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Jordan Welch Viral Vault Review 2024 (Is His Software A Game Changer?)

March 31, 2024

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Jordan Welch's Viral Vault is a comprehensive all-in-one eCommerce success starter kit with a library of tools you need to succeed with Shopify dropshipping. Viral Vault also includes Jordan's six pillars for success and the 'ins and outs of scaling your business. Dropshipping is a high-risk business with an estimated 90% failure rate. Market saturation and rising cost of ads can lead you to lose your investment.

Reviews for Viral Vault are highly positive, with a 4.3/5 rating on Trustpilot. Users praise the comprehensive toolkit, Facebook support group with over 2,700, and access to coaching. Criticism point out that the research and marketing tools are too basic, the high competition as everyone is getting the same products, and lack of branding tools and training.

In this review, we'll show you specific details of Jordan's software. Like: Can this drop shipping tool help you be successful? Is Viral  Vault a scam? Are there other options? And why a business model with less saturation, like lead generation, might be a better option in 2024.

Viral Vault Pros and Cons


3-day free trial 

Monthly subscription access with support and an online community.

Jordan Welch is an established and successful dropshipper.


The refund policy is pretty sticky and not very ‘hassle-free.’

Every subscriber gets access to the same information, and there is no customization.

There are a lot of upsells.



Refund Policy

Purchases come with a 24-hour no questions asked refund period. But if you miss the deadline, you get an action-based 30-day money-back guarantee. But it comes with a few conditions: 

  • Watch and complete the entire crash course
  • Create a Shopify Store
  • Run ads to your Shopify Store (total ad spend must equal at least $100)
  • Ask coaches for help in our Facebook group


Jordan started reselling shoes online when he was thirteen. He began his dropshipping journey and started sharing content on YouTube in 2017. In 2018, Jordan launched his Accelerators 0-100 course. Jordan started his software app and training program in 2019. 


Established in 2019, Viral Vault Elite Community (an exclusive members-only Facebook group with 2.7K members), weekly live Q&A, and strategy sessions from Jordan Welch, a YouTube channel, a 24/7 Customer Success team, and an app

Net Worth

Jordan Welch’s net worth is an estimated $4 million.


Viral Vault has a 2.5-star rating on Trust Pilot. However, there are multiple success stories from students on his website. 

photo of jordan welch

Can Viral Vault Help You Be Successful With Dropshipping?

Jordan promises that his software will give you a 'competitive edge' and help you start and scale your drop shipping business. With your monthly subscription, you get product and market research done for you. And you have two new products to choose from every day. But every member can target those items. So the market will become saturated faster, and your ad spend on social media platforms will be higher.

Every member has access to the same information (nothing is customized). So you need to take what Jordan and his team provide and make it better. This includes your ad copy, call to action, and product descriptions. 

picture of viral vault facebook page

You need to develop a unique angle and curate your product descriptions. (So you're not paying for ads on social media that are identical to your competitors). And you need to a better marketer than the competition. Hone in on your customer's pain points and showcase how your product provides the best solution to their problem.

Viral Vault might give you a competitive edge and help you find winning products. But you still need to develop effective marketing strategies to advertise your store.

When selling physical products, you need to focus on the experience—and providing the best customer service possible. Unlike lead generation, where you're selling leads to local business owners. As a dropshipper, you're responsible for handling returns, chargebacks, and negative reviews.

But members of VV have access to a team of seasoned dropshippers and the support of an online community which can be invaluable. (You can ask questions and get advice from seasoned drop shippers).

What Is Jordan Welch’s Viral Vault?

Viral Vault is a dropshipping software that shares Jordan's exact process of how he built his income. The software includes two new products a day, over 2000 products in the library, daily video ads, product research, and competitor analysis.

In addition, members get tips from Jordan on how to create a dropshipping ad. And a step-by-step crash course on how to set up and launch a dropshipping company.

How Much Does Viral Vault Cost?

Viral Vault is a subscription-based platform that costs $67 per month. But Jordan does offer a 3-day trial period for beginners.

photo of jordan welch

What’s Included With Your Viral Vault Subscription?

