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Chris Zissis Review – Is a $60,000 Investment Worth Trying Out Youtube Auto?

July 19, 2023

Chris Zissis is a Youtube expert who’s been featured in Chicago Weekly, Disrupt Magazine, and Hustler’s Digest. He’s built hundreds of Youtube channels and many of them earn up to 6 figures every year. Chris has accumulated 3 billion views from his Youtube channels in only 24 months. And he has over 300 freelancers and 7 full time employees under his wing. 

However, his program, Youtube Auto, requires a huge financial investment to get started. Is it really worth it? In this Chris Zissis review, we’ll be reviewing his DFY Youtube Auto program. And we'll see if it’s really worth paying tens of thousands of dollars to join. At the end, I’ll also make a quick comparison to the Local Lead Generation business model since it’s a more affordable option to try out. Well also get into:
  • Who is Chris Zissis?
  • What are People Saying About Chris Zissis Online?
  • Is Chris Zissis a Scam or Legit?
  • What is Youtube Auto?
  • What Does Youtube Auto Come With?
  • How Do You Make Money With Youtube Auto?
  • How Much Does Youtube Auto Cost?
  • Who is Youtube Auto For?
  • Is Youtube Content Creation Still Relevant in 2022?
Chris Zissus wearing green jacket

Pros & Cons of Chris Zissis and Youtube Auto


Provides lots of hard numbers and results. This is one of the most important things a program can share since it’s the #1 thing we care about - profit.

Featured on major podcasts like Entrepreneurs On Fire. This adds to Chris Zissis’s legitimacy as a whole and it helps us see that other authorities respect Chris as well.

Runs 150 Youtube channels. With such a large quantity of work under Chris’s belt, it’s clear he has lots of experience and likely has experienced (and overcome) most common problems in this field.


Lack of direct control over business. If you’re the hands-on type, this isn’t for you. Make sure you’re comfortable letting others control 95% of “your business” ventures for you before doing this.

Extremely expensive to sign up for. You need to have already achieved financial success to join this program. 10’s of thousands of dollars are needed just to get started and you won’t see it back for at least 1-2 years.

More risky than buying an established business with proven profitability. Investing in a DFY business is like buying a regular business - but it's not profitable yet. However, it's still expensive. Alternatively, you could splurge more money and buy an established business that is profitable now (see examples at Empire Flippers).

Is Youtube Auto Worth Paying $60,000 for?

Yes, Youtube Auto is potentially worth paying $60,000 for. But it depends on a few things. The first thing is if you have EXTRA cash on hand beyond 60k. You shouldn’t go broke investing your life savings into a program that won’t see a return for 1-2 years. So in a sense, the only people I’d recommend join this program are people with at least 100k in the bank. In fact, when you sign up to join Chris’s Youtube Auto program, you get the following question:

Youtube Auto financial qualification question

If you can meet these minimum standards and can afford to wait 1-2 years for the ROI, then this can work for you. But if you can’t, I suggest you stay clear and try something else. Of course, there are other upsides and downsides to DFY Youtube Automation. And we’ll get into them during this review.

Who is Chris Zissis?


Chris Zissis

Net Worth

 Estimated $1-2 Million


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Founder of YT Auto from Mar 2017 - Present, refrigerator apprentice, custom clothes business owner, jelwery seller, reseller of Coca-Cola can at double price in school

Chris Zissis face against blue background

Chris Zissis was born in Melbourne, Australia. From a young age, Chris was business-minded and work-oriented. He started off reselling Coca-Cola cans at marked up prices to fellow students. He also worked in construction working with concrete and asphalt and even worked in refrigeration as an apprentice. 

Once Chris turned 15, his parents separated. It was a tough time for Chris and his father made sure to challenge him at every opportunity. But despite being a harsh father, Chris said “Today, when I look back, I guess I’m grateful for the hard times he put me through.” 

Once he turned 18, he started his first real business selling custom shirts, socks, hoodie sweaters, and so on. He earned over $10,000 doing this. He also tried out selling jewelry, fitness programs, coaching and consulting, and even selling desserts. But nothing worked out and his finances were abysmal. It got so bad his car got repossessed and he needed a loan from his mom and girlfriend to get it back. 

