, start soon- the earlier you get started, the better.

And, be sure to develop and follow a video marketing strategy. 

As you build this, you’ll want to consider these elements of video marketing strategy:
  • Your business goals and target audience.
  • The story you want your business or product to tell.
  • A style guide, determining the format and creative elements of each video.
  • A post timeline.
  • Your budget.

You also need to decide exactly what kinds of videos you’d like to make.

In other words, think about if you want to:

  • Generate video ads, and market them on Facebook
  • Make a YouTube channel
  • Hit up Instagram Reels
  • Begin an email campaign, featuring videos

Whatever you choose, the fun can begin.

Here are my favorite video marketing ideas:

  • Showcase product (demos)

  • Company/ owner behind the scenes

  • Brand videos

  • Event videos (featuring footage from a successful event, or promoting an upcoming event)

  • Expert interviews 

  • Fictional journey story (tell a story about how your product solved a problem, or changed someone’s life)

  • Animated videos

  • Case studies

  • Customer testimonial videos

  • 360 degree scrolling videos (perfect for virtual tours of a venue or home)

These are just my favorites, and there are hundreds more. 

Choose videos that speak to your brand…

…and, you’ll start to tap into that massive online video audience.

Pro Video Marketing Tip: When you see a video you like, that you could apply to your brand- save it! Add it into your video marketing strategy.

What is the Future of Video Marketing?

What about the importance of video marketing 2024 and beyond?

Here are just a few of the most exciting up-and-coming video marketing trends 2024.

Really, there’s no end in sight for video marketing. 

No matter what kind of business you run, whether it be:

Video marketing can take your business to the next level.

(Related article: Peter Kell's VSL Masterclass Review)

We use video marketing on our landing page to get the email, we also use much longer video a recorded webinar to explain our coaching program and the business model of local lead generation.

Which I believe is one of the best online business to get into. We're constantly creating new videos like new student testimonials & interviews to educate our audience about our program.

Because we have so much high quality video content that explain our program in-depth, we have students that come to the sales call pretty much already sold and ready to buy.

Great video marketing content is such a great leverage & ROI because they're like a sales team that goes to work for you 24/7 for virtually no cost.

I also started creating videos using 3D models, take a look.

These videos have been quite well received and you see how I didn't even need a film crew, so you see there's a lot of different ways to create video marketing content.

You can go check out our coaching program here for yourself and see just how significantly we use different types of videos.

Tap below to learn more.

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