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53 Best Business To Start In New Zealand-Time To Run Your Own Show

December 3, 2021

New Zealand.

More than just sheep, rugby, and rolling hills.

It's also the perfect place for business startups.

Advancements in technology.

Government assistance and venture capital opportunities.

For entrepreneurial hopefuls with ingenuity.

Grit and determination.

Looking to build a legacy and create financial freedom.

There has never been a better time.

But not all choices will result in profitability.

That's why we've put together this list.

Outlining 53 best business to start in New Zealand ideas.

Suggestions geared to the future and uniquely New Zealand.

But before we have at it-let me give you the cliff notes on my narrative.

Allow me to reintroduce myself... My name is Ippei...

Hi, my name is Ippei.

Never been to New Zealand.

But it's on my bucket list.

Hard to believe that I have the financial freedom to travel anywhere-anytime I want.

See I did the dead-end job.

No money.

Busting ass for someone else.

But that all changed for me when I found this online training.

A business model you can do from anywhere in the world.

Including New Zealand.

This course taught me everything I needed to work from home.

Building & ranking websites that generate leads for small businesses.

That tree service site above has been making me $2000 per month since 2015.

IMO this biz model is one of the best opportunities on the internet.

1. Landscaping Company

It's a $2 billion market according to this publication.

And while COVID knocked it on its backside last season.

Evidence suggests that landscaping will be back with a vengeance.

You'll need to get your papers in order.

Decide on your business model.

And whether you will offer commercial or residential services or a mix of the two.

This article outlines in detail how to register and legalize your entity.

Necessary licenses and qualifications.

Will you purchase a franchise-existing business or build from the ground up?

Check out the competition.

And choose your niche with care.

A few options include things found in this post like: 


Landscape Maintenance


Sod & Lawn Installation


Fertilization-Weeding & Pest Control


Landscape Architecture & Design

You can start a landscaping business on a shoestring budget or spend $15,000-$20,000 as per this article.

Which also has some key takeaways on how to get started.

2. Plumbing Business


An industry struggling with shortages as per this post.

You need credentials for this best business to start in New Zealand.

But with options for a 2-4 year program outlined in this publication.

And the chance to earn $28-$41+/hour as per this article.

Decide if your time is worth the investment.

New Zealand makes it easy for venture capitalists to open up shop according to this post.

But profitability is in your hands.

You need to water down the competition.

Offer outstanding customer service.

And industry trends like those listed in this USA-based article.

Including things like:

Online Engagement & Mobile Search

Increased Awareness of Water Consumption & Educating Customers

Concerns Around Aging Pipes & Solar-Powered Heating Solutions

Build a customer base.

Get your business online.

Market your brand and create awareness.

Tick the boxes and you stand to earn hefty profit margins.

Check out this post for additional info.

A complete a-z guide on going out on your own.

3. General Contractor

Another industry that took a proper thumping as a result of the pandemic.

But sometimes the dark times are the best times to start a business.

And with a projected annual growth rate of 3.8% from 2021-2024 as per this post.

Coupled with the government CRRF initiative.

There's money on the table for general contractors and construction companies.

Determine your target market.

What services will you offer?

Check out this Auckland-based company for some inspiration.

Offering things like:

General Contractor Sub-Niches

  • Project Management & Construction

  • Demolition & Civil

No formal education is required.

But this article outlines skills and suggested experience-related qualifications.

Up for the challenge?

If yes-this is one business idea offering substantial monetary compensation.

4. Drywall Contractor

Plasterboard-drywall-gypsum-whatever you call it.

New Zealand needs drywall contractors.

Supply is not meeting demand.

Residential building is lagging.

And the market is predicted to hit global values of $1522.95 billion by 2025.

That's a 7% CAGR as per this post.

Those stats alone make now an ideal time to consider starting a drywall business.

A few trends leading the way in 2021 outlined in this article include things like:

2021 Drywall Trends

  • Drywall & Gypsum Board Alternatives To Plywood & Hardboard
  • Environmentally Friendly & Green Building Materials
  • Energy Efficient & Sustainable

You don't need formal training.

But you do need an apprenticeship under your belt as per this publication.

And the more experience you have the more money you make.

Up to and over $51,000NZD as per this post.

5. HVAC Company

An industry worth over $2.3 billion as per this post.

And annual growth rates predicted to hit 5.7% from 2019-2024.

From technicians to engineers.

The heating and cooling industry offers profitability-scalability-and consistent revenues.

A few technology trends to be aware of are outlined in this article.

And include things like:

HVAC Building Systems

Regular Maintenance

Convenience & Energy Savings

Seamless Customer Service

You can get going for as little as $2000 as per this post.

Or spend up to $100,000+ depending on your budget and the size of your company.

You need an apprenticeship.

But if you have the skills.

Then this best business to start in New Zealand will more than pay the bills.

Take a look at this article for more information on starting an HVAC company.

6. Appliance Repair (Electronics Service Pro)

They don't make them like they used to.

Add to the mix supply chain breakdowns.

Increased unemployment.

And people around the world-not just in New Zealand-doing what they can to stretch the life out of household appliances.

One reason why annual growth rates are slated to hit 6% from 2021-2023 as per this post.

Shortages and wear and tear are creating opportunities for appliance repair companies, as evidenced in this publication.

In New Zealand, you require a New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Engineering (Electrical and Electronic Installation and Service) (Level 4).

But you can check out this post.

Outlining the specific educational requirements associated with the job.

There are several services you can offer your clientele.

Some found in this appliance repair business include things like:

  • Delivery
  • Installation

  • Service & Repairs

A lucrative start up.

