Zendrop Review – Why Pick Zendrop For Your Dropshipping Business?

April 10, 2024

Zendrop review

Zendrop is a dropshipping platform for people struggling to find fast and trusted suppliers for their store by Jared Goetz. It is an international marketplace with dropshippers in mind. A solution to find China-based suppliers but also offers US suppliers. Its auto fulfillment option allows you to do the most important stuff in your business. A platform known for their customer support and fast international shipping options. Zendrop focuses on offering competitive pricing to help grow your dropshipping business without the hassle. Different from traditional dropshipping, Zendrop has a customizable label feature that allows you to personalize your products. Additionally, it also has a thank-you card you can edit that goes with every order.

There are plenty of Zendrop reviews from Trustpilot, Reddit, and YouTube aside from the website. Zendrop's customer service and quick response to queries receive high praise in most reviews. Knowledge By Marcus mentions how easy it is to navigate Zendrop’s platform. However, Reddit reviews mostly talk about Zendrop’s cost and how it is unsustainable. Take note that Zendrop has an affiliate program which can manipulate biased opinions or reviews.

In this Zendrop review, you learn the pros and cons, its offers, promo, and features. You learn Zendrop’s reviews on other platforms and their partnership options. You also know why Zendrop is the best option for your dropshipping business. Or is there a better alternative than dropshipping? 

Zendrop Pros and Cons


Zendrop offers a free option, which is a great way to test the platform before purchasing.

Zendrop users gain access to over a million products.

You gain 24/7 customer support with Zendrop.

You can customize your brand through Zendrop.

Zendrop has a US warehouse.


The Zendrop free version has limited features like the limit of 50 orders per month, no customer support, and order customization.

All useful Zendrop features are not free.

Some Zendrop reviews mention that some prices are more expensive than other platforms like AliExpress.


The cost of Zendrop is free. Zendrop Pro is $49/month while Zendrop Plus is $79/month.


The group of Zendrop is an exclusive private Facebook group with 37.7K members.

Refund Policy

The refund policy for Zendrop subscriptions is 5 days.


Zendrop started in 2019.


Zendrop is trusted by CNBC, Yahoo Finance, Inc., and Entrepreneur.

Why Pick Zendrop For Your Dropshipping Business?

You should pick Zendrop for your dropshipping business because of their reliable supplier, high-quality products, customer service and automated order fulfillment options. The amount of support Zendrop receives proves how dropshippers enjoy the platform. Its selling point is how Zendrop is created, specifically answering dropshipping concerns by dropshippers. 

It is a free tool and a marketplace where you find the products you want to sell on your Shopify store. Although it offers upgrades, the free program is enough to take a feel if Zendrop is the right choice for your business. It offers free resources and access to their customer support. Upon upgrading, you receive additional features like the weekly coach calls, US suppliers, plus the Zendrop Academy. These can help you better enhance your store that leads to more profit. Additionally, Zendrop has a feature where you can import products to your Shopify store. It is helpful when you have a product in mind but can’t find it on Zendrop's platform.

What Is Zendrop?

Zendrop is an online dropshipping platform for auto-fulfillment, faster shipping, tracking, and private label. It is considered a marketplace for dropshippers to find affordable products to sell in their store. It offers dropshipping tools and customer support. A platform designed for dropshippers. Its primary goal is to show that dropshipping as the go to business path for providing financial freedom. This eliminates the need to contact suppliers in China or different parts of the world. As well as the long wait for delivery services of AliExpress and other suppliers.

Zendrop Pricing Plans

  • Free - It is a Zendrop free plan where you get basic access to the platform. It includes features where you still gain access to products, fast-shipping, and customer support. You can enjoy these free benefits since Zendrop is a free platform. It is a good option if you want to test the platform first before committing. Since monthly orders are limited to only 50.
  • Pro - Zendrop Pro is a $49 a month subscription where you get additional features. You get the option to source for US based products. You also get the customizable branding feature and the auto-fulfillment option. Additionally, Zendrop pro offers the freedom of monthly unlimited order. 
  • Plus - The Zendrop Plus plan is a $79 per month upgrade. You gain access to Zendrop Academy, where you get weekly calls with top coaches. Besides Zendrop pro’s features it includes additional tools for product sourcing. You also get bundles, chargeback, and order credits worth $100. This subscription offers additional assistance from the coaches and the academy. It also comes with a Discord Zendrop community. 

What Is Zendrop Promo?