Viral Vault is a complete drop shipping software, training, and support firm that  includes: 

1) 7-Day E-com Accelerator Launch Challenge

Intro To Dropshipping + Why You're Failing

Setting Up Your Store & Building A Product List

Importing Products & Building Your Store

Prepare Your Website For Launch

Facebook Ads Intro + Account Setup

Launching Your First Product

Fulfilling Orders & Turning This Into A Real Business

2) E-com Video Course (Zero to $10K/M)

Get step-by-step training on how to go from 0-$10K/month and learn things like:

  • How to narrow it down 
  • What type of interests to put in for your Facebook ads
  • Facebook targeting and potential angles for your ad sets
  • Tips for multiple ad sets

3) Daily Trending Products

The platform has over 2000 products, and two new recommended products are added daily. For each product listed, members get access to:

  • Product page copy and listing descriptions
  • Price 
  • Profit calculator
  • AliExpress suppliers
  • Amazon listings for the product (so you can see what people like and don't like and how the product is priced)

4) Professional Video Ads

Get a ready-to-go video ad (you can use it to market immediately) for every product listing. And access to a competitor site (so you can see how someone else is successfully advertising the product).

5) Optimized Product Pages

No coding, planning, or design is required. You just need to add your logo, brand, and content.

Each month they lock the amount of products given to limit market saturation.

You can download the CSB, so it goes to your computer (an easier way of uploading everything onto your Shopify store). 

6)  Private Facebook Community

An exclusive members-only Facebook group with over 2.7K members where you can ask questions, share success and strategize with other people on a similar journey.

Two of Jordan's coaches are in the group daily to answer questions and share advice with members. 

7) 24/7 Customer Success Team

Connect with industry experts and coaches on Jordan's team via email or in the private Facebook group. 

Viral Vault has six pillars of success, which include:

  1. Daily Trending Products - You get 2 winning products that are selected by the Viral Vault team and reviewed by Jordan Welch every day.
  2. Detailed Training Program - The training program is taught by experts with $10m in combined sales.
  3. Personal Coaching - 7 days a week coaching from a team of six & seven figure eCom coaches.
  4. Plug-And-Play Ads - Every product comes with a custom-made ad that you can just attach your branding to.
  5. Work With Jordan - Talk to Jordan every week on a group coaching session.
  6. 24/7 Customer Success Team - Dedicated 24/7 customer support team to answer questions you may have in a timely manner.

Jordan updates his content regularly, and what he teaches his students is working right now. But you're responsible for driving purchase-ready customers to your online store, which can be challenging. And with ad costs on the rise, it can also be expensive. But with lead generation, you're targeting a local market and leveraging Google to get free traffic that converts into leads you can sell to local business owners. 

You can be successful with drop shipping, but you need to be a better marketer than the competition. Jordan provides a solid base. But it's up to you to create a unique angle and a compelling hook—why people should buy what you're selling. 

Are Users of Viral Vault Successful?

While a lot of dropshippers praise Viral Vault as being helpful for their business, I have found no testimonials outside of their website that give any real-world examples of success. Viral Vault has a 4.3/5 rating on Trustpilot with 36 reviews, but the positive reviews all just explain that they are happy with what they have learned by subscribing to Viral Vault. On the other hand, all the negative reviews complain about the cancellation, overcharge, and refund issues.

A Reddit user who claimed to have signed up for Viral Vault complained about the quality of the service they received. They explained that Viral Vault did not customize the done-for-you dropshipping website as promised and did not provide any help after it was delivered. The user also complained about the mentorship and upsells.

YouTuber Mikey Again Tries Jordan Welch's Viral Vault- Here's What He Discovered

Mikey's Background and Story

After eight months of unsuccessful dropshipping attempts, Mikey turned to Jordan Welch's Viral Vault course. Jordan's promise that he'll provide winning products, write powerful descriptions, teach effective pricing strategies, and help in video ad copies made him buy the course. Instead of limiting himself to a single-product store, Mikey ambitiously developed a niche store. He enhanced the product description through Viral Vault and crafted his own advertisement. He submitted his product page for review, but Jordan was unavailable because he was on a Disneyland trip. So, he navigated the challenges alone. 

How Mikey’s Dropshipping Business is Doing Today

Mikey achieved his first profitable day in dropshipping by selling a knee brace, marking a significant turnaround in his business. Despite initial success, he faced challenges with Facebook's tracking and product mismatches. This prompted him to pause his campaigns and develop new product pages. After resolving a critical linking error, Mikey earned a notable $50 profit in a single day, leading to a streak of three consecutive profitable days. He is still in the process of becoming a successful dropshipper and experiments with various ad strategies. 

