Mushfiq Sarker’s The Course on Website Flipping Review: Does It Help You Make 6-Figure Exits?

March 7, 2024

The Course on Website Flipping by Mushfiq Sarker is a website flipping course for expert website flippers teaching how to buy, sell and grow websites and how to do due diligence. It's also suitable for those with background on website creation. It covers key concepts and strategies for successful website flipping. This includes valuations, due diligence, and growing the existing website. The Course on Website Flipping also goes over scaling your website flipping business.  

Mushfiq Sarker’s website flipping course has positive reviews for its actionable suggestions. According to one review, the teardown videos are helpful. But, the program also has an affiliate program to promote the course.

According to We Can Track, the website flipping market will double in size by 2025. Four Week MBA also reported that 67% of flipped websites are sold within 3 months. But there are 10,000 websites flipped every month. According to Blue Host, 45% of sellers exaggerate their monthly revenue by 10%. while Forbes reported 20% of flipped websites don't yield profit at all. Website flipping can make you lose money or demand more work to get a return on your investment.

In this The Course on Website Flipping review, we’ll explore its pros and cons. We'll also check Mushfiq Sarker’s claims, and if it can help you make 6-figure exits. We'll also go over website flipping advantages. And if there is better business model for you than website flipping in 2023.

The Course on Website Flipping: Pros and Cons


Regularly Updated: Mushfiq updates the course once a month to make sure he has the latest industry trends.

Niche Expert Coach: Mushfiq has established a positive and an authoritative reputation. He flipped 215+ websites with multiple 6-figure exit.

Actionable Steps: The course provides suggested steps to buy, grow, and position your website for sale.

Lifetime Access: You can get lifetime access to the course contents and its regular update for a one-time payment.


Risky: A single Google algorithm update can reduce the value of your site. It can also cost you thousands for unreturned investment.

Not Passive: To maintain and ensure the consistent growth of your website, you have to work as hard.

Requires Site Creation Knowledge: The course is not for complete beginners. It doesn't include SEO and CRO.


The Course on Website Flipping costs a onetime payment of $390. It'll cost $690 with the due diligence, and $1,019 for the course, due diligence and a 1-hour strategy call.


The Course on Website is a self-pace module.


The Course on Website Flipping has a private Facebook community

Refund Policy

100% money-back guarantee.


April 2020


The Course on Website Flipping has a positive reputation in the industry. It’s also featured in imarketing courses.

Does The Course on Website Flipping Help Make 6-Figure Exits?

Yes, The Course on Website Flipping helps you make 6-figure exits by giving you the best time to flip and how to grow the website. The information they provide are based on the date they gathered from their previous website flips. Mushfiq Sarker also give tips on website valuation. All of these can help you make guided decisions for 6-figure exits.

What Is The Course on Website Flipping?

The Course on Website Flipping is an online course for beginner and seasoned website flippers looking to learn from an industry expert. It covers the lifecycle of website flipping and website valuations. Mushfiq also covered scaling such as hiring a website manager. The Course on Website Flipping will help you how to find the right website to buy, grow, and sell websites.

What Do You Get With The Course on Website Flipping?

You get 51 video lessons and due diligence samples for flip websites. The course has growth teardown walkthroughs, tips to grow a website and negotiate at sale. There are also downloadable templates and access to a private Facebook community.

There are 2 other packages you can buy with the course. The Double Bundle costs $690. It includes the course and 5 due diligence reports of sites for sale with 20+ pages each. The Triple Bundle is the Double Bundle, plus an hour of strategy call for a price of $1,019.

How Is The Course on Website Flipping Structured?

The Course on Website Flipping is structured to include 51 video lesson or over 6 hours of content into 8 modules. Students can take these at their own pace.


This 35-minute introduction covers website flipping, the terms and skill sets important to the business. It also provides 39 website flip data the course accumulated.

Website Flip Lifecycle

The website flip lifecycle has 5 stages. From buying the site to the exit execution, and this module goes through all that. It also features 2 website flip case studies.

Find Websites To Buy

This module explores the many ways you can find websites to buy and flip. Brokers, marketplaces and unconventional places to buy websites are all tackled. It also included deal tactics you can use.

