Charbel Milan’s BNB Standard Academy Review—Is A Young Man Worth Listening To About Rental Arbitrage?

July 12, 2023

BNB Standard Academy is a course on how to start, manage, and automate your Airbnb rental arbitrage. Rental arbitrage is essentially sub-leasing properties to rerent it to guests on Airbnb.

This is great for getting into real estate because you need less capital to start compared to buying your own property. 

This BNB Standard Academy review talks about Charbel Milan’s program, how much it costs, what you will get out of it, and if it is worth listening to a man in his early 20s about rental arbitrage. 

Rental arbitrage may take longer to set up than an eCommerce business, Charbel mentioned in a podcast. But if you really want to earn money using Airbnb, there are other ways to do that besides doing rental arbitrage. 

Check out this article on how to make money in Airbnb without owning a property. Even better, I suggest starting a local lead generation business. It is digital real estate where you build, rank, and rent a website to small business owners. 

They get leads while renting your site, and you earn passive income without the risks of owning physical real estate properties.

What Is BNB Standard Academy?

BNB Standard Academy is a course about how to start a short-term rental business, set up a property through co-hosting, and earn money using Airbnb. It will teach you how to start a profitable Airbnb business.

BNB Standard Academy was launched in May 2021. Charbel Milan had the goal of launching the program after 5 properties in Airbnb. But with the mindset that his time in this world is limited, after a series of losses in his life, he launched it despite having only 3 properties. 

He realized you do not have to be the best at what you do. You just have to know more than the person you are teaching to.

BNB Standard Academy Pros And Cons


Offers free webinars for a start

Charbel Milan is a storyteller and motivational speaker based on his podcast

Transparent with pricing

A beginner-friendly course for those wanting to start out in rental arbitrage


Lots of better courses and coaches out there to teach you real estate

Relatively new to the industry, but with great potential

Many resources about rental arbitrage can be found online FOR FREE


BNB Standard Academy costs $482 for a regular course. But they regularly offer FREE webinars via social media site links.

Refund Policy

BNB Standard Academy is non-refundable because the course is an information product.


BNB Standard Academy started in May 2021.


Besides positive in-house reviews by Charbel Milan’s students in the course, BNB Standard Academy does not have 3rd-party rated reviews.

Is BNB Standard Academy Worth It?

BNB Standard Academy is worth it if you’re a beginner in the real estate industry. Beginners normally do not know where to start. They are also prone to facing bottlenecks in their progress because of lack of information. And this is the strength of Charbel Milan being the instructor of the course.

Charbel Milan is a great motivational speaker, more than an instructor and coach. As someone who is relatively new to real estate himself, he is fresh out of the struggles of doing rental arbitrage. Hence, you will learn from his experiences and can apply the strategies he teaches in the course.

You wouldn’t expect someone so young to be involved in real estate, but he will show you the proper mindset to have when you want to get business done as an Airbnb host. And the course will give you most of what you need to start your very own short-term rental business. If this course doesn't right for you, check Airbnb Breakdown Academy and Creating Multiple Commas

Something to watch out for. Charbel Milan claims to have taught over 1,000 students in his course. Over 25 students have made 6 figures. However, reviews are limited to almost nonexistent besides the photos and videos he shows on-site.

What Do I Get In BNB Standard Academy?

  • Step-by-step Airbnb Video & PDF Training - BNB Standard Academy will show you how Charbel Milan has succeeded in Airbnb rental arbitrage. This will allow you to fast track your process and gain advantage over the competition by replicating his process.
  • Step-by-step Airbnb Profit & Revenue Whiteboard Breakdowns - BNB Standard Academy integrates whiteboard breakdowns to present how you can maximize your profit and revenue with little to no capital.
  • Exclusive Mastermind Chat & Private Group Chat - BNB Standard Review will provide you with a mastermind group where you can communicate with Charbel himself, along with other students.

What’s Inside BNB Standard Academy?

  • Full Access
  • How to find your first property
  • How to start your LLC
  • How to get business funding
  • How to furnish your property
  • How to pitch owners to let you Airbnb
  • How to grow to multiple properties
  • How to use dynamic pricing
  • How to make sure you’re MAX Profits
  • How to hire cleaners
  • How to become a co-host
  • How to hire co-hosts
  • How to pay off property with Airbnb
  • How to spot good properties
  • How to find the best areas
  • How to Airbnb remotely
  • How to automate your business

Who Created the BNB Standard Academy?

Charbel Milan launched the BNB Standard Academy in May 2021. He is a young man in his early 20s who has been making money primarily through rental arbitrage since 2019. It started out as an idea he wanted to do in Atlanta, Georgia. 

After he met the host of the Airbnb he was staying in, who stopped by to look for his wallet, Charbel asked if he was doing rental arbitrage. 

The guy said yes. And what was supposed to be a quick wallet search turned out to be the best 45 minutes of Charbel’s life as a real estate investor. 

Fast forward to 2021, after losing his two best friends, Charbel realized we have limited time. All we can do is make money to buy time and get financial freedom early on. And making money now will give him the freedom to not worry about it later in his life.

Charbel met with his friend, William Rivera, and went upfront with him about his rental arbitrage business through Airbnb. 

He wanted to teach people how to earn passive income doing short-term business and vacation rental using Airbnb . And after a consultation with William, he eventually launched the BNB Standard Academy.

How Can Charbel Milan Help Coach You In Succeeding With Airbnb?

Charbel Milan can coach you into avoiding costly mistakes with your Airbnb listing. Airbnb has a tight competition. The right coach prevents you from starting from scratch. These are just some benefits you get.

BNB Standard Academy is relatively new to the game. Charbel Milan can be considered a motivational coach. These qualities can certainly improve your strategy as a real estate investor and as a future Airbnb superhost. However, there are more experienced coaches out there that can help you win in this business model.

My article on top Airbnb courses will walk you through programs that give a more streamlined coaching and technical approach to starting a business using the Airbnb platform.

How Much Time And Money Can You Invest In This Business?

Some Airbnb entrepreneurs, like Suzie Agelopoulus who also has a course on the BNB Method, have created time and financial freedom for themselves. But what is required to attain such success?

How much time and money you can invest depends on your approach. A trial-and-error approach in your investment property may take longer than having a coach and a mastermind group. You would have to explore on your own, and some were even lucky to stumble upon a working strategy.

Here is a sample breakdown of costs and profit you can get.

Let’s say you get a 12-month lease on a one-bedroom apartment for $1,000 per month. You price your room at $100 a night. Assuming you get a 50% monthly occupancy rate which is 15 days, that gives you $1,500 a month or a $500 net profit. 

However, there are other overhead costs besides rent. These are legal fees, cleaning fees, upkeep fees, automation, and more. So you need to strategize your profit margins to pay these off while still getting profit and make the most out of your rented property.

This is where local lead generation gains the advantage.

Why I Choose Local Lead Generation Over Rental Arbitrage

Local Lead Generation is digital real estate. Compared to setting up Airbnb properties, the time and money you invest in building and ranking a website is minimal. And it creates the passive income you desire.

It can cost around $500 to start a local lead generation site that can earn you $750 to $2000 or more per month in passive income.

It’s fast to set up, easier to manage, you get a faster ROI, and you do not have to worry about tenants breaking your stuff. Dan and I teach you how to maximize earning profits through local lead generation.
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