Who Needs Copywriters? 15 Examples (PLUS Where To Find Copywriting Jobs in 2024)

May 7, 2024

Advertising agencies, local businesses, ecommerce retailers, tech startups, solo entrepreneurs, and large corporations need copywriters. Gitnux reports that more than 29% of companies frequently hire copywriters to create marketing materials, such as sales emails, blog posts, and product descriptions. They rely on skilled copywriters to articulate complex information, market their offers, and engage with specific target audiences through compelling content. 

All industries, like manufacturing, digital marketing, and finance, need copywriting. They benefit from copywriting because it influences consumer behavior and encourages specific actions, like making a purchase or signing up for a service. However, not all businesses want copywriters. Mark Mehling, a marketing strategist and persuasion specialist at Conservative Copy based in Port Orange, Florida, explains that some companies think they can do copywriting themselves. They usually don’t understand how to measure copywriting ROI or what good copy is. He notes that copywriters looking for clients should find businesses who already work with copywriters and know their value.  

Copywriters can earn lucrative income by working with businesses who need their services. Robbin Kleinpenning, founder of Creator Egg, transitioned to a successful copywriting career in 2020. He claims to earn $100,000 per year by specializing in messaging for health and wellbeing startups. He manages a workload with multiple clients, focusing on market research and copywriting content. Robbin emphasizes the importance of a strong online presence and networking through LinkedIn for client acquisition.

In this article, you’ll learn who needs copywriters and 15 examples of companies that need copywriters. I’ll also give some tips on how to succeed in each and where to find these businesses. At the end, I’ll introduce a different and more lucrative business model than copywriting.

15 Examples of Companies That Need Copywriters

1. Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies are the primary employers of copywriters. They require copywriters for their ability to create engaging copy for print and digital advertisements. Copywriters at advertising agencies often work on diverse projects. These include creating ad slogans and writing scripts for radio or TV commercials. Examples of advertising agencies are Ogilvy, The O Group, and Digital Silk.

To succeed as a copywriter in advertising agencies, you must understand the brand's voice and target audience. Continuously refine your skills in storytelling and persuasive writing. Stay updated on industry trends and consumer behavior to create relevant and impactful content. 

2. Local Businesses

Local businesses employ copywriters to communicate their brand manifesto and messages. They can help describe the business’ products or services and connect with their target audience. Copywriters create SEO-optimized website content, informative blog posts, and email marketing campaigns to nurture customer relationships. 

To succeed as a copywriter in local businesses, focus on understanding the unique aspects of the local market. Highlight the business's involvement and relevance to local issues or events. Build strong relationships with business owners to tailor your messaging to their vision and customer expectations.

3. E-commerce Retailers

E-commerce retailers depend on copywriters to craft compelling product descriptions that highlight the features and benefits of their products. Copywriters produce engaging blog content and promotional materials that help drive traffic to their online stores. They can also help develop compelling CTAs for social media ads. They can contribute to creating informative buying guides and articles. 

To succeed as a copywriter in e-commerce, develop the skill to write clear, concise, and SEO-optimized product descriptions that convert browsers into buyers. Engaging and persuasive writing that guides customers through their purchasing journey can boost conversion rates.

4. Publishing Houses and Magazines

Publishing houses and magazines rely on copywriters to create compelling, engaging content that captures and retains readers' interest. Copywriters are essential for producing high-quality written material that appeals to the publication’s audience. Publishing houses and magazines can also utilize copywriters for crafting promotional materials. This includes subscription offers, event announcements, and marketing emails. 

To succeed as a copywriter in publishing houses and magazines, immerse yourself in the publication's style and audience preferences. Build a strong portfolio with varied samples demonstrating your versatility and expertise in different subjects and styles.

5. Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations utilize copywriters to articulate their missions, engage donors, and drive actionable responses. This includes donations or volunteering. Effective copywriting for non-profits involves evoking emotions. NGOs can also use copywriters to develop grant proposals. Copywriters can create persuasive and clear narratives that demonstrate the organization's goals and the effectiveness of its programs to potential funders

To succeed as a copywriter in NGOs, you must understand the organization's mission and values. This helps you authentically convey their message. Focus on storytelling skills to emotionally connect with the audience and illustrate the impact of their work compellingly.

6. Digital Marketing and SEO Firms

Digital marketing and SEO firms rely on copywriters to produce content that is both SEO-optimized and engaging to the reader. These firms need skilled writers who can craft effective email copywriting, dynamic social media posts, and informative blog posts. This attracts search engine attention and provides real value to readers. Copywriters can also help develop white papers and case studies.

To succeed as a copywriter in digital marketing and SEO firms, focus on developing a deep understanding of SEO best practices. You also need to understand how content influences search engine rankings. Enhance your ability to write clearly and persuasively across various formats, such as blogs, emails, and social media posts.

