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Brandon Young Review: Difficulties Within Seller Systems’ Private Label Model

March 20, 2024

Brandon Young is an 8-figure Amazon seller, active course instructor, and YouTuber. On his YouTube channel, he shares the latest information about the private label business model, Amazon’s ever-changing Terms of Service, and the world trends he sees that will affect sellers. He also sells courses on his Seller Systems platform for beginners, sellers who have specific issues they want to work on, and those looking to start or completely revamp their Amazon FBA business. His unique strategies for private label include data-based keyword and product research strategies as well as using social media and chat bots to drive traffic.

Brandon based his platform off of a desire to help people realize if Amazon private label is right for them. If it is, he’s there to hold their hand through every step of the process. If it’s not right, Brandon doesn't use pushy tactics just to get everyone’s money.

This Brandon Young review will tell you if you can trust him. But first, let’s break the private label glass ceiling and find out why this might not be the best way to make money online. After all, local lead generation involves no physical products, no need to base your business in Amazon, and other benefits. So, there may be something out there that will be better for you.

What Difficulties Will I Face in My Amazon Private Label Business?

Amazon private label is complicated, expensive, and requires much time and effort. This business model involves conducting product research to find a profitable product that will bring in traffic to build sales. Then, you source that product, either overseas (commonly China) or domestically in the United States or North America. You will create your own brand and logo, and pay for these identifying features to go on with your product’s external packaging. Then, once your product is ready, which usually involves ordering test products, you will ship the goods to an Amazon warehouse. Every step of the private label business includes high Amazon FBA startup costs and weeks of your time (if not months). 

Many people try out Amazon private label because it is the most profitable Amazon FBA business model. The profit margin can reach 40%, while other strategies barely scratch 10%-20%. There’s also more freedom with the private label business model because you own your own brand. However, since you’re selling on a different platform, ultimately Amazon makes the last call.

Brandon isn’t shy about telling his followers that private label needs at least $5K to start. However,  it is better to spend $15K-$20K on a startup investment. Anything less than that, and you risk losing every penny. Still, Brandon provides many ways for you to learn the business model, and is one of the few Amazon coaches out there that currently sell.

Brandon Young Pros and Cons


8 figure Amazon seller

Actively sells and coaches

Provides latest updates

Has won numerous awards

Share global and Amazon insights


Amazon private label is expensive to start.

No mentorship connected with smaller courses beyond the Facebook group

We couldn’t find a Brandon Young Amazon course review on YouTube that wasn’t on his own platform.

Brandon Young’s Success Story

Brandon Young wasn’t always the successful 8-figure Amazon seller he is today. He tried 15 other businesses before Amazon private label, and failed at all of them.

Brandon Loses 6 Figures in a Single Night

One of Brandon’s biggest failures lost him 6 figures in a single night. He had not started on Amazon FBA yet. At the time, he had a music studio and management company. Brandon organized a major New Year’s Eve party with a famous artist providing entertainment. Patrons purchased tickets and lined up out the door to attend. But, the artist never showed up. Brandon had to issue refunds and sue the artist (which he won compensation for a year later). In the end, this space was fun, but not profitable.

Brandon also bought storage units and appeared on the television show Storage Wars. But, he ended up paying his $12/hr helper more than he made off of the unit.

Brandon Young Discovers Amazon FBA

Brandon had two buddies that made over $1 million in Amazon retail arbitrage back in 2015. When another friend lost his job, he started retail arbitrage, too. Their buddies didn’t want to help them out and give over their strategies, so Brandon went to YouTube. He quickly realized that arbitrage wasn’t a scalable business. So, he and his then girlfriend Jennifer started their Amazon journey with wholesaling and liquidation. 

Their wholesale business was a grind. Liquidation was difficult. Amazon even blocked one of their brands. So, they knew they had to shift. That’s when they tried out Amazon private label.

Brandon and Jennifer Try Private Label

In 2016, Brandon and Jennifer went to Canton Fair, or China Import and Export Fair. This is the largest trade fair in China, and an excellent place to meet suppliers. This is where they began to move into private label. They launched their first product in June of that year. On February 7, 2017, Brandon and Jennifer got married.

By 2018, their brands were pulling in about $10 million annually. They had 25 private label products with over 300 SKUs (stock keeping unit). This means that over their 25 different Amazon products, there were over 300 variations in color, features, and more.

Brandon Young Today

2021 was a great business growth year for Brandon. He still makes 8 figures a year. They have a team of employees and suppliers in China. He and Jennifer still operate their business together, provide for their children, and live in Florida. Brandon is the CEO of the coaching business, while Jennifer is the CEO of their private label brands. They both commit 60 to 70 hours a week to their businesses.

