Peter Kell’s VSL Masterclass Review | Are VSLs Really the Best Money Makers in 2024?

March 25, 2024

Video Sales Letter (VSL) Masterclass is a 3-week online course created by Peter Kell, a VSL advertiser from Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, for dropshippers, affiliates, agency owners, and entrepreneurs. Brands and marketers use video sales letters to entice their prospective clients to take action. In the VSL Masterclass, Peter Kell will guide you through his VSL Masterclass's "signature techniques" that helped him create profitable campaigns. The VSL Masterclass contains 9 modules with 7.5 hours of videos divided into daily schedules. Its modules include topics on changing your mindset, learning spy tools, and finding big campaigns.

Video is a vital tool in marketing. A survey by video marketer Wyzowl in 2022 showed that almost 86% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool to reach potential clients. According to Peter Kell, one excellent VSL could get $4 million a month. In fact, in the previous years, out of around 30 VSLs that Peter's team produced, only 5 VSLs "blew up." However, coming up with a winning VSL is not simple. In an interview with Alex Fedotoff in April 2023, Peter Kell says an excellent VSL requires at least $5,000 for production. Also, you need to do research, have the right team, and find the authority (not necessarily an expert, but it could be someone who already has the results they want) to speak about the product. 

In this VSL Masterclass Review, you'll learn the pros and cons of Peter Kell's program. I will also summarize each module and discuss Peter Kell's winning formula. This review will also reveal if VSLs are the best money-makers in 2023.

VSL Masterclass Pros & Cons


Access to Elite Business Group coaching calls once a week with Peter Kell.

You’ll get into a private network of successful people who use VSLs with weekly online meetups.

24/7 support in a private Slack channel.

You will learn VSL best leads, which Peter Kell compiled in the VSL Bible.


It might be too expensive for beginners.

Constantly researching and tweaking variations is necessary to find the one that will work best for VSL.

If you could not do it yourself, you would need to hire a good video editor and copywriter.

VSL does not guarantee consistent and predictable sales. Even Peter Kell says out of the many VSLs produced, only a few would be a hit.


VSL Masterclass costs $3,000 (From $16,000 during pre-selling and $25,000 after pre-selling)



Refund Policy

Peter Kell Performance-based Guarantee. If you are not happy with your investment's performance over the next 6 months, they will refund your money. But, you must make a VSL of at least 3 minutes long, convert at least 1 sale, and send them the VSL.

What's Included in Peter Kell's VSL Masterclass?

Full access to the VSL Masterclass, Weekly online meetups, coaching calls, 24/7 access to a private Slack channel, and a chance to work personally with the course creator at a discounted rate are included in Peter Kell's VSL Masterclass. You will also get a 1-on-1 feedback session with Peter Kell about the campaigns you are working on when you sign up for the VSL Masterclass. In addition, Peter says he will give you a duffel bag, which is similar to what he used when he gave $250,000 cash to his parents, to inspire you to "drop a bag of cash" to people you care for. 

VSL Masterclass Modules

Module 1: Mastering Mindset

In this module, Peter Kell will share the exact process he used to conquer self-limiting beliefs. The module also discusses the Neville Goddard manifestation technique and some exercises to uncover what Peter Kell calls "money blocks" in your subconscious.

Module 2: The Road to the Top

Module 2 discusses building a brand that effectively attracts the target audience. Peter Kell will also show a recording of his sales pitch, which he made to a startup company that earned him $25,000 in cash and $15,000 in tokens. It also discusses the opportunity in Amazon FBA and tapping into brands needing help in direct response campaigns. 

Module 3 & 4: Quick Start Guide and VSL Strategy

Peter Kell says the VSL Masterclass Modules 3 and 4 contain the exact processes he applied in his business. In these modules, he also shows the tools and techniques needed to write an excellent video script, whether you need long or short headline scripts, action scripts, or webinar scripts.

It has a guide to selecting offers, the VSL Flow Bible, and ways to partner with authority figures and celebrities to influence the market, turning your videos into sales funnels. The two modules also discuss strategies to make prospective clients buy the product.

