Leanne Scott’s Affiliate Marketing Superstars Review: 3 Ways Affiliate Marketing Superstars Makes Affiliate Marketing Profitable

March 23, 2024

Affiliate Marketing Superstars is a course about affiliate marketing strategies. It claims any blogger or site owner can make money from affiliate marketing even without having lots of traffic. The program provides basic and advanced information for affiliate marketers of different levels.

Affiliate marketing has over $17 billion market value in 2023. Experts also expect the industry to hit $27.78 billion come 2027. Currently, there are over 107,000 affiliate marketing-related companies across the world. While it’s undoubtedly a growing and profitable online business model, it can also be an overwhelming industry to get into. Competition can be tough in a saturated market. Plus since brands pay affiliate partners on a commission basis, it may not be immediately as lucrative for beginners.

This review looks into what Affiliate Marketing Superstars has to offer. We look into the training’s pros and cons, what sets it apart from other courses, what students say about it, who course creator Leanne Scott is, and more. I also share with you an alternative business model that’s guaranteed to bring you passive income way faster than affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Superstars Review: Pros And Cons


Affiliate Marketing Superstars is self-paced. Students can pause the lessons anytime and come back when they’re ready to learn more. Plus they also get lifetime access to the learning materials.

The community. The affiliate marketing course also has a private VIP Facebook group. Members may ask questions or receive support from Leanne and their fellow students.

The course is ideal for different levels of learners. Affiliate Marketing Superstars was designed as an affiliate marketer program for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners. The strategy goes beyond just including an affiliate link in your blogs.

They also have their own affiliate program. Affiliate Marketing Superstars also has an affiliate program where bloggers and site owners can earn up to 40% of commission from course and digital product sales.


Lack of in-depth reviews. While the website displays positive student testimonials, it’s hard to find reviews elsewhere. We see little to no information on various online sources, including Reddit, Quora, and YouTube, among others. Some may consider this a huge red flag.

Strategy calls will cost you money. 1-on-1 coaching calls with Leanne Scott will require additional payment on your end. A 3-hour strategy call costs $347 while the 7-hour call costs $497.

Most of the information is available online. While the training provides a comprehensive affiliate marketing course, anyone can access many of the information for free on the internet. To their defense, Leanne says users will be “unlikely to find” quality strategies in one place like they offer.




Leanne Scott has a positive reputation in the industry as a part-time general practitioner turned award-winning blogger. 


Passive Income Superstars has a private Facebook group for bloggers and online business owners with around 3.5k members.

How Much Does Affiliate Marketing Superstars Cost?

Affiliate Marketing Superstars costs $397 for the onetime payment. They also offer a split pay option of 6 installments for $75 each. Meanwhile, the affiliate marketing course also has a 7-day refund policy. Students unsatisfied with the training may request for a refund by contacting leanne@passiveincomesuperstars.com.

3 Ways Affiliate Marketing Superstars Makes Affiliate Marketing Profitable

1. Finding the right affiliate product to earn passive income.

Finding the right product to promote is important to achieve profitability in your affiliate marketing efforts. Affiliate Marketing Superstars teaches their students how to find affiliate opportunities and assess which ones are best for their niche. When done right, one blog post can “continue to make thousands of dollars every month without you even lifting a finger,” says Leanne.

2. Using ethical affiliate marketing techniques.

The program does not believe in using “pushy sales techniques” and only uses ethical strategies. According to Leanne, her goal is to teach students an affiliate marketing approach that is “honest, authentic, helpful and fosters loyalty” among their audience.

3. Diversifying the affiliate marketing strategy.

Beyond adding affiliate links on blog posts, Leanne shares other ways bloggers can make affiliate sale and diversify the income stream, such as using email marketing, Pinterest, social media, open-close-cart and flash sale.

What Is Affiliate Marketing Superstars?

Affiliate Marketing Superstars is an affiliate marketing course for online business owners and bloggers. Created by Leanne Scott, the training claims to delve “way deeper” into the passive income strategy than most other affiliate marketing programs in the market. It also teaches how to make money from affiliate marketing without having a large audience. According to Leanne, the strategies in the course helped her earn $5,000 to $6,000 per month even if her travel blog only had 40,000 page views.

