Sean Cannell Video Ranking Academy Review: 8 Strategies to Grow a YouTube Channel

April 15, 2024

Video Ranking Academy is a course by Sean Cannell that teaches how to grow your YouTube channels by increasing subscriber and view counts. The course focuses on brand building, content creation, YouTube SEO, audience growth, and monetization strategies. YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine which makes a very profitable tool for monetization. However, growing your channel may be very difficult because of the heavy saturation.

Video Ranking Academy reviews online are highly positive. Many of the reviews talk positively about Sean and the course, and many students successfully grew their YouTube channels. Negative reviews complain about refund issues. Keep in mind that Video Ranking Academy has an affiliate program and many of these reviews are from affiliates promoting the course.

In this article, you will learn all about Sean Cannell, his strategy, what's in his Video Ranking Academy course, who is it for, and if its students are actually successful. We will also discuss the challenges of creating a YouTube channel, as well as my top business recommendation, so you can determine which is best for you.

Video Ranking Academy Pros and Cons


Lifetime access to the course.

Access to the private community.

Well-structured comprehensive modules.


The training materials can be repetitive.

Limited access to Sean.

The amount of information can be overwhelming for beginners on YouTube.


Video Ranking Academy costs $3,997.

Refund Policy

Video Ranking Academy has a 30-day money-back guarantee


Think Media was founded in 2010


Sean Cannell and his Video Ranking Academy course enjoy a highly positive reputation.

8 Strategies to Grow a YouTube Channel

Sean Cannel and his Video Ranking Academy team use a specific set of strategies on how to grow a successful and profitable YouTube channel. Following these strategies can increase your success chance with your YouTube channel. The 8 strategies are as follows:

  1. Prioritize Value: Focus on creating valuable content that educates, entertains, or inspires to attract and retain viewers.
  2. Quality Content: Invest in producing high-quality videos that are well-edited and presented, prioritizing viewer experience.
  3. Know Your Audience: Understand and cater to the preferences and needs of your viewers by analyzing their behavior and feedback.
  4. Implement YouTube SEO: Optimize video titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails to improve searchability and visibility on YouTube.
  5. Maintain Consistency: Stick to a regular posting schedule to keep your audience engaged and to benefit from YouTube's algorithm preferences for active channels.
  6. Engage with Viewers: Build a community by actively interacting with viewers through comments, live streams, and other forms of engagement.
  7. Diversify Monetization: Explore various revenue streams, such as affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and merchandise, to stabilize and increase income.
  8. Analyze and Adapt: Regularly review analytics to tweak and improve your content and strategies based on performance data. Up do date.

What Is in Video Ranking Academy?

Video Ranking Academy comes with lifetime access to the 7-module core training, step-by-step workbook, templates for video scripts and outlines, and specialized mini-courses on topics like camera confidence and video editing software tutorials. You will also get2 Q&A sessions with Sean Cannell and his team, access to the private Facebook group for more support and networking, and other bonuses.

7-Module Curriculumn

  • Module One: Getting Started
    Introduction to the current landscape of YouTube and its opportunities.
    Strategies on how to amplify results significantly using the methodologies of Video Ranking Academy.
  • Module Two: The Seven Rs and YouTube Analytics
    Setting clear goals for your YouTube channel.
    Explanation of the Seven Rs system to increase video views.
    Introduction to the ASQ strategy for audience engagement.
    The 50/50 Rule, focusing on balancing content creation with audience interaction.
    In-depth analysis of YouTube analytics to understand viewer behavior and optimize content.
  • Module Three: The 10 YouTube Commandments
    Fundamental principles every YouTuber should follow for successful content creation and channel growth.
  • Module Four: Monetization Strategies
    Various methods to monetize your YouTube channel, focusing on sustainable and scalable monetization techniques.
  • Module Five: Building Influence and Monetization
    Techniques to build personal influence and establish credibility on YouTube.
    Exploration of the top YouTube monetization strategies available beyond ad revenue.
  • Module Six: Taking Action
    Emphasis on the critical importance of action in the journey to success with YouTube .
    Immediate application of strategies through practical steps and motivation.
  • Module Seven: Mastery
    Advanced tactics for content creation and channel management.
    Tips for continual learning and adaptation to changes.

Who Is Video Ranking Academy For?

  • YouTube personalities who want to learn how to grow their YouTube channel.
  • Influencers who want to learn how to use YouTube to expand their reach and increase audience base.
  • Affiliate marketers who want to learn how to use YouTube to generate leads.
  • Business owners who want to use YouTube as a marketing channel to increase reach and sales.