Brandon Young’s Secrets to Success

Brandon’s “secret weapon” is his wife, who is also an Amazon expert. They drive each other. Plus, she is from China and follows what the Chinese Amazon sellers are doing. This allows them to understand cultural barriers, negotiate better prices, and more. 

This also helps Brandon get the latest news on Amazon and the geopolitical world, which he is known for on YouTube.

Education has also always been important to Brandon. They invested in this from the start. As they grew, they even hired a CEO coach.

Brandon Young Awards

Brandon raked in the awards in 2021. From SellerPoll, he won Favorite Amazon Consultant (for the second year in a row) and Outstanding Contribution. The Seller System Facebook Group won in the “Favorite Facebook Group” category, and Seller Systems itself won Favorite Amazon Course.

This is especially powerful because last year’s winner was Freedom Ticket, a free course from Helium 10. Brandon’s course is paid (and expensive!) but beat out the free course competition. Also, Brandon just recently started running ads, so he beat very ad-driven courses to this award as well.

Brandon Young Net Worth

Brandon Young’s net worth is not currently known, but we do know that he makes about $10 million on Amazon each year. This income does not include what he makes off of his YouTube videos and his Seller Systems courses.


Brandon has the experience and current status to teach you everything you need to know about Amazon private label. He also understands the importance of trust and honesty. He's won awards that back up these claims.

What is Brandon Young’s Seller Systems?

Seller Systems is a platform dedicated to Brandon Young’s products. All of his products teach Amazon private label. He has a class for every level of FBA seller. Here’s a breakdown of products and Amazon courses provided by Brandon Young.

  • Free Amazon SEO Masterclass: This Amazon FBA course is the perfect way for any level of private label seller to get to know Brandon. Beginners will get the most information out of this course. You’ll have access by creating an account, and you can go back to it. You won’t have to share much personal information to do this, just name and email address.
  • 5 Hour Amazon Private Label Masterclass: This course is inexpensive, but that’s because it’s older. It will extend your knowledge of Brandon’s strategies for keyword research and product selection beyond what he shares in the free course.
  • PPC Masterclass: This course is much more up-to-date than the private label masterclass. It’s based on Brandon’s own experience, as well as the experience of his students. He noticed that the biggest issues with PPC success have to do with budget. So, this course covers the amount of ad spend and advertising cost of sales.
  • Launch Masterclass: This course is the most expensive of Brandon’s mini courses. Yet, it teaches Amazons algorithm as A9 rather than A10, which Amazon now runs on. This course is also larger than the other three, with two other classes included as well as a workshop. This course is as close to the information shared within the Inner Circle as you can get without purchasing the full course.
  • The Inner Circle is a college level course. It has 100 hours of content and provides access and a discount on Data Dive software. The Inner Circle also has an additional exclusive Facebook Group with over 1000 members that include major brands and 7 and 8 figure sellers.
  • Data Dive is Brandon’s product and keyword research software. It is based on the processes that Brandon and Jennifer created. When they had some products fail, and found that the reason was a lack of keywords that drove sales. Data Drive allows you to compare the top sellers in a specific niche. The software literally dives into Helium 10 Cerebro, Google Trends, and Amazon. It asks for Google Drive permissions and generates a sheet full of keyword information on a Master Keyword List. Data Dive sorts this list by relevancy. Within 2 minutes, you will view hundreds of these keywords and have insight on what will work in the niche you want to be in.

Brandon shares walkthroughs on YouTube to show users how to use this software. In the coming months, Data Dive will be a standalone product and will not require Google Drive access. In the meantime, it has become very popular, with 1500 paid users in less than 8 months. Here's what it looks like:

data dive

What is the Cost of Brandon Young’s Courses?

Inner Circle is $3000 for both the course and access to the exclusive Facebook group. It’s $2000 with the code SELLERSYSTEMS1000. Or, you can pay $1351 + $149/month. 

Data Dive is $149/month or $1449/year. For Inner Circle members, Data Dive is $49/month.

Launch Masterclass is $797. The PPC Masterclass is $297. The 5 Hour Amazon Private Label Masterclass is $197.

Does Brandon Young Communicate via Email?

It’s not clear if Brandon communicates through email. But Brandon Young communicates through his Facebook groups and weekly live chat “office hours” with his Inner Circle students. He has also told viewers to message him directly on Instagram.

Who is Seller Systems For?

