Hamza Ahmed’s Adonis School Review – What Can You Get From This Paid Community?

April 23, 2024

Adonis School is an exclusive online platform created by Hamza Ahmed, focusing on self-improvement, financial success, health, and relationships. It offers a variety of courses, ranging from self-development to making money online, aimed at empowering young men to achieve success. Adonis School is formerly known as Adonis Academy. Hamza rebranded it and adjusted the pricing to attract a larger audience and outperform other community platforms. Currently, Adonis School ranks 24th among all communities in Skool and has 1.5k paying members, boasting a large audience and potentially outperforming other online learning platforms.

The platform has received positive reviews on YouTube, with some YouTubers highlighting Hamza's active and hands-on role in his community. They appreciate the wide range of courses offered, covering topics such as mindset, productivity, and YouTube growth. However, on Reddit, Hamza's feedback is not as favorable. Some reviews advise not to pay for Adonis School and arguing that you can learn it for free on the internet. Also, some questioned Hamza's expertise in coaching when it comes to being an Alpha.

This Adonis School review provides you an overview of the platform, including its advantages and disadvantages, the courses offered, and pricing details. It also includes online reviews from YouTube and Reddit to help you determine its value. Additionally, you will learn about Hamza Ahmed and his free community. Finally, we will introduce you to a business model that allows you to 'set it and forget it' and earn predictable income.

Adonis School Review: Pros And Cons


Diverse Course Offerings: The range of topics of Adonis School is extensive, from YouTube and online entrepreneurship to leadership and personal development. It caters to various online money making models and skill development needs.

Live Coaching Calls: This feature offers real-time, interactive learning experiences. It facilitates personal interaction with instructors and experts for deeper understanding and practical advice.

Offer Free Community: Adonis School provides you an opportunity to access Adonis Gang, which is a free community by Hamza.


Recurring Cost: Adonis School costs $129 per month. The cost can be expensive for someone, especially Hamza Ahmed doesn’t offer a bundle or one time payment access.

Niche Focus: Adonis School primarily targets men. The course content may not appeal to or be as relevant for a wider audience, like women.

Refund Policy

Adonis School doesn’t offer any refund policy, but you can cancel your subscription anytime.


Adonis School started in November 03, 2022.

Member Size

Adonis School has 1.5K members.


Hamza Ahmed has a whooping 2.3M subscribers on YouTube and already produced over 1K videos.

What Can You Get From Adonis School?

You can get access to all courses on self-development, relationship building, and entrepreneurship from Adonis School. This includes live coaching calls with Hamza and expert coaches. Additionally, you can take part in weekly guest calls with millionaires and successful individuals like Sam Ovens, Dan Koe, and Charlie Morgan. Furthermore, Hamza conducts a minimum of three live calls a week and holds daily live calls with various experts.

YouTube For Beginners Course

YouTube for Beginners Course is for anyone who wants to start a YouTube channel. It shows you how YouTube works and helps you make your first video. You'll learn to grow your channel by making good videos without worrying too much about YouTube rules. It also teaches you how to come up with great video ideas, titles, and thumbnails.

YouTube For Intermediates Course

YouTube for Intermediates Course is a step up for your YouTube skills. It quickly goes over the basics you already know. Then, it dive into advanced tips: how to be real and appealing in your videos (Authenticity META) and making videos people like, trust, and relate to. You'll learn better ways to set up your camera and edit, plus how to make eye-catching thumbnails. Additionally, this course helps you track your video performance and stay up-to-date with YouTube's trends.

Become A Cult Leader 

Become A Cult Leader is for advanced YouTubers aiming to increase their audience and impact. This course covers the essentials of creating captivating videos and choosing engaging topics, starting from the first upload to consistent daily content. It introduces a unique Magic Video Formula that focuses on engaging introductions, effective storytelling, and bold opinion-sharing. The latter part of the course focuses on growing a dedicated community and teaching you how to communicate like leaders and craft an interesting vision for your audience. It includes strategies for creating unique group terminology, managing reputation, and understanding channel growth challenges. 

Beginners Make Money Online Course

Beginners Make Money Online is for novices aiming to earn their first $1,000 online. It starts by establishing a solid mindset and understanding the importance of motivation that focuses on overcoming initial challenges in the digital marketplace. The course covers creating and selling a coaching package. It includes setting realistic goals, crafting a compelling offer, and building an effective sales funnel to attract and convert clients.