You're looking at yearly gross profits upwards of $120,000/year as per this post.

This is a US-based outline.

But it offers some helpful advice on how to start an appliance repair business.

Helpful industry tips and ideas to help set you up in the right direction.

7. Handyman Business

A no cowboy.

A jack of all trades-a handyman.

No matter what your title.

This job requires a vast level of skills in multiple scopes of trade services.

But if Jora is to be believed there is a surge of requests for this position.

With an hourly rate of around $30NZD-if you can fix it-you will have plenty of work.

Like any business-however-there are pros and cons.

A few outlined in this post include things like:


  • Low Initial Investment & High-Profit Margins 

  • Commercial & Residential Opportunities


  • Have To Be An Expert In Multiple Trades 

  • Building A Client Base Can Be Challenging

Secure a client base.

And substantial profitability is in your future with this best business to start in New Zealand.

This article offers some insight regarding specific qualifications you need to start a handyman business.

And here's a rundown on how to get started.

8. Fertilizer Distribution Business

All those sheep.

And rolling hills.

But if the land isn't fertilized properly-it's useless.

The pandemic crunched the agricultural inputs market.

Shortages across the board.

From seeds and pesticides to fertilizers and bug repellants.

This supply breakdown is fueling the global market worth $2,627.0USD million.

The good news?

Annual growth rates of 7.2% from 2021-2026 as per this post.

Fertilizer is at the top of the list.

Increased population = increased food demand.

And you need fertilizer for bountiful crops.

If you have land, this is an idea worth considering.

Especially since not everyone runs a dairy farm and has all that "all natural" fertilizer at their disposal, if you know what I'm sayin'.

Like this Nelson-based company.

Offering things like:

Conventional & BioGro Certified Products

Liquid & Solid Fertilizer

Garden & Farming Brands

Interested in learning more?

Check out this post for more info.

And specific details on how to start a fertilizer distribution business.

9. Organic Farming Greenhouse

It's all about organic.

And as products become more affordable and more readily available organic is headed for significant growth.

An annual growth rate of 9.4% from 2019-2024 as per this publication to be exact.

New Zealanders are becoming more health-conscious.

And more aware of environmental issues and sustainability.

Individuals are reaching for plant-based options over the traditional fare.

A few additional factors driving the organic food industry include things outlined in this post like:


Health Benefits & Demand For Less Processed Foods


Lifestyle Choices & Plant-Based Nutrition


Fewer Refined Sugars & Additive-Free


Social & Economical Sustainability

You need some space.

And a green thumb.

But starting a gardening business and an organic greenhouse can be a highly lucrative venture.

And one that requires minimal start-up costs.

Check out this post outlining in more detail how to start an organic farming greenhouse business.

10. Farm Stand

The pandemic might be raging on in other corners of the world.

But in New Zealand, you're not doing too bad at all.

And this post suggests that the agricultural sector is 'poised for a profitable 2021'.

Agriculture-forestry and fishing equate to over $13.5 billion GDP as per this post.

But they're popular staples with the locals too.

Some of the favourite low-cost items you can grow and sell listed in this article include things like:

Farm Stand Faves

  • Quinoa & Kefir

  • Avocados & Persimmons

  • Cauliflower & Berries

But you can mix it up too.

Think about selling homemade jams and jellies.

Fresh bread and baked goods.

Cheese and wine (where permissible).

You can also take a look at this article.

It offers some additional ideas and suggestions on what to sell.

And how to achieve maximum profitability with a farm stand.

11.Agriculture - Horticulture Consultant

New Zealand is an 'economic powerhouse' when it comes to horticulture and agriculture.

Providing dairy-meat-fruits and veg to locals and countries around the world.

It's what you do.

The GDP from these industries equates to $13.5NZD billion as per this post.

From kiwis and grapes to cattle and sheep.

New Zealand is helping feed the world's population.

But the process could use some streamlining.

Tech advancements and cost-effective solutions.

To benefit both farmers and consumers in these challenging economic times.

You need a Bachelor of Arts for this idea.

But agriculture/horticulture consultants are gearing up to be in high demand.

A few critical roles of this position outlined in this article include things like:

Improve Profitability-Efficiency & Sustainability of Farm Management Systems

Problem Solve Issues Around Natural Diseases & Disasters

Cashflow & Production Targets

Whether you do a solo act or choose to hire a team.

Opportunities to carve out high-profit margins and scale your business are numerous.

Check out this post giving a bit of info on how to start a horticulture consulting business.

12. Courier & Delivery Services

The pandemic pivot.

Like it or not the world as we knew it is no longer.

And the result has been a complete transformation to consumerism that's here to stay.

Excellent news for courier and delivery companies.

A $2.5NZD billion industry.

With a projected 2.4% CAGR in 2021 as per this post.

Fueled by online shopping.

Logistical disruptions.

And increased reliance on industry operators to deliver goods. 

A few trends are shaping the landscape evidenced in this article.

And include things like:

  • Consumer COVID Era Behaviours Are Permanent

  • Delivery Volume Will Continue To Escalate

  • Innovative Delivery Systems Will Become The Industry Standard

Pick your niche.

Dial-in on your services and oust the competition.

This post offers some market strategies.

And several suggestions on how this best business to start in New Zealand can bring you impressive payouts.

13. Car-Sharing Company

Headed for industry values of $130USD million in New Zealand as per this post.

With annual growth rates of 7.97% from 2021-2025.

Car-sharing is seeing marked popularity.

And user penetration should hit 6.8% by the end of 2025.

If there was ever a time to get in on the action-that time is now.

Market direction is headed for some specific sectors as evidenced in this post.

