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10 Best Passive Income Courses-Make $$$ While You Sleep

March 3, 2023

Passive income is income that you earn automatically after having set up a system that continuously provides a service for another company. In the last few years, there has been an uptick in demand for the best passive income source, and course. I've combed come up with a list of the 10 best passive income courses designed to help achieve your goal of living a laptop lifestyle while positively impacting other businesses.

1. Local Lead Generation Training Program

>>Our #1 Recommendation<<

The local lead generation training by Dan Klein teaches you how to build simple websites that generate leads on Google for local small businesses like HVAC, pool cleaning, landscaping, and more. This business model is better than Amazon FBA because you're not dealing with physical products. It's better than affiliate marketing because you are the one in control of how much money you make for your digital properties. We exclusively send all the leads that our sites generate to a local business owner with a tracking phone number we own. As long as that site is ranked atop Google, we can just leave it alone and it will keep generating leads. You can truly make a long-term, residual income by owning your own lead gen sites. 

More info: Local Lead Generation Coaching Program

2. Residual Payments by The Carlins

Residual Payments by David Carlin and Patricia Carlin teaches people how to earn a residual income by helping local businesses to save money with their credit card processing systems. The Carlins have over 30 years of experience and in that time have generated billions in sales and millions in commissions. There are the Power Couple of digital payments and offer a series of courses that open your eyes to the world of payments. After joining their first two courses, you'll be given access to their Facebook group. If you join their high-ticket course, you'll join their private Inner Circle.

Price: Residual Payments high-ticket course costs $9,997. Their first course, Digital Payments Revolution, costs $17. Their second course, Becoming a Highly Paid Agent, costs $197.

More info: Residual Payments Review.

3. Passive Income Powerhouse: Learn To Set Yourself up for Life

This course by Jonathan Levi teaches the physiological mindset, technological, and financial capabilities needed to generate a passive income. Jonathan Levi is a speaker, podcaster, and author. In this course, you learn how to understand economic frameworks, how to decode how passive income works, how to harness your profit-making potential, what the best method is for you, and more. The course has over 7000 students and the course syllabus is a combination of lectures, PDFs, worksheets, and quizzes that ensure that you understand and can apply the material he covers.

Price: Passive Income Powerhouse costs $14.99.

4. Passive Income Investing & Side-Gig Mastery

MBA certified-adjunct professor-and 25 years of investing experience.

Steve Ballinger has all the right letters-and numbers-behind his name.

This millionaire investor has taught over 300,000 students how to create financial empires and control their economic circumstances.

Founder of platform dedicated to professional development skills specifically applicable to finance and investing. 

Steve also offers courses on Udemy like Passive Income Investing & Side-Gig Mastery

Helping students stop making expensive mistakes and start earning a passive income.

Teaching relevant skills using screencasts-videos-quizzes-links-and direct access to Steve himself-this course is for people looking to supplement their income with passive income and side gigs.

Topics include those outlined in this article like:

P2P Lending & Real Estate Crowdfunding

REITs & Dividend Stocks

Rental Properties & Home Sharing

Side Gig Passive Income Ideas

With a price tag of around $139.99 this passive income course offers value and over-delivers on expectations.

Interested in signing up?

Hit up this link to get started.

5. The Passive Investing Blueprint-Build Wealth Passively

Jari Roomer.

Dude from the Netherlands who went from broke to bank shares through his passive income course on building wealth on 'autopilot.'

Founder of The Personal Growth Lab-Jari offers live YouTube videos-articles on self-development-free downloads and paid personal growth challenges.

His course The Passive Investing Blueprint-Build Wealth Passively is offered on Udemy for around $159.99.

Geared to people "who want to put their money to work, but don't want to spend too much TIME and EFFORT on managing their investments"-Jami Roomer.

So what will you learn?

Things like those outlined in this overview including:

  • Building Wealth On Autopilot in One Day

  • Personalizing Your Investment Portfolio
  • Discovering Your Ideal Asset Allocation

With over 2000 students, you don't need a lot of money to start investing, as Jari's course shows you all the insider tips.

He also indicates that no one needs to spend a ton of time or effort to be successful with passive investing.

Course marks gives it a score of 8.5/10 and clearly Jari knows what he's talking about.

And reviews of this 3:16 hour course are generally positive.

Students appear to appreciate the directness and actionable strategies taught by Jari Roomer.

If you are curious about the best passive income courses, specifically investment funds, this is worth reviewing.