$1000 Skills Course

$1000 Skills teaches you to monetize your unique services. The course begins with a game plan that identifies the target audience and emphasizes the significance of earning the first $1,000. It provides guidance on identifying service skills, suggesting various ideas and helping learners choose the right skill to offer. The selling section covers effective strategies. It includes creating a sales page, setting the right price, and leveraging the Paid Skool Community for sales.

Success Mindset 

Success Mindset equips you with key strategies to develop a winner's mindset and features ten critical mindsets for success. It covers the Theory of Constraints that overcomes the drawbacks of a weak online culture, the importance of quick progress, and the motivational role of dopamine. The course concludes with bonus contents. It includes unique techniques for mental sharpness, overcoming procrastination, focusing on what matters, and unconventional personal development strategies.

Entrepreneur Productivity

Entrepreneur Productivity is crafted to boost the productivity of budding entrepreneurs. It starts with enhancing self-image and employing success visualizations. It teaches effective goal setting, the application of the 80-20 rule for efficiency, and the importance of creating a habit tracker. The course underscores the significance of lifestyle choices, including fasting, adequate sleep, a nutritious diet, prioritizing mental health, and targeted exercise routines. It also covers practical strategies like turning off notifications, avoiding multitasking, reducing distractions, and crafting a disciplined timetable within a two-week actionable plan.


Online Leadership 

Online Leadership offers a guide to master leadership skills in a digital era. It starts by developing a leader's mindset that focuses on the importance of charisma to inspire and influence effectively. The course then provides practical experiences through the Adonis School. It also tackles the challenge of 'Shiny Object Syndrome' that teaches leaders how to remain focused on their goals.

Get A Girlfriend

Get A Girlfriend offers a practical approach to modern dating. It starts with a deep dive into the world of dating apps. It guides you on choosing the right apps, creating an attractive profile, and strategies to secure dates effectively. The course then emphasizes the importance of fitness in attraction. Additionally, it covers the essentials of seduction, from understanding what really attracts women to mastering the art of getting phone numbers and confidently approaching women in various social settings. 

Find Your Future Wife

Find Your Future Wife is a specialized program that helps you attract and build lasting relationships with high-quality women. It emphasizes modern dating techniques, personal development, and effective communication. The course offers detailed guidance on various aspects of dating and relationship-building.

The Red Pill - Turn Girls On

The Red Pill offers an overview of its perspective on dating and relationships that emphasize a male-centric approach to dynamics with women. It discusses the concept of 'Acting Like The Alpha' and shares its views on women's sexual strategies. It also presents opinions on divorce laws and promiscuity. The course advises on communication tactics, handling tests in relationships, creating competition anxiety, and dealing with last-minute resistance.

Aesthetic Body

Aesthetic Body provides a complete guide to achieve a top-tier physique. It combines a training program, a dating app guide, and a tailored diet plan. It begins with foundational knowledge in 'Aesthetic Theory 101' and mental strategies for success. Then, it delves into detailed workout instructions with specific muscle-focused exercise videos. The course emphasizes nutritional education, featuring 'Diet Knowledge' and interactive 'Cook With Me' meal prep videos.

Male Advantage (Exclusive Course By 1stman)

Male Advantage (Exclusive Course by 1stman) is a course to empower men with confidence and a no-fear attitude in their personal and professional lives. It begins by instilling a belief that 'No One Is Better Than You', coupled with a 'Zero Fear of Consequences' mindset. The course covers themes like taking responsibility ('Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown'), self-acceptance ('Good Enough For Me'), and moving beyond past limitations ('You're No Longer In High School'). It addresses enduring tough times with 'Things Can't Go Bad Forever' and offers practical tools like 'My Morning Mentality Hack' and distinctions between daily and weekly tasks. 

Make Money On TikTok Course (Exclusive Course By Media Metas)

Make Money on TikTok Course by Media Metas, led by expert Musa, is a focused training program on monetizing TikTok content. It begins with an in-depth understanding of the TikTok algorithm and explores effective business models for the platform. The course offers a step-by-step analysis of viral videos, teaching how to replicate their success, and addresses common TikTok challenges with practical solutions. Additionally, Adonis School offers extra courses such as Alpha Male Sex (18+) Course and Skool Mastery Course.

