Cristobal and Dalton’s 10 Day Cleaning Company Review: How Does a Cleaning Company Make Passive Income?

July 12, 2024

10 Day Cleaning Company is an online course by Cristobal Mondragon and Dalton Ousley that teaches you to start and grow a cleaning business in just 10 days. It focuses on using digital tools and automation to earn up to six figures in passive income with zero physical involvement in cleaning tasks. This program offers basic knowledge of the cleaning business, the technology stack to run the entire operation, and SOPs for hiring cleaners and generating leads.

10 Day Cleaning Company reviews are positive, as seen from student testimonials on the course website. It has many positive video reviews and screenshots from previous course takers. These range from Facebook group posts, emails, and direct messages. According to 10 Day Cleaning Company’s landing page, the course has helped over 1,500 aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. However, there aren’t a lot of external reviews online. These are a mix of positive and negative reviews.

Cleaning companies are booming in the 21st century because of the increased demand for short- and long-term rental services like Airbnb. According to UpFlip’s business features on Austin Miller and Neel Parekh on YouTube, cleaning companies can earn around $62,000 to $125,000 monthly. However, reaching this income range entails learning everything about the business model and the strategies and best practices to survive in the industry. Dive in and discover how 10 Day Cleaning Company can help you build a successful cleaning business. Plus, get more information on the course modules, the business model pros and cons, the course creators, and many more. We’ll also explore a more profitable business model towards the end.

10 Day Cleaning Company Review: Pros and Cons


10 Day Cleaning Company is a holistic course. It focuses on the business model, software and digital tools needed, cleaner recruitment process, and customer acquisition and internal workflows.

The course offers many downloadable resources, like manuals, checklists, and templates.

10 Day Cleaning Company has lots of positive student testimonials on the course website.

Getting guidance on the legal, operational, and financial aspects of creating a cleaning business is extremely helpful.

The course is available in English and Spanish.


10 Day Cleaning Company does not include live coaching or a one-on-one coaching call. It only offers a library of pre-recorded videos.

The course has limited third-party reviews.

A 10-day course is not enough to build a service-ready cleaning business.

10 Day Cleaning Company doesn’t talk about other operational costs and investments like equipment, materials, etc.

Creating a remote cleaning business entails spending more money on hiring a quality inspector to check the cleaner’s outputs and the cleanliness of the house.


10 Day Cleaning Company costs $199. According to the course landing page, it normally costs $950. There’s a supposed $750 discount for 8 days whenever you refresh the page.


10 Day Cleaning Company offers a library of video lessons.

Refund Policy

10 Day Cleaning Company has a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, their terms of use state that the company will not issue any refund 7 days after the purchase of the service.


10 Day Cleaning Company started in December 2022.

July 12, 2024

I really liked the exclusive community we have since I get to ask questions and advice from people in the same boat as me. Cristobal’s course is comprehensive enough. You get all the important stuff from sales templates to automated cleaning workflows you can implement yourself. Very helpful for me and my upcoming cleaning biz!


5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

How Does a Cleaning Company Make Passive Income?

A cleaning company makes passive income through recurring cleaning jobs in the commercial market. This requires automating the customer booking and cleaner dispatch process. You can set this up by partnering with local, independent cleaners and using the right technology stack for the booking, payment, and monitoring process. Business owners earn every time the cleaning team finishes a job and the customers pay for it. According to FreshBooks, cleaning services cost $45-$50 per hour or $0.07-$0.15 per square foot for residential properties. The cost of commercial cleaning depends on the industry.

A standard house in the U.S. is around 2,480 square feet, as per American Home Shield. It takes 4-5 hours to clean an average-sized residential house professionally. So, one house cleaning service can yield a $180-$225 (hourly) or $173 to 372 (per square foot) income. You also need to pay your cleaning crew around $8.89-$18.22 per hour of work. Here’s a sample computation of your potential income if you finish 200 house cleaning services per month using industry average factors:

Income Per House (hours x average rate): 4 hours x $45 = $180

Gross Income (income per house x number of houses): $180 x 200 = $36,000

Cleaner Wage (wage per house x number of houses): $19 x 200 = $3,800

Net Income (gross income - cleaner wage): $36,000 - $3,800 = $32,200

You also need to deduct other operating expenses like annual permit renewals, insurance, marketing and advertising, web maintenance, and many more. Most business owners with an automated cleaning business hire virtual assistants to streamline daily operations and customer support. This way, the owner doesn't have to be physically present but still keeps the business running smoothly. Profit margins can range from 10% to 28%, as mentioned in GoSite’s March 2023 blog post.

