Cody Clay Amazon Automation Review – 3 Reasons Amazon Automation is Risky

April 20, 2023

The Amazon Automation service offered by Cody Clay from Market Modern is a service where Cody's team will create an Amazon FBA store for you. With an investment of $25,000, Cody's team will create and manage an Amazon FBA store for you without you having to decide what products to sell, without having to ship any products to Amazon's fulfillment centers or running and monitoring paid traffic campaigns yourself. The only catch is that Cody's team keeps 30% of the profit, if you make any.

This Cody Clay Amazon Automation review will uncover how an Amazon automation business compares to the popular local lead generation business model, which offers a passive income by generating leads with your own digital property instead of having someone else control it for you.


Amazon automation is a done for you service where you pay for another company to create and manage an Amazon FBA business for you instead of you having to do everything yourself.

If your store if profitable, you didn't have to do much to start an Amazon FBA business.

Cody guarantees profits. 

They only take on 8 people per month to focus more time on each person.


No "guru" can guarantee that you're going to be profitable with Amazon automation.

They promise that your store won't get shut down, but it's still possible because they can't control what Amazon does.

Your money is going towards inventory that might not sell and paid traffic, which is expensive.

Even if your products sell well, there is no guarantee that it will remain that way for months or years. 


Market Modern's Amazon Automation service costs $25,000 and 30% of the profit generated.

Refund Policy

No refund policy.


Cody got his start in digital marketing after dropping out of college. He ran a social media marketing agency running paid ads for companies and now sells Market Modern's Amazon automation service.


The only negative comments you find about Cody are on Reddit that mention how he changed his name from Cody Winn to Cody Clay because his online reputation was taking a hit. According to one person, he was scamming his students. This could also just be a student angry they didn't get results and there was no refund policy. 

3 Reasons Amazon Automation is Risky

1. No refund policy

There are several Amazon automation companies that don't offer a refund. This is one of the biggest risks you take if you still sign on with them. Even if they guarantee that you will make money, they cannot guarantee that you will make all of your money back or at least split even. If a company doesn't offer you a transparent refund policy, avoid working with them. A company who does not guarantee a refund isn't 100% sure they will provide you with the results you want. 

2. Amazon may shut your store down

No matter who is running your Amazon store, no one is in complete control of Amazon. Even the company who you choose to let run your store for you can do things that will make Amazon suspend your account. This is something that is out of your control. If they violate Amazon's terms of service, there's nothing you can do but wait for them to get your store up and running again. A suspension only slows you down from making any money, if you make any at all. 

3. Lack of control

When signing up for an Amazon automation, the level of control you have is low. If things go well and you make a profit, your impact was as much as putting up the initial investment. If things go wrong and you make no money, there's nothing you can do to influence the situation the other way. You aren't able to go into the ad campaigns and make changes or split test anything. You aren't choosing the products to sell, and you can't do anything to increase the number of reviews you get. All the control is in the hands of the company who you signed up with. 

What do you get with Market Modern's Amazon Automation service?

With Market Modern's Amazon Automation course, you get...

  • Cody's registered CPA who will help train you on what things you can write off on your taxes.
  • Cody's team will help you get everything set up so you're compliant with Amazon's TOS.
  • In month 1, everything gets setup (you make no money in month 1)
  • Cody's team comprises virtual assistants from around the world (probably from Asia due to low labor costs)
  • Automated product research
  • DFY Listing optimization
  • DFY review generation
  • Paid traffic campaign management

Is Amazon Automation illegal?

Amazon automation is not illegal because although only one person is allowed per Amazon Seller Central account, successful marketing companies can use their skills to grow other people's Amazon Seller's accounts. It will only take tens of thousands of dollars to implement several strategies, buy inventory, and create paid traffic ads to generate more sales on Amazon.

How much does it cost to start Amazon Automation?

The cost of Amazon Automation varies from one agency to the next but ranges between $10,000 and over $30,000.

Who is Cody Clay?

Cody Clay is an online marketer from Cincinnati, Ohio who dropped out of college after learning about social media marketing. In 2019, he started the Market Modern social media marketing agency. His company helped small to medium-sized businesses generate more leads in their company through paid traffic on Google, YouTube, Instagram, and through email marketing.