Here's the link for more info and how to sign up.

6. Passive Income: 17 Ways to Earn Passive Income Online

Roope "Robert" Kiuttu-Finnish kindergarten teacher turned online entrepreneur.

Now he shares tips through Youtube videos, free training, and paid courses.

Founder of Your Online Revenue, Roope has shared his knowledge with over 15,000 students worldwide.

His Udemy course-Passive Income: 17 Ways to Earn Passive Income Online is designed for anyone looking for ideas on harnessing the elusive passive income.

In this course, you will learn tips on:

  • How To Invest & Make Money in the Stock Market

  • Practical Online Strategies to Make A Passive Income

Roope keeps his content fresh and up-to-date despite the course's shorter length (just under 2 hours).

Reviews are mixed.

You either love him or you don't.

The biggest complaint is that a lot of the information he shares can be found for free on YouTube and Google.

But the price tag is only $16.99.

And the luxury of all of the info in one place.

This may outweigh the aggro of digging for it on your own.

A trusted instructor, this course offers an alternate hypothesis for generating a passive income stream. 

And is a good option for beginners and people with little to no background knowledge.

7. Passive Income: Our Methods To Make Money Online 2021

Power couple Antonio Araujo and Marina Arantes aren't just worldwide travelers.

They are living proof that the secrets they share in their best passive income course: Passive Income: Our Methods To Make Money Online 2021 work-and work well.

With over 16,000 students-these two take personal experiences and proven formulas to "make thousands of dollars in passive income per month"-Antonio Araujo.

Teaching the foundation with fundamental methods that can be duplicated and applied to generate passive income streams.

This course-offered through Udemy-teaches things outlined in this description like:


How To Pick A Passive Income Type (Real-Life Examples)


Learn to Build Multiple Passive Income Streams


Options & Scaling

Students report enjoying the e-book portion of the course, which also includes 2 hours of on-demand video-downloadable resources-and a certification of completion. 

And can be accessed here.

With 4.4/5 stars-reviews from students are generally favorable.

Founders of, these two have found the secret sauce in generating a passive income that has given them the ability to travel the world.

And for $16.99 they are willing to uncover some of the mystery for those willing to commit to the work.

8. How To Generate Passive Income With No Initial Funds

This best-seller passive income course offered by Bryan Guerra is all about how to make money online with affiliate links-blog posts-and generating more leads (online traffic) with social platforms. 

He also covers tips on how to rank your sites using backlinks and outsourcing SEO techniques.

The course itself is 1:20 and includes 15 lectures-1 articles and 2 downloads.

So what's the breakdown look like?

Topics included as per this course preview include:


Best Networks For This Business Model


How To Set Up A Blog Page (for free)


Getting Found in the SERPs


How To Monetize This Business Strategy

How To Generate Passive Income With No Initial Funds is offered on Udemy for around $16.99.

And if you're interested, you can use this link to sign up.

Bryan has taught over 37,800 students, and reviews advice of a 4.5/5 star.

But that's not all.

Bryan Guerra also has a website sharing a ton of free articles and info on his current blog in addition to YouTube videos.

In fact this guy has piqued our interest so much we wrote an article about another course he offers on Shopify which you can read here.

He offers elevated teachings in Resale University, which includes a Facebook group and ongoing support on his website.

Here you have an opportunity to purchase additional training risk-free for 30 days for the price tag of $1.

This is where he teaches tips on selling on sites like eBay-Esty-Poshmark and Amazon FBA.

If you like the course and want to continue, the current intro rate is $9.95 as of January 2021.

Curious about Resale University?

Want to check it out for yourself?

Go here to access the login portal.

9. How To Make Passive Income With Bitcoin Lending

Bitcoin has been around for a little over a decade.

But if you've been following any social media platform as of late, you know that it's currently blowing up as per this post.

Worried you're too late to get in on the action?

Wonder how you can start earning money with Bitcoin?

Then the Udemy course How To Make Passive Income With Bitcoin Lending taught by Alex Rodolitz is worth a closer look.

Alex is a full-time instructor for Udemy and a full-time investor, entrepreneur, and passive income guru.

His real-life experiences, coupled with actionable techniques, show you how to earn a passive income stream with bitcoin investing.

In this course, he covers the following lessons as per this course outline, which includes things like:

Breakdown of the Alex Rodolitz Bitcoin Course
  • How to Create a PayPal Business & Setting Up Your Lending Account

  • Introduction to Coinbase Pro

  • How to Buy Bitcoin Without Paying Fees

This hour on-demand video course includes 2 articles and a downloadable resource.

