Sebastian Robeck’s YT Builders Review: How Will The Course Help You Earn Passive Money?

March 6, 2024

YT Builders is a long-term investment offered by Sebastian Robeck that focuses on creating and managing a Faceless YouTube Channel for you and earning passive income by taking advantage of YouTube Automation. This service can generate 4 to 5 digits of monthly passive income for you. 

Faceless YouTube Automation Channel is saturated. According to Statisa, 307,155 YouTube creators in the United States have over 10,000 to 50,000 subscribers. And only 7,883 creators have 1 million plus subscribers. It shows how challenging it is to build your subscriber count and will take months or years. The amount you’ll earn monthly depends on how high your subscriber count is. The income you’ll get is unpredictable. According to some creators a 1,000 average view per long-form video earns $1.61 to $29.30. 

In this YT Builders Review, learn how the program will help you earn passive money, pros and cons, who it is for, what you’ll get, and if YT Builders’ clients are successful. I tackle information about Sebastian Robeck and the claims of the program. And last, I discuss if creating a Faceless YouTube Channel is still worth it and my best suggestion for a sustainable passive income business.

Sebastian Robeck’s YT Builders Review: Pros and Cons


YT Builders will take care of creating and managing your YouTube channel.

Sebastian’s persistent mindset is commendable.

Sebastian’s 5 year experience on YouTube.


The price is not shown on the website. 

There are no client reviews found on the website or other online platforms.

YT Builders’ Facebook page is not active.


The price of YT Builders is not shown on the website. Book a YouTube Automation Intro Call to know the price.

Refund Policy

The refund policy of YT Builders is not specified on the website and the Terms and Conditions link is broken.




The group of YT Builders is not mentioned on the website.


The reputation of YT Builders and Sebastian Robeck is good, as seen on USA Today Network, Fox 5 New York, The Good Men Project, and Digital Journal.

How Will YT Builders Help You Earn Passive Money?

YT Builders can help you earn passive money by managing a faceless YouTube channel and doing all the work for you. The money you earn comes from splitting the income of your YouTube channel between YT Builders and yourself. The company offers different packages to choose from, but the most chosen package is the 80-20 split. Sebastian takes pride in his 5 year YouTube journey combined with the company’s 3 experience in creating YouTube channels. The landing page even mentions that “it’s all we do.”

Since YT Builders manage and post content for you. You, as an investor, need to pay for the service and the production costs of your YouTube videos. This costs between $800 to $1,900 a month. And YouTube pays $.018 cents per view, which makes $18 for 1,000 views. If you create more video types that have over a thousand views per month. You earn a profit.

3 Steps Why YT Builders’ System Works

  • The “Viral Vortex”. YT Builders will find a perfect niche for your faceless YouTube channel without the need to appear in front of the camera. They will create different videos to gain an audience and a following. 
  • Collect a Royalty Check from YouTube. You’ll earn money from posting monthly content. YouTube’s payment depends on the views you get on your videos. According to YouTube, payments may vary depending on the time zone, but it comes on the 21st and 26th of every month. 
  • Reinvest & Scale Your Portfolio of Channels. YT Builders help you decide if you want to push through with building your portfolio for Faceless YouTube Channels. The creation of more YouTube channels will lead to earning more monthly passive income. This could help you create your own many online businesses that generate more income for you. 

Who Is YT Builder For?

  1. Beginners who want to invest in earning a monthly passive income.

  2. Busy online investors and entrepreneurs who dislike the traditional method of earning money. 

  3. Online business owners who have $30,000 in liquid capital and want to outsource creating and managing a YouTube channel to YT Builders.

What Do You Get With YT Builders?

  • YT Builders’ team will create a Faceless YouTube channel and manage it for you.
  • Build and grow your channel with views and subscribers.
  • Take control over your channel and monetize your YouTube channel to take advantage of YouTube ads.
  • Once a YouTube channel is established and is generating money, YT Builders will give you a choice to continue creating more YouTube channels and earn up to $50,000 monthly passive income.
  • Earn a monthly income of $4,000 to $12,000.

Are Clients of YT Builders Successful?

Yes, the clients of YT Builders are successful. As shown on the website, YT Builders has over 100+ clients that generated $15,768,221 for being in the industry for 5 years. Although ‌it claims to have 100+ clients. I can’t find other client reviews on Trustpilot, Reddit, and Quora. There are also no client interviews found on YT Builders’ website and on Sebastian’s personal YouTube channel.

Who Is Sebastian Robeck?

Sebastian Robeck is an online entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of YT Builders. He is currently living in New York, United States. His LinkedIn profile says that he’s a “marketing junkie” and a TikTok and YouTube done-for-you strategist. He shares that he was a college dropout after attending classes for 4 days. 

Sebastian was homeless while he was growing his YouTube channel. But that didn't stop him from building him from reaching his 7-figure goal. The path he took overlapped with each other, such as being the CEO of Titan Media Solution in 2016. He mentions in an interview with USA Today that the coaching from mentors helped him excel in his own coaching business in 2018. Sebastian founded YT Builders in 2020 then became the marketing director for in 2021. He also became the CMO for Traffic & Funnels and Intelligent Advertiser.