7. Tech Startups

Tech startups benefit from copywriters who can simplify complex technologies. This makes them accessible and appealing to both tech-savvy and non-technical audiences. Copywriters craft clear and compelling marketing copy, from website content and product descriptions to user manuals and email marketing campaigns. Tech startups can also use copywriters to craft funding proposals and investor pitches. So, they can communicate the value and potential of their technology. 

To succeed as a copywriter in tech startups, immerse yourself in the latest technological trends and jargon to accurately convey the complexities of the products. Develop the ability to translate technical features into benefits that resonate with technical and non-technical audiences.

8. Healthcare and Medical Companies

Copywriters in the healthcare and medical industry help in communicating complex information in ways that are accessible and understandable to patients and the general public. They work with medical providers, health services, and pharmaceutical companies to create clear, persuasive content. This can include patient information leaflets, website content, and marketing materials for new treatments or drugs. 

To succeed as a copywriter in healthcare and medical companies, you need to focus on writing clear, empathetic content. You also need to be able to simplify complex medical information into understandable language for the general public.

9. Educational Institutions

Educational institutions such as schools, universities, and online education platforms rely on copywriters to effectively market their programs and attract new students. Copywriters create compelling content highlighting unique features and benefits of educational offerings. Copywriters can also help develop grant proposals, fundraising campaigns, and alumni engagement communications.

To succeed as a copywriter in educational institutions, it’s important to understand the educational landscape, including current trends and the specific needs of prospective students and their families. Develop the ability to communicate complex educational offerings clearly and engagingly.

10. Real Estate Agencies

Real estate agencies rely on copywriters to create enticing property descriptions that vividly portray homes and commercial spaces, captivating potential buyers. These descriptions help prospective clients visualize the space and its possibilities. Copywriters can also craft compelling marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, and email campaigns for buyers and sellers.

To succeed as a copywriter in real estate agencies, focus on crafting vivid and appealing property descriptions. This helps capture the unique features and atmosphere of each listing. Develop a strong understanding of real estate terminology and the target market to tailor content effectively.

11. Hospitality and Travel

In the hospitality and travel sector, hotels, airlines, and travel agencies rely on copywriters to craft enticing descriptions of destinations, accommodations, and experiences. These compelling narratives help paint a vivid picture that attracts tourists and travelers. Copywriters can also create posts highlighting special offers. They can produce content for email newsletters that keep past and potential customers engaged with updates and travel tips.

To succeed as a copywriter in the hospitality and travel industry, immerse yourself in the latest travel trends and destination specifics to create rich, engaging content. Develop a keen ability to evoke sensory experiences through your writing. This makes readers feel as if they are already part of the adventure.

12. Government and Public Services

Government and public service sectors employ copywriters to communicate about policies, services, and public initiatives. Copywriters help share complex information in accessible language. Copywriters can also create educational campaigns, write speeches for public officials, and craft press releases that communicate important updates to the community. 

To succeed as a copywriter in the government and public services industry, it's essential to develop strong research skills. Focus on honing your ability to write clear, concise, and persuasive content. Continuously learn and adapt to new writing techniques and digital tools to enhance your content's effectiveness.

13. Entertainment and Media

In the entertainment and media industry, copywriters help create engaging promotional materials, scripts, and various content forms. They rely on copywriters to convey the essence of shows, movies, or media events creatively and enticingly. Copywriters also help develop content for social media campaigns, press releases, and interactive content.

To succeed as a copywriter in this industry, you must have a strong grasp of current pop culture and trends. Creativity and the ability to produce captivating narratives that resonate with viewers are essential.

14. Online Coaches and Course Creators

Online coaches and course creators rely on copywriters to create engaging and persuasive content that promotes their educational offerings. Effective sales copy, compelling course descriptions, and targeted promotional emails help convey the value of their courses. Copywriters can also develop blog posts that establish their expertise and attract potential students.

To succeed as a copywriter working with online coaches and course creators, you must understand the educational content and its target audience. Develop your ability ability in e-learning course writing to highlight the benefits and results of the courses.

15. Banks and Financial Corporations

Banks and financial corporations utilize copywriters to make complex financial concepts easy to understand for their clients. They craft clear, trustworthy content for marketing materials. They also write persuasive copy highlighting the benefits of various financial products and services to help clients make informed decisions. 

To succeed as a copywriter in banks and financial corporations, you must understand financial products, regulations, and the financial market. Develop the ability to translate complex financial jargon into clear, accessible content that resonates with a diverse audience. Knowing the frameworks of corporate storytelling also helps.