The Seller Systems platform is perfect for people who want to learn more about Amazon private label. The Inner Circle, however, is best for students convinced that private label is the best business model for them. It is also a great course for brands who are already actively selling who want to change their keyword and product listing strategies to scale their businesses.

If Amazon's private level doesn't right for you, you can check Seller Circle to start retail/online arbitrage and wholesale on Amazon. 


Brandon Young has a tried-and-true track record based on years of experience in business and topped with seven years selling on Amazon. As an 8-figure seller bringing in $10 million annually, he is a great mentor for any private label student. His two Facebook groups are also invaluable and allow students to connect with other like-minded sellers and additional Amazon experts.

Are There Alternatives to Brandon Young’s Courses and Products?

Yes, there are alternatives to Brandon Young’s courses and products. Other options include:

Seller Systems vs. Freedom Ticket

Freedom Ticket won SellerPoll’s best Amazon FBA training course in 2020. This year, Seller Systems beat it. Here’s why:

Seller Systems Inner Circle

Teaches private label

Trains you in on Data Dive

No affiliate marketer presence

Two active groups

Very active mentorship with live Q&A

14 day money back guarantee

$2000 + $1000 annual fee for group access

Comes with $39 monthly subscription to Helium 10

Advanced information

Freedom Ticket

Teaches private label

Trains you on Helium 10

Heavy affiliate marketer presence

No group

No mentorship or support from presenter Kevin King

7 day money back guarantee (the longer the better)


Comes with $39 monthly subscription to Helium 10

Basic information


Seller Systems is definitely the better course, even with the higher price point. Access to support can really help your Amazon business grow and help you avoid mistakes. And, since there is no affiliate marketing program for Seller Systems, you know it won this award on merit than paid advertising. Plus, compared to other high ticket courses, Seller Systems isn’t as expensive.

Positive Brandon Young Reviews

All the positive reviews on YouTube that we could find are from Inner Circle members featured on Brandon’s YouTube page. So, they may be biased. However, here are additional positive reviews we found off of his platform:

brandon young amazon course review 2
brandon young amazon course review 3
positive review
positive reddit

We could find no negative reviews of Brandon or his courses.

Dmytro Nesmiianov's Testimonial: Brandon Young's Student From Ukraine Makes 1 Million Dollars

Dmytro Nesmiianov's Background and Story

Dmytro Nesmiianov grew up in Eastern Ukraine in a regular family without any business experience. He moved to Canada after high school in 2014 because of the on-going conflict there. He worked different jobs while also starting a small business selling iPhones back in Ukraine because they were cheaper when bought in Canada. This was the start of his entrepreneurial journey. 

Dmytro's Journey to $1 Million

Dmytro encountered some hurdles when he was new to Amazon FBA. He had difficulty finding the right products and competition was tough. But he didn't give up. He learned PPC (pay-per-click) advertising and teamed up with a business partner. Dmytro honed his Amazon skills by also learning how to advertise and create content. His hard work slowly paid off and his numbers started to grow. 

Dmytro's Current Business Status

Dmytro's business continues to thrive. He and his partner have expanded their product line while focusing more on the baking niche. They're also running a digital marketing agency that caters to Amazon sellers. Despite some challenges, he managed to balance running an agency while expanding his Amazon brand. 

What's not mentioned in the interview: PPC advertising is expensive, which makes it hard to maintain long-term. Although it's a quick way to generate traffic, it also increases your monthly expenses. The average cost-per-click of PPC campaigns is around $2.95. 

Is Brandon Young a Scammer?

No, Brandon Young is not a scammer. He sells a very legitimate product at a fair price. The value of Seller Systems’ Inner Circle matches its cost, especially with including Facebook groups and access to Brandon. Unfortunately, many people online see a high-ticket item and start shouting “Scam!” However, just because a course is expensive doesn’t mean that its coach is trying to take your money. With no negative reviews and a very trusted online presence, you don’t have to worry about Brandon Young.


Brandon’s main ideas and strategies focus on generating traffic. It is the most important aspect of any business. But, even if you can fight Amazon’s massive audience and competition base, there's no guarantee of getting enough sales with Brandon's strategies. 

Amazon private label can make a profit, but at high expense and time constraint to the seller. Those are just some reasons I left Amazon FBA to run my local lead generation business. 

Local lead generation creates websites and ranks them on Google. Ranked sites are like billboards in prime locations in the real world, and you are the digital landlord. The goal is to build many ranked digital assets and generate passive income from them. When sites are ranked organically, they generate traffic and leads for free. Compared to Amazon FBA and private label that use paid traffic strategies, local lead generation is more stable, predictable, and sustainable. 
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