Joe Wagner’s 28 Day Merchant Sales Mastery Review – Top 3 Red Flags with Cash Discounting

February 25, 2023

28 Day Merchant Sales Mastery is an online course by Joe Wagner that teaches you how to make money online by selling the Cash Discount program to retail business owners. The cash discount program allows retail businesses to offer a discount to customers who pay cash. Customers who pay with a credit card are charged up to 4% in credit card processing fees. 

This 28 Day Merchant Sales Mastery review will reveal if getting retail businesses to sign up for the cash discount program will pay you a predictable passive income each month, similar to the local lead generation business model, while allowing you to control how much money you make.


Joe Wagner has made millions in credit card processing fees with the cash discount program and teaches you how to do the same.

They provide you with a CRM to track your cash discount sales.

3 live Zoom coaching calls each week for the private community (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays).

Unlimited live 1-on-1 support from Joe and the EZ Pay team. 

Training on Joe's sales process where he shows you how to deal with rebuttals from business owners.


They release lessons each day so you aren't "overloaded" with information. If I buy a course, I don't want to wait for the course material to be released. Some people process information faster than others. 

You only learn how to switch retail business owners to the cash discount program. 

You won't be able to predict exactly how much residual income you make each month with merchant processing, which can make it hard to budget in your personal life.

Some business owners don't like the idea of charging customers 4% for each credit card transaction.


28 Day Merchant Sales Mastery costs $1,999.


Online training that comes with live coaching. 


Joe started EZ Pay in 2017 after reaching 6-figures in merchant services.


Joe has a good online reputation and the testimonials his students give are in a positive light. 

Top 3 Red Flags with Cash Discounting

1. Not every customer pays with their credit card so they can pay less

The cash discount program motivates some people to pay with cash so they can get the most value for their money. This type of program is seen at many gas stations across the country. Some customers simply don't have credit cards, which works in their benefit as they can pay at a discount of the standard price. As a merchant payment provider, you make no money when people pay cash or if they use their debit cards. To make commissions, you need people to pay with credit cards. 

2. Some business owners confuse cash discount with surcharging

When the cash discount program is explained, some business owners will turn you down because they confuse it with surcharging. They think it's increasing what customers have to pay without them knowing. This is incorrect because with cash discount, you are posting a sign clearly stating that customers will get a discount if they pay with cash. Surcharging is when a customer is charged more than what is advertised and is not legal in every state.

3. Potential Drop in Sales

When customers know that a certain establishment offers a cash discount, they may also confuse it with surcharging. They believe that if they don't pay with cash, they are being penalized for using their credit card. As a result, they may decide to not do business at any cash discount establishment. You may get them to do so the first few times, but you may eventually lose them all together, which may cause a drop in sales. 

What's inside the 28 Day Merchant Sales Mastery Program

1) Merchant Sales Pitch Book

This book teaches you every step of how John closes cash discount accounts, no matter where in the United States they are in. 

2) Overcoming Common Objections PDF

This PDF John gives you will help you deal with the objections you're going to come across as you sell the cash discount program to retail businesses in your area.

You can buy this book for $50 if you don't want to join the course.

3) Signed copy of "If I lost it all Today"

You also get Joe's book that details what he would do to rebuild a 6-figure residual income business in only 180 days. 

Who is Joe Wagner?

Joe Wagner is a sales coach, course creator and the CEO of EZ Pay. When he was a child, he helped his mother at their sign shop after school. When he was 15 years old, to make money, he would offer to update business owners' signage.

At 21, he moved to southern California and learned about multi-level marketing in the travel industry. For several years, he dedicated himself to that MLM company, but the results weren't what he expected. When he transitioned into direct sales, his income increased.

When Joe was introduced to payment processing, things drastically changed for him, and it didn't take long before he became a top earner in the company. As a result, he opened sales offices in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Dallas, and more. Four years after getting into payment processing, the company he worked for stole all the residual income he had earned.

Though devastating, Joe didn't give up and rebuilt his own payments company on his terms. By age 36, he retired. The cash discount program helped him take his residual income past 6-figures. At one point, he was averaging 10-20 closed deals per week. He eventually founded EZ Pay and today makes over 7-figures per year in residual income. 

Joe shares all of his knowledge with his students in his EZ Pay training but also shares some content regarding merchant services on the EZ Merchant Service Sales Training & Motivation YouTube channel where he has over 1.5K subscribers.

