Jon Reyes’s AdsRx Review: Are You Really Paying For The Skills?

October 12, 2023

AdsRx is a direct response video ads editing course by Jon Reyes. The course offers you 500+ templates editable in Adobe Premier Pro with 8 modules, 2 bonus contents and a Slack community. The course, also known as Advanced Direct Response Editor Training, is for entrepreneurs, marketers and video editors looking to leverage social media for their marketing campaigns.

In the US alone, Statista reported video advertising is expected to reach a value of $78 billion before 2023 ends. Wyzowl’s study also found that 96% of entrepreneurs plan to maintain or increase their video ad budget. So, there is a clear need for a skilled video editor for businesses. In fact, 43% of content marketers reported they faced challenges because they don’t have in-house video editors.

However, according to Statista, 40% of internet users around the world use ad blocking softwares. Insider Intelligence’s study even showed that 66.7% of US internet users use ad blockers for auto-playing video ads. Besides that, Microsoft Canada’s research revealed people’s attention span dropped to 8 seconds, which is a second less than goldfish. These are challenges your video editing skills must overcome to take a bite of that $78 billion industry.

In this AdsRx review, you’ll uncover what’s inside the course, its pros and cons, and the credibility of its course creator. And if video ads editing and competing with huge marketing players for the short attention span of the 4.2 billion social media users is the best money making idea or ranking a site for free traffic on Google will be a more lucrative venture.

AdsRx Review: Pros and Cons


Weekly Trainings: They release new modules and templates weekly, ensuring the members are informed about recent trends in video editing to appeal to their target audience.

Private Community: You can get access to a private Slack community for support 24/7.

Up-to-Date Templates: Jon Reyes regularly updates the assets for AdsRx based on the templates used from his video production company, EcomVids.


Limited Asset Download: You can only download the 500+ templates available 3 times.

No Refund Policy: There is no refund policy for the course. Since it's based on membership, you can only cancel your membership. 

Lack of External Review: All testimonials can be found on their site and none on any other platforms. If you value peer reviews, this can raise a red flag.

Adobe Premier Pro Exclusive Assets: The media assets are only compatible with the editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro.


AdsRx costs $97 per month or $297 per year.

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy for AdsRx.


AdsRx started on October 28, 2022

What's Included in AdsRx?

Module 1: Course Overview

The first module introduces the course creator, Jon Reyes and his decade long experience in direct response video ads.

Module 2: Direct Response 101

In this module, direct response marketing is clearly defined with its importance. Its difference with brand marketing is outlined as well.

Module 3: Pre-Reqs to Video Editing

Pre-reqs to video editing delves into the responsibilities of a video editor. The stages and the levels of performance ad creative is also highlighted.

Module 4: Mastering Mental and Creative State

The module focuses on the 3 mental states: mental, emotional and creative. And thus, outlines tips how to find inspiration, enter flow state, and be better video editor.

Module 5: Product and Customer Research

Product customer and research put emphasis on research tricks to better find your customer and the product benefits they will care about.

Module 6: Performance Ad Creative

Module 6 outlines 7 video ad types and frameworks. It also tackles best practices for editing direct response video ads and high converting hook types.

Module 7: Asset Management

Organized assets means efficient workflow. In this module, Jon Reyes talked about template organization systems you can use and how to streamline your editing.

Module 8: Editing Video Ads that Sell

Video ads that sell have voice overs, hooks, effects and titles. This module is about the editing of those elements and the 11 steps of video ad editing process.         

Bonus #1: Live Training

The live training goes over the upcoming media templates that will be release, a Q and A portion and additional video ad editor tips.   

Bonus #2: Scripts, Guides and Cheat Sheets

Get access to cheat sheets and scripts Jon Reyes's creative company uses every day.

Who Is Jon Reyes?

Jon Reyes or Jonathan Felix Reyes is an experienced video editor with 10+ years in the industry. He graduated Business Administration in California State University at Fullerton, California. He lives with his wife and 3 kids in Irvine, California.

Jon started his ecommerce business with dropshipping at 2017 until Facebook flagged his content for copyright. This led him into discovering a niche market: copyright free video editing for dropshipping. By 2018, he founded EcomVids. And 4 years later, he created AdsRx to teach everything he learned in the business.

What is EcomVids?

EcomVids is a video production company founded by Jon Reyes in Irvine, California. They work with ecommerce businesses like dropshippers, amazon sellers and content creators. The creative company specializes in video ads for products. EcomVids offer social media ads and YouTube videos with a price range of $3.5k to $5.3k. 

