Sunny Lenarduzzi Course – Youtube Intensive Review, is it worth it?

April 12, 2024

It’s no secret that video marketing is on the rise, and its reported that by 2020 it will account for the majority of all consumer internet traffic.

Youtube is the number #1 video platform in the world with more than 4 billion videos being watched daily on its website.

Youtube Intensive is a 90-day course that aims to teach you how you can harness the power of the popular platform to grow your business and personal brand.

Sunny Lenarduzzi is the creator of the course; she’s an award-winning social media strategist who specializes in video marketing. She is also the host of a sports trivia game, Beer Money.

Sunny certainly knows her stuff and has an extensive resume when it comes to social media like Instagram, LinkedIn and using video marketing to promote your brand.

Her ability to teach for all audience levels is impressive, and she practices what she preaches, making her the ideal model to follow when it comes to video marketing.


Who is Sunny Lenarduzzi?

Sunny Lenarduzzi is a social media and video marketer, as well as a brand strategist that has more than ten years of experience inside of the industry.

She started her career as a broadcaster, has worked in TV and radio for years and even has reported at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Video and podcast have always been her calling.

Sunny was named as a ‘must watch youtube channel’ by Forbes, has received numerous accolades and appeared in such publications as Fast Money and The Huffington Post. 

However, what sunny loves more than anything is helping other companies with their marketing, having generated more than $5,000,000 in revenue from organic youtube traffic for her clients. According to Wiki these have increased her net worth.

She also created video campaigns for Hootsuite and Applebee’s and a part of Thinkific – which hit over 1 billion impressions in 1 day.

As you can see she’s a top-notch expert and a go-to girl in the video marketing industry.


Youtube Intensive Summary

Youtube Intensive is a 90-day comprehensive course that helps you build your youtube presence from the help of Sunny and her team.

By the end of the program, you’ll have a professional branded youtube channel that works 24/7 to ensure a steady supply of organic leads and will boost your influence in your space.

Here are some key takeaways you’ll get from the program:

  • You’ll learn how to diversify your traffic and reach your target audience
  • Personal coaching with Sunny and her team that will help strategize your approach to gaining traction on Youtube
  • Access to never before seen tools and tactics to ensure your business or brand gets the attention it deserves
  • You’ll get tips on how to generate prospects and leads while you sleep

The program also features swipe files and templates for email and social media that can help boost the youtube efforts for your time.

Sunny has really put her all into the course, and it has helped change the lives and directions of many of her clients’ businesses.

She is a team player and becoming apart of her course is totally worth it for your business and if you want to gain control over your marketing efforts.

Now, the only way to get access to the course is through an application; you can’t just pay for it and have access to it.

That’s because the content is really high quality and Sunny wants to make sure all of her clients are getting the attention that they deserve to make a difference in their business.

You can’t afford to let any more time pass; you have to take advantage of opportunities and get your plan together to start taking action.

How you can earn 6 figures online this 2020

YouTube Intensive is a great course for people already starting on YouTube. Sunny and her team did a good job on this one.

This is ideal if you have a growing business already. However, if you are just starting out or looking for opportunities, then I am not sure if this one for you.

I would rather recommend you a business that is very scalable and you can do it without experience selling. And that is Local Lead Generation using free traffic.

The reward is great and you can build multiple sites that can create residual income for you and your family. Here is an example of my lead gen sites that keep earning $750 per month. I built it last 2014 and haven’t touch it ever since. But it’s still earning income until now

If you want to learn more or just interested, check the coaching program. It teaches students about local lead generation using 100% free organic traffic. And shows them how they can earn 6 figures and beyond this 2020.

Go ahead!

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  1. Hi Ippei,
    So you are saying Sunny’s Youtube for bosses course is not worth for businesses that has no YouTube channel and has not relied on Social media i.e. ~ FB, IG etc. We are a traditional outsourcing, purchasing and procurement firm. Looking for ideals to grow our biz via Covid-19 pandemic.

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