Bailey Kramer’s Airbnb CoHosting Mini Course Review | 10 Tips to Earn 6-Figures as an Airbnb Co-Host

October 16, 2023

Bailey Kramer’s Airbnb Cohosting Mini Course is an online training program that teaches you how to start an Airbnb co-hosting business and earn 6 figures. In this short course, Bailey introduces his framework for managing an Airbnb co-hosting business. He will show you how to find clients, close deals, manage properties, automate operations and so on. 

According to Bailey, you don’t need money to start an Airbnb co-hosting business, except for LLC registration fees, which only cost between $100 to $200.  Scalability is another advantage of this business model. You can maximize your profits by co-hosting multiple properties. 

However, keep in mind that Airbnb co-hosting is more of an active income stream. That means you need to be more hands-on with the operations. This includes handling guest messages, communicating with vendors, creating price strategies and launching marketing campaigns for the listings. Another concern for STRs is that the revenue is usually seasonal. 

If you’re looking for an alternative, I highly recommend local lead generation. It’s a better investment option than Airbnb co-hosting or short-term rental real estate because it requires less workload and is easier to maintain. The income is also more predictable and the profit margin is much higher, ranging from 85% to 90%.  You can also automate the operations, making it a lucrative passive income stream. 

Local lead generation works like digital real estate. The goal is to generate leads for local businesses through results-driven websites. You can do this online business remotely and since there are no physical properties, it’s easier to maintain and more cost-efficient. You can use free digital marketing strategies like SEO or GMB optimization to boost visibility and attract new leads to your service sites. Each site you build is a revenue stream--so the more websites you build and rank, the more profit you can earn. 

What is Airbnb Co-Hosting?

Airbnb co-hosting allows property owners or STR investors to work with secondary hosts. This system gives them the option to delegate tasks and responsibilities to a co-host  while maintaining control and oversight of their Airbnb listings. As a co-host, you manage the day-to-day operations of Airbnb properties and get monthly compensation. You can earn between 15% to 20% of the gross income for each property you co-host.

Airbnb Co-Host: Duties and Responsibilities 

1. Communication

 Respond to inquiries and messages from potential guests. This includes answering their queries, providing details about the property, coordinating check-ins and check-outs and other concerns.

2. Listing management

Create and manage property listings on the Airbnb platform. This includes writing property descriptions, uploading high-quality photos and setting competitive rates.

3. Guest Screening and Approval

Some property owners delegate these tasks to a co-host. So, be prepared to conduct a thorough screening process for potential guests.

4. Booking Management

Coordinate bookings for guests and ensure to oversee the availability of the properties. For this task, you need a solid booking management system that allows you to make booking adjustments easily.

5. Property Maintenance

Communicate with cleaners and facilitate maintenance and routine schedule to ensure the property meets the standards expected by guests. Be sure to address any maintenance issues that arise during a guest’s stay.

6. Guest Support

Provide support to guests during their stay. Be sure to address any concerns they may have. It’s also a good idea to recommend the best local attractions, restaurants and other fun and interesting activities.

7. Reviews and Feedback

Getting reviews and feedback from guests is a crucial step. This can be impactful to your reputation and also help improve your services.

8. Reviews and Feedback

As a co-host, you should also help promote their listings to maximize occupancy rates and earn more profits. This includes optimizing the listings, managing social media accounts and exploring partnerships with local businesses.

9. Marketing and Promotion

As a co-host, you should also help promote their listings to maximize occupancy rates and earn more profits. This includes optimizing the listings, managing social media accounts and exploring partnerships with local businesses.

Pros and Cons of Bailey Kramer’s Airbnb CoHosting Mini Course


FREE: The online course is free for a limited time. You can access the course by simply signing up to their site. 

Credibility: The course creator, Bailey Kramer, is an expert in his craft. He co-hosts 30 Airbnb properties and also owns 2 STR properties and 2 long-term rental properties.

Insightful Presentations: Bailey has shared valuable insights about Airbnb co-hosting. He has done a tremendous job of choosing the best topics to cover. 

Step-by-Step Guidelines: Most of the presentations have provided easy-to-follow guidelines. Even those who are new to STR real estate or Airbnb can easily apply these steps. 

