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Cory Long Review – Did this pastor copy another rank and rent coaching program?

March 4, 2024

Cory Long has worked as a Christian minister for over 17 years and started his own businesses before learning how to make money online with the local lead generation. He was successful with his businesses, but when he came across the local lead generation business model, everything changed for him. Cory has made millions of dollars ranking and renting websites with the purpose of sending more customers to local small business owners. That's exactly what he teaches in his rank and rent course. I'm part of the original program where Cory learned everything from and in this Cory Long review, we'll go over who he is, how he got started with local lead generation in the first place, compare and contrast his course with the original, and make a case why I think the original local lead generation course is still better.


Cory has had 6-figure months selling leads in his lead generation business

He teaches everything you need to know to get started generating leads for local business owners

Cory found his niche in selling his course to other Christians who want to make money to support their ministry work with digital real estate


Cory was selling his products and services in the lead generation program that he joined in 2015. He had to be kicked out.

His course isn't as in depth as what they teach in the program that he learned everything from

His private Facebook group only has around 500 students

Few recent success stories from his program

Expensive DFY services offered

Cory Long's Story

Cory Long was raised in Texas and went to Texas Tech University for a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He became a Christian minister and has worked full time in the ministry for over 17 years, including youth ministry, college ministry and Children's homes.

Cory and his wife got into the world of business with the purpose of making enough money to support their ministry work. In 2011, he became the CEO of Carpenter Place in Wichita, Kansas. In 2014, he started the North Texas Safety Supply company in Denton, Texas, to provide safety supplies to small businesses all over the country.

That same year in Sherman, Texas, Cory started his consulting business, Yroc Consulting. This business was founded with the goal of helping other business grow through several marketing methods.

In 2014, Cory learned the local lead generation business model from Dan Klein.

On July 3, 2014, Cory landed his first deal.

He eventually began earning a 6-figure passive income. By 2019, he started his own program, Digital Storefronts. Cory now teaches Christians the same business model he learned from Dan Klein. The focus of this course is on ministers, pastors, and missionaries who want to make money helping local businesses. The idea is to make enough money to support their ministry through their digital store front.

To date, Cory has helped over 800 businesses in the United States improve their digital presence and has generated over $42 million in sales. He's also a 2 Comma Club award winner, which is a good thing.

How Cory Long got started with Job Killing (JK)

In 2014, Cory Long became Dan Klein's student in the local lead generation coaching program, which was previously called Job Killing (JK).

Cory clearly saw the value in Dan's group, which is why he posted this on March 2, 2016. 

Cory got to be so successful that Dan even invited him to speak at our live Vegas event.

What Cory learned from Dan Klein helped him to have the type of 6-figure success that would allow him to keep doing ministry work full time, as he expressed in this post.

Eventually, Cory had a falling out with Dan Klein even though they tried to be partners at first. Dan helped him launch his own program, but things went south when Dan found out that Cory was lying about some numbers.

Digital Storefronts is Cory's attempt to rebrand himself, but everything he's teaching is all because he learned from Dan's business model of digital real estate.

What is Digital Storefronts by Cory Long?

Digital Storefronts by Cory Long is the name of the course he created with the goal of teaching people how to support their ministry by creating a digital marketing business. Cory's course teaches the rank and rent business model, which is the same one taught in the local lead generation training program.

In Cory's course, you learn how to build websites and Google map listings that offer a service like HVAC or limousine rental, rank them on Google and send the leads to a local business owner. As a result, you earn a monthly passive income as long as your sites are ranked. 

There are 6 main modules that teach you how to find the perfect locations for your digital properties, how to create and rank them, how to attract leads faster, how to close deals and how to make your services irresistible to business owners.

Dan Klein taught Cory everything he knows about local lead generation. This means that you'll learn how to make money with a legit business model. Cory keeps his course up to date and is very active within his community to provide support with weekly Zoom calls.

Digital Storefront Done For You Services

The Digital Storefront Done For You service costs $500. Cory's team will build out your lead generation sites. This is an expensive price to pay for a lead gen site that can take 2 or 3 hours to build. Although some students have found the DFY service to be great, tt's worth it to do the build yourself and use those $500 towards something else.

Read my Digital Storefronts Review for more info on the course.

Positive Cory Long Reviews

Although it's hard to find how successful some of Cory's students are, on, you'll find several positive reviews. 