And they include things like:


Subscription Services & Corporate Car- Sharing


E-Bikes & Mopeds


Digital Acceptance & Seamless Experience

You'll need to spend to build your fleet.

But you can start small and scale as you market your services.

Consider creating an App to expedite the process.

And provide your clientele with convenience.

Here's an article showcasing a detailed guide on how to start a car-sharing business.

14. Industrial Protective Clothing Business

It's niche-specific.

And headed to market values of $34USD million by 2026.

That's a CAGR of 3.7% as per this post.

There are a multitude of facets in the tailoring industry.

But like everything-not all are created for profitability.

The biggest issue is low barriers to entry.

Jobs are available as evidenced by help wanted ads in

With relatively low initial investments there is an opportunity to cut out a lucrative business.

And this article offers a rundown on how to become a tailor.

You can use it as a template and customize it according to this niche-or another of your choosing.

A few product types specific to industrial protective clothing outlined in this publication include things like:

  • Aprons & Coveralls

  • High Visibility & Chemical

  • Heat/Flame Resistant & Antistatic

  • Disposable & Non-Disposable

You have your pick of the litter in industries.

Think construction-manufacturing-agriculture-firefighting-etc.

Add sustainability and durability to the list.

And you are sure to be successful with this recommendation.

15. Real Estate Agent

The housing market is sizzlin.

Not just in New Zealand but around the world.

Market prices are soaring and so is the demand.

In New Zealand, March 2021 saw an increase in asking prices of 16.9% as per this post.

So what's driving this upsurge?

A few things as per this article that include:

Real Estate Market Factors 2021

  • Lower Interest Rates

  • Lack of Product Availability

  • High Returns With Minimal Risk

The competition is fierce.

But if you have the gift of a glib tongue.

And a gift for sales.

Can market yourself and your brand.

You stand to earn monumental commissions.

Not certified?

Learn online through platforms like this one in about two months.

Or you can check out this post.

Sharing specific details and a job overview.

Details on how to become a real estate agent in New Zealand.

16. Smart Vending Machines

You're looking at global annual growth rates of 14.90% as per this post.

Add to the mix increased user penetration between 2021-2028.

And smart vending machines are the shining stars of self-service technology around the world.

Vending machine trends shaping the frontier in 2021 include things outlined in this post like:

Product Transparency & Contactless Delivery

Medical Supplies & Healthy Alternatives

Intelligence & IoT Integration

Cashless & Energy Efficient

Location is key.

Unique-interesting-and on-point.

Fundamental if you want to succeed with this best business to start in New Zealand.

But this article offers some excellent strategies.

And industry pointers to help get your going.

17. Waste Management & Disposal Company

More than just skip hires and wheelie bins.

Waste management is a $731 million industry.

And this best business to start in New Zealand offers a variety of sub-niches.

But there is some competition, as evidenced in this article.

And with average global industry growth headed for 7.7% as per this post.

COVID couldn't quash the market for long.

And waste disposal is only one facet of the industry.

There is an opportunity to make serious cash offering services like the ones this Gisborne-based company does.

Things like:

Trade Waste Dewatering & Septic Tank Cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning & Gantry & Skip Bins

Wheelie Bin Hire & Rubbish Collection

The choices are endless.

But this post is a great resource.

Sharing industry tips.

And a complete guide on how to start a waste management business.

18. Graffiti Removal Company

Some call it art.

Other's enjoy the creative expression.

Transforming the downtown core with unique and interesting art.

But for the vast majority, it's still graffiti.

Or tagging.

And that's vandalism.

A continued problem in New Zealand, as evidenced by this article.

Not as prominent a concern in Christchurch and Wellington.

But old-fashioned ideals prevail in Auckland.

Where according to this post, their council pays contractors $4 million/year to get rid of it.

It's a whole new kind of commercial cleaning.

And 41% of Aucklanders think it's an issue.

With low startup costs and a clear demand-at least for now-this is an idea worth a closer look.

This article offers a breakdown on how to start a graffiti removal business.

19. Engineering Firm


A market expected to see annual growth rates of 8% from 2021-2026 as per this post.

Driven by a demand for environment-friendly buildings.

Improved infrastructures.

Increased investments in construction projects and government incentives.

There are a few sub-niches in this industry.

Outlined in this article are the following:

Mechanical & Electrical

Industrial & Chemical

Environmental & Civil

All are in hot demand in New Zealand.

But leading the pack is an urgency for civil engineers, as evidenced in this publication.

You need accreditation.

But from uni degrees to diplomas and cadetships.

You have some options as per this post.

Or hire a team of trained staff and oversee your business.

Plenty of work with money on the table in this industry.

If you're curious-this article offers some helpful suggestions.

And an in-depth outline on how to start an engineering firm.

20. Electronics Business

It saw a slight pandemic dip.

But the electronics industry is back in the game.

And it's full steam ahead. 

With a global CAGR of 7% predicted for 2021 as per this post.

Pick your niche.

Do your research and decide on your product-service-or delivery.

You have some options.

A few top choices as per this article include things like:

  • Engineering & Technician

  • Installation & Repair

  • Drafter & Diagnostic

One best business to start in New Zealand option worth weighing in on.

If this idea has piqued your interest check out this post.

Sharing a comprehensive analysis on starting an electronics business.

21. Tourism Business

Tourism took a thumping.

Thanks to COVID-it has been nothing short of challenging for this industry.

A market that delivered $40.9 billion to the country as per this post.

But as the dust begins to settle, there is new life being pumped into the industry.

From government incentives to increased marketing and advertising, as evidenced by this article.