The affiliate program training covers the basic and advanced affiliate marketing techniques. It also discusses different ways of earning from affiliate marketing, such as email marketing, Pinterest, social media, plus open-close-cart and flash sale strategies.

What Will You Get From Affiliate Marketing Superstars?

Module 1: The Basics

This module is specifically for beginners who want to learn how to get started with affiliate marketing.

Module 2: Joining Programs

This module teaches how to join and get accepted in different affiliate programs.

Module 3: Evaluating Programs

This part of the course focuses on how to evaluate and find the best affiliate programs. This way, site owners and bloggers can make the most money.

Module 4: The Technical Aspects

This module discusses the technical aspects, such as avoiding Amazon legal hassles. It also teaches about cloaking and geotagging affiliate links.

Module 5: Affiliate Strategy

This part of the training is all about affiliate strategy. It also discusses sales psychology and copywriting hacks.

Module 6: Crafting Blog Articles

This module shares about the 11 different types of blog posts. It discusses how to utilize and write each type, along with how to earn money from blogging.

Module 7: Pinterest AF Marketing

This part of the affiliate marketing course talks about 3 little known Pinterest affiliate strategies. It also teaches how to make money on the platform without owning a website.

Module 8: Using Social Media

This module discusses best affiliate marketing practices for social media. It teaches about how to promote affiliate product links and make the most of the algorithm on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and X (Twitter).

Module 9: Flash Sale Strategies

This module teaches about finding and promoting flash sales and open-close cart offers. According to the course, it’s possible to make 4 to 5 figures per week when this is done right.

Module 10: Email AF Marketing

This part of the course talks about email marketing strategies, such as affiliate funnel automation and newsletter monetization.

Module 11: Retargeting Strategy

This module is about reaching out to warm leads after they’ve shown interest in what you have to offer.

Module 12: Making Tweaks

This module discusses the importance of auditing affiliate results through heat maps. It also shares suggestions on how to tweak strategies, if necessary.

Along with the actual course, students also get:

✅ The Affiliate Marketing Superstars companion workbook
✅ The Affiliate Program Master List
✅ Email templates for affiliate managers
✅ Affiliate Pinterest & social media templates
✅ Affiliate Campaign Planner for Airtable

✅ Affiliate focused article templates
✅ Affiliate article checklist
✅ Open-close cart promotion checklist
✅ 3 case studies
✅ Student-only VIP Facebook Group

How Does Affiliate Marketing Superstars Help You Get The Right Traffic?

Affiliate Marketing Superstars helps you get the right traffic by identifying your target audience and determining ways to reach them. The course points out that the best time is when customers are “ready to purchase a solution to their problems.”

Leanne repeatedly reminds bloggers they don’t need a huge number of page views or social media followers to succeed in affiliate marketing. There is greater emphasis on strategy and affiliate income than on increasing traffic. “I’m going to teach you to rely less on traffic and the size of your audience or email list and focus more on strategy,” she says.

Who Is Affiliate Marketing Superstars For?

  • Bloggers who want to quit their day job and concentrate on blogging full-time.
  • Bloggers who want to make money online by learning new affiliate marketing strategies.
  • Online business owners and course creators aiming to grow their brand and income.
  • Students who have previously taken an affiliate marketing course but were unsatisfied with the results.
  • Anyone who wants to become an effective affiliate marketer.

Who Is Affiliate Marketing Superstars Not For?

  • Bloggers, business owners, and course creators who are already satisfied with their affiliate campaigns.
  • Affiliate marketers who are not willing to learn new strategies.

Are The Students Of Affiliate Marketing Superstars Getting Results?

Yes, students of Affiliate Marketing Superstars are getting results. On their website, we see several screen captured Facebook posts from unnamed students. One blogger, for example, shares how they made "$200 overnight" from a single article. "I wish I did this sooner," the person also writes. 

Another student says they successfully made $8,000 in a month after implementing the affiliate marketing strategies.

We also see highlighted testimonials on the site. Travel blogger Greta Omoboni credits the course for helping "redefine my affiliate strategy."