Module 5: VSL Scriptwriting

Module 5 will teach you inception secrets to effective copywriting to produce easily understood content. Like a copywriting secrets masterclass, Peter Kell will give you a step-by-step interview process to help you get exciting stories from authority figures essential to captivating the brand's uniqueness. 

The module also compiled the best video ads from the last decade and how to craft an excellent lead. Module 5 also contains the Ultimate AOV close and ways to write based expert secrets script that complies with Facebook and YouTube. As Jim Edwards (not Jim Edward), developer of the Perfect Webinar Wizard would say, "The key to the whole copywriting game is your headlines."


Module 6: Production & Filming

In Module 6, Peter Kell teaches the essentials of editing VSL using the "video editors' playbook." It also has the recording of a live VSL shoot with a famous author, and Peter walks you through the step-by-step production of that video. 

Module 7: Media Buying

This module includes Peter Kell's strategies while working with prominent FB media buyers in advertising. It explains the distinctions between "virgin media buying" and "Chad media buying" and how the latter can help your campaigns succeed. The module also shows why you should immediately launch campaigns on YouTube and how to avoid penalties.

Module 8 & 9: Tools & Final Thoughts

The last two chapters of the VSL Masterclass will teach you about spy tools that could help you find the most significant campaigns to inspire your VSL creation process. Aside from the tools, the two modules will also teach you to identify profitable campaigns.

VSL Masterclass Day-by-Day Schedule

Week 1: Your VSL Masterclass Foundation

  • Day 1 - On your first day, you will watch welcome training videos "Welcome To The VSL Masterclass," "Magic Words That Bring Riches," and "The Internal Deep Dive." These are basic motivational and introductory courses.
  • Day 2 - During the second day, Peter will discuss insightful and motivational courses "Breaking Glass Ceilings" and "Manifesting Conversations With God." You'll take in another round of motivational classes.
  • Day 3 - On Day 3, Peter will teach you visualization exercises inspired by Neville Goddard. You will also watch a training video called "You Are The Average Of Your 5 Closest Friends," where you'll learn how to remove the blocks from your subconscious.
  • Day 4 - Peter will teach you how to create vision boards and optimize your action plan.
  • Day 5 - On the fifth day, you will learn how to break into ecommerce and gain a basic understanding of how VSLs work through his two training materials called "The Power of Swiping" and "Breaking Into Ecommerce & Discovering VSLs."
  • Day 6 - The sixth day starts with a training on how you can build your brand and how to find opportunities for your growth. Peter will also discuss more information on VSLs.
  • Day 7 - By the end of your first week, you will know what makes a world-class VSL artist.

Week 2: VSL Strategy & Script Writing

  • Day 8 - Peter will start Week 2 by discussing what makes a world-class VSL script. He will also talk about short- and long-form VSLs. You'll also get the "Milestones List" to guide your VSL journey.
  • Day 9 - On Day 9, you will discover how to create and select a winning offer. You'll also learn where to look for the most effective mechanism that will work best for your campaigns.
  • Day 10 - Knowing how to present a story that sells is crucial. Peter will introduce you to the VSL Flow Bible and the best examples of stories that captivate the audience.
  • Day 11 - A VSL advertisement needs a reliable authority that carries the brand. Day 11 will train you on "Authority Figures" and "The Secrets of High AOV" so you'll know how to drive your sales.
  • Day 12 - You'll watch Peter Kell's "VSLs for Brands & Partnerships" video to get an idea of what type of VSL will capture this type of client.
  • Day 13 - Day 13 is all about research to put context and value in your VSLs. Peter will also introduce you to his "VSL God Process," which is his interview process that will help you write an excellent story for authority figures. 
  • Day 14 - You'll end your 2nd week with Peter Kell giving you access to the Lead Bible, a compilation of insights Peter found from the best VSLs in the past decade. It also includes training on "Ultimate AOV Close" and "The Way To The Sale," which offers more insights on marketing.

