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Top 16+ Amazon Automation Services (Expensive to Affordable Companies Reviewed)

April 4, 2024

What is an Amazon Automation Service?

An Amazon automation service completes all aspects of your Amazon store. Many Amazon automation agencies charge a large upfront cost, a profit share, an annual fee, and require a line of credit. Most often, they follow an Amazon dropshipping automation business model. But, some services offer Amazon wholesale or Amazon private label models. 

The best Amazon automation service will be straightforward about their cost, what services they offer, and what decisions you, as the business owner, will make. You can make passive income with this service, but you must trust the Amazon automation business you choose. If you’d rather rely on your own unique skill set to make money online, you might like local lead generation instead.

Note: An Amazon automation store differs from an Amazon automation investment. Read our Amazon automation investment reviews for more information on this opportunity.

Why is Amazon Automation Controversial? 

Does Amazon Allow Automation? Is It Illegal?

Yes, Amazon allows automation services, and it is NOT illegal. But, Amazon only allows one person per Amazon Seller Central Account. Thus, this rule has inspired successful sellers to develop automation stores to use their honed skills on other seller’s accounts.


How Much Does it Cost to Start Amazon Automation?

Amazon automation cost varies from agency to agency, but typically lands around the $25K-$30K mark. The store owner will also share profits with your agency. Many charge an annual renewal fee. The owner will also have to purchase their inventory in addition to that cost if your agency follows a wholesale or private label model. See a breakdown below of many of the best Amazon automation services’ prices.


Are Automated Amazon Agencies Legit?

Some automated Amazon stores are legit, others are scams. A brief search of Amazon automation lawsuits will lead you to documents and news articles about this happening every day. Read our article on Amazon automation scams to learn what to look for.

Expensive Amazon Automation Services

Automation Empire by Tommy Rodriguez

automation empire

Tommy Rodriguez’s Automation Empire follows a dropshipping Amazon model. He has a team of experts on-site, and doesn’t outsource his agency to an overseas virtual assistant. If you choose to work with Tommy Rodriguez, you will join a group of 700 clients that have together earned $1.4 billion in sales. Like many other automation models, you take on all the risk with Automation Empire. Tommy also spends a significant amount of money on affiliates, so it’s best to research this thoroughly before starting.


$15K and 50/50 profit share, $30K and 60/40 profit share, $45K and 70/30 profit share in various packages + $5K annual renewal fee.


Just One Dime by Seth Kniep

just one dime

Seth Kniep of Just One Dime follows a private label model for their Amazon Automation system. Besides the startup cost, they charge $5k-$10K per product. And, you MUST start selling 3 products (in case one or two are not profitable). If you choose to automate with Just One Dime, you will receive one-on-one meeting time with the team, a plan to scale your brand, Amazon product research, price negotiations with suppliers, Amazon ads creation and optimization, and more.


$30K ($10K per product) + 15% of total sales revenue every 3 months, plus $3650 annual fee


Amazon Automation (formerly Omega Automation) by Robert Del Grande

amazon automation

Robert del Grande has set up 75 employees, managing around 20,000 SKUS and around 88 businesses. He started his Amazon experience in 2017, when he built RDG3 LLC, which he sold in 2019. To use Robert's services, you must commit to 2 years. You can also buy an Amazon store already established within the Amazon marketplace through this US based company.


Capital and credit lines needed, profit share. They have a financing department.


Ecom Automation Gurus by Kirk Cooper

ecom automation gurus

Kirk Cooper, a family man, has almost a decade of experience selling on Amazon. If you choose to automate your store with his dropshipping strategy, his team will manage product research, Amazon listing creation, keeping track of inventory levels, customer order returns, order tracking, customer service, and scaling your store. It’s not clear how involved Kirk will be- he is the CEO and owner of 6 other businesses.


$30K plus profit percentage


Cody Clay Amazon Automation (Market Modern)

The Amazon Automation service by Cody Clay from Market Modern offers the DFY service for an initial investment of $25,000 and 30% of the profits generated. Cody's team only accepts 8 people per month into this program and he guarantees your Amazon business will be profitable. Beware, if you do invest in this course, there is no refund policy.


Market Modern's Amazon Automation service costs $25,000 and 30% of the profit generated.


Vince Ecom Empire by Yvenson Israel (Vince)

vince ecom

The Vince Ecom Automation Empire follows a dropshipping model. Vince, a college graduate, is self-taught and has years of Amazon selling experience. He has 150 trained staff members that run your store for you. But there isn’t much more information than that out there. Book a call to find out more. This call costs $47. Vince also has a course that costs $5000.