Perfect for people with some tech skills and an interest in learning how to make money with cryptocurrency.

Alex has taught over 60,000 students and has landed decent reviews.

With a focus on income and how to make money while you sleep.

The price tag of the course is around $16.99.

And this link will take you where you need to go to sign up.

10. How To Make Passive Income With Facebook Videos

Ashraf Said is one of the engineer dream team members and a founder of the Money Makers Academy and online learning business-Educational Engineering School.

He and his cohorts have been working together since 2007, creating content to teach people how to make money online and generate a passive income stream.

His 38-minute on-demand video training How To Make Passive Income With Facebook Videos includes 1 article.

Priced on Udemy for about $16.99 it can be purchased here.

The course covers topics like:

What Is Facebook Video Service & How Do You Sign Up?

How To Make Your Video Content Go Viral

How To Use Creator Studio 

Tips On Where To Get Free Videos

31,000 students have already taken this course.

Student feedback reports valuable information and an easy to understand delivery with a 3.9/5 star review.

Ashraf  Said offers free YouTube videos in addition to another 21 courses with over 200,000 students to date.

He also has a public Facebook account where he shares info and answers questions that you can check out here.

It's clear that Ashref and his colleagues are passionate about learning and sharing new skills and take the time to answer questions from students and people curious about their course(s).

If you're interested in the behind the scenes methods of making money with Facebook, this passive income course is definitely a top contender.

11. Earn Passive Income by Working from Home with Google AdSense

Bulgarian native Tod Vachev is revered for his online courses.

Sharing tips and techniques on how to generate a passive income from home.

With 17 courses under his belt and over 190,000 students, his course Earn Passive Income by Working from Home with Google AdSense has been accredited as a top seller by Udemy and has received a 4.5/5 star ranking.

In this 3.5 hours on-demand training course, you are also privy to 4 articles and 2 downloadable resources.

What information does his course cover?

Things outlined in this overview like:

Earn Passive Income by Working from Home with Google AdSense Syllabus:
  • Keywords & SEO Optimization  

  • Understanding & Implementing Google Analytics Data

  • How To Install Google AdSense & Read Analytics Data

  • Google Webmaster Tools

  • Tumblr Blogs For Backlinks

Tod walks you through the exact settings he uses on WordPress to achieve the best click-through rates and the preferred types of ads for your site.

He also shares tricks on increasing web traffic and ranking quickly in the SERPs using Tumblr backlinking strategies.

If you want to wrap your head around Google AdSense and make some cash-this passive income course is well worth the investment.

Typically selling for $194.99 we found a link offering the course for $126.99, which you can access here.

12. How To Start A Digital Product Business: Earn Passive Income

Value Academy is one of the new kids on the block when it comes to course creation but appear to be making some serious waves.

With two courses published to date, over 9000 students have already committed to their training methods on generating a passive income with digital products.

Value Academy stands behind giving "entrepreneurs and young professionals the tools they need to reach their goals and advance their careers"-Value Academy. 

Their one-hour passive income course How To Start A Digital Product Business: Earn Passive Income includes 1 article and 1 downloadable resource and covers topics like:

Course Overview

  • How To Create & Launch A Digital Product

  • eBooks-Videos & Software Creation & Outsourcing Strategies
  • Choosing the Ideal Platform For Your Product

  • How To Make Money Online With Your Product

Described as 'precise and concise' course reviews are generally positive. 

Students report enjoying the highly relevant-detailed and well-organized content as per this site.

Value Academy walks you through step-by-step sharing techniques on the fastest way to launch and monetize your product and what management system is best for your merchandise.

Currently selling on Udemy for $104.99

This link will get you to the sign-up page if this best passive income course has whet your curiosity.

IMO The Best Passive Income Course On The Internet

Lead Generation

The local lead generation coaching program taught me everything I needed to know to make a passive income. Building and ranking websites on Google that generate free organic traffic is the reason I earn over $50K per month today.

One of my first lead gen properties has paid me $2000 ever since 2015.

Local lead generation

In the lead gen coaching program, over 7400 students have learned the skills to rank and rent sites. No other course provides the level of knowledge, contacts, resources, and support like this training program does. They packed the private Facebook group with much value and have done so ever since I joined in 2014. I'm sure you'll find it beneficial too.

Read more about the local lead generation training program here.

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