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Looking to get into the Amazon game but want someone to run around the bases for you?

Good, you've come to the right place to evaluate your options. 

Let's pull back the curtain on the main Amazon automation services of 2020, so you can see the best business. 

Of course, you might be wondering,

What is exactly Amazon Automation?

Amazon Automation is  outsourcing 100% of the tasks of running your Amazon business to put your cash-flow on autopilot and maximize your workflow's efficiency.

Amazon Automation is created by the combination of state-of-the-art software and hiring virtual assistants in emerging economies like Tim Ferris suggests in 4 Hour Work Week

In this review, I'll show you 5 different Amazon Automation Services, revealing the good, the bad and the ugly of each one. 

Why should you listen to me?

2 reasons:

1. I sold on Amazon for 3 years. #realexperience

2. Plus, I'm not biased since I don't offer an automation service or Amazon course.

Learn more about me below 

A lil bit about me... My name is Ippei...

In 2014, I joined a lead generation coaching program that freed me from my 9-5 in 7 months by building and ranking simple websites (like the tree care site next to me) that generate leads for local businesses who give me a sliver to deliver.

After grew my lead gen biz to 7 figures, I spread my wings a bit and experimented with Amazon FBA (ton of hype around it in 2016). 

I ended up building a couple of brands that did six figures in profits, but I was only able to do so because I had the cash flowing in from my lead gen assets.

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Let's get into the 5 Amazon Automation Services of 2020:

Amazon Automation Players Reviewed

Amazon automation review

1. Vince Ecom Automation Empire - Yvenson Israel

vince ecom automation reviews

Motivated to become an entrepreneur by watching how the wealthy became rich by owning assets, Vince decided not to take the cushy finance job he was offered after graduating college. 

But then he was faced with a dilemma: the rich own real estate, but Vince didn't have the money to invest to get into real estate. 

What did he do?

He didn't stop and quit. 

But rather, he turned to the internet. 

Since Amazon was all the rage, he explored what it would take to build a business on the mammoth platform.

Overtime, he put together a large team of virtual assistants that handled the whole 9 yards, from listing creation to product fulfillment. 


The Good

He's spent a lot of time learning to sell on Amazon.


The Bad

There's not much commentary online about Vince's level of customer service, so it's hard to rate. 


The Ugly

Vince is notably very transparent about the numbers behind his amazon automation business.

The only numbers that he typically leaves out is how much his customers need to put out for inventory when he's on sales calls with them, which, typically, is equal to the upfront set-up fee of 25k. 

Pros and Cons of Vince Ecom Automation
  • Experienced Amazon Seller
  • Solid Business Experience
  • Very Transparent about How Stores under His Management are doing. (not current though)
  • Lack of Transparency on Complete Cost to Invest
  • Lack of current 2020 information
  • Lack of Information on his customer support


Vince is a guy with a solid business background and ecommerce experience. He's got other investments so hes not just charging you a set-up fee as his only way of bringing in cash (which some service providers do). The main issue with Vince's online presence is it doesn't appear to be updated for 2020. 

Pricing wise, Vince's on-par with the rest of the automation providers: 25k-30k set up fee, plus credit line(s) for inventory, plus % of profits. (but that's 2019 pricing, he might have changed it)

2. Ecom Automation Gurus - Kirk Cooper

Amazon automation review

As are many, Kirk worked his 9-5 steadily until his family began to grow, when he began to look for other opportunities to make money where he didn't have to trade his time away from his family. 

In 2014, he started attempting to sell on Amazon and in 2016, he really started to make enough to leave his job behind via the FBA model. #persistence&patience

A few years later, he joined up with Vince and his team and began to offer Done for You Amazon Services. 


The Good

Family Guy. Out of all the automation providers on this list, Kirk emphasizes his family the most on his website and dated social presence. To me, that's a very positive element, showing very prominently that he's in business for a greater cause than merely to make a buck. 