Are Students of Video Ranking Academy Successful?

There are many success stories of students that have successfully grown their YouTube channel after taking the Video Ranking Academy course. Successful students come from a wide range of businesses, from online coaches to affiliate marketers. Most of these successful students who actually review and promote the course are affiliate marketers.

Claire Sara - Video Ranking Academy Review With VRA Alumni

There are many success stories of students that have successfully grown their YouTube channel after taking the Video Ranking Academy course. The VRA alumni interviewed were Nobu Misakiwa and Marianne Cresp. Both detailed their experience with the course and what liked and disliked.

Nobu Misakiwa, a financial literacy and real estate mentor, grew her channel to over 2.16K subscribers with the help of VRA. She detailed her experience of initial disappointment to overall satisfaction with the course. Nobu was initially disappointed with the lack of access to Sean Cannell, as he was only involved during the occasional live sessions. What she found really helpful was the Facebook group, where she found support and networking opportunities. She also praised the monthly events within the community, as it helped reinforce the lessons learned from the course. Nobu criticized the training modules for its repetitive nature and “sermon style” of delivery. She determined that the community was worth the price alone.

Marianne Cresp, an ecommerce entrepreneur, grew her channel to over 8.38K subscribers after joining VRA. She speaks highly of the course, and like Nobu, found great value in the community. Marianne explained that she found the step-by-step structure of the course easy to digest, and unlike Nobu, didn’t mind the repetitive nature as it helped reinforce the lessons. She acknowledged the high price of the course but says having lifetime access to the course and community justifies it.

Who Is Sean Cannell?

Sean Cannell is a video marketing expert from Las Vegas, Nevada, known for his expertise in video production and YouTube marketing. He is the founder of Think Media, an educational company and YouTube channel that offers YouTube training and courses. Sean co-founded Video Influencers, a YouTube channel and online community dedicated to providing tips, insights, and strategies for aspiring content creators, with Benji Travis. He also co-authored the book "YouTube Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Following and Making Money as a Video Influencer” with Benji Travis.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Sean attended King's High School, which was a private Christian school. He created his first channel for his local church in 2007. Since then, he got involved with several YouTube channels such as “Think International,” which he co-founded. This channel and associated platforms have been used to create content for church leadership and to enhance the digital presence of church-related activities. He also created his own personal channel called “SeanTHiNKs,” which was a mix of personal vlogs and discussions about life and faith, which he grew to 110K subscribers.

Today, Sean spends his time growing Think Media, which YouTube channel has over 2.9 million subscribers. Sean Cannell’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million from a combination of course sales, YouTube membership and ads, sponsored videos, affiliate marketing commissions, consultation services, speaking engagements, and book sales.

Is Creating a YouTube Channel Worth It in 2024?

Creating a YouTube channel is worth it as a marketing tool to promote your services, products, or personal brand. It is also a great low-cost tool to create extra income such as affiliate marketing. However, if you are looking to make a YouTube channel your main source of income, you will find you are less likely to succeed. There are many challenges when it comes to growing your YouTube channel.

  • High Competition: You need to stand out from hundreds or thousands of other channels in your niche. Standing out requires not only unique and engaging content but also a strategic approach to differentiate your channel from others.
  • Consistent Content Creation: Consistently producing high-quality content involves not only filming and editing but also planning, scripting, and managing the production process. Keeping a consistent schedule can be demanding for new creators without a support team.
  • Audience Engagement: You need to engage with your audience regularly through comments, social media, and community posts. Building a sense of community around your channel can be challenging, but is crucial for growth.
  • YouTube's Algorithm: Keeping up with the regular updates and changes with the algorithm will take skill and understanding. Learning how to optimize for visibility can be quite challenging.
  • Technical Skills: Creating quality content involves several technical skills, including video editing, audio management, lighting, and graphic design. Outsourcing these processes will cost you a few hundred to a few thousand of dollars, which means added risks.
  • Harsh Criticism: Public exposure on platforms like YouTube also means facing criticism and negative feedback. Managing harsh and unfair criticism can be emotionally taxing and discouraging.
  • Legal and Compliance Issues: You will need to comply with legal aspects, such as copyright laws, platform guidelines, and advertising regulations. Violations can lead to demonetization, content removal, or even legal action.
  • Scaling: As your channel grows, so do the expectations and pressure to maintain or increase your level of success. Ensuring the long-term sustainability and relevance of your channel will take a lot of consistent investment in time and effort.

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