Where To Find Businesses That Need Copywriters in 2024

1. Industry Facebook Groups

Joining Facebook groups related to specific industries can connect you with businesses seeking copywriting expertise. These groups often post job openings and freelance opportunities. Actively participate in groups related to copywriting. Engage with group members by answering questions, sharing insights, and posting useful content to showcase your expertise. Regular participation increases your visibility and positions you as a go-to expert. This makes it more likely for businesses to notice and approach you. Networking within these groups can lead to direct client referrals and job opportunities.

2. Online Job Boards

Websites like Upwork and Fiverr provide numerous listings for freelance copywriting positions across various industries. Create a compelling profile highlighting your skills and past work. Use specific keywords related to copywriting to appear in relevant searches. Actively engage by applying to posted jobs. Crafting personalized proposals for each job posting can increase your chances of getting hired.

3. LinkedIn

Utilize LinkedIn to discover job ads posted by companies in need of copywriters. You can also showcase your portfolio directly to potential employers. Optimize your profile by highlighting your copywriting skills, experience, and past projects. Regularly engage with content related to your industry, comment on posts, and share relevant articles to establish your presence and expertise. Utilize LinkedIn's job search feature to find specific copywriting roles and apply directly.

4. Company Websites

Visit the career pages of companies you're interested in. Many companies list their job directly on their websites. You can begin by identifying companies within industries you're interested in. Regularly visit their careers pages to check for new job openings. Subscribe to their newsletters and follow them on social media to receive updates about hiring announcements. Proactively reaching out to a company’s communications or marketing departments can also uncover unadvertised needs for copywriters.

Why Do Businesses Need Copywriters? 

Businesses need copywriters because effective copywriting improves a brand's value proposition, which increases conversion rates and customer engagement. Copywriters have specialized skills and knowledge that taps into the psychological triggers of consumers. According to TrustPulse, FOMO-driven ad copy influences 60% of buyers to make a purchase within 24 hours. Good copywriting also shapes how a potential customer perceives a product or service from the first interaction, which is often the headline. 80% of people will read a well-written headline, but only 20% will continue to read the rest of the content.

The most in-demand kinds of copywriting are email copywriting, branding copywriting, and website copywriting, according to Colleen Welsch, a freelance copywriter from Cleveland, Ohio. Businesses looking to see a tangible impact from their investments value copywriters who practice these types of copywriting. Even companies with in-house copywriters might hire freelance copywriters for specific projects to bring in fresh perspectives that the internal team may lack.

What Skills Should You Build to Attract Businesses that Need Copywriters? 

Writing and editing are the skills you should build to attract businesses that need copywriters.This ensures you can produce clear, compelling content tailored to various audiences. Proficiency in SEO is also vital because it enhances the visibility of content online. Strong research abilities enable you to create accurate and informative content that resonates with readers. According to MrTalkingmonkey on Reddit, understanding graphics and design also helps. Zealousideal-Ad-1821 on Reddit also echoes this by saying that the more types of skills you can apply, the better. This even includes design and offer building. 

You can find a company that needs a copywriter by telling your network that you’re open to taking on copywriting clients, according to freelance copywriter Alex Lewis from Austin, Texas. He shares that referrals and recurring clients are essential for building a freelance writing business. You need to expand your network and write for publications in your target industry. 

How to Become a Copywriter That a Company Needs 

  • Study free online resources or enroll in a paid course to become a copywriter.
  • Practice writing persuasive and creative content regularly.
  • Focus on a specific copywriting niche.
  • Build a relevant portfolio showcasing your work.
  • Join copywriting groups and exclusive communities to network.
  • seek out copywriting clients to build your professional experience and reputation.

The key qualities of a professional copywriter include creativity, attention to detail, strong communication skills, and the ability to meet deadlines. An experienced copywriter also continuously adapts to new writing styles and technologies, like algorithmic journalism and cognitive content analysis.

What Service Do Businesses Need the Most in 2024?

Local lead generation is a service that businesses will need most in 2024 because it directly connects them with potential customers. It’s more cost-effective than traditional marketing strategies like copywriting. While copywriting is essential, it can be time-consuming and challenging for copywriters to align perfectly with a business's tone and target audience. Local lead generation, on the other hand, focuses directly on attracting qualified customers without the nuances of crafting a broad message.


The local lead gen biz model works by creating and optimizing digital assets to capture leads specific to a business's services. It offers a continuous and stable source of income. This approach does not suffer from the typical challenges of copywriting, such as time constraints or the difficulty of tone alignment. This business model targets individuals already interested in the services offered. You can cut through the noise of online content and deliver a business's message directly to its ideal customer. It involves creating websites or digital content that rank high on search engine results pages, capturing the attention of those actively seeking services within a specific locale.

Local lead generation surpasses copywriting as a business model by providing a more direct, measurable, and profitable means of customer acquisition. It aligns closely with the digital era's demand for quick, relevant, and personalized marketing efforts, marking it as a smarter choice for sustained business growth.

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