Joe also created where he sells the 28 Day Merchant Sales Mastery course, apparel, and education resources.

Is 28 Day Merchant Sales Mastery worth it?

28 Day Merchant Sales Mastery is worth it because selling the cash discount program in the world of merchant services can pay you a residual income after you've already helped a business get setup. The bulk of your work is done up front. As long as your retail client continues taking credit card payments in their business, you will get paid your residuals which are sent to you by the EZ Pay team.

28 Day Merchant Sales Mastery Testimonials

Andrew is a pharmacist at a hospital. His brother was already had experience in merchant services. In his first week, he took a weeklong vacation from his job and closed 3 cash discount deals. He said that watching a live recording where Joe goes into the field and closes a merchant on the CD program gave him confidence in business. Those clients were good for an extra $400 per month.

Trev is another of Joe's students who made money after taking Joe's 28 Day Merchant Sales Mastery course. It took Trev one week for him to land his first deal. After landing his second deal, he was already making between $400 and $450 dollars per month in residual income from the cash discount program. Something that stood out to him was the value shared in the coaching calls.

Dustin is from Butte, Montana, and reached over 6-figures in residual income in just his first 180 days in this coaching program. He went from closing 2-3 deals per month with cash discount to know doing over 15 deals per month thanks to Joe's coaching. He says his numbers grew because he took the one-on-one training that Joe gave him and recommends this course to everyone.

Cash Discount vs Surcharge

                   Cash Discount


Cash discount is when you post credit card prices and offer a discount on the standard price for customers who pay with cash.

A surcharge is when you post cash prices and charge an additional "service fee" for customers who pay with a card. 


A person who pays with a credit card pays up to 4% of the total sale. (Example: Customer who pays $100 for a meal will pay $104 total)

You cannot charge over 4%.


Cash discount is legal in all 50 states.

Only legal in a few states, which include Connecticut, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico.

28 Day Merchant Sales Mastery Alternative

Residual Payments by Dave and Patricia Carlin is a high-ticket alternative to the 28 Day Merchant Sales Mastery course. They teach you in detail how to become a digital payments expert beyond just selling the cash discount program. You get access to several training courses after you join that teach you how the business works and there are two live coaching calls every week where you can ask any question to their group of coaches and get support. This way, you are always taken care of. Their high-ticket program allows you to become their partner and help businesses of all sizes save money on credit card processing fees. You get access to all the tools you need to make a residual income.

Price: Residual Payments costs $9,997 for their Inner Circle.

More Info: Residual Payments Review

Is selling the cash discount program worth it?

Selling the cash discount program is worth it because if you get many retail businesses to switch to the cash discount program, you can make a residual income. You can make around 1% of your clients' monthly revenue each month if you are partnered with legitimate banks and payment processing companies. 

The problem with selling the cash discount program with point of sale solutions or payment terminals is that you need dozens and dozens of businesses who are making over $100K per month in revenue to sign up with you if you want to replace your monthly income and sell merchant services full time. 

A digital payments expert can make 6-figures per month, but your income is reliant on your client staying in business. If they close their business, you'll stop making money. If they choose to work with another merchant provider, you lose your income. And if another pandemic comes around and closes all retail businesses, there's nothing you can do. You won't make money because they won't be processing any credit cards.

The advantages of cash discount exist, and you can make you money if you take plenty of action, but it doesn't offer you the benefits the local lead generation business model does.

Local lead generation allows you to control your income every month

With local lead generation, you decide how much money you're going to make each month. 

After deciding what niche to get into and building your digital asset, you then rank your virtual property on Google. Once it generates leads, you send them to a local small business owner who will pay you the monthly fee you decide on based on the average monthly value of a lead and the amount of monthly revenue you generate them. 

The tree care site I built in Grand Rapids, Michigan, over 7 years ago, still pays me $2,000 every month. That's the price point I chose to rent it for. My clients are happy to pay it because my site sends them leads every month, increasing their monthly revenue by tens of thousands of dollars.

Local lead generation

There are over 7400 students who are making a career out of building their virtual real estate empire and renting their properties to local small business owners each month.

To learn how to earn a predictable and residual income every month without having to rely on the success of another business, instead being the reason they succeed, check out the local lead generation training program

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