Lessons Mikey Learned on the Biggest Challenges He Faced

Choose a Product to Suit Specific Market Needs: Tailoring a product to specific needs makes it more relevant and valuable to the target audience. It shows that the seller understands and caters to their specific requirements, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Challenges with Facebook Ad Limits and Account Bans: Facebook imposes limits on how much new advertisers can spend. This limitation can restrict the reach and effectiveness of campaigns. 

Handling Returns: Handling returns, especially in a dropshipping business, can be complex and costly. It involves managing logistics, customer communications, and possibly dealing with supplier issues.

What's not mentioned in the review: Mikey is positive about dropping. However, he didn't mention that dropshipping is a saturated market, with over 1.7 million stores competing. Dropshipping also has low profit margins, typically 15% to 20%. This means you need to work extra hard to sell in volume to generate significant profit. 

Conclusion: Is Viral Vault Worth It?

Viral Vault isn't a scam. You get access to the software's dashboard if you pay for a monthly subscription. If you're looking for software to help streamline your dropshipping business and scale faster. Or, if you want to connect with people who understand the process and are on the same mission, Viral Vault might be worth it. Jordan is one of the more authentic dropshippers on YouTube, and he's transparent about his successes and failures.

He also shares a ton of free content on his channel (not just a push for his paid courses). He's also clear that the business model takes work, trial, and error to make profits. Online reviews suggest that Jordan and his team are scammers. However, there are also success stories and testimonials on his website from current members that are impressive.

Jordan Welch offers training and an arsenal of tools to help you start and scale your drop shipping business. Can it help you be successful? Maybe. My issue is less about Viral Vault and more about the dropshipping business model. As a dropshipper, you have limited control over most aspects of your business. 

You don't handle inventory. Instead, you rely on third-party suppliers to package and ship items to your customer. So you have no control over the quality, shipping, or logistics. The other issue is generating consistent traffic. Yes, VV gives you access to product descriptions and 'ready-to-go' video ads. But the onus is on you to create scroll-stopping creatives or ads. 

image of viral vault website

You need to understand how to leverage paid ads on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. (And be willing to pay for them). You're competing against hundreds of other drop shippers (for minimal profit margins).

So you need to jump on trends before they become saturated. And with all of the members going after the same daily products, it might not be the best online business to start in 2024.

But you do get a community and training from a seasoned dropshipper. So while there are downsides to the software, it depends on what you want in a drop shipping tool. It might not give you a 'competitive edge.' But it will provide you with ongoing support and a blueprint on how to start and scale a dropshipping business.

Who Is Jordan Welch?

photo of jordan welch

Jordan Welch is a successful dropshipper and ecommerce business owner. A college dropout, Jordan's drop shipping career started in 2017 when he also launched his YouTube channel (which now has 490K subscribers).

Jordan also published his Accelerator 0-100 course in 2017, which shares a blueprint on how to start a dropshipping business. In addition, Welch has been published in many articles, including:

Viral Vault is Jordan's e-commerce toolset firm he launched in 2018. It's a resource designed to help people start and scale their online business. Jordan has five income streams that bring in $86,730 every month (he makes $1500-$3000 in revenue from VV a month). And his success has resulted in brand partnerships and affiliate programs.

Are There Better Options?

Jordan's ecomm accelerators 0-100 program might be a better option if you're looking for a more comprehensive dropshipping course. Or read my review; are dropshipping courses worth it for my top recommendations. (It includes what to look for in a dropshipping course). 

Jordan's software is similar to texta or dropshipspy. (But products are exclusive to only a certain number of people). It might not be as saturated as other dropshipping tools, but the costs are higher. And other dropshipping tools like ecomhunt and are free and have a lot of the same features.

Create Low Risk Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is a business model that creates passive income and without the risks that dropshipping have. You can start with as little as $500 in initial investment while only spending about $30 a month on maintenance. By ranking a website on Google using free SEO tactics and then renting it out to local businesses, you earn predictable passive income as monthly rent. You don't have to sell anything, so you won't be doing marketing and running ads.


You can earn around $500 up to $3,000 a month from one local lead generation site. Compared to the saturated dropshipping industry, you only need to outrank a handful of websites on the local search. A site can stay ranked on Google for years, so it's mostly hands-free once it's at the top.

The best part of local lead generation is its scalability. You simply need to repeat the rank and rent process. There is no limit to how much you can scale and there are no added risks. This makes local lead generation my number 1 business to create time and financial freedom.

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