The Zendrop Promo is a discounted price for a 1 year subscription of Zendrop Plus worth $197. If you opt for the monthly payment for Zendrop Plus, you will spend $948. It offers a more affordable approach to getting the same benefits that cost less. You also get $197 worth of credits on your account. And last, you increase your chances of getting your first sale compared to free users.

How to Sign Up on Zendrop? 

Step 1: Go to Zendrop login page

Step 2: Create a Zendrop account.

You have the option to register using your Google, Apple ID, or Facebook account. You also have an option to get free credits for your TikTok account. Just note that creating an account automatically agrees to their Terms and Conditions. So it is better to check those first before creating your account.

Step 3: VIP Upgrade

After creating your account, it redirects to Zendrop’s special offer page. It includes Zendrop’s 1 year discount to the platform. 

You can choose to “Claim Your Brand Now” to proceed with the promo. You can also decline the offer and click the “I Decline This Deal. Take me to the Dashboard”.

Step 4: Connect Your Shopify Store

You have the option of starting to connect your store by inputting your store’s URL. You also have the option of allowing Zendrop to create a Shopify store for you for the price of $1. Additionally, Zendrop offers being an Affiliate and a Supplier right away. 

That’s it. You are now logged in on the platform.

What is Zendrop Product List?

Zendrop Product List comprises over 1 million products and over 50 categories to scan through. It includes a wide range of products, starting from accessories, automotive, clothing, gaming and pet supplies. Zendrop takes pride in having products you already have in mind. Additionally, you can import products from AliExpress for products not available on the platform. Free users can take advantage of suppliers from China. While Zendrop Pro & Plus can get suppliers from the US.

What Are The Key Features of Zendrop?

Fast Shipping

All users get the international fast shipping feature. The average shipping time is 8 to 12 days, depending on the location and product. It is faster than AliExpress’s shipping (20-60 days) and Alibaba’s sea delivery (30-45 days). Additionally, Zendrop Pro users get the leisure of local shipments from the US. This feature lessens the chances of receiving complaints because of shipping issues.

World-Class Support

Zendrop offers 24/7 customer support for dropshippers. It has an automated bot that can answer specific questions like refund, tax support, and other basic queries. Zendrop’s team answers other concerns within a few minutes

Real-Time Analytics

Zendrop’s dashboard allows you to view orders, costs, sales, and profit. It gives you an overview within a customizable timeline. Additionally, it shows fulfilled orders and the orders you still need to fulfill.

Custom Branding

This feature allows you to create customized “Thank You” cards for your buyers. You have the option to do this to every order put in your store. It will make your customers feel appreciated while building good relationships.

Automated Fulfillment

This feature allows you to have an automated option to help with your process. It eliminates spending too much time on manually doing orders yourself. It is a feature you can easily turn on and off. Zendrop’s team will automatically handle the orders you receive through Zendrop.

United States Fulfillment

It allows you to store your products in Zendrop’s warehouses, which allows faster shipping time. Different from ordinary shipping, that takes 15 days to 60 days. Zendrop’s US fulfillment eliminates at least 2 to 5 business days. It will help your business receive good customer experience.

Private Labeling

The private label feature allows you to create your own brand through your products. It elevates your chances of earning more. An article by John Stanton proves that, in terms of new products, branded products are more profitable at 71%.

Zendrop Academy

Zendrop Academy is an additional feature that comes with Zendrop Plus. It is a dropshipping academy that helps entrepreneurs achieve a successful business. It includes 45 video lessons on setting, testing, and improving social media ads. Jared’s experience in building a well-written dropshipping course that guarantees the helpfulness of Zendrop Academy.

Bundles and Subscription Boxes

This feature includes grouping products together and offering them in your store. The Consumer Savings in Complementary Product Bundles mention how bundles reduce the cost of consumers by 18% to 57%. Additionally, when you offer bundles, it attracts more buyers. Most research shows the average profit for subscription boxes is 40 % to 60%.

What Are The Benefits of Integrating Your Store with Zendrop?

Great suppliers, 24-hour customer support, better shipping are the benefits of integrating your store with Zendrop. Zendrop integrates with CommerceHQ, Shopify and WooCommerce. You also get a Zendrop application 

  • 24/7 Customer Support - You gain access to Zendrop’s team of customer support. Get answers to queries and questions about dropshipping. 

  • Trusted Suppliers from China and US - Build relationships with Zendrop’s trusted suppliers for quality products. 

  • Fast Shipping - You get faster shipping since Zendrop has US suppliers. Lessen the delivery time that customers enjoy. 

  • Increased profit - Create competitive prices with Zendrop’s low-priced products.