With stunning views.

Unparalleled scenery.

And unbeatable weather.

Popular tourist activities include things found in this publication like:


Adventure Tourism & Sightseeing Tours


Tramping & Hiking


Natural Wonders & Marine Life

This article lists other things to do.

Any number of which you could replicate with your personal spin.

It's about the experience.

Value and customer service.

Niche-specific, this post outlines how to start a tourism business.

Get your ducks in a row now.

And you'll be in fine form when the tourists come flocking back cash in hand.

22. Wedding Planner

Wedding planners.

An industry that has felt the pandemic squeeze.

Times have been tough.

But a brighter future is on the horizon for this best business to start in New Zealand proposal.

You need certification for this recommendation.


Why not get your diploma now, so you're good to go when restrictions are lifted?

You can hit up this post for information on how to start your studies.

Already have the necessary papers?

Then there's no reason why you can't elevate your business to killer profitability status.

Shoestring and micro weddings remain alive and well.

And some of the other trends paving the way in 2021 include things outlined in this post like:

  • Earthy Elements & Featured Lighting

  • Going Green & Eco-Balloons

  • Themed Bars & Live Streaming

Organized with a calm demeanor will take you far.

And so will customizing your approach.

Out-of-the-box offerings to entice the bride-to-be's.

Build your reputation and your brand.

And a price tag of $3000-$4000NZD/wedding.

Makes this suggestion one with the potential to be a highly fortuitous business.

This publication outlines additional information on how to start a wedding planner business.

23. Photographer

There are aspects of the pandemic most would like to forget.

But memories are still being made COVID or not.

The photography industry was faced with a multitude of challenges in 2020.

But greener skies are on the horizon.

Forecast to see a global CAGR of 5% from 2021-2025 as per this post.

That's an increase of $10.88 billion in market values.

Great news for freelancers who have a magic eye behind the lens.

A few trends shaping the industry in 2021 include things outlined in this article like:

Social Media & Corporate

Fashion & School

Family & Events

Landscape & Wildlife

No formal training is required as per this publication.

But you need to develop your style.

Niche down.

Market yourself and your business to retain a steady stream of clients.

Check out this article sharing tips on how to become a photographer in New Zealand.

24. Interior Design Firm

Can't go abroad on holiday.

Nowhere to spend the money.

So people are embracing renovations and interior design.

If you have to stay home, you might as well make the most of it mindset.

One reason why interior design is slated to see an annual global growth rate of 8.1%-7.5% from 2020-2027 as per this post.

Advancements to technology-specifically AR/VR and 3D are fueling the market.

And people see their homes as an appendage of their personalities and are eager to put their ideas to fruition.

A few interior design trends splashing in 2021 outlined in this article include things like:


Vintage & Textured Finishes


Natural & Neutrals


Luxe & Playful

You need more than just street cred for this best business to start in New Zealand idea.

And you can check out this post for specific educational requirements.

But if you lack the skills, you can outsource the work.

Be the market middle and generate hefty cash flows with this recommendation.

This publication breaks down how to start an interior design firm.

25. Ethical Fashion & Sustainable Clothing

Style savvy?

Talented with a sewing machine?

Want to make a difference for a greener tomorrow?

Then you might want to take a closer look at ethical fashion and sustainable clothing brands...

As well as online boutiques rather than brick and mortar shops.

An industry stitching up for a CAGR of 6.8% from 2019-2023.

And annual growth rates of 9.1% in 2030 as per this post.

Consumer awareness.

And a demand for more environmentally friendly options are driving market values.

People continue to educate themselves on global issues.

Which will only magnify market growth.

Fashion designers and clothing line creators embracing ethical fashion are making changes.

A few listed in this article include:

Reduction of Toxic Waste & Microfibers Released Into the Environment

Supports Animal Rights

Lessens Strain On The Planet's Resources

Want to learn more on how you can pivot to sustainable clothing?

If you're an ethical fashionista, this publication shares valuable resources.

And information pointing you in the right direction.

26. Childcare

Childcare is a market that is in constant demand.

New Zealand currently has a shortage of qualified early childhood educators, as per this post.

Which also outlines the steps and education necessary to open a childcare centre/daycare center.

But if you'd prefer an in-home setup, you only require your Level 4 qualification as per this article.

Offering helpful advice on starting a home daycare.

A few trends shaping childcare in New Zealand include things found in this Ozzie publication like:

Childcare Trends 2021
  • 'Supercharged' Health & Safety

  • Technological Advancements & eLearning

  • Increased Demand For Childcare & Early Education

Additional ideas can be found in this post.

But one thing is certain.

You need to have an abundance of patience and a love for children.

From in-home daycares to licensed centres.

No matter what you choose, there is a demand for childcare services.

And this article offers resources to help point you in the right direction.

27. Sport Clubs & Extracurricular Activities For Kids

Kiwis pride themselves on their active lifestyles.

But kids are falling way short on their activity levels as per this article.

Parents are struggling to find a balance between technology and physical activity.

And many are turning to outside resources for assistance.

Determined to get their kids more active as per this publication.

Hard hit by the pandemic, the industry is optimistic about the 2021 season.

Suggesting that sport and extracurricular activities for kids are an excellent niche to consider.

Offering some of the best business in New Zealand opportunities.

Choices are limitless.

But a few top contenders include things found in this post like:


Circus & Dance Classes


Soccer & Rugby


Golf & Martial Arts


Surfing & Watersports

You can go it alone.

Or connect with a franchise like this one.

It has to be about fun.

And how you advertise and market your service will be paramount to your success.

But if you play your cards right, you will see impressive profitability.

