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Amazon Product Packaging that Converts – 7 Quick Tips

April 13, 2022

According to Sellerapp, over 140,000 third-party Amazon sellers make at least six figures in sales per year on the Amazon marketplace. 

If you want to achieve a high level of success on Amazon like these sellers, you’ll need to optimize across your entire Amazon business. 

While juggling all the other responsibilities of an Amazon store, many sellers overlook the importance of their Amazon packaging. 

Your Amazon packaging is part of the overall customer experience of your product or brand. 

It can be used as an additional attractor in your product image, turn customers into repeat customers or even influence a buyer not to return your product by increasing the perceived quality of the item. 

Even though it may cost more upfront, product package can majorly influence the trajectory of your Amazon business.

Continue reading for seven tips on creating Amazon product packaging that converts and grows your business. 

1. Amazon FBA Labeling and Packaging Requirements

Before doing anything fancy to "wow" your customer, you need to review and create packaging that complies with Amazon’s packaging requirements

Your products will not make any sales unless Amazon approves it, so this is an essential step to take. 

You also don’t want to spend money on product packaging that is non-compliant, only to have Amazon repackage it with standard packaging before it reaches your customer. 

Amazon FBA Barcode Requirements

Each product unit must have an exterior scannable barcode. The type of barcode you use is based on your situation as a seller, so make sure you review Amazon’s barcode requirements to help determine which is right for you. 

For most sellers, an Amazon barcode is the best option. These are also known as a Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit, or FNSKU for short. While manufacturer issued barcodes allow for the intermingling of the same product in Amazon’s system, an FNSKU ensures your product a unique identity. 

For example, if you sell a product sourced from a manufacturer that is also sold by other sellers on Amazon, they would all have the same manufacturer barcode. In this case, Amazon may fulfill orders with inventory from the fulfillment center that is closest to the customer making the purchase. With an FNSKU, there is no chance of product intermingling or order replacement because your product is registered as a unique item.

Country of Origin and Legal Information

If you're importing a product into the US, your product needs to contain the country of origin clearly visible on the product packaging. 

Some product categories also require that you explicitly state legal or other information on the box. For example, products in the toys category should include the age range and a choking hazard warning. 

Pro Tip: If you’re unsure whether your product needs any additional information on the product packaging, check a competitor’s packaging to verify. 

Packaging Material

Amazon provides instructions for packaging products and outlines the types of materials that you can use. The two main types of packaging are six-sided boxes and transparent poly bags.

When packaging your products safely for transit, Amazon only allows specific packing material. 

  • Bubble wrap
  • Full sheets of paper
  • Inflatable air pillows
  • Polyethylene foam sheeting
  • Any type of packaging peanut
  • Foam strips
  • Crinkle wrap
  • Styrofoam
  • Shredded paper
  • Thermocol chips

No Loose Products

Each unit you are selling needs to be contained in a single box. Amazon does not assemble the product for you if there are loose pieces. For example, if you are selling a shoe rack with separate pieces, all pieces per unit must be in the same box with the same barcode when they arrive at the Amazon fulfillment center. 

2. Brand Name and Contact Information

Presenting your brand name clearly on the box with easily accessible contact info shows confidence and professionalism in your product and brand. It tells customers you are open to feedback and can readily assist them if they encounter any issues with your product. This turns customers into repeat customers and encourages them to recommend your brand to others because it shows you care about your customers’ satisfaction.

3. Product Packaging Inserts

Including a packaging insert in your product packaging can benefit your Amazon business in multiple ways. Product inserts can include:

  • Request for Product Review
  • Discounts
  • Mission/Brand Story
  • Thank You

Request for Product Review

Requesting a review shows customers you value their opinion. Reviews are also one of the most important aspects of your product listing because they show potential customers there is consumer acceptance of your product. Including a request for a review with your product helps to increase customer reviews and improve your product listing to drive more sales. 

If you’re going to include a request for review on a product insert, make sure you don’t break Amazon guidelines. 

You cannot:

  • Explicitly request a positive review
  • Move negative reviews away from Amazon
  • Incentivize the customer to leave a product review


Including a discount on your product insert is an excellent upselling tactic. A discount motivates customers to buy additional products from your brand, especially if they are happy with the product they already purchased. 

Mission/Brand Story

Including your mission statement or brand story helps your customers to resonate with your brand and builds brand loyalty. This is especially true when your product is in a niche market or engages in some activity for the benefit of society.

For example, say you are selling yoga mats that are made from recycled materials and your company mission is to help yoga practitioners live more sustainable lifestyles. Yogis are likely to be happier with your product, knowing its use serves a deeper purpose. This promotes brand loyalty and stimulates organic word-of-mouth marketing, as customers are proud of using the product. 