Once he got his car back, he started working as an Uber driver for extra income. He was doing 100+ hour weeks just to make ends meet. Monday thru Friday he worked in a factory from 7am to 3pm. Then he worked from 6pm to 2am as an Uber driver. On the weekend, he did more Uber work from 7am to 7pm as well. Things only changed when Chris started working as a digital marketing agency. Luckily, he had experience creating health and fitness Youtube content. So naturally, he started combining this Youtube experience with his digital marketing agency work. And this led to Chris Zissis’s Youtube Auto program as we know it now.

Today, Chris has over 5 million Youtube subscribers. He has 3 billion views across his channels. And he regularly earns seven figures in total ad revenue from his combined Youtube channels as well. 

What are People Saying About Chris Zissis Online?

Chris is featured on many podcasts, including major ones like Entrepreneur On Fire. But aside from the testimonials on his website, there aren’t many reviews about him online. There are some negative discussions about how scammy Chris’s DFY business model is. But these are from people who’ve never even taken the course. I’ll share a little of both to let you see what people are saying:

Youtube Auto client Jon

“Jon was skeptical about working with Chris Zissis at first. Some of his friends had bad luck with other Youtube DFY businesses. But he gave it a shot and had such great luck that he invested in multiple channels. One channel is now earning between $8,000-$17,000 monthly."

Youtube Auto client Chris

"Chris was impressed by Chris Zissus when he learned he personally managed the channels and knew their numbers. This gave him the confidence to invest with him and it paid off. He signed up for 3-4 channels immediately and one even broke the $18,000-$20,000 mark in about 3 months."

There’s plenty more testimonials and data supporting the effectiveness of Chris Zissus’s Youtube DFY program. As for negative reviews, I couldn’t find any legitimate ones. However, there were some people expressing their distrust of the program itself. Just keep in mind they didn’t take the program themselves.

The following example is from the “Scam” subreddit. See what this skeptical guy has to say about Chris Zissis:

Suspicious Redditor about Chris Zissis and Youtube Auto program

"Salty_Dugtrio believes businesses that use ads and money-back guarantees are scams. Considering those are both legitimate marketing practices, I’m not sure I agree. What do you think?"

There were other posts mentioning how Chris seemed scammy after having a Discovery Chat with him. There was even someone claiming they went to high-school with Chris and he was untrustworthy based on that. Overall, nothing seemed too substantial and shouldn’t really be considered reliable as a “negative” review. 

Is Chris Zissis a Scam or Legit?

No, Chris Zissus and his Youtube DFY program are not scams. If you search online, it’s impossible to find a person who took the program (which literally costs $60,000 to join) who had bad things to say about it. On the other hand, he’s got reams of data proving the program works (eventually, at least - it’s a long-term investment). Usually, there’s some controversy from past students to at least suggest shady business is going on. Nothing like that shows up here. If you want an alternative, check Ascend CapVentures

What is Youtube Auto?

Youtube Auto formula banner

Youtube Auto is a DFY Youtube channel creation service. The goal is to use your initial investment to fund the creation, management, and growth of a Youtube channel on your behalf. With a long-term focus, your Youtube account will eventually earn you $5,000 - $15,000+ each month.


Youtube Auto


DFY Youtube channel creation & management service


$60,000 - $1,000,000+

Refund Policy

None stated


Not much reputation as there’s little discussion about Chris Zissus and Youtube Auto anywhere on Google. Some are claiming the program’s scammy on Reddit but none of those people joined the program. However, Chris Zissis has plenty of proof and testimonials on his website suggesting success for clients.

What Does Youtube Auto Come With?

  • A fully optimized Youtube Channel 
  • A strategically chosen niche designed for traffic and virality
  • Custom created Youtube video content for the life of the channel
  • Completely hands-off Youtube channel growth and management
  • Multiple Youtube passive income sources including hot affiliate offers, sponsorship deals, and more as well

How Do You Make Money With Youtube Auto?

Youtube Auto generates money by creating and growing a Youtube channel for you that earns $5,000 - $10,000 per month. It’s a completely hands-free process and your job is to pay others to do all the work for you. Once the channel is created, the goal is to build traffic and then use multiple passive income sources (e.g. affiliate offers, sponsorship, ads, etc.) to earn a profit. Once you’ve started generating a decent income off one channel, the process can be repeated with more channels to grow your profits further.

Who is Youtube Auto For?

Youtube Auto is for entrepreneurs and investors who want a completely hands-off source of passive income and have at least $60,000 to invest.

How Much Does Youtube Auto Cost?