$15,000 in 2018, $25-$30K in 2019. The cost has most likely continued to grow. Vince takes an undisclosed percentage.


More info:

AMZ Automation by Kevin David 

amz automation

Kevin David’s AMZ Automation services follow a wholesale business model. The agency requires that you put all working capital back into the business rather than cut yourself a check. This can help you scale more quickly. Kevin’s team of virtual assistants manages your Amazon FBA business. If you sign up, you have access to Kevin’s warehouse, and will therefore avoid some FBA fees.


over $40K, and Kevin keeps 30% of profits


Innovative Ecom by Mike Alba

innovative ecomm

Innovate Ecom is an internationally based full service Amazon automation network. They have offices in the Philippines and Pakistan, with over 750 employees. Besides Amazon automation, they also do Walmart, Youtube, and Facebook automation. You can combine Amazon and Walmart or just do one. Their team handles all store management, sales tax filing, creation and hosting of a website for your business, product research, product listing creation, inventory management, and other tasks. They have 7 years total experience handling Amazon stores.


At least $15K for initial investment, and $25K-$50K in credit line


Valiant Consultants by Steve Mayer

valiant consultants

Valiant Consultants has its fair share of success, with over $5,000,000 in client sales over 427 stores. Founder Steve Mayer (who has 10 years' experience) closes registrations, so that his team can focus on their students. Steve once had a course, which turned to this DFY business. Since, he has flipped from a dropshipping to wholesale model because of several client account suspensions. Still, they are rated "F" according to the Better Business Bureau, with about 20 complaints from clients who paid their fee and received very little in return. However, Steve provides refund very often.


Around $25,000-$30,000 plus cost of inventory


Starke Ecommerce by Brandon Rangel

Starke Ecommerce

Starke Ecommerce's Walmart and Amazon automation team have 5 years of experience making money online. Brandon has been selling on Amazon since 2019. When you sign up, you'll have your very own account manager, rather than an ambiguous team of experts overseas. They will help you set up everything for your business; even obtaining permits and business licenses. 


Hidden startup cost + 30% profit share


Ecom Authority by Dan Cohen

ecom authority

Dan Cohen has made over 7 figures in ecommerce and real estate investing combined. Now, he manages 400 clients and employs 400 people to help him do so. Ecom Authority is big- Dan's team has an office in India and an office in the United States. The most impressive thing about Ecom Authority, besides its size, is that they will handle all appeals and expenses from any account suspensions that may occur (which is very common with dropshipping)




Automators AI by Roman Cresto

automators ai review

Automators AI, founded by Roman and John Cresto, offers training and consultation services for setting up and managing Amazon wholesaling stores. The course, emphasizing Amazon FBM and including over 40 training videos, covers aspects like mindset, product research, and automation, along with weekly coaching. Despite its comprehensive approach, the company's reputation is marred by the Crestos' controversial past and their former company's issues, leading to skepticism about their current offerings. Pricing is disclosed during a booked call, and it requires significant capital investment. For more details, visit the full page here.

Price: The price for Automators AI packages is only discussed during a scheduled call. There are packages that costs $500K–$2.5M.

More Info: Automators AI Review

Affordable Amazon Automation Services

Roughnecks Ecom by Reco Jefferson

roughnecks ecom

The unique thing about Roughnecks Ecom is their 0% profit share. They do both wholesale and dropshipping. Wholesale has an additional fee of either $5K up front or $600/month to use their wholesale pipeline. If you choose dropshipping, they take time to season your account. This is of utmost importance to avoid Amazon Seller Central Account suspension. Roughnecks Ecom is also very upfront about cost, with full breakdown videos posted at the tip of their sales page and information on capital. For Roughnecks Ecom, you will need at least $3500 for the first 1-3 months on a credit or debit card. $10K is even better.


Dropshipping: Wholesale $17,500 one time up front with $9,000 annual fee, no suspension help.  $22,500, $6000 one suspension help- $30K, unlimited suspensions, $3K/year annual fee on anniversary of contract signing


Wifi Wealth by Brycen and Jerrika Cox

wifi wealth

Wifi Wealth creates a private label brand for you, rather than following a dropshipping or wholesale model. Along with typical automation services, they also provide account suspension services and share their connections with investors. This way, you have a special connection to sell your brand from the very beginning of your Amazon business.


 Different packages have different prices. A sales person will help you pick.