Angela Tempest loves the course's "actionable ideas." She recommends it to business owners and bloggers who want to use affiliate marketing as "a serious source" of passive income.

Is Affiliate Marketing Superstars Worth It?

Affiliate Marketing Superstars can be worth it for those who want to learn affiliate marketing techniques. Any aspiring affiliate hoping to make money online through the business model may want to check it out. The course promises to go beyond how to start affiliate marketing as it also covers advanced topics and offers many bonus materials.

Again, people should note that one obvious drawback is the lack of unbiased reviews. While the website displays positive student testimonials, it's hard to find negative reviews elsewhere. Without access to objective reviews that point out the advantages and disadvantages, some may think twice about buying the affiliate marketing course.

Who Is Leanne Scott?

Leanne Scott is the creator of Affiliate Marketing Superstars. She is a travel blogger, blogging coach, and affiliate marketer from Cardiff, Wales in the UK. In 2019, She founded Passive Income Superstars.

Leanne is also a part-time general practitioner locum doctor specializing in pediatrics and travel health. She studied Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBCh) at Cardiff University. She also took up GP Speciality Training (MRCGP) at the Royal College of General Practitioners.

In 2017, she became a travel writer and photographer by launching The Globetrotter GP, a “mid-budget travel blog for professionals and solo travelers.” Her post “The Justin Bieber Iceland Video – Why Responsible Travel Matters on Social Media” was given the Best Responsible Piece by Traverse Creator Awards in 2019.

She would later establish Passive Income Superstars and her signature course Affiliate Marketing Superstars. In the platform, she teaches bloggers and business owners “how to make more passive income” through “incorporating affiliate marketing, email marketing, SEO, and creating digital products.”

What is Leanne Scott's Passive Income Superstars

Passive Income Superstars is an online resource for bloggers and site owners who want to make money through affiliate marketing. It teaches strategies through free and paid courses, ebooks, and templates covering affiliate marketing, email marketing, and digital product creation. Among their popular courses are Affiliate Marketing Superstars, Email Marketing Superstars, and the Free 5-Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge.

What are Passive Income Superstars Resource Recommendations?

Passive Income Superstars Resource Recommendations are a list of recommended tools and resources for different levels of affiliate marketing learners.

Premium Courses, Ebooks and Templates

  • Affiliate Marketing Superstars ($397). The signature course of Passive Income Superstars. This comprehensive course covers basic and advanced affiliate marketing hacks, including email funnels and open-close cart strategy.
  • SEO for Affiliate Marketing Success ($45). This ebook is for bloggers who want to grow their traffic, rank on the best keywords, and achieve success in affiliate marketing campaigns. 
  • 50 Lead Magnet Canva Templates ($35). This collection of templates is for users with or without experience on Canva designing. It provides lead magnet template options for cheat sheets, checklists, planners, and more.
  • 30 Page Ebook Canva Template ($35). This ebook is for anyone who wants to create ebooks with greater ease. Users can choose their brand color, add photos, and paste their text to instantly create a professional-looking ebook.
  • Sales Funnel Page Templates ($89). This is for online business owners who want to reduce the time of creating sales pages. This includes everything from sales and lead magnet opt-in pages, to webinar and affiliate sign up pages, among others.
  • List Growth Mini Funnel Templates ($45). This bundle is for bloggers and site owners aiming to increase and earn from their email lists. It includes lead magnet opt-in template, tripwire page, bonus mockup, and more.
  • VIP Affiliate Superstar Toolkit ($85). This toolkit is ideal for anyone who wants to “fast track” their success in affiliate success. Users get to access checklists, planners, templates, video training, and more.

Free Resources

  • Free 5 Day Affiliate Marketing Course. This free mini course is for beginners who want to find out which strategies and affiliate offers are best for their blogs. It also teaches how to optimize your blog post with the highest traffic and how to do Pinterest affiliate marketing.
  • Free Digital Products Made Easy Ebook. This free ebook teaches how to make effective lead magnets. It covers everything from creating to promoting your own digital products (ebooks, planners, workbooks, etc).
  • Free Affiliate Program Cheat Sheet. This free cheat sheet can be useful for planning, creating, and running affiliate programs that increase sales of your digital products.
  • Free Digital Product / Course Launch Cheat Sheet. This cheat sheet is for first-time ebook or course creators who want to launch their products successfully.
  • Free SEO Cheat Sheet. This free collection of cheat sheets and checklists is for anyone who wants to learn SEO basics and rank their sites on Google soon.