Good Reviews: Many people are vouching for Bailey’s STR and Airbnb expertise. The course itself has been getting some great feedback. 


Not in Chronological Order: The lectures have no particular order. It just looks like a compilation of selected YouTube videos. 

Repetitive Topics: There are some topics that have been repeated and could have been included in one presentation. 

Lack of Reviews from Other Sources: It’s hard to find genuine reviews from external sources. 


Free for a limited time 

Course Objective:

To help you build your own Airbnb co-hosting business and earn 6 figures.


YT - 727 subscribers | FB - 373 followers | IG - 3.1k followers | TikTok - 16.3k followers with 311.2k likes

Refund Policy:


What is Included in Bailey Kramer’s Airbnb CoHosting Mini-Course? 

1. What is Airbnb Co-Hosting? [4:14]

Bailey makes a short introduction of his credentials as an Airbnb co-host. He summarizes the definition of Airbnb co-hosting, including how much money you can make, the tasks involved and how much time you need to spend as an Airbnb co-host.

2. Why Now is the Best Time to Start an Airbnb Co-Hosting Business? [5:32]

In this lecture, Bailey enumerated the reasons you should start an Airbnb co-hosting business. He talks about the high demand for co-hosts (over 2 million Airbnb listings), flexibility, scalability and more.

3. How to Land Your First Airbnb Co-Hosting Client [54:57]

Learn how to land your first Airbnb co-hosting client. This presentation covers the strategies you can use to find people who need co-hosting.

4. How to Get Your First Co-Hosting Client [4:15]

This lecture covers the actionable steps to landing your first co-hosting client. It also discusses Bailey’s proven strategies in getting clients and the key elements to start your co-hosting business.

5. How to Pitch & Close Your First Airbnb Co-Hosting Client [57:55]

This lecture is a comprehensive guide on how to pitch and close deals. It involves specific rules and actionable steps you should take to pitch and close clients successfully.

6. How to Set up Co-hosting Properties 100% Remotely [8:28]

Find out how you can set up co-hosting properties remotely. Bailey provides a detailed task list when setting up your co-hosting business. This includes creating the right team members and where to find them. He will also give you some hacks for smoother and more cost-efficient operations.

7. How to Manage Airbnb Co-Hosting Properties 100% Remotely [57:10]

Learn how you can manage Airbnb co-hosting properties remotely. In this presentation, Bailey breaks down the checklist when managing properties remotely. He will also discuss with you some contingency plans for certain situations.

8. Why Co-Hosting is 100x Better Than Arbitrage [53:07]

Bailey dissects why co-hosting is a better investment option than rental arbitrage. This presentation also covers the 3 different Airbnb strategies, the pros and cons of each strategy and how to get started.

9. How Matt Landed His 1st 2 Co-Hosting Units in 6 Weeks [1:20:16]

Bailey introduces Matt Thomas to share with you his success story with Airbnb co-hosting. He will also give you some tips on how to maximize your profits using Bailey’s business model.

10. Top 3 Pricing Tips to Maximize Your Airbnb Revenue [4:20]

Bailey shares his top pricing strategies to maximize your Airbnb revenue. This includes the best tools you can use for profitable pricing schemes. He also gives some pricing tips to boost your listing’s occupancy rates during off-seasons.

11. How Technology is Changing Airbnb [5:20]

This video is a short discussion of Bailey’s top Airbnb innovative predictions, including virtual reality, AI, drones and even robots.

12. Best Channel Manager to Use as an Airbnb Co-Host [8:14]

Find out Bailey’s recommended channel manager that will make your life easier. This tool will help you automate guest communication, manage calendars, communicate with cleaners and sync prices across platforms. Bailey also discusses the major pitfalls of each tool and when you should set it up.

Who is Bailey Kramer's Airbnb CoHosting Mini Course for?

  • The Airbnb Co-hosting Mini-Course is for anyone interested in investing in real estate or short-term rentals.
  • This course can also help those who already own, co-host or arbitrage short-term rental properties and want to improve their processes and systems.
  • Individuals who want to earn supplemental income may also benefit from this course.