Thank You

Simply thanking your customer for buying your product is a polite gesture that shows the customer you value their support. If your product serves the customer’s needs well, this extra gesture can increase brand loyalty and repeat purchasing. 

DO NOT INCLUDE: Marketing Material

While there are many acceptable uses of product inserts, including any marketing material is against Amazon policy. Your product inserts should not include pamphlets for other products, non-Amazon labels or pre-priced labels. 

4. Main Keyword on Product Packaging

In his Private Label Masters Course, Tim Sanders suggests including the keyword on the product packaging. Including the keyword on the packaging in the product images can make your product jump off the page for the potential customer. If an Amazon shopper wants to buy containers for preparing meals in advance and they use the search term “meal prep containers” to begin their search, the highlighted item is likely to stick out among the competition. 

It’s the keyword phrase they already have in their mind, making them more likely to buy as long as other product listing factors indicate a good purchase.

5. Design that Aligns with Product and Brand

Completing the steps to join Amazon’s brand registry is a step in the right direction to establishing your brand, but it’s just the start. As an FBA seller, branding is an important consideration and your product packaging is a primary medium to express your brand. 

The product packaging should incorporate the elements of your brand where possible, including the font, color, shape, imagery and texture. 

This vegan chocolate is a good example. The product packaging incorporates an elegant font with images of the cocoa plant in its natural setting and form. The colors are vibrant but natural and they make the box with recycled cardboard that produces an unrefined texture. 

A box with a modern-looking font, neon colors and a box that is waxy to the touch would not fit with a vegan product like the above. 

Target the Right Demographic

Design your product packaging with your target audience in mind. For example, if you are selling men’s sportswear, your product packaging should resonate with men who are athletes. 

In this example, a sleek design with dark colors incorporated and some athletic related words like “speed” or “always improving” would likely go over well with most men. Including light colored, cartoon sport images would not resonate well with men because this is something you would expect geared toward adolescent athletes. 

Packaging your product in a way that aligns with your brand and target market shows your product’s authenticity in its entirety.

6. Amazons Frustration Free Packaging

Struggling to access a product from its packaging diminishes the excitement of receiving a new item. Also, more packaging and boxes than necessary are annoying to discard while being harmful to the environment. 

Amazon offers several packaging programs for FBA sellers, including Frustration Free Packaging (FFP). Frustration free packaging allows sellers to package their products in a way that is:

  • Cost-effective

  • Protective
  • Easy to open
  • Low packaging waste

Amazon requires that you get certified to partake in the program by:

  1. Enrolling through Amazon Seller Central

  2. Providing packaging images for review

  3. Shipping your samples to Amazon’s packaging certification laboratory for transit testing

There are actually three tiers to the Frustration Free Packaging program, with Tier 1 providing the most benefit. 

FFP allows a hassle free unboxing experience for your customer. Also, participation in a program that promotes sustainable packaging improves the social perception of your brand and product. 

7. Hire a Designer

Your product can make you from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars during its lifetime. Amazon experts and gurus alike are quick to recommend the extra expense of a designer for Amazon product packaging. 

A high-quality designer can substantially enhance the perception of your product. They can create packaging that brings out the best qualities of your brand and product. Also, they have expertise in the styles that are popular in the marketplace to make your product stick out. 

Before reaching out to a designer, you will need to request the die cuts from your supplier so the designer has the boxing blueprints to work from. 

There are many options for hiring a designer to create your Amazon product packaging. Sites like Fiverr and Upwork are great places to find quality talent. Above image is from a designer from Upwork selling his services for $100.

However, freelancers from these sites will need you to provide them with specific ideas for the package design. If you aren’t the creative type or just don’t want to spend the time researching the marketplace and coming up with package ideas, your best option may be an Amazon FBA specific design company. 

Companies like Outlinematic can assist you with any visual aspect of your Amazon store, from product listing to package design. Although their services come at a premium, they have high-level knowledge of the space and will require minimal effort on your end to create product packaging that pops.


If you want to be a successful Amazon FBA seller, there are many aspects of your business you must give attention to. 

While Amazon PPC and optimizing your Amazon listing can drive interest and purchasing of your products, your product packaging can seal the deal for customer retention and future purchases. 

Creating product packaging that improves the experience of your Amazon customer can set your brand and products above the competition. 

Amazon product packaging is just another tool in your Amazon business toolkit. It plays an important role in increasing the perception of your brand, driving sales, getting more 5 star reviews and increasing your visibility within the Amazon marketplace. 

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