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Affiliate Lab Review: Top 7 Things To Know From Matt Diggity’s Course

January 13, 2023

The Affiliate Lab course by Matt Diggity is a comprehensive online affiliate SEO course. It aims to teach you how to build, properly rank and monetize your affiliate websites with the goal of earning a passive income. In this Affiliate Lab review, we'll cover what you learn from Matt Diggity, how this course compares to other affiliate marketing courses, how much you can really earn by flipping your affiliate websites, if affiliate marketing is still profitable in 2023, and how affiliate marketing compares to the popular local lead generation business model where you can make money by renting instead of flipping websites.


High level SEO strategies & link building are taught in this training

Matt maintains the training up to date

Matt is very active within his private community


Course does not have a section for beginners

Affiliate marketing doesn't offer you a predictable income each month

Flipping sites doesn't pay upfront like an SEO client would

Building an authority site can take years to become highly profitable. If you want to flat out buy one, it's going to be expensive.


The Affiliate Lab costs $997 or two payments of $597

Refund Policy:

No refunds


24+ hours of training containing over 160 videos; 6 templates & SEO tools, SOPs, checklists and plenty of bonus courses included


Exclusive Facebook group


Matt spent hours providing value in Facebook groups and decided to put everything he knows in a course. 


Matt Diggity is one of the top SEO experts in the world with a great reputation.

Who is Matt Diggity?

Matt Diggity is an SEO (search engine optimization) specialist & affiliate marketer that generates 90% of his income from SEO and affiliate related tasks. Before starting his SEO career, Matt graduated from U.C. San Diego with a Master's in electrical engineering.

He then landed a job at a Silicon Valley startup company and was able to apply what he learned there to his digital marketing career. Matt was constantly learning and working on his SEO career after getting home from his 9-5 job. Every night he'd create new techniques while seeing positive results from ranking affiliate sites.

In 2009, he began his affiliate SEO career and quit his full-time job in 2011. He eventually began selling his affiliate websites for 6-figures, which allowed him to experience new freedom in his life. Matt is now the CEO of LeadSpring, which is a 100% affiliate SEO company. That company made over $1 million in affiliate revenue through monthly earnings and affiliate site flips in only their first year. They have over 5000 PBNs, have flipped over 16 sites and have over 3000 keywords on page 1 of Google. 

Matt was the CEO of the Diggity Links PBN link rental service, is the CEO of Diggity Marketing, and does SEO consulting for beginner and advanced agencies. He's also the director of a SEO outsourcing agency called The Search Initiative.

Matt has traveled to over 32 countries and loves consulting as well as teaching people how to rank affiliate websites with SEO. After Rank Club acquired Diggity Links, he now focuses mostly on The Affiliate Lab platform and speaks at the Chiang Mai SEO Conference.

Matt's SEO training is far better than what you'll get in another affiliate marketing course, especially with all the new content he puts out on the Matt Diggity YouTube channel for his 56K subscribers.

What do you learn inside of the Affiliate Lab?

1) Niche Selection

In Niche Selection, Matt teaches you how to find an affiliate network and how to find the right product to promote. 

2) On-Site SEO

In the onsite SEO section, Matt touches on how to do keyword research, how to outsource your content, how to design your authority site, and featured snippet capturing.

3) Off-Site SEO

This section is all about offsite SEO by determining your linking plan and executing it by creating social signals.

4) Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Matt gets into how to optimize your content. You learn how to control your CTAs to get the most out of your site visitors.

5) The Authority Site Module

Matt shows you how to build your authority site, build backlinks to it, what to do when your affiliate site hits authority mode, and the different pitfalls you may face.

6) The Kitchen Sink

In the last section of the course, Matt shares a list of techniques which help you get your sites unstuck on Google.


They include the following bonuses with your purchase of the Affiliate Lab.

  • The Beginner's Lab - learn how to build a WordPress websites
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • Conversion Rate Optimization Masterclass - a deeper dive into CRO
  • Featured Snippets Masterclass - how to take featured snippets away from your competitors and how to make it difficult to get your snippets
  • Authority Blueprint - in-depth training on how to convert your niche website into an authority site
  • Website Flipping Masterclass - how to maximize your profits when selling your authority site. Class taught by Gregory Elfrink of Empire Flippers.
  • Outreach Masterclass - how to manage your outreach with the goal of getting more linking opportunities
  • Affiliate Email Marketing - how to leverage email marketing to gain more affiliate commissions

How does Affiliate Lab compare to other courses?

With Affiliate Lab, Matt Diggity teaches you how to how to flip your high-competition affiliate sites. Flipping will allow you to earn up to 40X your site's monthly profit. Instead of getting paid monthly, you can get paid the worth of your affiliate site upfront. 

Many affiliate marketing courses teach you how to build and rank a website high in the search engine results with the purpose of promoting another company's products or services for a commission.

How much money can you make flipping affiliate websites?

You can make 32X-40X the monthly profit your affiliate sites generate, according to Matt Diggity. It all comes down to how much work you put into making it as valuable as can be. When Matt realized the potential of flipping affiliate sites, he focused on it completely.

Below, you can see how much Matt sold two of his sites for.

