Eric Ellis Jr.’s Wolves Academy Review – 5 Cons of Creating an Online Course

March 24, 2023

In the Wolves Academy course by Eric Ellis Jr., he teaches you how to become a course creator. He also provides you with a quick-start guide to become an affiliate of his program. 

Creating an online course is complex and requires a ton of attention if you're going to truly provide value to your students. The best online courses teach a business model or high-value skill in a step-by-step manner. There should also be a private community for support and the course creator should host live coaching calls each week providing constant value to students by teaching new strategies, doing Q&As, and helping with any issues they may have. Live events are also great opportunities to provide increased value to students, create a personal connection with them, network, and increase your revenue.

In this Wolves Academy review, you'll learn if Eric's course dives into all the aspects of creating a profitable online coaching program and why starting a local lead generation business is the better path to creating a predictable income each month instead of creating online courses. 


Eric holds weekly coaching calls, teaching his students the newest strategies and doing Q&A


Eric flashes his lavish lifestyle in his marketing videos, which can be misleading to anyone looking to buy the course

The training program doesn't seem to have many success stories that are actively making money with affiliate marketing today

Too many upsells when joining the program 

Small Facebook community with little activity


Wolves Academy costs $47 per month (subscription)

Refund Policy

No refunds policy


Training videos to learn 2 business models (affiliate marketing, consulting)


Wolves Academy private Facebook group


Eric started this program in 2018 and revamped it in 2022 after reaching massive success but blowing all of his money on partying


Eric admits that the content he initially put out was "get rich quick" content (aka scam content). He said he wasn't providing value and wasn't changing lives until he revamped his course. 

5 Cons of Creating an Online Course

1. Expensive to get started

It is expensive to create an online course, at least costing you hundreds of dollars. As more and more people look to create online courses, there are more platforms that can help creators go live with their curriculum. These platforms usually charge recurring monthly fees because they know that if you gain more students, you won't have any issues paying them. It's a worthwhile investment if you want to take less off your plate initially. To create a course for free, some course creators decide to use a platform like Udemy. Skillshare is another cheap option. But, if you're going to sell a great course and promote it as your own, you shouldn't look to Udemy and Skillshare. There are platforms such as Kajabi and Thinkific that can offer you much more.

2. Expensive to promote

To earn the amount of money that you think you should earn for your course, you need many students. This requires you to advertise on as many relevant platforms as possible that will help you attract your ideal audience. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are platforms you must promote your course on if you want a chance at generating students. 

3. Students may share their login information and resell

Something that plagues Netflix, HBO and course creators alike is password sharing. Students have a tendency to share their passwords with family and friends, so they won't have to pay for the course. This results in course creators losing out on hundreds and thousands of dollars in potential sales. Some things you can do to avoid this is to pay your students to refer their friends, block simultaneous logins, implement 2 factor authentication (2FA), and more.

4. Pricing

Many course creators have issues pricing their courses. By pricing their courses too high, they lose out on potential sales because most people will think it's too expensive compared to other courses that teach the same thing for a cheaper price. If you price your course too low, you will not make much money and scaling to 6-figures will be difficult.

5. Must hire a team

As your online coaching program grows, you will have to hire a team to help you provide support to your students or else you're going to burn out. You will need someone to monitor the private community and answer questions students might have. Someone else will need to be in charge of your sales team that handles all sales calls (discovery calls) with potential students. If you don't hire a team, your course/business won't scale how you'd like it to.

Wolves Academy Breakdown

Welcome to the Wolf Pack

In this first video, Eric welcomes you to his course and gives you an overview of what to expect and how to go through the course. 

ClickBank Quickstart Guide

This section is all about how to become an affiliate for Eric's course. There are 7 videos in this section where you learn how to sign up for ClickBank, how to become an affiliate, how to promote the course, and how much you'll make in affiliate commissions. 