Leanne Scott also personally recommends the following apps, tools, and gears:

  • Siteground (hosting)
  • Envato Theme Forest (WordPress theme)
  • Elementor, Thrive Leads (page builders)
  • KeySearch (keyword research tool)
  • Canva Pro, Tailwind, Tasty Pins (Pinterest tools)
  • Evergreen Countdown, Short Pixel, Thirsty Affiliates, WP Rocket (WordPress plugins)
  • WooCommerce, SendOwl (digital product delivery)
  • Awin, ShareASale, Ultimate Bundles, SkimLinks (affiliate network)
  • Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, AppSumo Stock Photos (photography tools)
  • Sony A7III, Nikon D5600, Go Pro, Osmo Pocket, Benro Travel Tripod, Manfrotto Mino Tripod (photography equipment)

What is the Passive Income Superstars Affiliate Program?

The Passive Income Superstars Affiliate Program is a program for bloggers and online business owners interested to make money online by promoting the company’s products. According to the website, people can earn as they help sell the brand’s courses, ebooks, and digital products by adding an affiliate link on their blog posts, social media channels, and more.

Commissions start at 30% and affiliates are paid via Paypal after 60 days.

Leanne Scott's Claims:

1. You don’t need lots of blog traffic to earn big affiliate income.

Leanne often highlights the importance of quality blog traffic. For example, she shares how one blog post with only 75 page views per month made her $2,400 in 20 months. She also earns $1,000 to $2,000 per month from an article with a keyword search volume of 260.

2. The course will get updated often.

As a perfectionist, Leanne promises she will "be in there making tweaks" as needed. This can be a big deal for students who want to stay updated with new market trends and strategies. 

Leanne Scott's Claims Debunked:

1. Growing traffic is a must for any successful affiliate marketing campaign.

Despite repeated claims that blog traffic quantity is mostly insignificant, Leanne acknowledges it has boosted her earnings. According to her, she began making money online when her blog only had 3,000 to 5,000 page views per month. Eventually, she made $5,000 of affiliate earnings monthly when the blog hit 30,000 to 40,000 sessions per month.

Leanne even has an ebook that discusses the topic. The course companion SEO for Affiliate Marketing Success is about how to “grow your traffic and your monetization strategies simultaneously for maximum results.”

2. The Terms & Conditions 

As their Terms & Conditions reads, Passive Income Superstars “does not warrant that any of the materials on its website are accurate, complete, or current.” Although they indicated that they “may make changes” without notice, the company does not “make any commitment to update the materials.”

What Is Affiliate Marketing Blogging?

Affiliate marketing blogging is a way for content creators to generate income from online. As they connect with affiliate marketing companies, bloggers, online business owners, social media influencers and others can earn extra money by promoting products or services on their content. Companies see the advantages of utilizing an affiliate's content since it allows them to boost brand awareness and increase sales in a cost-effective method.

An affiliate marketing blogger can earn up to $1,000 per month. They typically earn about 30% from commission sales. The total earnings per month depends on their blog traffic, the marketability of the product/service, and the number of total number of sales made per month.  

According to AuthorityHacker, 79.1% of affiliate marketers "use blogging as the main way to promote affiliate offers." The site also adds that 19.3% of affiliate marketers "create video content for affiliate product promotions."

Examples of Affiliate Marketing Bloggers

Abby Lawson is the creator and blogger behind the popular lifestyle blog Just A Girl and Her Blog. She often writes about experiences and insights about decorating and organizing her home. Through her helpful articles, Abby gets to introduce her readers to affiliate products and services relevant to her niche. Traffic-wise, the blog attracts over 57,000 organic visits per month. According to CreateAndGo, 65% of her income comes from affiliate marketing and product promotion while the remaining 35% is from selling printables, ebooks, courses, and workshops. 