What Do People Say About Bailey Kramer's Airbnb Co-Hosting Mini-Course?

Many people are saying good things about Bailey Kramer and his Airbnb Co-Hosting Mini-Course. There are several success stories posted on his site. His followers on online also find his Airbnb co-hosting lectures helpful. 

Success Stories

1. Courtney and Carmen  

Courtney is a mortgage loan officer, and Carmen is an ER nurse in South Florida. They both had no experience with STR and Airbnb co-hosting. But after completing the program and applying what they’ve learned, they immediately landed their first Airbnb co-hosting client. According to Courtney, they got all the support and knowledge they need to set up and manage their own co-hosting business.

2. Adam and Tori 

Like Courtney and Carmen, Adam and Tori also had ZERO experience with co-hosting. They said they really worked on their processes based on Bailey’s video presentations and modules. After 2 weeks of setting up their system, they landed their first Airbnb co-hosting client. And in 4 weeks, they have scaled their business to 4 co-hosting units!

3. Matt

Matt had some huge wins after working with Bailey. With no prior co-hosting experience, he landed his first 2 clients within 6 weeks of joining the program. According to Matt, the course has been impactful and beneficial in starting his short-term renal business. He didn’t have any knowledge or concept of how to manage units or get clients. He also mentioned that the modules have been really helpful for him, especially the tools and systems that the program has provided for him.

Who is Bailey Kramer? 

Bailey Kramer is an investor, entrepreneur and Airbnb co-host. He owns and manages short-term and long-term rental properties in 5 different states. In one of his videos, he mentioned that he uncovered his passion for real estate when he was 19 years old, after reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. The following year, he bought his first investment property.  

Over the years, Bailey has focused on growing his rental real estate portfolio. A few years later, he founded a co-hosting company and now managing 30 co-hosting units. Bailey is also an educator, creating training programs and online courses for real estate investments and co-hosting. He's been working with Claire Rosenberg, another successful Airbnb co-host business owner and real estate investor. 

Is Bailey Kramer a Scam? 

Bailey Kramer is not a scam. The co-hosting mini-course that he’s offering is free. You can easily access his lectures on his YouTube channel. There are also a handful of video testimonials about his presentations, services and expertise. The training program he designed with Claire has helped several people start their own co-hosting business and had some great wins as well. 

How Much Money Can You Make Co-hosting on Airbnb?

You can make at least $1,000 to $1,500 per month by co-hosting one Airbnb property. However, the monthly compensation you can earn depends on the gross revenues that the properties generate. On average, you can earn between 15% and 20% of the monthly gross income. So, if you’re co-hosting one property and it brings in $5,000 per month, you earn $1,000 for 20% co-hosting rates. 

10 Tips to Earn 6 Figures as an Airbnb Co-Host

Tip #1: Understand the Market.

Conduct in-depth market research to determine the demand for vacation or short-term rentals. Look for popular destinations, business hubs or event locations where travelers frequently visit.

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Tip #2: Select the Right Property to Co-Host.

Be sure to evaluate each potential property you plan to co-host. Check the location and amenities they offer. Some factors to consider include proximity to tourist attractions, public transportation, environment and overall safety. 

Tip #3: Optimize Listing.

Create an impressive Airbnb listing by highlighting the best features of your property. Use high-quality photos and write detailed descriptions to attract potential guests. You can include valuable features like reliable internet services, accessible parking space and air conditioning.

Tip #4: Set Competitive Rates.

Pricing is crucial to STRs. Set competitive rates based on market research and current demand. Check out similar properties within the area and make necessary adjustments. Other pricing factors to consider include seasonality, local events and holidays. In the course, Bailey does not recommend using the Airbnb Smart Pricing tool because of inaccuracy. He mentioned that the rates the tool suggests are too low.

Tip #5: Aim for Stellar Guest Experience.

Providing exceptional customer service is crucial for generating positive reviews and attracting more bookings. Be professional and be sure to respond promptly to guest inquiries. Provide clear instructions and be accommodating. Ensure the property is clean, well-maintained and stocked with essential supplies.

Tip #6: Launch Marketing and Promotional Campaigns.

