Bashar J Katou’s BJK University Review: Is This Amazon FBA Mentorship Legit?

March 16, 2024

BJK University, led by expert Bashar J Katuo, offers a specialized Amazon FBA course focusing on creating and selling private label products on the Amazon marketplace. BJK University's course provides extensive training encompassing all aspects of running a successful Amazon FBA business, from setup to sales strategies. The program equips you with an entrepreneurial mindset, proficiency in tools such as Jungle Scout and Helium 10, and skills in managing Amazon PPC campaigns, among other essential e-commerce strategies. According to a TrueProfit ecommerce analytics study, Amazon FBA businesses have a 27% success rate, highlighting the platform's potential for profitability. Amazon FBA presents a high-risk opportunity, with a challenging environment where many beginners may struggle to succeed.

Online reviews of BKJ University show mixed responses from users and critics. Trustpilot has suspended the rating of BKJ University's course because of an influx of positive reviews that were identified as potentially inauthentic. Many negative reviews cite concerns, such as limited access to Bashar, inadequate team support, and a generic approach to Amazon FBA training.

This comprehensive review of BJK University will cover the mentorship program details, its target audience, course benefits, student success rates, insight into Bashar Katou's background, and recommendations for top business strategies.

Bashar J Katou's BJK University Review: Pros and Cons


BJK University boasts a supportive and interactive student community.

The course offers thorough, end-to-end training covering all facets of Amazon FBA business management.

BJK University's team actively responds to student reviews and addresses complaints.


An overwhelming number of students make it challenging to receive personalized mentor support, often leading to generic responses.

Bashar Katou admits that he no longer engages in direct sales on Amazon.

Parts of the training are criticized for being too generic and not up-to-date with current Amazon FBA trends.

Allegations have surfaced regarding BJK University attempting to manipulate their Trustpilot review score.


BJK University costs $4,800 for the course and 1 year mentorship. The price is subject to constant changes and ranges from $3,800 to over $5,000. Additional mentorship after 1 year costs $96 a month.

Refund Policy

BJK University has a 3-day refund guarantee as long as less than 20% of the course materials are consumed.


BJK University was created in 2019.


The course initially received positive feedback, but recent reviews have been predominantly negative.

Is BJK University a Legit Amazon FBA Mentorship?

BKJ University is a legit Amazon FBA Mentorship, although the effectiveness of their program is questionable. There have been many complaints about the quality of BJK University mentorship regarding the getting generic or incomprehensible answers to questions and the lack of support from the coaches. Many of the older students claim that the quality of the mentorship declined in mid 2021 after a thousand new enrollments in a short amount of time. There are over 5,500 students, with 1,000 of those joining within a year. Bashar himself no longer does personal mentorship and BJK University has been struggling to get more quality mentors to keep up with the large amount of students.

What Do You Get With BJK University?

The BJK University course offers a structured six-week module-based training, ongoing educational content, bi-weekly webinars led by successful Amazon FBA professionals, a year of unlimited Q&A sessions with coaches, and membership in an exclusive Facebook support group.

The training will cover the following topics:

  • Mindset
  • Software and tools
  • Strategies and formulas
  • Researching profitable products
  • Negotiating with your suppliers and supply management
  • Purchasing and shipping of products, tariffs, and inventory management
  • Fees involved in Amazon FBA
  • Product listings optimization - how to create effective descriptions, and titles
  • How to get reviews and how to deal with negative reviews
  • Running PPC advertising, creating sales funnels, and giving out incentives

Who Is BJK University For?

  1. Complete newbies who want to learn all there is to know to create and run an Amazon FBA private label business. 
  2. Current sellers who are having problems breaking even or scaling their business.
  3. Experienced wholesalers or dropshippers who want to get mentorship to learn how to do private label.

Are Students of BJK University Successful?

It's hard to say just how many successful students BJK University has because of the flood of fake reviews. Trustpilot flagged and deleted many of the fake reviews on the BJK University profile. Be wary when trusting reviews you see about the course, especially the ones on their official website.

BJK University Reviews on Trustpilot

The few verified Trustpilot reviews for BJK University are mixed. Most of the positive reviews date back to before July 2021, while most of the verified after are negative.

bjk university

This most recently verified positive review praise the community and coaching. The reviewer further praises the course content and mentions how she is about to launch her first private label product. Unfortunately, there is no update on to how well her business did after launch.

bjk university review

Another verified review from 2021 talks about how well organized and easy to follow the course is and how great the weekly Q&As were. The rest of the positive reviews around this time all praise the same things, but none of them give any mention of them being able to make a successful business with what they learned from the course.

bjk university review

Negative reviews started appearing after the number of students grew quickly. The review above points out that students started having difficulty getting mentorship because of Bashar's availability.

bjk university review

This review above mentions that Bashar no longer does personal coaching and that he has hired other “experts” to do the mentorship calls. You could no longer ask questions specific to your case on the calls because of the large amount of students. BJK University has since added more mentors, but Bashar himself is rarely active. These are mostly the same issues that plague BJK University til today.

Is BJK University Worth It?

I do not believe BJK University is worth it by taking into consideration the problems with the lack of mentorship because of the large amount of students. Compared to other courses on the market, BJK university does not excel in any area. The training material is quite generic. For these reasons, I cannot recommend BJK University. There are a lot of cheaper alternatives or better high-ticket mentorship programs out there that offer better support. 

Who Is Bashar J Katou?

bashar j katou

Bashar J Katou is an entrepreneur and the owner and CEO of BJK University from Miami, Florida. While he is no longer an active Amazon FBA seller as of 2021, he claims to have made $1.5 million a month selling on Amazon. Bashar stopped selling after making over $14 million from course sales.

