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Top 20 Amazon FBA Courses for Beginners (Private Label or Wholesale Businesses)

March 15, 2024

Finding an excellent Amazon FBA course for beginners at the start of your Amazon business is essential for your success. The best Amazon FBA course will include training on opening an Amazon Seller Central account, using updated product research strategies to find a profitable product, tactics to optimize your product listing, proven marketing ideas for Amazon PPC and Amazon SEO, and lifetime access to course updates, mentorships, and student groups. The best beginner course will be a step-by- step guide rather than a generalized collection of surface-level information.

For more help to choosing the best Amazon FBA course for you, read our “Are Amazon FBA Courses Worth It?” article on the 7 qualities every FBA course should have.

But for now, look at our top 20 Amazon FBA courses for beginners of private label or wholesale businesses.

What is Amazon FBA Private Label?

Amazon FBA private label is when an Amazon seller finds a product with no brand. The seller creates their own brand and puts their logo and label on it. Then, the manufacturer sends the private label product to an Amazon warehouse. The Amazon FBA seller pays FBA fees, and Amazon handles the packaging/shipping of the product.

With private labeling, it’s easier to win the Amazon buy box if you are not competing with other sellers with the same branded items. But, to become a successful Amazon seller, you will need to invest an exorbitant amount of startup costs, typically around $15K-$20K, for your best chance of keeping up with the competitive market.

To learn more about this Amazon FBA business model, read What is Amazon FBA private label?

Amazon FBA Private Label Courses For Beginners

  • Private Label Masters by Tim Sanders is our favorite overall private label course for any level of Amazon seller, but it’s great for beginners because of its in-depth information on setting up your private label FBA business, 3 full hours on product research, and access to the course presenter. Tim is an 8-figure FBA seller and holds weekly live calls where students can ask questions. The downside? Private Label Masters is $5K, so beginners will need to understand that they’ll have to make a significant investment before making any sustainable income.
  • Seller Systems was created by an actively selling, 8-figure Amazon expert. Seller Systems is a platform with a few courses, which range from beginner friendly to an advanced level. Start with a free Amazon SEO Masterclass to see if you like Brandon’s teaching style and the business model. Then, you can take the Amazon Private Label Masterclass, PPC Masterclass, and Launch Masterclass before committing to the high-ticket Inner Circle. With the Inner Circle, you get access to live office hours and classes. The cost of this is $2000, and you’ll pay an annual $1000 fee for access to the Facebook group and lives.
  • AMZ Formula is part private label strategy, part inspiration. Joshua Crisp teaches the course. He is a 7-figure Amazon earner 8-figure eCommerce earner. The basic information provided in the AMZ Formula is perfect for beginners, as is the Facebook group and chatroom for students. This is also one of the more affordable FBA courses, clocking in at $1997 (but almost always on sale for $997).
  • Amazing Selling Machine by Matt Clark, Mike McClary, and Rich Henderson is another more expensive, but quality choice for beginner private label sellers. You will have access to the ASM mentorship program, which is really access to successful students who have built profitable Amazon stores. There is also an enormous Facebook community of 30,000 students, so you will quickly build relationships and get your questions answered. This course is also $5K.
  • Ecom Freedom by Dan Vas is another great choice for beginners because it has a 7-day, risk-free trial. The total cost of the course is $1747. Dan created the course in 2017 and still sells on Amazon along with many members of his staff. Also, you have mentorship access with other 7-figure sellers through private Facebook messenger. This kind of support can shorten your own learning curve while starting your Amazon business.
  • Just One Dime, hosted by Seth Kniep, has two membership plans perfect for beginners. The Basic plan is only $997, and you can upgrade to Premium when you’re ready for $3997. With the Basic plan, you will receive the course and training materials only; for Seth’s mentorship and Facebook group, you will have to upgrade. But, depending on your learning style, this might be the best. You will review the course material and learn the basics before diving in with mentorship and actionably selling on Amazon.
  • Freedom Ticket by Kevin King is a very basic course that teaches students about Helium 10 software. Because there is no support, it almost didn’t make our list of courses for beginners. But, The Freedom Ticket course helps students start their businesses for the low price of $39/month. They also have a 7-day money-back guarantee, and will train you on every aspect of Helium 10. This tool was voted best Amazon Software Company of Seller Poll.
  • Zon Ninja Masterclass with Kevin David is another option for private label beginners. Amazon FBA Ninja costs $1997, and you will access over 40 hours of video trainings and a private Facebook group. You will also learn how to automate some of your business through Zonbase, but this comes at an additional cost.
  • Savvy Seller FBA is a comprehensive Amazon FBA private label course created by Abby Anokye, also known as Learn with Abby. It offers an extensive dive into the world of Amazon FBA with over 100 classes and 15 hours of content. Abby, a successful 7-figure Amazon seller with over three years of experience, guides students through product research, sourcing, branding, and marketing. The course costs approximately $1,997 (or two payments of $1,111). Additionally, the course is a significant investment because of its expensive subscription cost of up to $5,237 and the additional $3,000 - $7,000 needed for startup. Despite these costs, the course's value is evident in the positive feedback from Abby's students and her own transformation from a $70,000 per year job to earning $70,000 per month through Amazon FBA. However, you should know the 14-day money-back guarantee, which becomes void if over 20% of the course is completed. Savvy Seller FBA stands out for its thoroughness and transparency, offering a robust learning experience for those committed to making a significant investment in their Amazon FBA education.
  • AMZ Fast Lane course designed by Alec John is an in-depth approach to teaching individuals how to succeed as private label sellers on Amazon. Alec used his own experience in the Amazon Marketplace to craft a program that aims to impart his knowledge and strategies. This course has a comprehensive content , covering essential aspects from product research and supplier negotiation to advanced marketing tactics and PPC advertising. The price of Alec John’s AMZ Fast Lane course is $1997. Despite mixed reviews and criticisms about the course, the inclusion of real-life experiences and practical lessons reflects a tailored educational journey for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs in Amazon FBA. 