What is 10 Day Cleaning Company?

10 Day Cleaning Company is an online course that helps you make money by teaching you how to build a remote and automated cleaning business. It lets you generate income with minimal ongoing effort. The course guides you through the entire process, from the basics of cleaning to the legalities of setting up a company. 10 Day Cleaning Company includes training on using software and online tools to automate your business operations, recruit and manage a cleaning team, and acquire customers through strategic lead generation.

What Do You Get With 10 Day Cleaning Company?

You get in-depth instructional videos, access to an exclusive community, and a comprehensive list of software stack and digital tools with 10 Day Cleaning Company. This course offers English and Spanish downloadable, such as manuals, sample agreements, checklists, and sales scripts. 10 Day Cleaning Company also provides business automation strategies, continuous course material updates, and customizable marketing templates for cleaning businesses.

10 Day Cleaning Company Course Modules

Day 1: General Housekeeping

This module discusses the history of house cleaning, the reasons people hire cleaners, and the basics of how to clean houses.

Day 2: Business Foundations

It talks about the exact steps to legitimize your business and choose a good business name without legal problems. You'll also learn to manage your finances and quickly build good business credit.

Day 3: Software Stack

The third module focuses on the software and tools you need to make your cleaning business work well and run independently.

Day 4: Digital Foundations

This highlights significant techniques to build a good online presence through digital platforms. It dives into proper branding, logo creation, and website building.

Day 5: Recruiting Cleaners

It focuses on the cleaner qualification and recruitment process. This module teaches you how to semi-automate the process while staying compliant.

Day 6: Onboarding Cleaners

The 6th module talks about properly setting up your cleaner onboarding and payment procedures to reduce costs and boost retention rates.

Day 7: Lead Generation

It highlights the right ways to use organic and paid advertising to generate leads and increase your revenue potential. They teach you automated cold outreach and ad optimization to rank higher on search engines.

Day 8: Customer Success

This module offers insider strategies for closing more deals, providing high-quality customer support, and receiving 5-star reviews online and offline.

Day 9: Internal Team

It helps you pick, onboard, and train the right team members to scale your business. This module also deals with hiring virtual assistants to streamline 90% of your daily operations/tasks.

Day 10: Systems & Automation

The last module delves into creating accurate and sustainable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), implementing data-driven tracking systems, and setting up long-standing business automation styles.

Who is 10 Day Cleaning Company for?

  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs - Individuals looking to start their own cleaning business but don't have prior experience can benefit from the course's comprehensive guidance on setting up and running a successful cleaning company.
  • Existing Cleaning Business Owners - Those who already run a cleaning business can use the course to improve their operations, automate processes, and scale their business more effectively.
  • Individuals Seeking Passive Income - People interested in creating a source of passive income can find value in the course as it provides strategies and tools to streamline the cleaning business. It allows them to generate income with less physical involvement.

Are Students of 10 Day Cleaning Company Successful?

Yes, students of 10 Day Cleaning Company are successful, according to dozens of positive testimonials on their website. Marcos Angelo Andrade Randazzo said he got more than he paid for with all the resources and materials that came with buying the course. Joselande Vilsaint shared a screenshot of her sales increasing by 8.7% in just a month after implementing what she learned from the course.

Hassan Powell mentioned how joining the course helped them hit $40,000 in revenue after just 2 ½ months. Despite having many video testimonials and screenshots of business wins on their course landing page, 10 Day Cleaning Company has limited student reviews on external platforms.

10 Day Cleaning Company Founders

Who is Cristobal Mondragon?

