Eric Pereira’s Wholesale Mastery Review: Can Anyone be Successful with Amazon FBA?

June 20, 2024

Wholesale Mastery is Eric Pereira’s Amazon FBA course that teaches you how to find high-converting products from wholesale suppliers to secure higher profit margins. Throughout the course, Eric focuses on increasing FBA profits towards 7-figure sales.

Recent studies show that 76% of Amazon sellers become profitable within their first year. With over 300 million active customer accounts worldwide, it's clear that the platform offers many opportunities for aspiring Amazon sellers. Tapping into this massive user base and understanding the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) model can create lucrative returns.

This Wholesale Mastery review will look into the core offerings of Eric Pereira's course, provide insights on its modules, and help you gauge if Eric Pereira's teachings align with your entrepreneurial goals. I will also compare Amazon FBA to another business model that has better profitability potential.

Wholesale Mastery Review: Pros and Cons


Both new and existing Amazon sellers can take the course.

The course includes a Fast Track Coaching module for personalized advice.

Course content is always up-to-date


Not enough social proof

No detailed course content or curriculum on the website

No indication of how long the course will take to finish


Wholesale Mastery costs $997. The website claims the total value of all course content is $11,479.


The Amazon Wholesale Mastery course has a Facebook group.

Refund Policy

Wholesale Mastery has no refund policy. But, the costs are tax-deductible under Reg 1.162-f(a)(1) & Treas. Reg 1.162-5(a)(2) of the IRS Code.


The origin of the Wholesale Mastery course isn't disclosed.


Difficult to find honest reviews about the course aside from the student testimonials found on the course website. The course is relatively new and doesn’t have many reviews in other online forums.

What is Wholesale Mastery?

Eric Pereira’s Wholesale Mastery is an online course that teaches the wholesale selling model through Amazon FBA. Their strategy highlights the advantages of wholesale as a method suited for beginners with no prior Amazon experience. This approach differs from other popular Amazon selling models like private label or retail arbitrage.

The course is tailored to new and existing Amazon FBA sellers. It offers a thorough step-by-step guide to becoming an accomplished Amazon seller.

It emphasizes the importance of understanding Amazon's algorithms and provides continuous updates to reflect current strategies. By enrolling in this Amazon FBA course, students gain exclusive access to Eric's Amazon store templates and resources.

What is Inside Wholesale Mastery?

The Wholesale Mastery Blueprint

The first module provides a clear pathway to becoming an adept Amazon seller. It is a comprehensive guide detailing every aspect of navigating the Amazon ecosystem for optimum results.

Setting the Stage

In this part of the course, you'll receive guidance on setting up your Amazon account and formalizing your business entity. It's all about ensuring a solid start in your Amazon business.

Acquiring Resale Legitimacy

This section focuses on helping you secure a resale certificate, allowing you to purchase products for resale without the added burden of sales tax. It also talks about the differences between an LLC, C-Corp, and sole proprietorship business model.

Tech & Tools

Eric introduces the key software that helps run a smooth Amazon FBA operation – from FBA calculators to competitor analysis tools. This module is about using technology to enhance your business' efficiency.

The Art of Product Sourcing

Here, you'll uncover methods to pinpoint high-conversion and profitable products. It emphasizes product research strategies that lead to high sales volume and impressive profit margins.

Mastering Supplier Negotiations

Success in Amazon FBA isn't just about selling. This section sheds light on the art of negotiation, teaching you to buy products at favorable rates and forming lasting relationships with suppliers.

Fast Track Coaching

This bonus section gives students personalized guidance and advice. You can ask Eric for suggestions on how to improve your customer service or find a high-converting Amazon product.

Who is Wholesale Mastery for?

Who is Wholesale Mastery for?

Absolute beginners in Amazon FBA who have no experience selling online

Current Amazon sellers looking for enhanced profitability and scaling

Aspiring entrepreneurs who want financial freedom by potentially quitting their day job

Who is Wholesale Mastery not for?

While the course is comprehensive, it might not be for everyone like:

Those looking for quick money without effort

Overly experienced wholesale or private label entrepreneurs

Are the Students of the Wholesale Mastery Course Getting Results?

The students of the Wholesale Mastery are getting results. Some report making over $69k in a single month or $8k in just one week. By the time they delve deeper into the program, some students have achieved Amazon FBA mastery and made over $100k in sales.