This is only a glimpse of what is possible from selling your high-competition affiliate sites.

Holding vs Flipping a website, which is better?



You can earn a recurring income

Possibility of one day earning a somewhat passive income by outsourcing content writing

If your site earns you a lot of money per month, you have time freedom; use the extra time to be productive like building a business, vacation, etc.

You own your digital property


There are always changes to Google’s algorithm. Things are unpredictable.

Affiliate programs can change their commission structure at any time. More unpredictability.

Too many variables to pay attention to

You don’t know exactly how much money you’re going to make each month; it varies



Website flipping offers you a large upfront payout

You have more opportunities with an upfront payout (Ex. Easier to make large investments)

Any changes the search engine Google makes to their algorithm won’t affect you after you sell your site

You still earn a monthly income off your sites until you sell them


Budgeting is easier with monthly payments

You might sell a site at the wrong time; a niche can rise in value at any time

It takes time to build up your site to where it’s valued much higher

You may not sell a site for months or years

How to grow your SEO affiliate marketing income (6 ways)

It's important to have a solid understanding of what the best SEO practices are if you're going to succeed in this business model and scale to 6 or 7 figures.

By implementing the following tips, your SEO affiliate marketing business will grow and run more efficiently.

  • Find the right niche and product (In demand and that you’re passionate about)
  • Use long tail keywords (these are less competitive but have higher conversion rates)
  • Make sure your domain is relevant (Aim for exact or partial match keywords for best results)
  • Pick a web hosting that is secure and reliable; your site needs to load quickly
  • Set your affiliate link to ‘nofollow’ (affiliate links are paid links because commission is involved; paid links aren’t considered natural authority)
  • Optimize your affiliate site for conversions (calls to action, high-quality images, solid descriptions and H2 titles)

Affiliate Lab Success Stories

Julie is a local SEO and already had knowledge regarding ranking sites. She learned what Matt was teaching and was able to learn more skills and techniques on how to rank sites. After learning from Matt, she was able to make $32K on her first affiliate website flip.

Moe sold his first affiliate site for $75K. What he liked about the Affiliate Lab training was that the course content is up to date, precise, and that the private Facebook group provides plenty of value and support. At the time he gave his testimonial, he was working on scaling around 6 more sites.

Affiliate Lab Alternatives

Super Affiliate System 3.0 by John Crestani teaches students how to create an affiliate marketing business from scratch. The goal is to make money online by promoting affiliate offers. This is a 6-week program with over 50 hours of video content. John teaches you how to use Facebook, Google and YouTube to generate traffic. You're given proven funnels, landing pages, emails, and affiliate network referrals. Each week, there are also live webinars held by John.

Price: Super Affiliate System 3.0 costs $997. 

More info: Super Affiliate System 3.0 review.

Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchett is another solid alternative. In his online course, he teaches you how to promote how to sell multiple products using different traffic sources such as Google & Facebook ads, YouTube videos and SEO.  He even teaches you how to leverage affiliate email marketing to drive traffic to your products. Franklin's backlink strategies are very good and the course content is easy to digest.

Price: Savage Affiliates costs $197.

More info: Savage Affiliates review.

Read our article to see which is the best affiliate marketing course and to see where we ranked the Affiliate Lab.

Should you invest in the Affiliate Lab?

Matt's strategies are legit, but I'm just not 100% sold on what he's using & teaching SEO for.

He teaches you how to rank affiliate websites and then flip them. It's great that you can get money up front for a site, but the odds of you getting a site to rank, building up its authority and then selling it, are low. The risk is high.

This strategy is more of a long-term play for more experienced affiliate marketers. Even then, you can't expect to sell a site each week, month, or year. The affiliate commission you earn isn't predictable.

Are you patient enough and do you have enough capital to grow the value and the authority of your sites until you do? If so, then by all means, flip sites. If not, maybe there's a better option for you. To me, local lead generation is the way to go.


If creating affiliate sites and flipping them is an attractive business model for you, The Affiliate Lab is an excellent option. Just know that there are easier and more efficient ways to make websites work for you.

For me, that’s by ranking and renting my lead generation websites that pay me on autopilot each month like this tree care site. 

Local lead generation

I dictate how much money I’m going to make and who I’m going to work with. This way I know how much money I’m going to generate each month without having to guess.

With a high barrier to entry, I have peace of mind because I’m not worried about saturation either. I'm not competing with thousands of affiliate marketers from around the world. Only 10-15 local businesses which is easier to do. 

Interested in creating your own digital real estate and have them make money for you every month?

Read about the local lead generation training program.

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  1. Do we have to invest more money after paying 1000$? Like in any tools? If yes, then how much?
    Btw, Thanks for the Review! 🙂

    1. Not exactly, but you’ll definitely need good tools in order to do the recommend SEO practices. It’s not “mandatory” but highly recommended to use a top keyword tool like SEMRush or AHRefs. I tink Moz may work also for both keyword research and backlink data.

      For keyword density you can use Website Auditor but SEO Surfer is what’s also listed in the course. Several tools related to audit work are free.

      Honestly, if you want top-level SEO results you’ll need to spend some money. However the basic ideas are what’s most important I think.

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