Consulting Masterclass 1) Fundamentals & Foundations

In the first section of the Consulting Masterclass, Eric teaches you the fundamentals of getting started as a consultant and how to prepare properly. 

How hard is it to create an online course?

Creating an online course is not hard if you know your course material better than most and have had success with what you're teaching. Recording your course doesn't have to be hard if you make an outline of what you need to say and stick to it with minimal errors.

How much does it cost to create an online course?

Creating an online course can cost nothing if you use your computer's camera to record yourself and if you upload your course on Udemy. If you decide to host the course on your own server and create the best online learning experience for your students, you may end up paying thousands of dollars to put it all together.

How much does the average online course creator make?

The average online course creator makes $58,457 per year according to ZipRecruiter.

How many modules should an online course have?

On online course should have an average of 3-7 modules that teach students how to complete every step of the process.

What equipment do I need to create an online course?

If you're creating an online course with video content, you're at least going to need a video camera, video editing software, and proper lighting.

2) The Ultimate Paradigm Shift

This section is all about having the right mindset for this business.

3) Systemized Service Delivery

Section 3 focuses on how to deliver a specific service you can easily deliver repeatedly for all your clients. 

4) Attract Clients

In this section, you learn the different ways to attract clients

5) Closing Clients

Eric shows you several ways to close clients. You learn how to handle common objections you may face when cold calling or in meetings with prospective clients.

6) Ongoing Business Operations

You're taught how to run and manage the day-to-day operations in your business and how to be efficient.

7) Client Acquisition Automation

In section 7, you learn how to automate your prospecting by hiring a team of virtual assistants and using certain prospecting tools. 

Who is Eric Ellis Jr.?

Eric Ellis Jr. is an affiliate marketer from Florida and the founder of Wolves Academy. We know little about exactly where he is from and what his upbringing looks like. 

Instagram lifestyle marketing was the first business he did. This online marketing business paid him $10,000 per month. When he came across social media advertising, that's when his life changed. He started averaging $30,000 per month in revenue. One of his ad campaigns did so well that there were days he earned over $10K per day. 

This was a massive change in Eric's life. In February 2020, Eric was broke. A year later, on February 23, 2021, after he made all that money on social media, he retired his mother for her 50th birthday. He bought a mansion in Bali and admits that the luxurious rockstar lifestyle he lived was making him arrogant. He also admits that there was a month where he generated $140K in revenue in one month. This caused him to neglect his business, and as a result, it failed. He kept trying to make more money after moving to Colombia and Miami, but his business kept failing. His mother almost had to come out of her early retirement to work again, since he couldn't pay her bills anymore.

Not being able to pay his mother's bills after retiring her made him get serious about his business. By June 14, 2022, Eric was back on track and his business had generated over $29K in one month. He now lives in a studio apartment because he wants to make better use of his money and actually be rich instead of look rich. Coaching Wolves Academy is what he seems to be focused on doing now. 

On the ERIC ELLIS Clips YouTube channel, he has over 30.3K subscribers but rarely posts any content. 

He uploaded his most recent video on November 15, 2022.

Should you join Wolves Academy?

You should not join Wolves Academy if you're seriously looking to create an online course. Creating an online course is a complex process that requires an upfront investment of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Everything Eric teaches in this course isn't anything you can't find elsewhere on the internet for free. It's just basic information about mindset, how to organize and put your course together, how to get clients, and how to automate the entire process.

If you aren't looking to create a course that you will dedicate 7 days a week to and continue providing value to your students because you want to, you might as well just look up some videos on YouTube that give you a basic idea of what your course should include and when you're ready, upload your course to Udemy or Skillshare so that it can just be another income stream for you instead of your main income stream.

It's worth highlighting that although Eric made millions of dollars with affiliate marketing, Wolves Academy is not an affiliate marketing course. The ClickBank quick-start section in this course doesn't teach you any in-depth strategies for finding profitable products or offers to promote. 