Now, Cody's company is offering the Amazon automation service for the high price of $25K and 30% of revenue generated. 

On TikTok, Cody has over 20K followers and posts content promoting the Amazon automation service and short term rental automation on Airbnb.

Cody apparently calls himself the Lead Gen King as that's the domain he uses to host his sales videos for the Amazon and Airbnb automation programs. 

Market Modern Amazon Automation Alternatives

The Just One Dime Done For Your program by Seth Kniep is another Amazon Automation service where Seth's team will build you an Amazon store from scratch. They promise to provide you with a 200% return on investment. The requirement to join is 3 products at $10,000 a piece. Also, regardless if you make hundreds or thousands of dollars in revenue, Seth's team will keep 15% of it. His team identifies trending products, applies for brand-protection programs, runs PPC ad campaigns, generates Amazon reviews, and more.

Price: Just One Dime Done For You costs $30,000 and 15% of the revenue.

More Info: Just One Dime Done For You Review

Automated Investments by Shawn Megira is another alternative to Market Modern's AMZ automation service. Shawn's goal is to help you see a 15% to 20% return on your investment every month through their Amazon FBA and FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) model. They encourage you to sell your business for a large profit after two or three years. This is an Amazon automation investment that does not offer a refund.

Price: Automated Investments cost $10,000.

More Info: Automated Investments Review

To learn what the best Amazon automation service is, check out my article on the top 16 Amazon Automation services

Are Amazon Automation services a scam?

Some Amazon Automation services are a scam. Legitimate services exist, but there is a high-risk level when signing on for an Amazon automation business.

The truth with Amazon automation is that if it sounds too good to be true, it is. When a company offers to do everything for you with no refund policy and you don't have to do anything at all, the probability of you losing your investment is high. 

There are also many people who are working on your site, which means you don't really know what is going on behind the scenes. The company you work with may give you access to a backend area or use a platform such as Notion to allow you to see what the team is currently working on, but that's it. Yes, that's what DFY means, but spending tens of thousands of dollars with not say in a business is a wild risk.

Although some Amazon automation services are not a scam, they are still expensive. You are paying for the company to test different products, paying for expensive paid traffic on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and more. Paid traffic ads are also no sure shot at increasing your sales and revenue. But they are surely expensive as the cost to run paid ads is rising each year across all paid traffic platforms. 

There are too many unpredictable moving parts with Amazon automation. Amazon automation is legit and you can make money, but as with other online business models, it doesn't provide you with the benefits the local lead generation business model does. 

Local lead generation offers you more control and a predictable passive income

The local lead generation business model allows you to control your business in a way that an Amazon automation service doesn't. 

You are the one who conducts your niche research, you choose your ranking strategy, you decide which local small business owner will receive your exclusive leads, and how much they will pay you each month. Many times, you can even decide how often they have to pay you.

This is only possible if you rank your digital property on Google in the town of your choosing offering a phone driven service that is in high demand. Once your site ranks, you have all the leverage to run your business as you want.

The tree care site I own and ranked in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has paid me $2,000 every month for over 7 years. 

Local lead generation

Let's say you outsource your niche research, ranking strategy, and prospecting. You are still the decision maker who signs off on each aspect of the business. If your business fails, it's on you and if it succeeds, you get the credit.

When going into business, the best thing you can do is to be the one who controls its profitability. 

Over 7400 people agree that owning and controlling your own digital properties is a better use of your money than giving it to someone else on a whim, and it enables you to predict with ease what you'll make each month. 

To learn how to build digital assets that you control without having to rely on other companies to succeed, check out the local lead generation training program

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  1. he is a con artist and stole 25k from me , cody clay / cody winn is a scam artist that sells fake dreams like owning yur own amazon seller store or airbnb, container homes and marketing courses are all fake and scams, you should always check the privacy policy
    you will see no tax id or llc name or address nor phone number, he operates under his fake name and is a liar , beware of his scams

    1. Agreed ! I was scammed out of $32,000 by Cody . He stole me and my family. I am pursuing legal and criminal charges . FYI if anyone is considering.

      1. Yes they tried to take me out of 20k but i sent only 1k. Tgey are big time scammers. Don’t even think about scheduling a call. It’s a network of guys. Using God’s name in Vain.

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