3 Different Options To Become Zendrop Partners

1. Choose Zendrop Select

Zendrop Select is an invitation-only premium service where you become Zendrop’s partner. It is a free program, but you have to apply and be accepted first. There are additional features like having a Slack support group, team, private product listings, and store customization. 

Michael Aririguzo is a Zendrop Select partner who has a negative experience with a supplier. He was selected into the program because of his desire to improve customer’s experience. Michael mentions how Zendrop is a superior choice for dropshippers compared to AliExpress.

2. Become A Zendrop Affiliate

Zendrop affiliate (Zendrop partner) is where you share a Zendrop link and earn commissions. You earn $25 for every successful sign up on a paid program. You can share your affiliate thoughts through blogs, videos and social media accounts. Some known affiliates of the program are Jared’s friends and acquaintances, like Scott Hilse and Justin Woll.

3. Apply for Zendrop Supplier Program

You become one of Zendrop’s suppliers after acceptance. Any suppliers are welcome to apply to the program. Manufactures, warehouses, and wholesalers. As it can also help you widen your product’s reach.

How Does Zendrop Helps You Succeed in Dropshipping Business?

Zendrop helps you succeed in dropshipping business through their auto-fulfillment option. It allows you to spend your time on many important things in your business. It guarantees offering you the best suppliers since you are working with the platform. Zendrop helps lessen complaints because of their fast-shipping services. Additionally, Zendrop’s team of product researchers helps in finding profitable products you can sell in your store.

Zendrop Reviews Online

What Does Shopify App Store Say About Zendrop?

The Shopify App Store says Zendrop has a rating of 4.8 stars from over  22,712 reviews. The majority are positive 5 star reviews mentioning Zendrop’s great customer service. Additionally, these reviews are dated from 2023 to present, March 2024. There are also a handful of negative reviews found in the Shopify App Store.

A review from SWAGGERLISTIC posted recently mentions how user-friendly Zendrop is. Despite being new to the program, he praises the exceptional functionality of the fulfillment process. He also mentions how Zendrop’s customer service is helpful with concerns and support.

Lushify from the United States mentions how products are more expensive than other platforms (Alibaba and AliExpress). It is a review posted in 2023 after his experience with Zendrop’s application for 17 days. It mentions how shipments would take days that differ from the promised fast shipment on the website. Additionally, the comment contradicts Zendrop’s great customer support.

Another review from The Bloody Store from Australia shares a review after 1 month of using the application. It mentions how Zendrop’s desktop version is not the same as the mobile version. He also tested the delivery time himself as he ordered as a customer. Additionally, the review mentions how the package is not of the best quality when delivered.

What Does Trustpilot Say About Zendrop?

Trustpilot says that Zendrop has a 4.7 star from 5,200 reviews from users. Most of the reviews are positive, with only a portion of bad reviews. The oldest reviews are from 2020 to present, March 2024. 

Gregory McKay posted a recent review, commending the swift response to his concerns. Dave Strachan proved this. While they noted Zendrop’s customer service, they also praised their refund system.

There are also Zendrop negative reviews found in Trustpilot. Stef from Germany tells her story after using Zendrop for a month. She is ‌frustrated with the products and the team for product searching. She compared it to Amazon, where answers are auto generated and do not really help resolve issues. Product variations are also an issue where the team was unsuccessful in providing sample sizes. It led to her customer waiting without an update.

What Does YouTube Say About Zendrop?

YouTube says Zendrop is a top recommendation for people who want to find dropshipping products in the US. YouTube has fewer reviews compared to other platforms. Take note that Zendrop offers an affiliate partnership. Although, it is possible that some reviews have a biased perspective.

Knowledge By Marcus from Slovakia, who enjoys educating people about online businesses. He created a video about Zendrop things to note. Marcus mentions how their interface is user friendly, partnered with the customizable thank you cards. He recommends Zendrop as a platform for dropshippers who want to test products in the United States.

G Force North shows his 3/10 rating for Zendrop. The review highlights Zendrop’s fast shipping compared to traditional dropshipping. It also mentions how easy it is to customize products together with the bundle features. As a result, the product value increases. However, as an affiliate of Zendrop, he still recommends AutoDS. AutoDS being cheaper with the additional tool of competitive analysis through TikTok. Additionally, based on his experience, he much prefers AutoDS to Zendrop that offers a long term cost-effective solution for dropshipping.

What Does Reddit Say About Zendrop?

