Airbnb Kickstart Course Review—How To Achieve 6 Figures in Under a Year

February 19, 2024

Airbnb Kickstart Course is a self-paced program by Kyle Stanley that focuses on utilizing rental arbitrage to make a 6-figure income in under 12 months. This online course is also called the STR Kickstart Course. It teaches you how to make money with Airbnb without owning property, automate and scale your short-term rental operations, and increase your Airbnb listings to grow your monthly passive income.

Airbnb rental arbitrage will be more profitable in 2024 because of a 32% surge in domestic travel in the U.S. from 2020. While you can earn sizable Airbnb income from increased vacation rental bookings, an Airbnb business’s success is still unpredictable and depends on the current demand. You must also consider changing local regulations, potential tenant damages, and a saturated market.

Local lead generation is far from being saturated. Since you’re dealing with local services, there is less competition. This makes it easier to make money online through the rank and rent business model. You create a website for local products or services and organically rank it in Google. When leads start calling, you forward them to local business owners. This way, you own the website and the business owner rents them out. You can generate up to 7 figures in revenue per month just by renting out your digital real estate assets. It offers you more profit for significantly lesser time and effort than the physical real estate involved in rental arbitrage.

Airbnb Kickstart Course Pros and Cons


Kyle Stanley has ample experience in real estate investing.

Kyle has a huge following on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Purchasing the course offers access to exclusive groups, resources, and templates.

Kyle recommends doing the course for only 3-4 hours per week.


Kyle emphasizes that you should have the money to get started with an Airbnb business.

The online course is not a mentorship program.

Airbnb Kickstart Course is a bit expensive.


Airbnb Kickstart Course costs $1,497. You can also choose 3 payments of $582 per month.




Kyle Stanley has 2 Facebook groups: STR 6 Figure Formula Community (473 members) and AirBnB Masterminds (153.5k members)

Refund Policy

30-day money-back guarantee, but with more specific terms


The course is under The Fearless Investor, which was founded in 2019.


Kyle Stanley has 22.3K Instagram followers, 14.1K YouTube subscribers, 1.2K Facebook followers, 789 TikTok followers, and a 4.9 rating in Apple Podcast.

How To Achieve 6 Figures in Under a Year

You can achieve 6 figures in under a year through Kyle Stanley’s FORSE Method (Find, Operate, Repeat, Systematize, Expand). This approach focuses on these key steps to starting and scaling your Airbnb business:

  • Find - Search for undervalued properties with a high potential for increased demand. This step also includes finding willing landlords and negotiating with them. Additionally, consider the best cities for Airbnb arbitrage.

  • Operate - Before operating, you must buy furniture and appliances, file taxes and other legal documents, set nightly rates, and create your Airbnb listing.

  • Repeat - Do the first two steps again to add another property to your vacation rental portfolio.

  • Systematize - After adding two or more properties, it’s time to develop a solid Airbnb business system. This comprises creating a pricing strategy, building marketing plans, and adding value to the guest experience.

  • Expand - You don’t have to limit your Airbnb business. Adding multiple listings allows you to scale your monthly revenue. You can also automate your short-term rental business by hiring a team to handle all the operations.

While the FORSE Method is a great way to grow your Airbnb business, joining Airbnb courses is essential to acquire valuable skills. They help you become an expert Airbnb host and achieve multiple positive reviews.

What is Airbnb Kickstart Course?

Airbnb Kickstart Course is an online course created by Kyle Stanley that discusses the Airbnb rental arbitrage business model. This program is also called the STR Kickstart Course. It teaches aspiring real estate investors how to start an Airbnb business, increase potential customers and bookings, and enhance the guest experience. The course also offers insight into the problems Airbnb hosts face, like learning the Airbnb algorithm and implementing effective guest communication.

What Do You Get With Airbnb Kickstart Course?

With the Airbnb Kickstart Course, you get lifetime access to 9 modules of self-paced educational videos, contracts and templates, a comprehensive shopping list, a market evaluation kit, and exclusive access to their Facebook groups. They also offer top recommendations from experts, a free Airbnb Profit Calculator, and a one-on-one onboarding call with Kyle Stanley.