More info:

AMZ Together by Joshua Crisp

amz together

Joshua Crisp is a popular Amazon FBA coach and founder of the AMZ Formula. His company has extended to include a Done with You and a Done for You program. DWY gives you closer guidance with Joshua’s team and live weekly training. The DFY program covers everything, from creating your very own brand and company, to Amazon PPC research. Of course, this end is more expensive, but worth far more.


$10K to $30K


Apical Ecommerce by Kodi Brown

Apical ecom

Apical Ecommerce has been operating for 7 years. Its creator has been selling online for over 8 years. You won't have to worry about any part of your Amazon business except for paying fees and taxes form your profits. Kodi offers a unique angle; if you have a credit score over 650, he iwll provide business start up funding. There aren't many reviews of Apical Ecommerce online to back up his claims of successful clients.


Exact price available through phone call. Kodi offers "Build Your Own Business" funding services.


Digital Global Nomads by Serioja Glorie

digital global nomads review

Digital Global Nomads offers an automated dropshipping service for Amazon and Walmart. This service provides a done-for-you e-commerce business, handling everything from product research to customer service, aiming for a hands-off passive income model. The business model involves risks such as account suspensions on Amazon and Walmart because of strict dropshipping policies.

Price: Digital Global Nomads' Amazon automation costs $12,500.

More Info: Digital Global Nomads Review

Cheap Amazon Automation Services

FBA Academy Done For You by David Zaleski

fba academy

David Zaleski, a 7-figure FBA seller, has created an Amazon FBA course that teaches how to run a private label store. However, for an additional $4K, David’s team will choose a product for you, test 3 sample products, teach you how to get an official business license, design a brand and logo for you, and set up Enhanced Brand Content for your product listing. This is not a full automation agency, rather, additional support that takes over about 80% of the work.




Hands Free Automation by Anthony Agyeman

Hands Free Automation, co-founded by Anthony Agyeman and Megan Shears in 2020, offers various automated business services like Airbnb, Amazon, Shopify, and Trucking. This company appeals to those seeking passive income without actively managing a business, as clients essentially become passive investors, sharing profits with the company.

Price: Hands Free Automation service prices will depend on your needs and will be discussed during a 75-minute call.

More Info: Hands Free Automation Review

Wealth Assistants by Ryan Carroll

Wealth Assistants, led by Ryan Carroll, offers done-for-you Amazon and Shopify dropshipping stores with automation services. They have various packages and financing options, and they promise to waive their annual fee and scale your business to $10K/month if you don't recoup your initial investment within a year. They operate within Amazon's policies by using their own warehouse for quality checks and shipments to Amazon.

Price: Wealth Assistants costs depend on the service and package that you choose, which can range anywhere from $35K to $200K.

More Info: Wealth Assistants Review

Automated Ecom Profits by Erica Raisons

Automated Ecom Profits by Erica Raisons (a.k.a. Erica Mirzayans) is an Amazon automation service that offers clients the opportunity to invest in and profit from an Amazon business without the heavy lifting. Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, the company identifies lucrative products for sale on Amazon, managing everything from store setup to product testing and niche targeting. With dedicated account reps in the United States, they ensure smooth operations for clients' ecommerce stores, handling logistics, inventory management, and supplier negotiations. Automated Ecom Profits simplifies the ecommerce journey for investors, providing detailed profit reports and scalable solutions for long-term success.

Price: Automated Ecom Profits’ cost is undisclosed on their website. We read they charge clients a one-time set-up payment (franchise fee), although they do not specify the exact amount. In addition, the also requires $20,000 as working capital per month.

More Info: Automated Ecom Profits Review

Profit Automation Pros by Chris Hattery and 

Javan Robinson

profits automation pros review

Profit Automation Pros is a platform offering eCommerce and digital marketing training, focusing on automation to enable passive income generation through dropshipping and affiliate marketing. The service proposes various packages and membership levels, each catering to different needs and experience levels. Key features include marketing solutions, strategy blueprints, and support from experienced dropshippers.

Price: Profit Automation Pros costs $17 for the standard package. The done-for-you dropshipping website costs up to $147.

More Info: Profit Automation Pros Review

Why Unified by Robert Nikic

why unified review

Why Unified, led by Robert Nikic, offers an all-in-one dropshipping store management service specializing in branded consumable products. The platform covers everything from store creation and product sourcing to marketing and customer support, aimed at ensuring success in a competitive market.

Price: Why Unified costs will depend on your customizable subscription plan and starts at $689 per month.