Week 3: Production, Media Buying, & Scaling

  • Day 15 - The VSL Masterclass third week has training modules on hiring writers and staying compliant with Facebook and FTC. 
  • Day 16 - If you have no experience making video ads, you'll learn a B-roll shot list and how to do it. You'll also see Peter's behind-the-scene actions in a VSL shoot. Plus, he will give you the "Video Editor's Playbook" that will guide you in video editing.
  • Day 17 - On Day 17, you'll learn the secret to driving traffic and using YouTube Ads. Peter will also talk about "Chad Media Buying."
  • Day 18 - Day 18 is still about VSLs, how you can earn using it for TikTok, and how to maximize affiliates. 
  • Day 19 - Peter will give you the Facebook Spy Tools and YouTube Spy Tools that will help you create content and grow your followers. 
  • Day 20 - We talked about the role of authority figures in Week 2, but in your last week, Peter will teach you how to find these figures for a more effective VSL.
  • Day 21 - On the last day of the VSL Masterclass, Peter will discuss his final thoughts to inspire you more to win your campaigns. He'll also teach you how to spot profitable campaigns.

8 Fast Action Bonuses

Those who will sign up through their optin video also get 8 fast action bonuses, which include: 

  1. Access to VSL.AI masterclass to help you rewrite, recreate, and beef up winning campaigns

  2. $500 cashback from Peter Kell to invest in your VSL campaigns. 

  3. Notion LifeOS Template: A Notion template that helpsPeter Belll organize his life and his businesses. 

  4. Rampage Money System: How to do affiliate marketing with VSL. 

  5. "Something amazing is about to happen," duffel bag. 

  6. Internet Icon Series: Digging into the minds of successful online marketers such as Vishien Lakhiani (CEO of Mindvalley), Jeffrey Perlman (The Mind Behind Zumba), Jason Applebaum (Kell's mentor who's done hundreds of millions of dollars online in sales. 

  7. Million Dollar Mentees Series: Detailed and in-depth case studies from Peter Kell's most successful students, specifically those who have surpassed the million-dollar mark. 

  8. Early beta access to, a software where they're training AI to take previously winning campaigns and churn out new ones for any product.

If you can't find the optin video or the portion of the required fields for this offer, you can still get 6 bonuses listed on their website, including:

  • The Notion Masterclass

  • $500 bucks back 

  • Personalized guided meditation 

  • Past group coaching call recordings with other "killers" in the industry who can be your instructors you could learn from

  • Additional coaching calls with Peter Kell's trusted team of copywriters, media buyers, and client success managers

  • Access to future course updates and future bonuses 

What Is Peter Kell's Winning VSL Formula?

Peter Kell's winning VSL formula comprises knowing the product, determining the root cause of the problem, identifying the authority figures who will talk about the product, and maximizing the VSL Bible to find the winning copy you could use in your campaign. 

Advertising using VSL requires an excellent sales copy to influence your target customers to buy the product ASAP. For Peter Kell, a winning VSL can be done by looking at previously successful ad materials compiled in his VSL Bible that you could re-use and apply to the product you're working on. Peter said you can rewrite it yourself or, if you are not good at copywriting, you can get a copywriter or use AI. 

What Is the VSL Bible?

The VSL Bible contains over 29 successful VSLs of marketing campaigns that earned hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. Peter Kell said he has compiled all these campaign ads, like maps, to clinch a deal. He describes it as his "secret weapon," culminating his over 5 years of studying VSLs. 

The VSL Bible or VSL Flow Bible is supposedly downloadable from Peter Kell's website. We tried to download it from the link. However, we received a PDF file with 0 bytes. 

In an interview with Jon Benson in November 2018, Peter shared that most of his projects come from "swiping and modeling the best." Creating video sales funnels is a great way to boost your ad campaign, and a compelling copy can help you achieve high conversion. Peter Kell, the VSL Master Class wizard, claims that with the VSL Flow Bible, it is easier to develop a marketing campaign that works.

The VSL Bible shows simple steps that you could recreate. Peter shared that he rewrote scripts from the VSL Flow Bible for the content creation of multiple products, including TV antennas, foot insoles, drones, pillows, and smartwatches, among others.