His students will learn how to:

  • Find high-value leads

  • Identify and acquire rental arbitrage properties

  • Raise money for property acquisition

  • Get 5-star reviews using industry best practices

  • Create Airbnb listings

  • Automate Airbnb business processes using technology

  • Optimize vacation rental pricing

  • Hire a team and develop systems

  • Establish multiple listings

  • Scale their Airbnb business to 6 figures in under 12 months

Who is Airbnb Kickstart Course for?

Airbnb Kickstart Course is for beginners and real estate investors who want to learn the core foundation of the Airbnb rental arbitrage business model. It shows you how to find the best properties, pitch to landlords, and scale your Airbnb business revenue to $100K in less than a year. This course is also perfect for those who want to grow their short-term rental business through multiple listings.

Who is the Founder of Airbnb Kickstart Course?

The founder of the Airbnb Kickstart Course is Kyle Stanley. He is an Airbnb operator and coach, a real estate investor, and a content creator living in Fresno, California. Kyle is also the owner of The Fearless Investor podcast.

After graduating from Point Loma Nazarene University, he began his career in 2012 as a sports TV anchor. Kyle started Airbnb hosting in 2015 and discovered real estate investing in September 2018. He also joined the Than Merrill Fix ‘N Flip seminar in January 2019, which motivated him to rent out, flip, and sell properties. In just 9 months, Kyle was making $25K monthly. Now, he is a millionaire earning a $500K income each month.

What is The Fearless Investor?

The Fearless Investor is Kyle Stanley’s podcast and YouTube Channel. He started it in 2019, which was previously called Fearless Flipping. Kyle talks about making money with real estate, Airbnb, and other investment opportunities on these platforms. He discusses practical ways to grow a vacation rental portfolio without owning property. Besides sharing about his success in Airbnb rental arbitrage, Kyle also tackles the common problems and skills needed to provide rich guest experiences and increased bookings.

What is the 6FF Membership?

The 6FF Membership, also known as the 6-Figure Formula, is a membership program that costs $49 monthly with a $10,200 value. It gives access to:

  • The Airbnb Kickstart Course/STR Kickstart Course

  • Weekly question-and-answer sessions

  • Airbnb document templates

  • A complete shopping list for furnishing properties

  • Market evaluation tools

  • Rental arbitrage scripts

  • Software discounts (Hostaway, Price Labs, and many more)

  • An exclusive community of industry professionals

  • Videos about the A-Z of Airbnb rental arbitrage

Airbnb Kickstart Course Testimonials

The Airbnb Kickstart Course garnered positive reviews from different students. On Kyle’s website, Ben and Bethany have testimonial screenshots. They expressed their gratitude for Kyle’s Airbnb course and coaching program. It helped them quit their 9-to-5 jobs and list more properties as short-term rentals.

How Much Can You Earn With Airbnb Short-Term Rental (STR)?

You can earn an average of $1,000-$2,000 net monthly per property with Airbnb short-term rental. While this amount is achievable, specific factors still affect your monthly earnings. These factors include the property’s size, location, local events, seasons, and public transportation options. You can scale your Airbnb income to 6 figures by increasing your potential customers, initiating strategic social media marketing, and aiming for a high weekly booking rate.

Is Airbnb Kickstart Course Worth It?

Airbnb Kickstart Course is worth it if you can absorb all the tips, strategies, concrete steps, and insights discussed by Kyle Stanley. In this course, he offers comprehensive videos and materials to help you succeed in your Airbnb business without owning property. Kyle focuses on key topics like Airbnb algorithms, vacation rental pricing, and proper guest communication.

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Local Lead Generation Still Outshines Airbnb Rental Arbitrage This 2024

Local lead generation still outshines Airbnb rental arbitrage this 2024. Acquiring digital real estate assets is the new trend, given the growth in the digital industry. A good example of this is creating websites for local services. These websites are your “digital assets”. They can generate high-value leads by organically ranking them on Google.

Alternatively, traditional real estate like Airbnb rental arbitrage requires significant time, money, and effort. You may need to look for high-potential properties and negotiate with landlords continuously to earn a consistent income stream each month.

The local lead generation business model is easy to set up, run, and maintain. It offers a more profitable and scalable digital real estate passive income. You can make more money with this online business by generating high-quality leads that are ready to convert. The more leads you can forward to local business owners, the higher your potential income will be.

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