More Info: Why Unified Review

Enopoly Automation by Vladyslav Varizhuk

Enopoly Automation by Vladyslav Varizhuk is an eCommerce automation service designed to create and manage online stores on platforms like Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, and Walmart. The service handles everything from store design and product sourcing to customer support and inventory management, aiming for a hands-off approach for clients. Despite its comprehensive service, it requires a significant upfront investment (minimum $30,000) and offers different profit-sharing options based on the investment amount. 

Price: The costs depend on your chosen payment option.

30,000 dollars (50-50 split)
40,000 dollars (60-40 split)
50,000.00 dollars (70-30 split)

More Info: Enopoly Automation Review

eCom Genie by Steven Mayer

eCom Genie by Steven Mayer is an eCommerce automation service that partners with clients in Amazon and Walmart stores. Clients provide capital, and eCom Genie handles stock purchasing and selling, sharing profits. The service requires a minimum investment of $5,000 and offers various services including Amazon Full-Service, Amazon & Walmart Hybrid Dropshipping, and Amazon Wholesale FBA, each with different starting capitals. Despite the potential for high earnings, there are concerns: high initial investments, limited slots, and outdated testimonials. 

Price: The costs depend on your chosen payment option.

30,000 dollars (50-50 split)
40,000 dollars (60-40 split)
50,000.00 dollars (70-30 split)

More Info: eCom Genie Review

EarnFlo by Jonathan Maxim

EarnFlo by Jonathan Maxim offers automated e-commerce store management on platforms like Amazon and eBay. However, it's important to be cautious: the e-commerce field is highly competitive, and EarnFlo's automation can lead to impersonal store experiences and reduced operational control. Additionally, the lack of training, unclear pricing, and absence of customer reviews are significant drawbacks. While Maxim has a background in marketing, these factors suggest that EarnFlo might not suit everyone, especially those seeking a more hands-on approach in e-commerce.

Price: EarnFlo's done-for-you service cost is not available on their website.

More Info: EarnFlo Review

Amazon Automation Reddit

amazon automation reddit
amazon automation reddit comment
amazon automation service
amazon automation service reddit

Feedback on Elite Automation by Katie Melissa

Elite Automation is an Amazon automation investment agency that sets up wholesale Amazon stores. They claim that some of their clients bring in 6-7 figures a year in revenue, and that their team aims for a 15%-25% profit margin. However, there are no Elite Automation Amazon reviews online to prove these claims. If they are true, clients are bringing in anywhere from $15,000/year to $2.5 million/year, before Elite Automation takes their cut. It is unclear how much of a percentage they keep.

Can I Use Amazon Automation Tools to Automate My Store?

Yes. Choosing an Amazon automation tool like Seller Labs PRO will free up your time for much less money. For example, their tools (which cover automated email marketing, keyword research, product research, etc.) start at only $49/month for stores that make up to $50K a year. Seller Labs also offers automation via a team of experts besides their automation software.  

Amazon FBA FAQs

How Much Do Amazon Sellers Make a Month?

50% of third-party Amazon sellers typically make between $1000/month to $25,000 in Amazon sales, according to JungleScout.

How Profitable is Amazon FBA?

Profit margins for Amazon dropshipping are around 10%-30%, up to 50% for wholesale, and 25%-30% for private label.

How Much Money Do You Need to Start Dropshipping on Amazon?

It is possible to dropship on Amazon without money. However, you should have a $40/month Professional Amazon Account and at least $500-$1000 for the best chance of success. Don't use any profits you make, rather reinvest in the business to make more money.

What is an Amazon FBA Coach?

An Amazon FBA coach will teach you how to do Amazon FBA on your own. It’s a cost-effective alternative to purchasing an automation agency’s services. Typically, an Amazon FBA coach will have a course, private Facebook group for students, and even one-on-one mentorships.

How Much Does an Amazon FBA Course Cost?

Amazon FBA courses can be free, and many cost just a few hundred dollars. Other Amazon FBA courses may cost thousands. They teach various Amazon FBA business models, from dropshipping to arbitrage, and more. A good course will teach you how to encourage positive product reviews, win the buy box, handle order fulfillment according to which business model you're doing, and how to push customers to your listing. Read our guide to the best Amazon FBA courses to learn more.



What is the best Amazon automation service in 2024? The best automation service will follow a sustainable business model, share information about charges and prices upfront, and connections to suppliers and investors that can purchase your store after it has scaled. 

If you find the right Amazon automation service, it can be an excellent source of passive income. However, you will have a lot of capital tied up in another company, who has a considerable amount of control over your business. Learn about another business model that is far less expensive and also keeps more control.

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