After only two meetings with Eric, one participant established connections with many suppliers. The student testimonials on the course website show how effective this Amazon FBA course is when applying the right wholesale formula.

There aren’t many reviews other than those on the course website.

Who is Eric Pereira?

Eric Pereira created Wholesale Mastery. Hailing from Massachusetts, Eric started his e-commerce venture in 2018. He founded his company Automated Ecom Store in 2019, specializing in Walmart and Amazon store automation. By 2021, he has managed over 150 Walmart stores and 300 Amazon stores.

Before starting his 7-figure Amazon FBA store, Eric finished his Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Can You Hit 7 Figures with Amazon FBA?

Yes, it’s possible to achieve 7 figures with Amazon FBA. But 97% of Amazon sellers don't even cross the six-figure mark. This shortfall often stems from a lack of access to effective strategies and expert guidance. In general, Amazon FBA is a bad idea but can be worth it with the right knowledge.

Eric Pereira’s Wholesale Mastery course aims to bridge this gap. Drawing on his personal success and strategy, he has helped students double their sales within 60-90 days.

Beyond just the potential sales growth, opting for expert insights can save sellers years of trial and error. With a clear blueprint, sellers are better positioned to maximize their product sales. If you're keen on scaling your Amazon FBA business and aiming for that 7-figure mark, following Pereira’s advice in the Wholesale Mastery could be a good choice.

What is Amazon Wholesale?

Amazon Wholesale is a method where sellers purchase products in bulk from manufacturers or distributors. They then list these products on Amazon for sale. Wholesaling or buying in large quantities lowers the cost per item. Eric Pereira’s Wholesale Mastery teaches this approach so students can increase their profit margins as Amazon sellers.

Does Amazon Wholesale Work?

Yes, Amazon Wholesale can work as an effective online business model. To succeed, the Wholesale Mastery course recommends that sellers choose a profitable product and build good relationships with suppliers. Knowing how Amazon operates can make the difference between success and failure. Sellers who invest time and effort often see positive results.

Is Amazon Wholesale FBA risky?

Yes, Amazon Wholesale FBA has risks. Sellers can face challenges with supplier reliability, market demand fluctuations, and competition on the platform. Any changes in Amazon's policies can also impact operations. Proper research and strategic planning can address some of these risks. The Wholesale Mastery course teaches the common mistakes sellers face with Amazon FBA and how to avoid them.

How long does it take to make money on Amazon FBA?

Sellers can make money from Amazon FBA in as early as 1-3 months as claimed by the Wholesale Mastery course. Others might take longer to see notable Amazon sales. Factors influencing this include product selection, market demand, and initial investment. Selling on Amazon FBA is hard but effective marketing and inventory management can make the process easier.

What are alternatives to Amazon Wholesale Mastery?

Amazing Selling Machine teaches you how to sell on Amazon using a private label business model. It covers topics such as setting up and optimizing Amazon PPC ads, conducting product research, and sourcing from suppliers.

Beau Crabill's Online Retail Mastery is an Amazon FBA wholesale program developed by Beau Crabill in 2017. It emphasizes locating, connecting with, and selecting the best suppliers.

Larry Lubarski's Wholesale Academy Review teaches you how to sell products on Amazon's marketplace using the wholesale business model. Larry provides training on sourcing products, managing inventory, and scaling an Amazon business.

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost’s Wholesale Formula Review teaches you how to sell on Amazon using a method called Reverse Sourcing Wholesale. This involves buying products at wholesale prices directly from manufacturers rather than through traditional wholesalers.

Conclusion: Is Amazon FBA Worth it as a Beginner?

Amazon FBA is not worth it for beginners who want to make money online. Amazon FBA still has its perks. Over 2.5 million sellers use FBA globally which is a sign of its popularity and trust. FBA handles shipping and customer issues, which can save a lot of time. But if you’re a beginner in online business, it will take a lot of time and resources to become a successful Amazon seller. The market is huge and full of competitors. Even if you find a unique product, standing out can be challenging. You also need to figure out the Amazon platform and which tools you need to track sales and orders. Many beginners spend months without seeing any major profit.

A better and more profitable option is local lead generation. It's simpler since it's mostly online and doesn't involve products. Studies show that 88% of local searches lead to actions (like calls or visits) within 24 hours. Once you're set up online, leads can come rolling in. If you're seeking a solid start for your online business, try lead generation.

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