Use various marketing strategies to boost visibility and attract more guests. Many successful Airbnb co-hosts today use social media marketing and paid ads to increase engagement. Consider offering discounts and promotions to maximize occupancy rates. Create referral programs to encourage repeat bookings and positive word-of-mouth.

Tip #7: Aim for Superhost Status.

Strive to achieve and maintain Superhost status on Airbnb. Superhosts receive better visibility, higher search rankings and increased credibility. Here are the requirements to become an Airbnb Superhost: 

  • Hosted at least 10 trips or 3 reservations that total at least 100 nights 

  • Maintain a high response rate (at least 90% or higher)

  • Maintain a less than 1% cancellation rate 

  • Maintain a 4.8 overall rating

Tip #8: Expand and Upscale.

Once you have established a successful hosting operation, consider expanding your portfolio. You can manage multiple properties or partner with other property owners to increase your earning potential. Scaling your operation can significantly maximize your profits. 

Tip #9: Streamline Operations.

Implement systems and tools that can help streamline hosting operations. Invest in property management software or Airbnb management services to automate tasks like guest communication, reservation, check-ins and cleaning schedules. This will free up time and allow you to focus on growing your business.

Tip #10: Aim for Consistency and Improvement.

Keep yourself updated with the latest trends, guest feedback and changes in Airbnb policies. Find ways on how to improve your skills and overall services. Consider investing in property upgrades and adapting to the changing needs of your guests.

Airbnb CoHosting Mini Course Alternatives

  • Airbnb Breakdown Academy - If you’re interested in rental arbitrage, Bryon Blocker and Inayah McMillan’s Airbnb Breakdown Academy is a good option. This course will teach you everything you need to know to get started. This includes researching properties, using automation tools and much more.
  •  Real Estate Robinsons - Tony and Sara Robinson is a husband and wife duo that specializes in short-term rental real estate. If you’re looking to broaden your rental real estate knowledge, this training program is for you.
  •  Airbnb Accelerator - This is another Airbnb arbitrage training course. In this program, Humza Zafar will teach you his business model, including how to start, scale and automate an Airbnb arbitrage business.
  •  Airbnb Pricing Workshop - Matt Caissie’s Airbnb Pricing Workshop will teach you how to develop a profitable pricing strategy for your Airbnb listing. This guide also includes the top 5 Airbnb pricing tools you can use for your properties.
  •  Airbnb Kickstart Course - Also known as the STR Kickstart Course, Kyle Stanley shows how to make a 6-figure income in under 12 months, using his rental arbitrage business model.

Is Bailey Kramer’s Airbnb CoHosting Mini Course Worth Your Time? 

Yes, Bailey Kramer’s Airbnb Co-Hosting Mini Course is worth your time. There are so many valuable lessons you will learn about Airbnb co-hosting. As mentioned, Bailey has helped a lot of real estate investors and Airbnb co-hosts. Many people are vouching for his services and expertise. However, the course isn’t that organized. Some topics may seem repetitive as it seemed like it’s just a compilation of Bailey’s selected online tutorials. But overall, it’s a valuable course about Airbnb co-hosting. 

5 Reasons Local Lead Generation is a Better Business Model than Airbnb Co-Hosting 

  • Predictable Income - One concern for Airbnb co-hosting or STRs is that the income is usually seasonal. With local lead generation, the cash flow is more predictable, making it easier for you to upscale your business and maximize profits. 
  • Higher Profits - With co-hosting, you can earn up to 20% of the monthly generated gross revenues. The profit margin for local lead generation can range from 85% to 90%. The estimate profits you can earn from local lead generation service site is $2,000 to $2,5000 monthly. 
  • Passive Income - As mentioned earlier, co-hosting is active income. You need to be hands on with the operations. With local lead generation, you can easily automate the tasks and you can do it remotely, making it a lucrative passive income stream.
  • Easier to Maintain - Local lead generation works like digital real estate. There are no physical properties, so the maintenance costs are much cheaper. You can also free digital marketing strategies like SEO to rank and rent websites. 
  • Scalability - Both business models are scalable. However, it’s a lot easier to scale a local lead generation since you can do it 100% remotely. 

Check out this local lead generation coaching program for more information on our #1 business opportunity choice

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