Website Valuations 101

Website valuations 101 deals with the method used for valuations and the monthly multiple. The negotiation tactics, and the calculation of cost and revenues. There is also a 16-minute live walkthrough of profit and loss statements.

Due Diligence 101

Growing the site before flipping is an essential part of the business model. In this module, you will learn high level tactics, and easy and difficult growth levers to pull. It also comes with a teardown of 5 niche websites.

Growing the Site

Growing the site before flipping is an essential part of the business model. In this module, you will learn high level tactics, and easy and difficult growth levers to pull. It also comes with a teardown of 5 niche websites.

Positioning For Sale

This short module is about positioning of your website before listing. Plus mini prospectus, strategies to maximize the exit, and easy wins the buyer can use.

Executing The Flip

The “why” and the “when” of selling a niche site is the topic in this last module. It also talks about important exiting processes, such as listing the site for sale. The escrow and website transfer are also tackled.

Bonus Videos

These bonus videos focus on scaling and hiring a website operator. And the impact of Google Core updates on websites.

Who Is The Course on Website Flipping For?

The Course on Website Flipping is for website flippers of all experiences. Beginners will learn everything from the basics to their due diligences. Expert website flippers can use the teardowns and due diligence framework as reference. They can also apply them on their next website flips.

Is The Course on Website Flipping Worth It?

Yes, The Course on Website Flipping is worth it because it’ll give you all the information you need. From the terminologies to the red flags in the business. Students also get access to Mushfiq Sarker's website evaluation and case studies.

The program strengthens their knowledge on website flipping key strategies and essential skills. According to We Can Track, 95% of website flippers with growth strategy are successful.

What Do Students of The Course on Website Flipping Say?

Students of The Course on Website Flipping say the program provided them a step-by-step guide. Fred from the US commented on how students can still understand the lessons even if they’re just reading the content. It makes the lesson accessible to people of diverse learning backgrounds. Cory, from the US, mentioned the usefulness of the Facebook group to ask questions with ease.

Negyvenketto Vocsok from Hungary said the information from the course might be free on the internet, but not as structured and actionable as the online course provided. The reviews on Trustpilot are positive, with a rating of 4.9.

Who is Mushfiq Sarker?

Mushfiq Sarker is the course creator of The Course on Website Flipping. He's also the founder of The Website Flip based in Chicago, Illinois. Mushfiq earned his doctorate in Electrical Engineering from University of Washington in 2016. He completed BS Electrical Engineering at Oregon University in Corvallis, Oregon in 2012. He also worked as an engineer. He participated in the research and development of renewable energy technology before diving into website flipping full time.

Musfiq’s interest in website flipping started in college. He created Voice over Internet website, which he maintained for 2 years. Slashdot Media bought the website from him at $25k in 2010.

He made his websites flips into case studies to help establish authority on website flipping. Pitch Response asked him why he’s doing this for free even though there might be copycats. Mushfiq answered that building his reputation and expertise is far more important than copycats.

What Is The Website Flip?

The Website Flip is a website flipping company by Mushfiz Sarker that offers courses and services for entrepreneurs.. The services range from strategy calls to website growth strategies. There's also building niche websites on aged domains and due diligence consultations. The Website Flip also has a newsletter with vetted websites for sales every week.