The Bad

Kirk's PR department needs to step up their game, as Kirk's online presence is a year-old in most places.


The Ugly

While not an end-all, it would add more credibility if Kirk's Ecom Automation Gurus was registered with the BBB. 

Pros and Cons of Ecom Automation Gurus
  • Family man
  • Experienced on Amazon 
  • Proven Business Success
  • Not Registered with the Better Business Bureau
  • Not Current on Most Social Media & Low Numbers of Followers
  • Lack of Off-site reviews of his service (Reddit & Quora don't say much about him)


Kirk appears to be a solid family guy who runs a successful online business using Amazon. He offers DFU services, but since there's not much information about him online, I'd have trouble trusting him to manage my whole FBA business. 

Pricing wise, Kirk's on-par with the rest of the automation providers: 25k-30k set up fee, plus credit line(s) for inventory, plus % of profits. 

3. Real Ecom Automation - Rafael Vargas

Amazon automation review

This guy right here looks like the next Cardone, right?

Espcially with the jet in the background!

Know what? 

Rafael shares even more with Grant Cardone because he's an up-and-coming real estate sales guru and he lives in Florida. 

By June 2020, he's taught over a thousand people via in-person seminars how to do their first wholesale real estate deals. 

He's 27 years old, and been in sales since he was 18, and moved into the real estate game when he was 21.

Since then his company, Real Step, has done 10's of millions in real estate transactions. 

But the biggest question you must ask when you see this guy promoting the Amazon Automation opportunity on his website is:

Biggest Question about Real eCom
How can he provide great leadership of a service he's has little to know experience in?


The Good

Rafael is a pro at selling.

The guy slings real estate so fast it would make your head spin faster than if you got clocked by Connor McGregor.


The Bad

He doesn't have ecommerce experience on the internet...


The Ugly

He seems to be completely hands off the amazon automation (he's white-labeling), which makes me wonder about the quality of his customer support...

Pros and Cons of Real Ecom Automation
  • Passionate, upbeat personality
  • Offers a completely hands offAmazon Automation Service
  • Competitively priced  (Set up Fee flucuates between 25k-40k, seasonality)
  • Little to no experience in ecommerce
  • Very High Cost Biz Opportunity
  • Need Super Good Credit (50k combined limit)


Rafael Vargas is a great guy, a sales professional beyond his years and an experienced real estate wholesaler, but, since he's invested in the opportunity of Amazon Automation himself, Vargas comes across as a an multi-level marketer promoting something close to a scam. 

4. Omega Automation - Robert Del Grande

Amazon automation review

Robbie's the youngest service provider on the block, but he's still got some FBA experience, even running a group to help new AMZ sellers out on FB. 

He's been on Amazon for a little over 2 years (as of July 2020). Other than that, there's not much about him on social media other than he and a friend attempted to sell a course on how to sell on Amazon a while back. 


The Good

Young guy with some experience. 


The Bad

Not much information, anywhere online about him. 


The Ugly

Likely white-labeling like Rafael's Real Ecom Automation since he doesn't share anything about how they automate aside from they have a large team of VA's based in Bangladesh (Vince's fulfillment team). 

Pros and Cons of Omega Automation
  • Energetic Young Entrepreneur
  • Pricing is competitive to other DFU providers. 
  • Outdated Social Media
  • No offsite reviews of his service.
  • Questionable Customer Service. 


Robbie DG appears to be a nice young guy with entreprenuerial ambitions. The biggest issue is that there's not much about him...

5. Valiant Consultants - Steve Mayer

Amazon automation review

Steve's been selling on Amazon for over half a decade. 

After he found some success selling via FBA in 2014-15, he went on to create a course and help hundreds of other people get started selling on Amazon (2016-2018). 

In 2019, Steve began to offer DFU Amazon Drop Shipping, which resulted in his company recieving a lot of negative reviews once Amazon suspended a lot of the client seller accounts that Valiant Consultants was managing. 