Born in Iraq, Bashar and his family migrated to the United States in 2006, after the Iraq War and the fall of Saddam Hussein, because of the disability that followed. He spent his childhood in Detroit, Michigan. After dropping out of medical school at age 22 to become an entrepreneur, Bashar created a restaurant and bar in San Diego, California, that lasted for 3 years. Unable to even pay the insurance or his employees, an accidental fire caused Bashar to lose over $500K and end up with $150K in debt and bad credit.

Bashar Katou's Journey Into Amazon FBA

Faced with lawsuits from food and drink purveyors and unpaid employees, Bashar worked as an Uber driver to make money and pay his debts off. After hearing about Amazon FBA from a friend who was making money online, Bashar started researching about it.

In 2015, Bashar borrowed money from his then-girlfriend’s mom in order to fund his Amazon FBA dropshipping business. He dropshiped products like molecule model kits, faucet extenders, and Nerf gun vest kits and was making about $1K a month. After a couple of years of putting all his effort into it, working over 10 hours a day on his Amazon FBA business, he turned it into a 7 figure business.

Bashar Katou's Journey Into Mentorship

Bashar learned about how people were making money teaching their expertise, so in 2017, he created his YouTube channel and a cheap Amazon FBA course. The course didn't do too well, so he created a new course and a high-ticket mentorship program. Bashar took a course by social media marketing expert Sam Ovens early in 2019.

Bashar was making 20–30K per month on course sales after his mentorship. He took Sam Oven's UpLevel course and Quantum Mastermind and was able to scale his course sales to make 150K a month while spending 50–60K on ads. He also took a course by Alex Becker to learn about YouTube ads, but it didn't work too well. Bashar then tried Instagram organic posting, which didn’t go well, so he hired someone to create content. He made 10K profit after the first 3 months, 20K profit the next month, and 52K the next, all from organic leads.

Bashar J Katou's Tips on Finding $10K per Month Product on Amazon in 2024

Bashar stresses that finding the right product will spell success or failure. Start finding your $10K per month product by taking ideas from niche products on Amazon. Make sure the top sellers do not have over 300 reviews. Next, you have to private label your product in order to differentiate them and add more value. This also allows you to increase the price of your now unique product. Finally, you need an effective marketing strategy to drive traffic to your listing.

This process is not as easy as it sounds. Doing product research takes a lot of time or the use of paid tools. Trends often change, which means demand for a niche product can drop. Creating a successful private label means brand building, which is a long and arduous process. You need to build a loyal customer base from scratch and invest heavily in marketing and maintain positive reviews.

Is Amazon FBA Worth It?

Amazon FBA is worth it if you have the capital to spare and the time to invest enough time, money, and effort into it. Based on the TrueProfit study, 22% of Amazon FBA sellers make less than $500 in annual sales. This wouldn’t even be worth it, as you still need to factor in all the fees. The study also pointed out that only 1% of Amazon sellers make $100,000 to $250,000 in annual sales.

You shouldn't expect to get rich with Amazon FBA either. Amazon reported that there are 9.7 million sellers on the platform, with only 1.9 million of them being active. Data published by the Amazon research tool Helium 10 found that 60,000 (0.6% of all sellers) became Amazon FBA millionaires. Still, a 27% success rate is an enormous risk.

Can You Lose Money on Amazon FBA?

People lose money on Amazon FBA for a variety of reasons that cause their business to fail. 37% of sellers are not profitable in their first year on Amazon. It takes a while to see any results, so be sure to invest only what you can afford to lose.

What Is the Disadvantage of Amazon FBA?

  • Rising FBA fees - Ever increasing Amazon seller fees lower profits and increase the risk of losing money. For selling plans, the Individual Plan is free but deducts $0.99 per unit sold, while the Professional Plan costs $39.99/month with no per unit deduction. Amazon charges an 8%–15% referral fee for every product sold. Additional fees include fulfillment fees, return fees, inventory fees, and more.
  • High Competition - While Amazon has the biggest customer base, they also have the largest number of sellers who compete for the buy box, which means expensive PPC ad bids. You can generate free website traffic by using tactics such as SEO, social media marketing, and blogging. Free traffic is important as it is a more sustainable way to generate leads in the long term.
  • Black Hat Tactics - Because of high competition, some sellers use black hat tactics to sabotage their competition. For example, since reviews heavily affect a seller’s ranking on the buy box, the competition can hit them with fake negative review attacks.
  • Lenient Return Policies - Amazon is very lenient towards its buyers. Returns cost sellers money, and Amazon is quick to approve many return requests. Sellers also risk fraudulent returns. The National Retail Federation reported that 10.3% of returns are fraudulent.
  • Bad Seller Support - Amazon is notorious for its poor support for sellers. This would be a serious problem as you can be hit with risky issues like buyer scams.
  • Payment Delays - Amazon FBA pays you every 14 days through your connected bank account. Held and delayed payments will be disbursed on the next payout. You can prevent payment problems if you are eligible for the Express Payout.

What Is Your Top Recommendation for Making Money Online in 2024?

Local lead generation is my top recommendation for making money online in 2024. You create predictable passive income by creating and ranking a website on Google, then renting it out to local businesses. It’s a low-risk business model that costs as little as $500 in initial investments to start and as low as $30 a month to maintain. In comparison, it costs $3,800 to start an Amazon FBA business. A local lead generation business has an ROI of up to 90% while the average Amazon FBA seller has an ROI of 5% to 15%.

Compared to competing with sellers worldwide in an Amazon FBA business, you only compete with a handful of other websites with local lead generation. Scaling is as easy as repeating the rank and rent process. You can earn up to $2,000 a month from each website and there is no limit to how much websites you can rank and rent. This makes local lead generation my top online business to create time and financial freedom.

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