28. Private Tutor Agency

Set to grow by $8.37 billion in the United States from 2021-2025.

That's a CAGR of 8% as per this post.

And New Zealand is close on its heels, as evidenced in this article.

Private tutoring.

In 2021 it's a mix of blended learning.

Online and in person.

1:1 or group sessions geared at helping school-age children get a leg up.

From K-12 curriculum to uni entrance exams.

Options for private tutors are numerous.

But a few top trends around the globe for 2021 as per this post include:

eLearning & Artificial Intelligence

Virtual Reality & Mobile-First Learning

Gamification & 5G

The big-ticket sellers include the maths, science, and literacy.

No formal qualifications are required.

But you should be proficient in the area of study you intend to teach.

Also, consider obtaining specific certifications to set yourself apart from the crowd.

You can learn more on the TeachNZ website.

Or check out this post for additional information.

29. Health & Wellness Coach

New Zealanders are getting wiser.

More concerned than ever about mental and physical health and wellness.

Factors driving this market to a CAGR of 6.8% from now to 2027 as per this post.

Prevention-proactive-and goal-oriented.

You need accreditation for this recommendation.

But if you're interested, you can hit up this link to learn more.

It's all about overall health.

And a few trends are shaping the industry.

Some outlined in this article include:

2021 Health & Wellness Trends
  • A Focus On Deep Health

  • Creative Methods

  • On-line & Remote Service Options

Get niche-specific.

And identify your target market.

What will you offer to differentiate from the competition?

National salaries average $80KNZD as per this publication.

You can be a solopreneur or hire staff.

Individuals with specialties to round out the services you offer your clientele.

Here is an American post outlining how to start a health coaching business.

30. Personal Trainer

Gym rat?

Passionate about fitness?

Have a desire to help others achieve their goals?

Personal trainers running their own show make significantly more than those working in gyms and clubs as per this post.

And the more experience you have, the more cash you make.

Trends shaping the fitness industry include things found in this article like:


Online Training & Wearables


Body Weight Training & HIIT


Outdoor & Virtual Training

Granted the industry saw some bumps because of COVID.

But personal trainers that were quick to pivot and offer attainable services have thrived as per this publication.

You don't need specific certification in New Zealand.

But if you're interested in learning more check out this post.

31. Insurance Advisor

COVID has created an upsurge in demand for insurance advisors in New Zealand, as per this post.

People want to ensure that their insurance protections are in place.

But the terrain is rocky as firms navigate a volatile market and economic uncertainty.

Pivot your skills and offer seamless customer experiences.

And you stand to earn significant payouts with this best business to start in New Zealand idea.

Trends to consider outlined in this article include things like:

Automated & Personalized

Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Computing

Process Enhancements & Modernization of Distribution Channels

Blockchain & Cybersecurity

No formal training was required for this position historically.

But 2021 is seeing changes to legislation.

All insurance advisors will now be required to have a New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5) as per this post.

This publication offers an overview of how to start an insurance agency.

And shares helpful strategies.

Ideas you can implement for your venture capitalist enterprise.

32. Financial Services Agency

The finance business sector.

Representing almost two-thirds of New Zealand's GDP as per this article.

You need the skills.

And often formal education.

But if you meet the criteria you stand to secure hefty profit margins.

A multitude of choices are at your fingertips.

But some of the top picks as per this post include the following:

  • Financial Planning & Corporate Finance

  • Hedge Funds & Private Equity

  • Public Accounting & Finance Managers

You can start an independent agency.

Help people manage their money and save for retirement.

Specializing in a specific area may be of benefit to you.

But you can also hire staff.

And offer a variety of services to both businesses and individuals.

Interested in this best business to start in New Zealand suggestion?

Check out this post for tips on getting started.

33. Peer-To-Peer Lending

An 'underground sensation' for investors and borrowers in New Zealand.

And while P2P lending is still a novelty for conservative Kiwi's it is gaining traction at unprecedented rates.

Forecast to see a global market value of $558.91 billion by 2027 as per this post.

That's up from industry earnings of $67.93 billion in 2019.

A CAGR of 29.7% from 2020-2027.

It may be new in New Zealand.

But not for long.

The million-dollar question.

Will P2P lending blow up or experience a 'slow burn' as described in this publication?

Economic uncertainty and pandemic strain have made life challenging for people.

P2P lending could be the answer they're looking for.

Growth was steady in 2020, as per this post.

And the climate is geared for expansion.

But there are a couple of pros and cons to starting a P2P Lending business.

A few outlined in this article include things like:

  • High Risk-Adjusted Returns

  • Numerous Range of Borrowers

  • Low Default Rates

  • Positive Public Reception

  • No Guarantees

  • Risk of Cyber Attacks

  • Taxes

  • Overregulation

If you want to get in on the action.

Be a trailblazer and start a P2P Lending business.

This post offers a guide on how to get started.

34. Business Analyst

Market values of $67.92USD billion globally in 2020 as per this post.

Predicted to see annual growth rates of 7.3% from 2021-2026.

The business analyst.

A linchpin for businesses looking to streamline processes.

Become more efficient-productive-and profitable.

Like a bridge between IT and the CEO.

If you enjoy research.

And can provide viable solutions and systems there is money to be made.

And the opportunity in New Zealand to secure a solid client base as per this article.

Shifts in services for 2021 outlined in this post include things like:

Digital Transformation & Technology Skills

Finance & Analytics Skills

Think you've got what it takes?

Then take a look at this post.

Offering a complete guide on how to get started.

35. Business Coach

Colossal growth.

That's how the coaching industry is being described.