Cristobal Mondagron is an entrepreneur and cleaning business coach from Michoacan, Mexico. He is the founder of Queen Bee Cleaning Service, NXT Level Marketing™️, and Emerald City STR™️. Cristobal also goes by “Cristobal Mondragon Duran” in his other LinkedIn profile. He’s married with three children and is now living in Seattle, WA. Cristobal studied Mechanical Engineering at the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo from 1998 to 2001. In 2019, he got a digital marketing certificate from Seattle Central College.

Cristobal tried out different jobs, from being a dishwasher, landscaper, and chef to a car sales associate. In 2015, he launched Queen Bee Cleaning with his wife, Sandra. They had little experience, but they grew their revenue from $1,740 to over $6 million nowadays.

Who is Dalton Ousley?

Dalton Ousley is a cleaning business mentor and entrepreneur from Fort Collins, Colorado. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of CleanCore. Dalton studied Business Administration and Management at the University of Florida from 2015 to 2017. He also has an MBA in Business Administration and Management from LSU Shreveport. Dalton is into digital marketing, technologies, and innovations. He has certifications from Ahrefs, Google Analytics, and LinkedIn for advanced SEO, blogging, Google Ads, local SEO, and Technical WordPress SEO.

Dalton started his career as a local credit union teller making $15 per hour. Soon after getting a job as an accountant, he opened his own marketing agency. This was when Dalton met Cristobal and co-founded the 7Figure Cleaner coaching program and community in February 2022. Now he makes a six-figure income from multiple business ventures.

Cristobal and Dalton’s Other Online Services

What is Pioneering Clean?

Pioneering Clean is an online learning platform for entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners, students, and cleaners wanting to know more about the cleaning industry. It was founded by Cristobal and Dalton in December 2022. The platform has different courses geared towards specific individuals and their needs. Pioneering Clean provides videos, downloadable templates and checklists, and other digital documents related to cleaning operations. It offers the following courses:

  • 4 Day Virtual Assistant ($149) - This course helps virtual assistants (VAs) master all the aspects of a cleaning business in just four days. It covers industry basics, daily task management, software tools, and performance optimization strategies.
  • Training for Cleaners ($248) - It’s a training plan that teaches cleaners a standardized cleaning process in just one day. The program focuses on chemical safety, professional cleaning techniques, proper equipment handling, software application training, customer success, and speed cleaning. It aims to equip cleaners with the skills needed for high efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction in the residential cleaning industry.
  • The Automated Cleaning Business ($497) - This course aims to teach entrepreneurs how to automate their cleaning business operations using modern tools and artificial intelligence, even without coding skills. The modules cover automation foundational knowledge and tools for streamlining various business processes, managing teams, setting up cleaning packages, acquiring customers, and maintaining high satisfaction rates through automated systems.
  • 1 Day BookingKoala Expert ($58) - It’s a course to help users set up and customize their BookingKoala account in a single day. It includes training on platform navigation, settings optimization, website and booking form creation, pricing, and account management.

What is 7Figure Cleaners?

7Figure Cleaners is a coaching program and exclusive community that helps entrepreneurs and existing cleaning business owners boost their growth and potential income to seven figures. Cristobal and Dalton founded this program in February 2022 to offer in-depth mentorship on creating a step-by-step business optimization plan. This service offering focuses on mindset and accountability training, leadership skill development, and knowledge transfer. It also offers access to the 5 Pioneering Clean courses, weekly coaching calls, and a private community of 7FC coaches and industry professionals (7FC Tribe).

Cristobal and Dalton’s Claims

Cristobal and Dalton claim that 10 Day Cleaning Company can help you build a six- to seven-figure cleaning business within 10 days. They believe that aspiring business owners can make money online using a laptop and without the complexity of physically managing their cleaning businesses. Cristobal also highlights that the course modules contain the same strategies and structures he used to build a $6.5 million business. 10 Day Cleaning company also claims students can attract 10x better online traffic without spending significant money and hit $10,000-$18,000 in their first 30 days.

