Brand Lux Media Review: What Does Brando Monetti’s Ecom Scaling Solutions Teach You?

January 19, 2023

E-commerce marketing agency, Brand Lux Media, recently launched its Ecom Scaling Solutions program, which teaches experienced brands how to scale their ad profitability by building a bullet-proof sales process. Brando Monetti teaches you to scale your e-commerce business with strategies and methods for the “New Era”. 

Unlike other e-commerce scaling programs focusing on media buying, Ecom Scaling Solutions emphasizes hyper-targeted marketing focused on customer acquisition. It is based on the principle of customer conversion psychology - a specialized marketing tactic that facilitates repeat sales by giving customers what they want and providing a delightful customer journey experience. 

There is an economic aspect to this, as well. For example, if you spend X amount of dollars to acquire a client, you receive a faster ROI if that same client continually buys from your store. Thus, your marketing strategy should focus on consistency, rather than promoting a single sale. 

Why is conversion psychology important for scaling for e-commerce business?

Monetti clarifies that ECom Scaling Solutions does not offer out-of-the-blue strategies to attract new clients. Instead, it provides old-school, tried-and-tested advertising and marketing principles that have been repackaged for running a profitable ecom brand in the “New Era”. 

Your ad account needs to create a positive emotional connection with your potential market so that they are attracted to your brand, willing to purchase your product or service, and continue buying for months or years afterward. You do this by optimizing your sales process (offer, conversion rate, average order value, email marketing, and upselling, among other things) to deliver impactful creatives to your target audience. 

Keep in mind that ECom Scaling Solutions is meant for established ecommerce businesses. If you’re just starting out, you won’t be able to use any of the strategies taught. 

What does Ecom Scaling Solutions promise you? 

Brand Lux Media’s freshman course claims that it can get you better returns, better consistency, and significantly more profit. Monetti clarifies that he does not guarantee any exact results, but his previous clients have been able to scale their ecom business to over six figures per month in just 8 weeks. This is somewhat similar to the promise of Brand Builders Academy of eCommerce Scaling Secrets. 

The goal is to improve your online visibility and customer conversion rate without hiring an expensive creative agency. However, what Brand Lux Media doesn’t mention is that its course negates why most business owners outsource a part of their processes in the first place. 

Outsourcing to an expert is an investment that allows you to focus on the core aspect of your business. If you use Ecom Scaling Solution, it is likely that you will need to spend a good part of your day managing your ad accounts, which may detract you from what you really need to do to build a good product. 

Remember that marketing is only as successful as the actual service it is promoting. If you keep bringing clients in but fail to offer them a high-quality product or service, you run a higher chance of losing customers. 

Ecom Scaling Solution may make things more complicated for your business. Monetti may be able to teach you how to improve your brand visibility but doesn’t mention the cost in terms of task priority. This may backfire and cause you to lose focus or even affect employee productivity. 

A better solution would be local lead generation. This business model already targets an interested clientele within a specific geographic location. Thus, it requires no extra marketing or media buying strategies. Once you’ve established a website, you can easily earn passive income each month with people who need your business and want to purchase whatever it is you’re selling or promoting.

In this Brand Lux Media review, I will review its main smart marketing strategies, and whether the company has the ability to generate a true partnership between your brand and your clients. 


In-depth curriculum

Proven data techniques that are easy to understand


Good refund policy


No real success reviews on Ecom Scaling Solutions 

May complicate business processes 

Not meant for new entrepreneurs

May overwhelm business owners not familiar with marketing



Refund Policy:

Brand Lux Media offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for its Ecom Scaling Solutions program


Ecom Scaling Solutions was launched late 2022 


There are no reviews of Ecom Scaling Solutions, and there are limited positive reviews of any Lux Media solutions

What does Brando Monetti teach you in Ecom Scaling Solutions?

Brando Monetti teaches you to build a profitable sales process to sustain your customer traffic. He does this by helping you to find a product market fit and building a healthy customer relationship so that your conversion rates rise. 

Traditional marketing strategies emphasize media buying and continuously running ads, like what is taught in 7 Figure Media Buyer Academy. However, Monetti says that spending your time on your ad account will not solve your ROI problems. 

What is in Ecom Scaling Solutions?

Ecom Scaling Solutions includes a 5-hour video series covering the 5 most important secrets to running a profitable ecom brand, proven Facebook and TikTok ad frameworks for optimizing and calling accounts, average order value optimization frameworks, conversion rate optimization frameworks, and done-for-you e-mail and SMS marketing templates. 