Amazon Private Label Courses That are NOT for Beginners

If you’re an Amazon FBA private label beginner, steer clear of these courses:

  • FBA Masterclass by Tom Wang is an excellent course. But, its price of almost $7K makes it too much for a brand new seller, especially when the cost of a private label business is upwards of $15K on top of the cost of the course.
  • Blue Sky Amazon is another popular course that’s been around for years. But, the course is outdated, and there are better courses that offer more helpful resources for beginners.
  • Marketplace Superheroes is another high-ticket private label course. However, their strategy encourages students to set up an Amazon store with 5 products. This strategy can work, but for a complete beginner, it may be too costly and too intimidating. Consider this course as you grow and scale your Amazon business. 
Not a beginner? Check out these 10 Amazon Private Label Courses, ranked from expensive to cost-effective.

What is Amazon FBA Wholesale?

Amazon FBA wholesale is another business model. It involves sourcing branded products from a supplier, purchasing them at a lower price, and selling them on Amazon at a higher price. After purchasing the product, your supplier sends it directly to an Amazon warehouse that will handle all the shipping for a hefty fee. 

It’s much more difficult to win the buy box with Amazon wholesale because other sellers will list the same product. But you won’t have to design your own product listing, logo, and brand. Thus, the Amazon wholesale business model is much less expensive to start than private label (starting around $5K is much more plausible.)

Don’t know which Amazon FBA business model is right for you? Read our full breakdown of Amazon FBA wholesale vs. private label. And consider taking the Proven Amazon Course by Jim Cockrum. This low-cost Amazon course ($499 or $29/month) has trainings on Amazon private label, Amazon wholesale, online arbitrage, and more.

Amazon FBA Wholesale Courses for Beginners

  • The Wholesale Formula was created by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost, who teach the reverse sourcing wholesale strategy. Instead of purchasing a product from wholesalers, Wholesale Formula students source products directly from a manufacturer. This course is great for beginners because of the weekly live coaching calls and the lower price of $2,497. Plus, this course has a tight-knit following of sellers that support each other. Finally, when Dan and Dylan reach a certain number of students, they close the course. This is good for beginners because it means that you will receive more individualized attention.
  • The Online Selling Experiment teaches topics like wholesale, retail arbitrage, online arbitrage and more. This is a great option for beginners because arbitrage is a great way to get your feet wet before buying large amounts of bulk product. Plus, Ryan has been in the game since 2008, so he has over a decade of expertise to share. The cost of their wholesale 8-week program is $499, but you can purchase “Implementation Assistance” for $1500. This service gets you special assignments to push you, weekly group coaching, 24 hour email help, and more.
  • Online Retail Mastery is a thorough Amazon FBA course by Beau Crabill. It’s good for beginners because it’s very organized. You won’t have to sift through a ton of information or base-level examples. However, I only recommend this course for 2022. As of October 2021, Beau sold Online Retail Mastery, and it’s unclear how the new owners will update it in the future.

If this course doesn't sound right for you, consider Seller Circle. But if you're looking for something more advanced? Check out these Amazon Wholesale courses, or our ultimate list of best Amazon FBA courses in 2022.

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