Two months after joining DSF, Jeff had already closed 5 deals. One of those clients was worth $1,500 per month. That's an $18K per year raise. Jeff gives the credit to Cory's mentorship within the program. He mentions that what stuck in his head was Cory always telling his students to take risks. For Jeff, it didn't take long to find success with what he learned in DSF.

Tim always had the dream of starting his own business, but didn't know what to do. Things changed for Tim when he saw one of Cory Long's Facebook ads promoting his Digital Storefronts course. The business model drew him in, as well as the transparency he perceived from Cory. Joining has been a great experience for Tim.

Aleasha also found this course to be very helpful. She loves the Christian community of entrepreneurs that Cory has put together. The regular coaching calls held in the program have been a significant source of help for her on her entrepreneurial journey. The DSF course has made it possible for Aleasha to continue in her missionary work and volunteer activities, as well as provide more income for her family.

Andy Makes Passive Income with Google My Business Listings

Andy's Background and Story

Andy is a part-time entrepreneur running a full-time business. He discovered digital marketing through Cory Long's 17-minute tutorial video from Digital Storefronts on Google My Business (GMB) listings. He was inspired by the income potential of the business and explored cold-calling strategies that target local businesses. On his very first day, he successfully pitched his services to a cabinet maker. He proposed boosting the business's online visibility by developing its GMB profile.

How Andy’s Business is Doing Today

Andy has made notable strides in his business venture. He acquired two additional clients for Google My Business (GMB) site optimization. He offers his services at a discount to get more client enrollments. Andy focuses on enhancing a business's overall digital marketing footprint, rather than merely selling GMB services. To boost their online presence, he advises his clients on accumulating Google reviews, offering them effective strategies for improving their online reputation. Despite his limited involvement, Andy's efforts have begun to yield financial returns from this endeavor.

Lessons Andy Learned on the Biggest Challenges He Faced

Targeting Strategy: One of the key strategies Andy used was targeting owner-operated businesses such as roofers and cabinet makers, as they are more likely to be directly involved and responsive.

Engagement Challenges: He found it more challenging to engage with businesses like restaurants where the owners were not readily available.

Overall Business Need Over GMB Listings: Andy learned the importance of adapting his pitch to focus on the overall digital marketing needs of a business rather than just GMB listings.

Attracting Clients: He realized the efficacy of offering a special deal to attract clients and then building a relationship to discuss broader digital marketing strategies.

What's not mentioned in the interview: Google My Business (GMB) is susceptible to fake reviews, either positive or negative, which can impact a business's reputation. According to a study by the University of California-Berkeley, 20% of online reviews might be fake. 

Negative Cory Long Reviews

There aren't many negative reviews about Cory Long, which proves that what he teaches in his course is valuable.

The one knock on Cory Long is that he didn't follow the rules in the local lead generation coaching program by selling his own products and services. As a result, they kicked him out.

Here is proof of that from a comment on Reddit.

Is Cory Long a scam?

Cory Long is not a scam. He's a successful online entrepreneur who makes thousands of dollars each month and is helping those who want to support their ministry by generating leads for other small businesses. The rank and rent business model is the best online business because of the control you have. 

Cory Long's program caters to many people who are active in the Christian faith. If that's not your cup of tea, there are other rank and rent courses you can learn the business model from. You can even learn the rank and rent business model for free by watching Mike Martin's Hybrid Lead Generation course on YouTube. 

My Final Thoughts

Cory Long teaches the best business model on the internet just like Chad Kimball and Joshua Osborne do. He has a private community, holds live coaching calls each week and offers DFY services for those who want to scale quicker.

The Local Lead Generation Coaching Program by Dan Klein is better, here's why...

Everything you get in Cory's course is in imitation of the course he learned everything from.

Dan's course is the original blueprint.

Better yet, he teaches much more in-depth and up-to-date strategies to have the most success ranking and renting properties. This is also the best of the rank and rent courses, in part because the private community you join once you buy the course is bigger. There are over 7400 students. Each person saw the value in Dan's program and joined. 

I joined in 2014 and now make over $50K each month on autopilot with sites similar to this one.

Local lead generation

Every week, there are 2 live coaching calls held by Dan and the other coaches in the program. They hold these without fail and there are even live events held each year where everyone comes together to level up as entrepreneurs and lead generators.

Each day, tons of tips and strategies are shared, and Dan Klein is always engaged within the group.

If you want to learn how to earn a passive income from the original course Cory Long learned everything from, check out the local lead generation training program.

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