Reddit says that Zendrop prices are higher compared to other softwares, applications, and tools. The reviews on other platform praise Zendrop while most Reddit reviews talk about its weaknesses. There are also different Reddit threads and dropshipping subreddits that discuss Zendrop as a platform.

Cereal-Killer commented in October 2023 on one Zendrop thread. The comment commends Zendrop as an easy-to-use platform compared to CJdropshipping. It mentions how the costs are justified through auto fulfillment and customizable packaging. Also commending the option of product import through AliExpress.

On another Reddit thread, AOSpades commented last 2022 complaining about Zendrop’s prices. It mentions how the prices are more expensive than other competitors. Additionally, it mentions how the prices are too expensive to be sustainable in the long run.

DonkEcom posted a reply in 2021 highlighting how Zendrop threads are full of negative reviews. The commenter believes that Jared is a middleman for the same services you get with AliExpress.

Is Zendrop Legit Dropshipping Tools?

Yes, Zendrop has legit dropshipping tools since they are partnered with 9 other tools for building your business. The tools are Boundless, 17Track, OpenStore, Rytr, Viral Ecom Adz, Booster, Active Campaign, AgencyJR, and Ecom Backend. These tools help with SME, Shopify store design, tracking, AI writing, ad creation, automation, and more. Zendrop also has product research tools such as the “Trendy Product Selection”. It gives you ideas about what products are trending and to gain advantage.

Zendrop VS. Roach.ai





Zendrop has excellent reviews on Trustpilot.

Roach.ai has poor reviews on Trustpilot.


Zendrop offers Free,

Pro ($49/month),

and Plus ($79/month) versions.

Roach.ai offers a $1 trial,

Start ($30/month),

Premium ($97/month),

and Pro ($497/month) versions. 

Google Extension

Zendrop has a Google Chrome extension. 

Roach.ai has a Google Chrome extension.

Payment Method

Zendrop offers payment through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Stripe, and Secure

Roach.ai accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express. 

Unique Feature

Zendrop has customizable options like the thank you cards. 

Roach.ai does an AI analysis for ads and products.

Partner Program

Zendrop has an affiliate, supplier, and select program.

Roach.ai has an affiliate program. 

Refund Policy

Zendrop offers a 5 day refund policy.

Roach.ai offers a 24-hour refund for new users. 

Years In Business

Zendrop started in 2019.

Roach.ai started in 2023. 

Who Owns Zendrop?

Jared Goetz owns Zendrop. He is also the founder and CEO. He is a husband, father, podcast host, and an author from Palm Beach, Florida. Jared studied Economics at University at Albany, in New York until 2012. He founded Electric Flurry “World’s Largest Foam Party” in 2011, while studying in college. 

After graduating college, Jared became an intern for Merrill Lynch for 3 months. In 2014, he jumped to become the field marketing director for Yik Yak, Inc in Atlanta. He became so interested in E-commerce that he started his own business. In 2017, he founded eCom Hacks Academy, which is a dropshipping educational platform. Jared's experience with Yik Yak, a social media application, led him to create Zendrop in 2019.

Through the years, Jared became an entrepreneur, businessman, and creator. He runs multiple E-commerce businesses and online stores. He shares his experiences and tricks mostly on his YouTube channel. Jared has 61.8K followers on Instagram and 8K on YouTube.

Why Local Lead Gen Biz is Better Alternative Than Dropshipping?

Local lead gen biz is a better alternative than dropshipping because it is more profitable and sustainable in the long run. Aside from the time spent on the business, local lead gen is more passive. The time needed for maintaining the business is minimal after the setup. Unlike dropshipping, where you need constant product updates to secure monthly sales. Although you don’t need stocks that minimize the cost, finding trusted suppliers is hard. 

The dropshipping experts estimated that the success rate for this business model is only 10 to 20%. Additionally, 27% of overall businesses adopted dropshipping, which is difficult to compete with. Product quality is not guaranteed since dropshippers partner with third-party suppliers. Similar to dropshipping, local lead gen does not require having stocks which limit the initial investment needed. You can start your own local lead gen business for as low as $500.


HubSpot’s data presents lead generation as the top challenge for 61% of marketers. You offer a solution by eliminating this challenge with local lead gen. It is a rank and rent business model where you rank websites for local businesses. It helps them gain leads while you earn. The scalability is endless because there is no limit to how many websites you create. A single website can earn $5,000 to $10,000 a month using SEO. Since you are targeting local businesses, competition is less severe. 

My best recommendation is local lead gen as the better alternative for dropshipping. It is scalable, profitable and offers a passive income business. The possibilities are endless as you offer quality leads directly to businesses.
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