How Much Does Adonis School Membership Cost?

Adonis School membership costs $129 per month. It provides a comprehensive package that includes a variety of courses, such as YouTube for Beginners, Entrepreneur Productivity, and Self-Development. You have the option to cancel your subscription at any time. However, some community members on YouTube, like Tobias Blueder and Youri Hofwegen, have disclosed that they made an initial one-time payment of $500, which is separate from the monthly subscription costs.

Who Is Adonis School For?

Adonis School is for young men that are interested in self-improvement, personal development, financial success, health and fitness, and building meaningful relationships. 

Adonis School is also for:

  • Young Entrepreneurs: Adonis School offers courses on entrepreneurship, personal finance, and starting a business. It is useful for those aspiring to be entrepreneurs or to improve their financial literacy.
  • Individuals Focused on Self-Improvement: The curriculum includes courses on building discipline, resilience, a growth mindset, and improving communication and leadership skills that make it suitable for those dedicated to personal growth and self-improvement.
  • Men Interested in Health and Fitness: With courses on workout routines, nutrition, and overall health, Adonis School appeals to those who are keen on improving their physical fitness and well-being.
  • Those Seeking to Improve Relationships: The program also covers skills for building strong and meaningful relationships, communication, empathy, and managing conflicts. It can benefit individuals looking to enhance their interpersonal relationships.

Adonis School Reviews Online

Adonis School Review On YouTube

Tobias Blueder has been a fan of Hamza for two to three years. He joined the Adonis School, attracted by Hamza's interesting videos and teachings on discipline. Tobias likes the wide range of topics the Adonis school covers. These include business, YouTube skills, and self-improvement. His primary goal is to get better at running his YouTube channel. Tobias enjoys the active community at Adonis School and how much Hamza takes part. He finds the weekly group calls and talking with other members very helpful. He paid a $500 joining fee and pays $99 every month. 

Youri Hofwegen gave a very good review of Hamza's Adonis School. He joined the community easily and liked how quickly the admins and other members got involved. Youri enjoyed being able to talk directly with Hamza. He found the courses on mindset, productivity, and growing a YouTube channel really useful and practical. The weekly live calls with Hamza and other experts were a big plus for him. Youri thinks the program is worth the cost because of these features.

Adonis School Review On Reddit

Reddit user Typical-Spray216 advises against paying for Hamza's courses. He thinks you can find everything Hamza teaches for free on the internet. He feels that Hamza just repeats information that's already available and adds nothing new. Typical-Spray216 believes that we already know what to do to improve ourselves with no need a course. Another Reddit user, Prms_7, also has doubts. He says Hamza might not be the best choice for learning about self-improvement.

Reddit user Typical-Spray216 advises against paying for Hamza's courses. He thinks you can find everything Hamza teaches for free on the internet. He feels that Hamza just repeats information that's already available and adds nothing new. Typical-Spray216 believes that we already know what to do to improve ourselves with no need a course. Another Reddit user, Prms_7, also has doubts. He says Hamza might not be the best choice for learning about self-improvement.

On the other hand, some Reddit users support Hamza. One of them says Hamza is really involved in his program. He even attends events and holds regular weekly sessions. This user thinks that what you get from Adonis is worth more than what you pay.

Are The Clients Of Adonis School Successful?

Yes, clients of Adonis School are successful, as evident from many positive testimonials on both their website and YouTube. A notable example is Owen Sillito. He is a 17-year-old high school junior, who praises Adonis School for its life-changing impact. Owen really likes the school and says it has changed his life. He talks about how the students support each other like brothers. It helps everyone to do better in life. Owen also likes that Hamza keeps bringing new, helpful content. He thinks of Adonis School as more than just a program; it's a journey of growth.

Another student is a 15-year-old Vincent Wille Christoffersen from Denmark. He wasn't sure about spending $500 on the program at first. But after talking to Hamza, he saw things differently. The program helped him find direction in life and make good friends. Vincent thinks the program is great for young men who want to improve themselves.

Is Adonis School Worth It?

