Becoming a YouTube star doesn’t happen by accident. There is a lot of work that goes into building an audience and developing content that the audience loves. But it pays off.

This amazing course Video Ranking Academy 2.0  is a one-of-kind training system for making you into a YouTube star. The course was created by one!

Who is Sean Cannell?

Sean Cannell is a YouTube expert who has leveraged video popularity into profit. With over 7000,000 subscribers to his channel, he is able to monetize his powerhouse video content.

He is happily married to his wife, Sonja. Sean also give video tips and giveaways to churches.

Now he’s coaching others on how to become a YouTube influencer with cache and consistent revenue stream. That is why net worth he is enjoying now is worth it.


Video Ranking Academy 2.0 Summary

What I learned from this course is that there are really only a few steps to YouTube success. Of course, you have to put in the hard work, but behind all the glam, there is a basic formula that makes YouTube influencers rich.


So what Sean teaches step by step is how to build your own channel.

It all starts with defining the perfect niche audience that you can scale. Every one of us is an expert in something and people are out there craving your content. You just don’t realize it.


Some of the techniques that Sean introduces include live streaming YouTube events.


These can be exciting, and they are a great way to activate a new audience.


He also shows how other social media channels like Facebook can help reach audiences of all ages outside the YouTube platform. You find them and bring them in!

You learn all sorts of ways to turn that video audience into money.

  •         Creating a calendar of video content
  •         Defining your audience and your tone
  •         Getting advertisers to invest in pre-roll
  •         Building a YouTube network  of partners that will help scale your business
  •         How to build your brand as a YouTube influencer
  •         Making sure you get paid from YouTube!


What I got from the course was a lot of hands-on training. You get access to Sean’s Facebook Group where you can learn from other students and Sean himself!


For this reason, you have access to a library of checklists and study guides that help you get organized and keep your eye on the prize.


What’s cool is all the tips that only insider YouTube players know about.


How to build your YouTube page so it brings in new subscribers.


How to create linking on your page so fans can buy merchandise, webinars and anything else you sell off your channel.


Imagine starting with a few followers then watching that growth explode in a matter of a few months.


With the right info and some hard work, you can turn your channel into a major influence for whatever area of expertise you want.


Once you to have built a following, the advertisers will start streaming in. Learn from Sean how to negotiate your payments just for giving your opinion on products. That’s the next level of YouTube fame.


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If you have the drive and love YouTube, then Video Ranking Academy  2.0 is ripe for you to pick!

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