Businesses working with EcomVids can ask for unlimited revisions within 14 days of video delivery. EcomVids has a fairly good reputation rated 4.7 by 78 google users.

What Are AdsRx's Claims?

Jon Reyes claims taking AdsRx will let you master the art and science of direct response video ad, acquire rare skills to increase your pay, and guaranteed to level up any video editor through the strategies and techniques from Jon Reyes.

3 Issues with AdsRx's Claims

  • Editable Templates: You can get 500+ templates that you can download for a limited time. The assets save you time editing, but you don’t acquire the skills needed to create them. Hence, you’re actually paying monthly for the templates and not to learn the skills.
  • Adobe Premier Pro Exclusive Templates: Adobe Premiere Pro is the only editing software for their templates. So, the course wouldn't help "any" editor but those who are looking to learn this specific video editing software. If you’re using Final Cut Pro or CyberLink PowerDirector, you will have to learn Premier Pro for this course. They offer a free course on it, but that will require additional time commitment from you.
  • Skill-Based Job Market: According to U.S. Bureau of Labor, the annual income of a video editor is $78k while reported it ranges from $81k to $105k per year. But, a high annual income is only possible if you have the skills and experience. Video editors reported it took them at least 10 years of experience and connections to charge for a higher pay. Taking this course alone is not a guaranteed for a higher income.

What Are Direct Response Video Ads?

Direct response video ads are a type of direct response marketing using the video format to prompt customers to take action right away.

What Is Direct Response Marketing?

Direct response retailing, also known as push marketing, is a marketing tactic designed to encourage target customers to respond immediately. It aims to shorten the time customers spend between seeing the advertisement and taking the desired action for the advertising business. The principle of direct response is to instill a sense of urgency. This will compel the target audience to take action like purchasing, referring or subscribing out of impulse.

An example of direct response retailing is social media ads. Businesses target audience with personalized video ads and a strong call-to-action on FB, Instagram and TikTok. And, based on Wyzowl’s recent study, 88% of customers bought a product or a service after watching a video on it. 

Direct response marketing is in direct contrast to brand marketing, which aims to form brand reputation. Branded advertising is a long game of gaining customers' trust, so the ROI isn’t immediate.

What Are The Advantages of Direct Response Marketing?

  • Immediate ROI: Direct response marketing urges customers to take immediate action. So, businesses will also have general data on the campaign’s ROI right away. 
  • Easy to Track: Direct response marketing also enables businesses to use unique UTM (Urchin Tracking Module), QR codes and promo codes. This makes it easy to track which campaign is effective, which needs adjustments and which exhibits loss.
  • Customer Data: This marketing strategy also gives businesses important customer data such as which social media do their customers spend time on and which video ad campaign appeal to their demographic. 

Is Direct Response Marketing Effective?

Direct response marketing is effective if you manage the right combination of a concise and compelling copy in an engaging short video on the platform.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the use of videos to capture people’s attention and deliver your business’s message. This message can be an offer, your brand name, a new product or service, or a seasonal marketing campaign. This marketing strategy uses social media platforms and programmatic TV.

According to Animoto, 93% of marketers credited video marketing on social media for their increase in customers. Video marketing is suitable for any niche market or industry. There is a high demand on them according to Wyzowl as 91% of customers want to see video content from brands.

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Conclusion: Are Direct Response Video Ads The Way To Make Money Online?

Local lead generation is the better way to make money online than direct response video ads editing. Direct response video ads cater to a global market with a short attention span. You must make a video ad that stands out to be remembered, much more to prompt them to take action. This requires constant innovation, market monitoring and video editing.

Direct response video ads is also a marketing strategy. You’ll be working under brands and businesses. Hence, there’s always the risk that you’ll get fired if your edited video ads aren’t bringing them the traffic and the action they desire from their target customers. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate of video editing is 9.5% in 2021. Even though Statista’s estimated value of video advertising in that year is 55.34 billion.

These are issues you wouldn’t encounter with local lead generation. First, you don’t compete with a global market. Local lead generation focuses on 50+ different service niches in your town, so you don’t go against marketing giants. It also requires significantly less effort in comparison to editing ads daily because your site can rank on search engines with 10-15 pages only.

Local lead generation

Local lead gen is a rank and rent business model. You own a digital real estate collecting leads from free traffic that you rent for small businesses. You don’t work for anyone and the income is passive. The tree care site I’ve set up years ago earns me $2000 per month with minimal attention. And I own 80 digital real estates today. So, if you’re looking for a steady income stream with a less competitive market, check out this lead gen coaching program.

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