Adonis School is worth it if you are looking for a known coach for self-development that teaches to improve yourself, build discipline, resilience, and a mindset for growth. It also teaches about money matters with courses like Productivity, Success Mindset, and Leadership. These cover basic personal finance and how to start a business. The school also has courses about relationships and communication skills, like Red Pill Course, Get A Girlfriend, and Alpha Male Sex (18+). Also, for only $129 per month, you can access all their courses, including a $1,000 Skills Course, YouTube courses, Make Money Online for beginners, Make Money on TikTok, and also the success interview of Adonis School students. You can cancel anytime if you feel Adonis School isn't right for you.

You can also join Adonis Gang for free first. This gives you an idea of what Adonis School is like. You can take part in the community, ask questions, get advice, and use free resources from Hamza. However, the school's courses on making money online, like YouTube and TikTok, are not popular. Most reviews talk about how good the school is for self-improvement. They say little about making money through YouTube, TikTok, or selling courses. If you're interested in making money online through commission, you can check .


  • Digital Growth Community: Digital Growth Community teaches you to build and keep daily paying customer online.
  • Digital Wealth Academy: Digital Wealth Academy provides you access to almost 80 modules that teach you to learn Master Resell Rights.  

Who Is Hamza Ahmed?

Hamza Ahmed is a British content creator and online coach who lives in Dubai. He was born on June 10, 1997, in the UK and comes from a Pakistani family. He's known for helping people with self-development, fitness, relationships, and making money online. His primary audience is young men. Hamza's journey began in the UK where he studied Psychology, which led him to creating online content. Since starting on YouTube on August 28, 2013, Hamza has become very popular. He has over 2.3 million subscribers, 1,067 videos, and over 311 million views. His videos talk about things like getting fit, staying motivated, and improving yourself.

Besides YouTube, Hamza started the Adonis School. The Adonis School has 1.8k members and ranks 24th in Skool. The school teaches about personal growth and how to make money online with YouTube and TikTok. Hamza's interest in this area began when he was studying Psychology and became curious about how people think and behave.

What Is Adonis Gang on Skool By Hamza Ahmed?

Adonis Gang on Skool by Hamza Ahmed is the free community that leads you to Adonis School. It's a large community with 88.4k members and is currently the top community in Skool. The main goal is to introduce "The Adonis Protocol" to a million young men. The community covers important topics like mental and physical health, breaking bad habits, developing character, understanding love, boosting productivity, and improving mindset.

"The Adonis Protocol" course in the Adonis Gang focuses on personal growth and discipline for men. It starts with motivation and success stories, then moves to practical steps like setting goals, doing a dopamine detox, wearing a watch all the time, and updating your hairstyle and clothes. The course helps build new habits, a routine for mental health, a workout plan, and encourages social activities.

Adonis Gang also has free resources in their Calendar Tab. This includes Hamza's free live Q&A sessions and interviews with successful students. While most events like community calls and business talks with Hamza require you to join Adonis School, you can still get a lot from Adonis Gang. You can join discussions, forums, and polls to interact with the community.

Conclusion: Can Starting Online Business Can Change Your Life As A Man?

Yes, starting online business can change your life as a man. Adonis School offers different business models that you may achieve success from selling services on Skool to monetizing your content on YouTube and TikTok. However, local lead gen biz is another option. I went to Michigan State University for four years, but then ended up in office job earning $2500 a month. I couldn't settle for this after spending so much on college. So as a man, while working 9 to 5, I explored various online businesses like Amazon FBA, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and SEO & paid advertising. But I achieved my greatest success when I discovered the local lead generation business model.

Local lead gen biz works like a digital real estate. It requires a low initial investment and faces minimal competition, while offering high return potential. Unlike providing services in the Skool community, this model involves creating and renting lead generation websites to local businesses that generate a predictable monthly income ranging from $500 to $3,000. To start, you need around $500 to build a website and employ SEO strategies to rank it on Google.

Local lead generation has significantly less competition compared to platforms like YouTube and TikTok that included on Adonis School. With these business models, you are competing against 1.1 million TikTok content creators and 61.1 million YouTube creators, as per Social Blade. While local lead generation involves competing against only 10 to 15 companies in a specific local area. One of the key advantages of local lead generation is its high-profit margins that range from 80% to 95%. This is because local lead gen biz focuses on generating leads, rather than dealing with physical goods.

If you're man seeking an alternative business model that can change your life and earn $500 - $3,000 per month, local lead generation is a promising option.

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