Geared to see a CAGR of 6.7% from 2020-2023 as per this post.

Perceptions have shifted.

Now recognized as a fundamental opportunity for businesses to hit next-level earnings.

Business coaches are currently demanding high incomes, as per this article.

Which also shares the option to become certified online in 100 hours.

Trends shaping the monumental explosion of the market found in this publication include things like:

  • Businesses Are Ready To Outsource Talent

  • Specialized Social Media Engagement

  • Practical AI

Your job is to help companies grow their business.

And their bottom line.

If you can deliver, you will be in constant demand.

With online and in-person coaching options. 

The sky's the limit with this best business to start in New Zealand recommendation.

36. IT Service & Support


Can't live without it.

But for many business owners and individuals the headache is real.

Enter IT support and service.

An industry poised to see an annual growth rate of 2.4% in 2021, as per this post.

Determine your service offerings.

Popular choices in New Zealand as per this article include things like:


Network Design & Installation


Tech Support & Security


Software Installation & Updates


Hosted Services & Remote Management

Increased use of IT will only continue.

Creating jobs and opportunities as per this publication.

New Zealand needs IT peeps.

And if this fits your wheelhouse, then check out this post.

Breaking down the steps on how to start an IT business with a focus on tech support.

37. Rental Platform

Rental platforms.

Innovative and convenient.

An excellent way for Kiwis to rent things they only need short-term.

Think things like:

Baby Items & Formalwear

Clothing & Jewelry

Sports Equipment & Camping Gear

You need a bit of tech-savvy.

And a bit of cash to get you going.

But if you can offer seamless customer service.

Deals and quality products.

You stand to see impressive ROI's with this suggestion.


Check out this post.

Sharing a complete directory on how to build a rental marketplace.

38. SaaS


Software as a service.

Software delivery to any device through a central database.

Set to be valued at a global market price tag of $60.36 billion by 2023.

A CAGR of 9% as per this post.

A demand that is presenting a real opportunity in New Zealand as per this article.

It's all about scaling and speed.

A few other SaaS hot ticket items to keep in mind for 2021 as per this post include things like:

  • AI & Machine Learning

  • Centralized Analytics & Vertical SaaS

  • Low-Code Capabilities & Micro-SaaS

  • API & White Label

Here is an article outlining how you can grab a piece of the action.

And start a SaaS agency for maximum profitability.

39. Cybersecurity

Almost $17NZD million was lost to cyberattacks at the expense of New Zealand residents last year, as per this article.

An uptick of 65%, and they're just getting warmed up.

More people are relying on remote learning-work-banking-etc. 

Many unintentionally leaving themselves vulnerable to security and identity thefts.

The global cybersecurity market is set to see annual growth rates of 12% from 2021-2028.

Hitting industry values of $366.10 billion as per this post.

From business owners to regular jo's.

People need help keeping their info and their stuff safe.

Three key trends leading the way in 2021 as per this post include:

Expanding Cyber-Attack Surface

Ransomware Is The Cyber Weapon of Choice

Threats Against Critical Infrastructure

Up for the challenge?

Here's a post outlining how to get started.

Build a cybersecurity business and run your own show.

40. Cloud Computing & Consulting

It's like SaaS but not really.

Cloud computing is an infrastructure you can rent.

And you can have SaaS on the cloud.

But the cloud is not always SaaS-based.

A bit confusing.

But here's an article that may help you better understand.

One thing is concrete.

Cloud migration is growing.

An estimated 22.45% globally from 2021-2024 as per this post.

And New Zealand is falling short on the mark.

Demand has outpaced the supply of trained professionals.

It needs qualified people, as evidenced in this publication.

So if you have the skills-or are willing to learn-this is an idea worth considering.

But what can we expect from cloud migration in 2021?

Things listed in this article like:

  • Multi & Hybrid Cloud Environment Expansion

  • Meeting Compliance Standards

  • Solution-Focused Partners

  • Increased Shift To Tech On-Demand

Consider that 90% of global enterprises will depend on hybrid cloud technology by 2022, as per this post.

And this best business to start in New Zealand is like a license to print money.

Coupled with a skills shortage, as evidenced in this article.

And your services will be in constant demand.

Provide safe and secure bespoke solutions.

Results that minimize downtime and disruption.

Whether you opt for the hands-on element of cloud migration.

Or choose to consult.

There is money for the taking on the cloud.

41. QR Codes

QR codes-or Quick Response codes are back.

Barcodes read by all the devices.

Easy access to web addresses, articles, images, contact information, and social media platforms.

QR usages are sitting at about 10.1 million in 2021 as per this post.

And will only continue to see heightened growth curves.

People are looking for safe-contactless-and convenient methods to make purchases and connect with businesses as per this publication.

So why all the fuss?

QR Codes have become almost a necessity in the wake of COVID.

Offering a multitude of benefits to businesses and consumers, including those outlined in this article.

Things like:

Error Reduction & Increasing Popularity

Readability & Customizable

Easy To Use & Cost-Effective

If you possess the skill set.

Can provide a solution to a problem.

Then making QR codes could see you making serious dosh.

This post breaks down the steps on how to make a QR code.

Want to learn more about QR codes or resources to help you get started?

Then check out this link sharing additional information for New Zealanders.

42. Biometric Sensor & Security Company

Biometric sensors.

Sounds futuristic but the reality is they're here.

And in full force.

Growing at an annual rate of 6.8% across the globe, as evidenced in this post.

Biometric sensors are headed for market values of $1296.7 million by 2025.

Think things like fingerprints-facial patterns-voice recognition-etc.

Physical and behavioural human characteristics used to identify people.