John Chow owns and runs the JohnChow.com, a blog that covers everything from cars, copywriting, marketing, and more. He rose to fame after taking his blog "from making zero to over $40,000 per month in just two years." Even more impressive, John only spent 2 hours a day working on his blog to achieve that. He promotes and earns commissions from brands such as marketing software AWeber. His blog was eventually named as the Best Marketing Affiliate Blog by the 2012 Affiliate Marketing Awards. Today, JohnChow.com attracts over 200,000 daily visitors and earns around $100,000 monthly.

Author Lindsay Ostrom of food and recipe blog Pinch of Yum began blogging in 2010. She eventually turned her passion into a "full-blown business." She has since been featured in CNN, Huffington Post, and other popular media outlets. Today, Linday's blog draws 2.5 million organic visitors per month. 50% of her income comes from advertising while 20% comes from affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. Although it remains unrevealed at the moment, it's estimated that the remaining 30% of their income may be from Food Blogger Pro. In total, the blog earns over $90,000 per month.

Popular Affiliate Marketing Niches & Offers for Bloggers

Some of the most popular niches and offers for affiliate marketing bloggers are:

  • Personal finance
    SoFi ($100 to $150 per lead)
    eToro (25% of total revenue)
    CoinBase (50% commission rate)

  • Travel
    Booking.com (starts at 25% per booking)
    Expedia (3.5% to 7% commissions)
    TripAdvisor (50% to 80% commission per hotel booking)

  • Technology
    Amazon Associates (up to 10% in associate commissions)
    Microsoft (10% commission rate)
    SemRush (30% commission rate)

  • Pets
    Paw.com (20% commission rate)
    Ollie ($60 flat commission rate from each sale)
    Holista Pet (25% per sale)

  • Health and fitness 
    Walgreens (2% per sale)
    Plant Therapy (7.5% baseline commission)
    Market Health (30% to 50% per sale)

  • Fashion
    Adidas (7% to %10 on average)
    Urban Outfitters (5% per sale)
    NewChic (18% to 50% per sale)

  • Gaming 
    Acer (4% per sale)
    Alienware (1% - 6% per sale)
    Logitech (up to 8% commission rate)

  • Survival
    3V Gear (up to 14% commission rate)
    Survival Frog (12% commission rate)
    Legacy Food Storage (10% per sale)

Affiliate Marketing Superstars Alternatives

  • Passive Income Geek by Morten Storgaard. This affiliate marketing training course teaches students how to make money online by creating and growing passive income blogs.  
  • Super Affiliate System 3.0 by John Crestani. This comprehensive program teaches strategies on using paid ads and driving online traffic to your affiliate blog, so you can boost your earnings.  
  • Digital Worth Academy by Sara Young and Andrew Hansen. This course teaches you how to create and sell authority blog. It outlines the step-by-step process of earning income even if you only work several hours per day.
  • Power Lead System by Neil Guess. This platform has multiple services and tools for online marketers. It also has generous affiliate commission rates.

Conclusion: Is Affiliate Marketing Still Worth It?

Affiliate marketing is worth it if you’re aware of its drawbacks and are able to diversify your income stream. Forrester reports that 81% of advertisers and 84% of publishers today do affiliate marketing so it’s definitely a big industry with a lot of growth potential.

However, it requires time and effort to make money from this business model. Content creators have to establish their online authority to attract a strong following before they can earn from affiliate sales. Competition is also high compared with, say, 5 years ago when it was much easier for new blogs to target and rank for long tail keywords. Today, new Google updates have made it nearly impossible for new blogs to gain search engine ranking. Generally, a blog needs to post great articles consistently for at least a year before it gains the trust of Google, before it starts to rank and attract traffic.

Local lead generation

It's an entirely different story with local lead generation. The main difference with this business model is you're not competing for ranking globally but in local search engine results. With lead gen, you can rank and get traffic within 3 t 6 months with far less effort. Besides, you only need to have at least 10 to 15 pages before you can rank locally. In comparison, you might need at least 100 to 200 different articles to rank a blog. I own several lead gen sites and consistently earn up to $52,000 per month. We’ve also had over 7,000 students (and counting!) for our lead generation coaching program where we share the strategies we use to make this business model work for everyone.

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