Peter Kell's media team also uses the VSL Bible to rewrite campaigns for affiliate eCommerce products. Besides making copywriting easy, it helped them make $7 million in affiliate commissions during their first year using the VSL Flow Bible.

Who Is VSL Masterclass For?

VSL Masterclass is for those who have backgrounds in affiliate marketing, digital marketing, and online marketing. It will help dropshippers, course creators, agency owners, influencers, marketers, and those looking to make money online using VSLs or video sales letters. According to Peter Kell's website, the VSL Masterclass is a perfect course for those who spend over $20k a month on ads. 

Who Is Peter Kell?

Peter Kell is a copywriter, a VSL advertiser, a media buyer, and the Director of VSLs at Mindvalley, a life transformation platform based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is also the current CEO of Ad Venture Holdings LLC, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Peter was an affiliate marketer before he was obsessed with video sales letters. He co-founded a marketing company, Brand Bolt, and served as the CEO and founder of Contact Us Plus.

However, he needed to ensure profitable advertising, so he learned from Jon Benson, a famous copywriter who teaches digital marketing strategies and popularized VSLs. Peter said Jon Benson's 5-minute VSL formula helped him transform a campaign from zero to 70% ROI.

Peter Kell worked on his materials, and after many failures, one of his VSLs sold $100K daily in affiliate sales in 2018. He then reached $200K a day in revenue, with $140K in spending, and started focusing on VSLs. He built a skincare brand, and of all the VSLs he created, 3 VSLs took them from $0 to $40 million in one year. In an interview with Jason Marc Campbell, host of Selling With Love, Peter Kell said they spent $2 million to earn that much, got $4 million back in sales, and just repeated the process.

He shared in one interview that out of the 27 VSLs they produced in 2023, only 5 succeeded. However, he believes a dedicated person, whether you are in affiliate marketing or online marketing, is "only one VSL away from exploding your business." This principle is what he teaches in his VSL Masterclass and his elite business coaching program.

Peter Kell would later sell his share in the company, and in September 2021, he became an equity partner and director of VSLs in Mindvalley. Besides his campaigns with Mindvalley, Peter Kell also creates campaigns for other companies. Today, the skateboarder who used to live in his parents' basement in Lake Arrowhead, California, offers the VSL Masterclass and his elite business coaching program for those with life-changing products.

Peter Kell says his motivation for bringing more VSL players together is to support his design of an AI tool called This tool speeds up the creation of scripts without hiring copywriters and decreases launch time by helping you create campaign ideas.

Mindvalley VSL

Mindvalley is a learning platform created by a former Silicon Valley startup senior leader and author of The 6 Phase Meditation Method, Vishen Lakhiani. Mindvalley's mission is to create personal transformation that raises human consciousness.

Mindvalley was already one of the dominant advertisers online. However, they weren't using VSLs. Enter Peter Kell. Vishen Lakhiani invited Peter Kell to help Mindvalley after meeting him at a conference. They created almost 30 different iterations of VSLs, and Vishen said one of these campaigns earned $30 million in sales in about 18 months.

In October 2022, three of Peter Kell's most successful VSLs landed on YouTube in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th spots. Those are all Mindvalley VSLs uploaded in April, May, and September 2022. 

The first winning VSL was the Mindvalley Superbrain VSL, which landed above the fourth spot. Peter Kell shared they had 30 variations tweaked and tested from the intro and outro for this VSL, giving them an almost 6-figure/day campaign.

Are There Any Successful VSL Masterclass Members?

Yes, there are successful VSL Masterclass members who shared their experience in joining Peter Kell's program. 

Todd Lamb, the co-founder of PureLife Organics, Inc., shared that the VSL Masterclass is life-changing, especially for people who "want to get out of the rat race of media buying." Todd Lamb filmed his testimonial riding a chopper over glaciers on Canada's west coast, a dream he said was made possible through a VSL that converts. He told Peter Kell's program offers tools you need to build a meaningful brand.