Completely automated biometric sensors play a crucial role in security.

And are a fundamental element of New Zealand's immigration policies, as reported in this post.

But they're also essential for many businesses.

Providing more hygienic payment options.

Better security and a user-friendly element.

Headed for continued advancement in areas outlined in this article like:

  • Fingerprint Sensors For Smartphones

  • Enhanced POS System Payments

  • Access Cards

  • Smart Home & Workplace Simplicity 

Moving forward it's all about technology.

And evidence supports that biometrics will become the new normal as per this post.

Take a look at what these companies are doing.

And model your enterprise to meet the growing need for biometric sensors and security in New Zealand

43. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence.

Market revenues headed for $29.3USD billion by 2024.

A CAGR of 26.8% from 2019-2024 as per this post.

AI platforms are all the rage in New Zealand.

Propelling industry growth is the demand to improve customer experience.

And supporting government policies.

Add to the mix accelerated innovation and the need to address employee efficiency, as per this post.

There are a few key factors moulding the market in 2021.

Some outlined in this article include:


Solutions For IT & Structuring Data


Ethical & Collaborative


Large-Scale Adoption & Growing Popularity


Voice & Language Driven

But just because you build it doesn't mean people will want it.

So take your time to research.

Who is your target market?

What pain point are you addressing?

How will what you offer provide a solution?

Check out this post sharing additional suggestions on how to build an AI startup.

44. Drone Business

Headed for a CAGR of 19.9% from 2020-2027.

Industry values to surpass $55,640 million globally as per this post.

The UAV drone market

Driving industry growth as per this publication is agriculture, construction, insurance, media, and law enforcement.

The world's your oyster with this best business to start in New Zealand suggestion.

Offering a variety of sub-niches.

Services you can base your business on. 

Including ones outlined in this post like:

Drone Services
  • Aerial Film Unit & Photography 

  • Agriculture Manning & Inspection 

  • Industrial Mapping & Real Estates 
  • Drone Repair Service & Professional Courses Provider 

  • Small Business Delivery & Advertising-Marketing  

Here's an interesting article about the life of a drone pilot in New Zealand.

If this idea is getting your entrepreneurial juices flowing.

Check out this post on how to become a certified drone pilot and start earning.

45. Data Analysts

Forecast to be 'one of the most in-demand jobs by 2022.'

Companies are embracing big data and analytics technology, as evidenced in this publication.

Interpreting data.

Creating advantageous opportunities for business owners.

Data analysts are in a position to garner big bucks as per this post.

Paving the way for continued growth are things outlined in this article like:

Cloud-Based & More Democratized

Faster & More Automated

Personalized & Consumer-Focused

With a shortage of skilled individuals come enormous opportunities.

Not to mention significant monetary rewards.

Check out this post outlining the necessary credentials. 

And a sneak peek at the life of a data analyst in New Zealand.

46. React Native Expert

React Native.

A mobile app development framework.

It allows for the development of multi-platform Apps.

Connecting things like your phone's camera or user location to individual Apps.

A 'JavaScript library' used to build interfaces.

But instead of heading to the browser it targets mobile platforms.

And it is a skill set lacking in New Zealand.

Demand far outweighs supply. 

So much that this role is being outsourced to individuals around the world as per this post.

Know how to do it and you're worth your weight in gold.

Want to learn?

Check out this article outlining how and where you can get crackin.

A few top trends in this market include things outlined in this article like:


5G & Artificial Intelligence


Chatbots & Instant Apps


AR/VR & Blockchain

React Native workers employed by an existing company earn an average of NZ$72,391/year, according to PayScale.

Imagine the cash you could make if you run your own show.

Think this best business to start in New Zealand idea is for you?

Check out this link for more information on building and selling React Native Apps.

47. DevOps Engineering Firm


A market headed for values of $12.85 billion worldwide by 2025 as per this post.

Driven by growing cloud technologies, automation, and digitalization.

DevOps engineers are the cog in the IT wheel.

Overseeing and facilitating code-deployments.

And a host of other good stuff outlined in this article.

It's all about helping businesses deliver services at high speed.

Throw in troubleshooting and software updates.

And you're the total package.

A couple of trends leading the way in 2021 outlined in this article include things like:

Migrating To Microservice & Hybrid

NoOps & BizDevOps 

Resilience Testing & Serverless

Automation & Cloud-Native Approaches

Here's a Reddit post asking the million-dollar questions.

How to get started and where to find clients?

Market yourself and your business.

Identify your ideal target audience.

There is a need for your services, as evidenced in this post.

Get the skills. 

Secure the clientele.

Make the cash.

Want to learn the a-z on becoming a DevOps engineer?

Check out this post.

48. Software Development Agency

27,7 million.

The number of software developers worldwide by 2024, as per this post.

But apparently it's not enough.

The tech sector as a whole is experiencing massive growth in New Zealand, as evidenced in this article.

From back-end and front-end developers.

To providing solutions to business owners positioned to move to online opportunities.

Leading the way in this exciting field are things outlined in this publication like:


Cloud Storage & Artificial Intelligence


Python & JavaScript




Cyber Threats & Native Apps

If this best business to start in New Zealand has your attention.

And you're ready to build a team.

Create a business and scale your services.

Check out this post.

Outlining the how-why-what-and where on becoming a software developer.

49. Change Management Agency


Never easy.

But a pandemic clearly exacerbates the situation.

As more business owners struggle to maintain a balance.

And still comply with COVID restrictions, change is not an option.

Change management facilitators create new methodologies.

Help companies adopt and implement new technology.

Connect the dots for employers and their staff.