Each of the 5 videos covers a different secret:

  1. 1
    Episode 1: Develop the correct mindset and approach when scaling your ecommerce brand
  2. 2
    Episode 2: Build a profitable ad campaign using the same techniques that Brand Lux Media uses for its clients
  3. 3
    Episode 3: Learn how to craft profitable sales processes so that your customers convert and spend more
  4. 4
    Episode 4: Develop a strong backend system to generate 15% to 20% of revenue
  5. 5
    Episode 5: Scale content creation by building an experienced team of writers and marketers 

Other materials will be sent as PDF guides. These guides will teach you: 

  • The 3 most common traits that uncommon marketers possess
  • How to conduct customer research for your small business 
  • Why most ad campaigns fail
  • How to write high-converting ads
  • How to get into your customer’s psyche
  • How to funnel hack your competitors 
  • How to write copy that provoke a positive emotional response in your customers 
  • How to craft irresistible offers and increase conversion rate by 10% to 50%
  • How to write in a way that appeals to your customer’s primal instincts 
  • How to scale your brand to five figures in one day 
  • How to grow your brand for the “New Era”
  • The “3-Phase Account Structure” for media buying

You will also receive 4 fast-action bonuses: 

  1. 1
    Bonus 1: Access to Brand Lux Media’s community of content creators 
  2. 2
    Bonus 2: Access to Brand Lux Media’s network of trained media buyers
  3. 3
    Bonus 3: Access to Brand Lux Media’s network of ecom developers
  4. 4
    Bonus 4: Access to Brand Lux Media’s VIP Facebook Group

The goal of Ecom Scaling Solutions is to help your business generate six figures in ecom sales each month. You will learn the same exact frameworks that Brand Lux Media uses for its clients. The program consists of a series of videos, PDF guides, templates, and plug-and-play frameworks. 

What is the “New Era” that Brando Monetti talks about? 

Ecom Scaling Solution says that the modern consumer wants to purchase from authentic brands and that this is defining a “New Era” where marketing needs to be focused on trustworthiness rather than promotion. You need to create an accurate, credible, and authoritative brand voice to attract and keep your customers. 

What makes Ecom Scaling Solutions different from other ecommerce marketing programs?

Ecom Scaling Solutions claims to offer a program that contains no fluff and gets directly to the point of scaling your ecommerce brand. Once you enroll, you will also have access to a network of content writers, media buyers, and developers. 

The entire program is relatively short, and you can finish reading or watching the lessons in half a day. 

How does marketing scaling solutions tie in with local lead generation?

Local lead generation is an ecommerce business that differs from other online business models in that it barely needs marketing scaling strategies. This business model targets a hyper-niched market within a specific geographical location, such as “HVAC contractor in Burlingame, CA”. 

Presumably, those who are searching this keyword live in that area and would be uninterested in “HVAC contractor in Houston, TX”, or “HVAC contractor in  for example. This implies that you can work with a niche (in this case, “HVAC contractor”), but diversify in terms of location.

An established local lead generation typically sells itself, and you do not have to worry about marketing or promoting your website. As such, while Ecom Scaling Solutions offers a decent curriculum, it may not be useful for local lead generation businesses. 

What is Brand Lux Media?

Brand Lux Media is an ecommerce marketing scaling solutions company that helps businesses improve their ROI with paid advertising combined with converting creatives. They help you use your ad spend more efficiently so that you do not promote your brand on platforms where your target audience isn’t located. 

Each strategy is focused, powerful, and engaging. The goal of Brand Luxe Media is to rapidly scale already established ecommerce brands so that they attract the right customers and keep them interested for repeated sales. 

Brand Luxe Media specializes in paid advertising with user generated content (UGC). This means that the agency is NOT a full-service brand and does NOT offer any other service typically associated with marketing such as social media management, Instagram growth, PR services, web design, writing a blog post, or email marketing. 

Brand Lux Media does not work with any brand. You need to first schedule a consultation call with the team. The company will only work with owners or executives they believe they can help. If they do not see any growth potential in you, they will not work with you. 

Who is Brando Monetti?

Brando Monetti is the Chief Executive Officer of Brand Lux Media. He is the main instructor of Ecom Scaling Solutions, along with Marin Bando, Chief Marketing Officer, Ana Vucak, Copywriting Director, and Stefan Spanic, Creative Director. 

Supposedly, Monetti and his team have personally managed over $10M in ad spend across Facebook, Google, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok. In the last 7 years, they have generated over $50M in profit for their clients. 

Does Brand Lux Media have good reviews?

Brand Lux Media does not have any outside reviews, which discredits the company’s credibility and trustworthiness. Despite being founded on November 2017, all their positive reviews are limited to their official website or on their sales pages. There is also only one review on their official Facebook page, altogether adding to a dubious image. 

The company claims, however, that they have been successful in scaling several clients to six figures or more in a month using specific strategies that target customer conversion psychology. 

CONCLUSION: Is Brand Lux Media’s Ecom Scaling Solutions worth it? 

Brand Lux Media’s Ecom Scaling Solutions seems to overcomplicate matters and is not worth it for an experienced ecommerce business owner. Even with an affordable price and a great refund policy, it is likely that you will need to adjust your business to accommodate a new marketing practice. It is possible that instead of improving your revenue, you will spend too much time trying to implement the lessons you’ve learned and not focus on the core aspect of your business. 

It is conceivable that Brand Lux Media designed its program this way so that you become frustrated and ask them to just handle everything instead. That being said, Monetti says that he wants you to succeed in Ecom Scaling Solution so that you want to partner with them in the future - but the question remains, “how”? 

Ecom Scaling Solution appears to be a well-thought-out and researched program. You will most likely learn a lot, but implementing the lessons is a different story. 

A more practical solution is investing in local lead generation. This business model is not overly complicated and you can start it without needing a team or spending hours each day setting it up. Further, once you’ve established a great website, you can easily leave it alone and it will automatically earn you money each month. 

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