Cristobal and Dalton’s Claims DEBUNKED

According to David Port’s article on NBC News, establishing a business entails developing a business plan, researching the market, and building a brand identity. This is only the first half of the entire process. These three crucial tasks require months to years of research and analysis to come up with a competent and unique business with high-quality services. Creating a lasting cleaning business in just 10 days isn't realistic. Having a computer and internet connection doesn’t ensure a swift business-building process. It's difficult to finish tasks like registering the business, getting licenses, hiring people, finding customers, and setting everything up in such a short time.

Creating a six- to seven-figure income from a cleaning business is challenging. Developing the financial plans, marketing strategies, and operational workflows requires more than just 10 days. You need to identify your top competitors, the top-ranking cleaning services, and the most effective sales techniques. Reddit user BPCodeMonkey mentioned that an “automated” cleaning business needs significant capital and advanced marketing skills to build automation technology stacks, entice potential clients, and secure independent contractors.

According to Bethany Jean, a professional cleaning service expert, a solo cleaner model lets business owners earn around $2,000 monthly. Suppose you have two cleaners doing one property per day. You’ll get around $4,950 in net income per month. Hitting $10,000 to $18,000 in the first 30 days after doing the course is not achievable if you are a beginner. It doesn't consider the level of local competition and the customers in the area. Successful cleaning companies often offer commercial cleaning services to bump up their potential monthly revenue.

Driving 10x more traffic also requires intensive knowledge of SEO for organic traffic generation. You can understand the basics in just five to eight hours. However, learning technical SEO means spending a couple of weeks to several months, according to BKA Content. The course can offer simplified explanations for traffic generation. But not all students have the same learning curve.

Is a Cleaning Company a Great Way To Make Money Online?

Yes, a cleaning company can be a great way to make money online because there is a consistent demand for cleaning services. According to Jobber, the residential cleaning market experiences a 20% growth yearly, while the commercial cleaning market is expected to grow by 51.67% from 2020 to 2027. Henry Sheykin’s article on FinModelsLab states that residential cleaning companies make around $40K to $80K yearly. Commercial cleaning businesses have a higher revenue potential. They earn around $70K to $100K yearly.

Regular cleaning for homeowners is a good source of recurring income. Alternatively, commercial businesses often require deep cleaning or specialized services like carpet cleaning. Monthly cleaning services like these are also profitable. However, the initial cost of starting a cleaning business is around $5,000, according to Cristobal. You should also consider general liability insurance, which usually costs $300 per year. Plus, you’ll need to prepare worker compensation depending on the number of cleaners you dispatch.

Why You Should Consider Local Lead Generation Over a Cleaning Business

A cleaning business lets you earn a profit margin of 15% to 20%, according to Cristobal Mondragon. However, the local lead generation business model provides a more lucrative earning potential. It offers a 90%-95% profit margin. With a cleaning business, you handle more responsibilities like managing your virtual assistants, securing independent cleaners, and renewing business permits and licenses. This strains your mental health. Plus, the competition is tough because of increased demand.

As mentioned by Derrick Grim Jr. and Marcus Crockett, a cleaning business can be profitable if you know the right pricing, marketing, and expense management strategies. In his YouTube video entitled Can A Cleaning Business Be Profitable in 2023?, Marcus cited a subcontractor named Jessica. She lost significant money and many accounts due to a lack of knowledge and experience. Automating your cleaning business operations or outsourcing 90% of the entire workflow is achievable. However, you need comprehensive information about the industry, the market, and the potential clients. You must also monitor your cleaners’ outputs, competitors, and business legalities to stay updated and compliant. It’s a cumbersome process.

Local lead generation is a much more scalable, profitable, and simple business model than a cleaning business. It doesn’t involve monitoring too many working systems. And the localized niches are more sustainable because you’re not competing with other businesses. You’re just using SEO and attraction marketing to stay ahead of other ranking articles on the first page of search engines. All you need is to create websites for local services and rank them organically. Once your sites rank, they can generate hundreds of free leads weekly. You can then sell these leads to local business owners and earn up to $50K or more in passive income monthly.

Don’t scale your income by spending more on cleaner wages and marketing campaigns. Choose a local lead gen biz and make more money by building in-demand niche service sites.

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