Wolves Academy Alternatives

If you were looking for an affiliate marketing course when looking up Wolves Academy, you might consider Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett as a better alternative. It has been one of the more popular and affordable affiliate marketing courses of the last few years. Franklin teaches you how to get started in the business and how to leverage paid traffic on Facebook, YouTube, and Google to increase sales. There is even email marketing training. Franklin also shows you how to automate certain aspects of your business so you can scale faster. There are over 30 hours of video content in the course divided into 9 training modules. He doesn't teach you how to promote his own course like Eric does, which means you'll be able to make more money selling affiliate products. Before jumping into the training, you can go to the Savage Affiliates homepage and go through a basic affiliate marketing training. Many online gurus charge for the information Franklin shares there for free. If you want to buy the entire course, you'll need to find an affiliate link of the sales page to get in. 

Price: Savage Affiliates costs $197 for the Standard package and $297 for the Super package

More Info: Savage Affiliates Review

Digital Freedom System by Lucas Lee-Tyson is an online course that teaches you how to create your own online course to avoid creating endless content on YouTube. The goal is to earn a passive income by not building an audience on YouTube or planning and producing content often. When you join, you get access to a one on on strategy session with someone from the GrowthCave team and you get a free trial to Lucas's software to host your course.

Price: Digital Freedom System costs $97.

More Info: Digital Freedom System Review

Wolves Academy Success Stories

After joining Eric's program, it took only 2 days for this student to generate $4,200. This was the biggest deal she had ever closed. She says that what helped her was the sales training Eric teaches. This was something that she needed help with, but Eric's training was exactly what she needed to take her business to the next level.

This next student is a waking coach for women. Prior to working with Eric, she didn't think she deserved money and in the country she grew up in, having a lot of money was frowned upon. Her major problem was that she always thought making $2K was enough. After working with Eric, she learned she was just limiting herself. Her biggest month was $5K-$6K in revenue in one month and is not limiting herself anymore. Her goals are to earn more than $6K per month and now knows that making a lot of money isn't a bad thing.

This student had issues with lead generation and sales. He had signed up for many courses and free training webinars from other gurus but none of them helped him. After signing up with Eric's program, his income increased by 4X. He said that he finally felt like he was being productive instead of just being busy.

Is creating an online course profitable in 2024?

Creating an online course is profitable in 2024 if you have valuable knowledge to share. If what you know is going to help other people learn a valuable skill, they can monetize and there aren't many courses teaching that skill the way you do, it's a smart option as long as you set realistic expectations. You need to put up thousands of dollars of your own capital to get started. Being a good course creator is demanding. If you are dedicated to teaching people what you know and truly want them to succeed, you will give it your all. 

How many hours does it take to create an online course?

Creating an online course can take as long as you need to put the course material together, organize, record, and re-record it if necessary. It can take anywhere between a few days to a few months to complete. It also depends on what you're teaching. For example, a course on how to start a dog bakery is going to have significantly less content than a course on how to start an Amazon FBA or dropshipping business because there are fewer components to the business model.

For those who are considering creating an online course only to add another revenue stream, it may not be the best option or online business model.

For me, local lead generation is the best path to financial freedom because it requires much less upfront capital to get started, is not as demanding as creating and running an online coaching program, and yet you still make an impact in your community all while in control of all aspects of your business.

Final Thoughts

Local lead generation is the best online coaching program because you're taught how to earn a predictable income each month while having the most control over how you run your business.

With my tree care site below, I chose the niche, ranking strategy, and local small business to work. I also get to dictate how much I reasonably get paid each month for the exclusive leads.

This site has paid me $2000 every month for over 7 years because it's ranked at the top of the search results for "tree care" in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Local lead generation

As long as my sites rank at the top, I will always have a paying client. 

You can do the same by joining the over 7400 students who are currently working to build their digital real estate empire. 

To learn how to build your own lead generation sites, rank and rent them, check out the local lead generation training program.

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