Marek Bednar and Phillip Pec, business partners, were making money in dropshipping and testing products. However, Marek said, "it was never really consistent." After connecting with Peter Kell and joining his VSL Masterclass, they hit almost $3.5 million from February to March 2023 alone and were increasing 25-30% monthly.

I also found these relevant reviews on Peter Kell's website.

There are still no reviews for the VSL Masterclass on Trustpilot and Quora. 

However, some Reddit users say that the course is a scam, but they do not provide any context or reason. Here are some screenshots I found:

What Does Peter Kell Claim?

Peter Kell claims that the system he teaches in the VSL Masterclass is what he used to create his top VSLs in October 2022. He also claims that VSLs are the best way to scale your business in today's world, not webinars, UGCs (user-generated content), or any other traditional advertising method. He also claims that VSLs have the potential to make you millions of dollars in less than a year.

Are VSLs Really the Best Money Makers in 2023?

Yes, VSLs can be one of the best money-makers in 2023. In digital marketing, using videos in advertising is one of the most effective ways to upsell products and services. One reason for this is the growing number of digital viewers. In 2020, the Business Insider report said US digital viewership will reach 244.4 million. Wyzowl also noted that 92% of marketers get a good ROI from video marketing.

According to a Statista report published in The Social Shepherd, in Q4 of 2022, online videos had 91.8% of audience reach. Influencer videos and vlogs have a 23.4% audience reach, and product review videos have a 25%.

Among the top reasons marketers use video ads in online marketing are to increase traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. Wyzowl data shows that 87% of marketers say that videos helped them increase traffic, and 94% say videos helped them improve their understanding of their product or service. 

However, in digital marketing, you must convince a business or a client to give you money to run paid ads. Plus, you need to generate profitable leads from each post to keep clients. You rely heavily on the client and their brand to profit from your VSLs. You also need to master software or digital solutions like video makers like VideoMakerFX video marketer or platforms like the Vienna Ensemble Pro, 

Another thing you need to consider is the habit of consumers to skip video ads. Ad skipping is a significant challenge in video advertising, including VSLs. A media trial with more than 11,000 consumers by the IPG Mediabrands' Magna and Media Lab units showed that 76% usually skip ads as a habit.

In an article by Ad Speed, when consumers skip ads, it reduces reach and engagement, decreases ad revenue, and leads to a negative user experience when advertisers add more ad placements. There are also ad blockers or software programs that prevent ad displays. 

These factors make the digital marketing business model, including making VSLs, unpredictable and unstable. Even Russell Brunson, the ClickFunnels developer, says mastering marketing and business growth takes trial and error.

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Why Local Lead Generation Is the Best Online Business

Local lead generation is still the best online business for business control and stability. First, local lead generation is less competitive. While it requires you to build a skill set similar to VSL creation, you do not have to compete with so many video marketers releasing millions of video content in local lead generation. Since making videos has become more accessible today, digital marketing and VSL are more competitive. 

Second, local lead generation is more sustainable. In the VSL business model, sales would dwindle, and you need to develop another lead to hook your audience. In local lead generation, you pick a city or niche you want to focus on and build a website, then rank it on Google. Also, since the local business is a necessary service in the community, the customers are looking for your website, which you rent out to the local service provider. You can build as many websites as possible and repeat the process as much as you want just like this tree care site I made that generates $2,000 per month.

Local lead generation

Plus, local lead generation is not as expensive as developing a VSL. While Peter Kell says they have this Lead Bible containing all the winning formulas of previous VSLs, you must still be as creative as possible to work on another VSL script. With lead generation, you wouldn't need all that pressure to develop compelling stories. You do not need to hire a copywriter or videographer, and you don't have to spend money on ads like what they do on online marketing and digital marketing. You just need to build a website, select a domain name, pay for hosting, and organically rank your website on Google using search engine optimization. 

You do not rely on other brands and businesses in local lead generation. You are more in control, and your profit is more predictable. Over 7,000 students have already learned how to rank pages and make passive income continuously. Learn more about local lead generation and take control of your digital assets.

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