Jordan Blackman’s Booking Big Fish Clients Review – Top 3 Video Marketing Challenges

March 8, 2023

Booking Big Fish Clients is an online training course by Jordan Blackman that teaches entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants how to create imperfect videos to drive more sales to their business. These imperfect videos are not meant to be highly produced. They are shot on your iPhone and show your authentic self.

This Booking Big Fish Clients review will reveal if creating videos to attract clients is an immediate and long-term option to generating more leads in revenue. I'll also discuss how creating imperfect, authentic videos compares to generating leads using free organic traffic on Google with the local lead generation business model


Video marketing is an essential skill to learn if you want to grow your brand and revenue in 2024.

Jordan provides you with over 100 video ideas.

You learn how to create 3 months of video content. 

You get a video content calendar to help you schedule and keep track of your video posts. 

Jordan updated the course in 2022. 


Creating authentic videos is a long-term play for generating leads. You must build your brand's authority over many months or even years before you see your income grow and become passive. 

Making videos can be time-consuming because it requires you to do many takes. You may not say the right things or mess up while speaking, which requires you to re-record certain parts of your video. 


Booking Big Fish Clients costs $27.

Refund Policy

100%, 365-day guarantee


7 training modules with bonus material included. They provide you with social post templates along with call-to-actions. 


Private forum-style Skool community. 


Jordan Blackman has a great reputation in the game development space, having helped gaming companies reach over 10-figures in revenue. Even the people he worked with and managed have nothing but good things to say. 

Top 3 Video Marketing Challenges

1. Developing Content

Coming up with content to post can be an enormous challenge for anyone. If you only create one video, don't expect to generate much engagement or sales. To grow your brand, you must create content and post it consistently on your social media channels. This requires you to take time to think of what to post and how to present it in your video. A solution to this challenge is to take a day each week or month and plan out what your content is going to be. You can even shoot the content all on one day, then schedule it all to be posted using a platform like Buffer.

2. Time-Consuming

Creating content can be time-consuming. You must come up with content that is going to resonate with your audience. Research has shown that people's attention spans is an average of 8.25 seconds. Therefore, you need to present your content in shorter videos that get to the point and are easily digestible. 

3. Getting tongue-tied

As you create your videos, it's possible that you get tongue-tied and will have to re-record your videos or part of them. This can be frustrating. As long as you remain positive and determined to finish your valuable content, you will do what you must. Before recording your videos, rehearse your content. You can also record your video in sections. This way, if you get tongue-tied, you don't have to re-record the entire video, only a portion of it which will stress you out less.

Booking Big Fish Clients Course Overview

Module 1) The Imperfect Video System

In module 1, you learn about creating imperfect videos that are authentic. Jordan explains how easy it is to do so compared to creating high-end videos. He mentions that this strategy is all about being casual, having fun, and getting it done. 

Module 2) Video Structure

In module 2, Jordan shows you how to structure your videos when creating them on your iPhone.

Module 3) Writing & Recording

Here, you learn how to write a script for your video and the best methods to recording your video. You'll see how Jordan puts his script together and how he uses it to create a video from his phone. 

Module 4) Writing the Post

Module 4 shows you how to write your social media post without coming off too salesy, instead sounding like an authority in your space. 

Module 5) Making the Post

In module 5, Jordan explains how to create your entire post on LinkedIn. You learn what to add to your post and what other things can help your post be picked up by each social platforms algorithm so it can show up on the maximum number of users' feed.

Module 6) Captions & Branding

In the last module, you learn how to add captions to your post using an app called Vemely.

Jordan talks about what techniques will help you grow your brand enough to where people can quickly identify your brand.


The bonuses you get after the Booking Big Fish Clients' main modules are:

  • 100 video-getting ideas
  • Video lead attraction case studies
  • Video-view-to-client template and training
  • LinkedIn High-Ticket Lead Attraction workshop
  • How to turn social comments into clients (Templates & Walkthrough)

Who is Jordan Blackman?

Jordan Blackman is a product-minded game designer from San Francisco, California with over 10 year's experience. Jordan has consulted, written, produced, and designed on iOS and Android games for Capcom, Nickelodeon, EA Sports, The Pokemon Company, Ubisoft, and AMC Networks. 

In 2000, he attended the University of California, Los Angeles for a bachelors in philosophy and ever since 2013, he has worked as director and game designer at Bright Black. 

On May 5, 2017, he started the Playmakers - The Game Industry Podcast where he interviewed leaders in the video game industry and talked about how to produce, market, and operate games more successfully. His last episode was on September 15, 2021.

Is Booking Big Fish Clients worth it?

Booking Big Fish Clients is worth it because you learn some important tips on how to create authentic videos for social media to help you generate more sales. For the low price of $27, Jordan brings to light something that few coaches and consultants have thought of doing with their video marketing. You also get access to a private community of entrepreneurs that improving their videos with Jordan's guidance and 100 video ideas to get you going on the right track of creating content that will convert into sales.

Booking Big Fish Clients Testimonials

There aren't any student testimonials for this course, but Jordan shares some testimonials from colleagues he used to work with. 

Thomas Mir is currently the Senior Producer at Double Stallion Games. He worked with Jordan Blackman in different work groups and said of Jordan that he always showed passion and dedication to the projects he worked on as a producer. Thomas said that Jordan's understanding and curiosity about the business aspect always brought a lot to negotiations. 

Ted Brown is an XR and Digital Games Consultant from Los Angeles, California. He reported to Jordan in 2014 as a Gameplay programmer at Magic Leap. Ted spoke of the flexibility and creativity Jordan has in the world of social games. He also said that Jordan was capable of giving his designers a firm foundation to start with or help them through his positive feedback and ideas. 

Is video marketing profitable in 2024?

Video marketing is profitable in 2024 because people want to do business with brands that are authentic and transparent. Highly produced videos that once converted well, may come off too salesy and non-authentic in this video content era. Regardless, the way to grow your brand awareness is by often creating video content that provides value. According to Oberlo, over 91% of consumers want to see more online video content from brands. This number is only increasing as the years go on. 

If you are relying on video marketing to generate leads, you are only limiting yourself and relying on organic outreach to grow your business.

Video marketing is vital in 2024 but it is not the most important and only way to grow your business. Local lead generation with free organic traffic offers you a way to generate warm to hot leads who are already looking for the service you're offering. It also comes with several long-term benefits. 

Local lead generation

Local lead generation relies on you building simple websites offering a local phone driven and ranking that site on Google in your market. Once your site is ranked and the leads start flowing through your site, you forward the leads to a local small business owner who wants more customers each month. 

When you find a business owner who is happy to pay you for consistent, exclusive leads every month, you charge them a reasonable monthly retainer and get paid on autopilot for as long as you send them leads.

I built this tree care site over 7 years ago and it still pays me $2,000 to this day because it is ranked on Google in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Local lead generation

If you want to scale your business, build more of these digital properties, rank them on Google in your town and get local business owners to pay you for the leads.

That's the business model.

To learn how to get paid every month without having to go on camera while your digital properties do all the work in generating leads for you, check out the local lead generation training program

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