Streamline processes and new procedure guidelines.

Change management trends shaping 2021 outlined in this post include things like:

Change Management Trends 2021

  • Increased Engagement & Socially Distanced Work Environment

  • Real-Time Data & Advanced Location Independent Operating Models

  • Support A Resilient Workforce & Remote Working

Here's a link on how to obtain certification.

Become accredited in the field.

And begin selling your services to local business owners.

If you can help them follow the steps outlined in this publication.

Be the solution to their problem. 

You will be handsomely compensated.

50. Graphic Design Firm

A global annual increase of 2.2% in 2021 as per this publication.

And a county in desperate need of talent evidenced in this article.

New Zealand needs graphic designers.

You need the skills.

And the training as outlined in this post.

Get your ducks in a row.

And you stand to earn hefty payouts with this recommendation.

Trends paving the way for 2021 include a few things outlined in this article like:

  • Muted Colour Palettes & Simple Data Visualizations

  • Geometric Shapes & Flat Icons

  • Classic Fonts & Text Heavy Videos 

From signage and letterhead.

To digital content and logo design.

If you have the talent and the drive.

Can secure a solid client base and WOW with your designs.

This could be the best business to start in New Zealand idea for you.

Check out this post for additional details on launching a graphic design firm.

51. Digital Marketing Agency

The only way is up for online marketing.

A call to action for those inclined to enter the role of a digital marketer.

The beauty of this position in New Zealand?

Businesses are armed and ready to hire, as evidenced in this publication.

2021 trends to keep an eye on as per this article include the following:

Inclusivity & Sustainability

Images & Videos For Visual Searches

Interactive Content & Local SEO

Featured Snippets & No-Click Searches

This option is one of many ways to get certified as a digital marketer in New Zealand.

But it gives a breakdown of the training required and job options upon completion.

Ready to start your own agency?

Then take a look at this article.

Offering a complete guide on how to get started.

52. Social Media Marketing Specialist

Can you build relationships with clients?

Promote and develop a brand?

Add revenue to a business's bottom line?

Then you might want to consider the role of a social media marketing specialist.

Job outlook is promising, and your skills are in demand, as evidenced in this publication.

Shaping the future of social media and marketing, in general, will include things found in this post like:

Social Media Marketing Trends 2021
  • Personalization & Catering To Consumer Anxiety

  • Streaming & Zoom Burnout

  • All-Remote Marketing Teams & Remote Conferencing

There is a demand for skilled social media marketers in New Zealand, as per this article.

Which also outlines the best way to get certified and the skills required.

Ready to hit the ground running?

Start your own agency and skyrocket your ROIs?

Check out this post for tips on starting a social media marketing agency.

IMO The Best Business To Start In New Zealand

53. Lead Generation


A unique breed.

But for those brave enough to leap.

There's nothing like running your own show.

And I should know.

I've been running my lead generation business since 2014.

After finding this online program.

A training course that forever changed my life.

Lead generation has given me more than just freedom and a laptop lifestyle.

It has given me the ability to call the shots.

Be my own boss.

And run my own show.

It all comes down to building and ranking websites the fastest way possible.

And this training is so detailed.

Even with no online background.

You're set up for success right out of the gate.

Lead gen shows entrepreneurial hopefuls how to rank websites so they produce leads.

You sell those leads to local business owners.

Flat fee-commission-rev share-whatever way you like.

And once you've nailed down the process?

Your sites bring in nearly 100% passive monthly incomes.

Just like this tree site I built in 2015.

It's been making me $2000/month for almost six years.

Tree Site

Let me explain.

Lead generation offers over 400 niches to choose from.

Anywhere in the world.

You can build and rank as many sites as you want.

Generate leads and sell them.

The sites are yours.

The leads are yours.

And the money you get month after month?

Well, that's yours too.

It's all laid out in this one-of-a-kind online program.

All you need to do is follow the training and trust the process.

Now, this isn't a get-rich-quick kinda deal.

No free rides here.

But if you're willing to do the work.

Invest in this business model.

Follow the training exactly as it's laid out.

Commit and get your hustle on with lead generation.

You're as close as you can get to a guaranteed recurring paycheck every month.

Every site you build has the potential to be a semi-passive income stream.

But you have to be willing to trust the process.

Level up and do the work.

The good news?

You don't buy this program and get thrown in with the wolves.

We've got you.

See the guy responsible for this program believes in providing value to his students.

He's a bloke by the name of Dan.

Been in the field for over a decade and going strong.

Showing up for live streams twice a week.

Sharing with his students new and innovative ways to crush their lead gen game.

Make even more money with this training course.

If you commit. 

Are willing to lean in and do the work.

He will have your back 100%.

And so will the rest of our 7000 students in the program.

Connected through our members-only Facebook group.

A place where we share wins.

Swap strategies.

Ask questions and support one another.

A community of like-minded individuals.

People from all over the world that invested in themselves.

Took the course and are killing it with lead generation.

If you're serious about running your own show.

Ready to invest in yourself and your future.

Then there is no better business model on the internet.

But remember you have to do the work.

Trust the process and be ready to level up.

If you have questions about lead generation.

Or just want a chance to get some more information about this exclusive training program.

Click the link below and book a call.

New Zealand.

Nowhere on the planet quite like it.

Not only an amazing country filled with natural wonders.

But an excellent place for entrepreneurial hopefuls.

Maybe in this list of 53 best business to start in New Zealand ideas you've found inspiration.

Or, at the very least, had your venture capitalist juices kick in.

If you have a suggestion.

A recommendation that isn't on the list.

Please feel free to leave it in the comment section below.

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