He is now focusing his time on helping investors and online entrepreneurs by creating faceless YouTube channels. Sebastian is active on his personal YouTube channel with over 4.34K subscribers.

What Is Sebastian Robeck’s Claim?

Sebastian Robeck claims that faceless YouTube content and channels that YT Builders will create for you will generate $4,000 to $12,000 monthly income. He claims that clients choose this business model compared to the traditional “wealth-building” business model. He continues on by saying that Faceless YouTube channel achieves a consistent bigger ROI and offers a long-term monthly income for investors.

Sebastian Robeck’s Claim Debunked

In YT Builders’ explainer video, Sebastian mentions that this is not a quick buck you’ll earn for a few days or months. He says that you’ll get $4,000 to $12,000 for at least 6 to 12 months. This is a long-term investment. Even if faceless YouTube channels let you earn passive income, it comes with challenges. Although profitable if done right, this is not the best business model for monthly passive income. 

Sebastian goes to show some YouTube analytics from the channels he claims are successful. The data shows that the revenue of $8,379.91 is only reached after 90 days. And the claim is only true if the content you post gains views or engagement from viewers. I have seen some channels that have tried faceless YouTube channel and saw these challenges.

No Assurance for Long-Term Profitability

Faceless YouTube channels have no unique person who can differentiate itself from other YouTube channels. There is no concrete assurance about how profitable it can be. Especially when most incorporate AI to create the same content. Grand View Research says that it will only grow to 37.3% in 2030. Thus increase competition in the future.

No Guarantee for Success

Some Faceless YouTube creators posted their journey on YouTube and shows how much dedication and effort is needed to make it work. Chris Barros, a faceless creator, mentions how he failed in creating a profitable channel twice. He spent hours writing script and editing videos that failed. And even the niche he picked was already taken by successful Faceless YouTube creators, which was an enormous challenge for him.

It’s Not As Easy As It Appears To Be

Gurus pitch that this is as a simple business model with little effort, but it’s not. A lot of creators jump into this business model without understanding how it works. Dar Lucey is an example. He mentions in one of his YouTube videos that he did not fully understand the market dynamics of their channel. That is why their views are not consistent.

Learning Differs From Experience 

You may seem to know everything from courses on YouTube videos you’ve watched, but you’re wrong. Dar Lucey again mentions this challenge in one of his YouTube videos while trying to create a Faceless YouTube channel. It took him a year before he earned a dollar from his channel with zero experience.

Is A Faceless YouTube Channel Business Worth It In 2024?

Yes, Faceless YouTube Channel is worth it if you can easily create consistent video content that would attract a lot of viewers. The creation of videos requires certain knowledge and skills to be visually pleasing for your audience to watch. The type of content you need to produce should be of good quality and consistent in reaching the right audience. YouTube content is profitable if done right, but it takes time. Sebastian says so in his introduction video. It would take 6 to 12 months to earn 4-5 digits. It is a long-term investment before you can generate profit from your YouTube channel. 

YouTube is highly saturated with creators. There are over 60.2 million YouTube creators, says Social Blade’s data. Aside from creating content, you also have to think about how to stand out over a million of creators on the platform. Although there are free video editing tools and software you can use, you still need to spend a certain amount on premium extensions. Even if you outsource the creation and managing to YT Builders, they require you to have money to be an investor and spend on video productions. That means you need to have extra money to invest and spend before you earn from this business model.

Related Articles on YouTube Automation

  • No Face YT by Thomas Garetz is an online course that focuses on creating digital real estate as faceless YouTube content in earning passive income. It teaches how you can do YouTube automation by yourself before deciding to outsource the tasks.
  • Bye 9 to 5 by Jordan Mackey offers the Tube Monetization & Automation Program that takes advantage of not spending money before earning. Jordan shares his technique on how to leverage affiliate marketing by using YouTube automation.
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Local Lead Generation Is My Recommended Low-Cost, Sustainable Passive Income Business

Local Lead Generation is a more sustainable and low start-up cost business for passive income. Like YouTube channels, local lead generation takes time. It is also a long-term investment that takes 3 to 4 months to notice the ROI. But unlike YouTube automation, local lead generation does not compete in a saturated market. You don’t compete with 60.2 million YouTube creators. Since you target local businesses, you compete with 3 or a maximum of 5 businesses. It is more sustainable since you own the website and you own the leads. 

It is a low-cost business since you only need to spend $500 to start local lead generation. It works as long as you create a website based on a local business in a certain town. The goal is to rank the website in search engines like Google using search engine optimization (SEO). You then sell the leads you get from your website to local businesses to earn a profit. This is also known as digital real estate and you as the digital landlord. The money you earn is your monthly passive income as you decide how much local businesses pay for leads. Which is a big difference with YT Builders since you don't split the profit and you get to keep the money for yourself. 

Local lead generation

I created this tree service website in 2015 and even after 8 years; I am still earning $2,000 a month worth of passive income. As long as my website is ranking on Google, I am earning money. It’s not as hard to compete, unlike creating a YouTube channel and competing with millions of worldwide creators. Sebastian mentions building your own digital real estate and earning more money. Local lead generation is the same. The more websites you create and rank on Google, the more passive income you earn. I teach a local lead generation program for those people who are interested and want to learn the best way to earn passive money without the risk of YouTube automation. 

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