Those suspensions made Steve adapt his business model in early 2020 from drop shipping (listing products on a platform and then buying them from another and sending them directly to the customer) to Wholesale FBA, where a seller buys inventory in bulk, ships it to Amazon and then Amazon sends it to customers.


The Good

Steve's Valiant Consultants' migration from dropshipping to FBA wholesale was a great move and has increased customer satisfaction as they've had considerably fewer account suspensions and much more profit is made. 


The Bad

The negative reviews Valiant Consultants has recieved continues to haunt them in online ecommerce conversations, resulting in a lot of negative talk toward their company and Steven Mayer. 


The Ugly

One result of the negative feedback has been other Amazon Course sellers stomping on Valiant Consultants and then marketing their course as a better alternative.

They harp on how Valiant Consultants has scammed people, when if they'd look at VC's reviews on BBB, Steve has refunded those who have submitted complaints against the company, thus making good on their issue, more or less. 

Pros and Cons of Valiant Consultants
  • Steve has real experience selling on Amazon. (Before he went wholesale, Steve started with FBA)
  • Steve has given a lot of refunds, as reported on his company's BBB profile.
  • He switched from Dropshipping on Amazon to Wholesale FBA (more legit model)
  • Lots of Bad Reviews on Better Business Bureau
  • Tons of skeptics (including Beau Crabill)


Steven's Valiant Consultants has sure gone through the wringer for the past couple of years. 

While he did do Amazon Dropshipping for a while (huge no-no imo), he has course-corrected to offering Done-For-You Wholesale FBA, which means he's on a better course. 

Pros and Cons of Amazon Automation


  • No Learning Curve
  • No Work besides wiring the money


  • Large Upfront Fee (25-40k set up fee + Inventory Costs)
  • Completely Hands off means You REALLY have to TRUST your provider (I like more control)

Amazon Automation is OK, but Lead Gen is Better, Here's Why

Amazon FBA Automation

  • Market Saturated - Only 6000 niches
  • Expensive to Start (Need >50,000 dollars)
  • Low Barrier to Entry (Anyone can duplicate product)
  • Low Profit Margin (~20%)
  • No Control - Amazon can Shutdown Account
  • No Passivity - Lots of Moving Parts (Shipping, Ads, Launches)

Lead Generation

  • New Opportunity in Every Zipcode
  • Affordable to Start (few hundred dollars)
  • Requires Skills to Rank on Google
  • Little Overhead, High Profit Margin
  • Complete Control - You own the Website
  • Passive once Ranked - Just Deposit Mailbox Money
Why Lead Gen is Better than Amazon Automation


How so?

First, you are learning a skill that you’ll never lose.

Second, you’re not entrusting your financial fate to someone you hardly know.

If you read the comments of those who invest in these automation opportunities, often they are just getting in by the skin of their teeth, often using credit cards to make the set up fee. 


Risk Averse

Local lead generation is a safer opportunity than Amazon automation because not all your eggs are in one basket.


Whereas, to get started with Amazon automation, you’ll wire your chosen service provider the lump sum of the set up fee, and then cross your fingers that in 90 days you have something to show for your investment. 


Less Expensive

A lead gen site costs a few hundred to set up, the lowest Amazon automation set up fee alone (they also will charge inventory on your credit cards) I’ve seen is 15k, and that was because Steve Mayer wanted testimonials, a few months later he put out another video with a new offer of 30k, which he said would soon be going up to 40k. 


Higher Level of Control

You control how many lead generation websites you build. You control how much effort you put into them. You control how many business owners you rent websites out to.


I learned lead generation and then got to work.

Over the past 5 years, I built, ranked and rented 70+ digital asset properties that now pull in 52k each month. 

This tree care site was one of my first lead gen sites.

I rented it out in 2015:

and it's been paying me ever since.

Learn more about lead generation by clicking the button below

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