Chris Zissis doesn’t share the exact price on his website. However, I found his business information on the Biz Buy Sell website. He provides the “Total Investment” data there and I’ve shared it down below:
Youtube Auto cost

"Upfront, you’ll need at least $60,000 to join the Youtube Auto program."

Do Clients of Youtube Auto Actually Make Money?

Yes, the Youtube Auto clients make money and there’s lots of proof, too. Chris Zissis shares multiple behind-the-scenes numbers to show you how much money his clients are earning. Below are 3 of many he has on his website:

Youtube Auto results one
Youtube Auto results two
Youtube Auto results three

Is Youtube Content Creation Still Relevant in 2022?

Youtube content creation is still relevant in 2022 and it’s likely to be that way for years. In fact, the number of users on Youtube is projected to grow to 400 million users by 2025. And that means more money will be poured into Youtube, which means more monetary opportunities for content creators.

(Speaking of which, check out our Aleric Heck review and his Youtube advertising program)

Take a look below to see how many millions of Youtube users there are. You'll quickly see how big Youtube's potential is:

Youtube user statistics

However, keep in mind that more users means more competition. It’s already tough beating the algorithm when it comes to more popular Youtubers. You’ll also need to keep up with changes in Youtube policies, copyright strikes, and sudden account bannings. So while there is decent opportunity in Youtube, you should beware the problems Youtubers are already complaining about. It’ll only get worse in the future.


If you’re looking for a hands-off opportunity to make money and have at least $60,000 in capital, Chris Zissis’s Youtube Auto is a decent program. Although you’re investing a huge chunk of money upfront, you can make it back in about 1-2 years if you’re patient. And of course, the fact that you don’t have to do any work yourself is a huge plus if you’re busy or hate getting your hands dirty.

Just remember that although you “own” the Youtube channel, you’re not learning how to run it yourself. You’ll be in big trouble if your channel is abandoned by Chris Zissis for any reason. Even if he tells you exactly what to do, there’s a million little things that require experience to overcome and you’ll likely lose profits in the short term while figuring things out.

(If you like Youtube but want to try a different program, you can check out a review we did for Graham Stefan instead)

Why Lead Generation Provides Safer Passive Income Than DFY Does

Done-For-You can be great but the upfront costs are huge. Chris Zissis’s program costs a minimum $60,000, which is a year’s salary for many people. Is it really necessary to pay so much for passive income? Well, there’s an alternative that’s more budget-friendly while still providing a form of “passive income.”

It’s actually something I’ve been doing for a few years now. And it’s called Local Lead Generation. It does require some upfront capital to invest. But it’s NOWHERE near as expensive as 99% of DFY programs are. Even better is the upkeep is so minimal (basically just checking on basic websites every once in a while) that it’s practically passive income itself. It’s pretty simple to try out so I recommend you take a second and learn more about Local Lead Generation today.
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  1. This company is a scam. I would not invest any money with them. I was told within 2 to 3 months I would be making one to $3000 a month in income and after a year it would be producing 6 to 10,000 a month in income. Part of the contract says if you do not recoup your money the first year they pay back half of your initial fee. I’ve been trying to enact that part of the contract for months, and all I keep getting is the runaround. They say they’re trying to get back to me, but they never do. I can’t get a hold of the owner. I think their business model doesn’t work anymore and they’re not able to generate income because if this guy is so rich, why is he not able to pay back at least one YouTube channel if it’s not working. I would not invest your money into this. These guys appear to be scam artist with the usual. Oh, we’re trying to help you and then never get back to your run around unfortunate there’s people that do business out there like this taking peoples hard earned money. It’s my fault. They seem like trustworthy guys but that is not the case.

    I highly recommend not investing in any other programs or anything they have going.

    1. Sorry you had to go through that. Most gurus who offer YouTube automation really are just praying and hoping a video they create goes viral. There’s no guarantee and repeatable process for going viral all the time.

    2. Hi Chris,
      I'm on my second call with this group and would love to speak to you regarding your experience. Would you mind if we chatted for a few minutes?

  2. This guy is a scammer. I wouldn’t trust. This company paid them $65,000 and only made $1500 in one year. They were supposedly supposed to be getting back to me part of the contract as you get half of your initial money back. If they don’t make at least it back in the first year now I can’t even get a hold of them and the owner is gone missing. They keep giving me the runaround saying that they’re trying to help me but they’re not.

    1. Unfortunately that is the game these gurus play. Sorry you had to go through that. Inesting in digital properties you own and control is the best way. Local lead generation is also more predictable in terms of results and income.

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