Other Products The Website Flip Offers

  • Aged Domain Course. Aged Domain Course goes into how you can use aged domains to build and merge content websites. It includes real life case studies, where to find aged domains, its benefits and due diligence.
  • Newsletter Course. According to Blue Host, there’s a 30% increase in revenue for websites with a growing email list. In this course, Mushfiq goes over how to grow an email list, minimize unsubscription, and turn your website visitors into email subscribers.
  • It is a database of over 120 the strategies Mushfiq used to increase traffic and revenue of his content websites. It also covers off and on-page SEO. Access to the strategies costs $299.
  • is a database of 45+ questions about traffic, niche, revenue, domain, platform and content you can use for due diligence. You can also buy it with a dashboard you can connect to Google Analytics for better data analysis at the price of $349.
  • The Website Flip Brokerage. The Website Flip brokerage connects website sellers to interested buyers. Websites for sale need to pass their due diligence and website valuation. They charge 3% from the final negotiated price.
  • Different website brokerages offer different advantages to both the buyer and the seller. Empire Flippers offer vetted listings. But, its commission rate can go as high as 15% and only accept websites with $2k monthly revenue. Investor’s Club is a new website broker established in 2020. It requires $500 monthly revenue for website listing, and a 5% sale commission. Motion Invest offers a Dutch-style auction suitable for buyers with smaller budgets. Although the sale commission fee is anywhere between 15-20%.
  • Off-Market Deal Flow. This is an exclusive membership-based early access to websites for sale. The membership costs $870 quarterly.
  • The Website Flip Toolbox. The Website Flip Toolbox is a list of tools, services, plugins and courses that Mushfiq uses for their websites.

The Website Flip’s Featured Services

  • Due Diligence Review. The Website Flip’s Due Diligence Review analyzes website quality. The Website Flip will go over website traffic, linking and content quality. If you buy the service at $1490, you'll receive the due diligence review within 7 days.
  • Easy Win Teardown. The Easy Win Teardown offers a detailed report of how to grow your website. The service costs $590.
  • Aged Domain Review. This service goes over the aged domains' critical aspects to catch red flags and help buyers. Aged Domain Review is available at $990.
  • Strategy Phone Call. Strategy Phone Call is an expert call with Musfiq Sasker. You can book at $190 for a 30-minute call or $490 for an hour strategy call. They also offer booking a call within 24 hours if you add $100 to your order.

The Website Flip’s Reviews

The Website Flip has a high client satisfaction. They provide actionable steps, according to user Tsavo Neal from Canada.

Another client, Arden from the US, claimed his website had a 5x increase in growth after The Website Flip. And according to Nissar Ahmed from Colorado, they prevented him from making bad purchase.

Mushfiq Sarker’s Claims

The Course on Website Flipping goes over the details of the business model. But it can be overwhelming for a complete beginner. The online course doesn’t include any of these in the syllabus. Besides that, growing the site you bought to flip it for a higher price is the core concept of this business model. To grow your site, ranking on Google is vital to get the traffic you need which SEO is a contributing factor.

Mushfiq Sarker’s Claims DEBUNKED

The Course on Website Flipping goes over the details of the business model. But it can be overwhelming for a complete beginner with no knowledge of website design and SEO strategies. The online course doesn’t include any of these in the syllabus. Besides that, growing the site you bought to flip it for a higher price is the core concept of this business model. To grow your site, ranking on Google is vital to get the traffic you need which SEO is a contributing factor.

Is Website Flipping Still Worth It?

Yes, Website Flipping is still worth it because of the increasing dependence of consumers on the internet. Hubspot reported google search engine processes 8.5 billion questions per day. Companies and business owners are on the lookout for a website that can drive the traffic they need.

However, according to Forbes, there is also a 20% increase of websites for sale. Buyers also focus on quality content. So, you’ll have to work to yield a high profit in this increasingly competitive and demanding business model.

What is Website Flipping?

Website flipping is the purchasing and selling of websites to gain profit. Website flippers look for websites to improve on broker sites or marketplaces like Flippa. They look to improve revenue source, content quality, conversion rate, and website design. Business Insider reported 70% of website flippers sell their websites in 12-18 months.

How Does Website Flipping Differ from Home flipping?

Website flipping differs from home flipping in the product they’re selling. Website flipping deals with websites, a digital real estate. Home flipping deals with real estates like houses or buildings.

What Is Digital Real Estate?

Digital real estate is any asset you own on the internet. Websites are the top example of a digital real estate which website owners can rent, sell, or use for income. Domains, mobile applications and blogs also go under this category.

What are the Advantages of Website Flipping?

  • Low Barrier to Entry. If you decide to enter the industry by building your own website, it costs significantly low. Although you will have to work harder on content and web design to appear on SERPs and get traffic.
  • High Income Potential. According to Ahrefs, the current website valuation has a multiple of 30 to 45 times the net profit. Four Week MBA reported the average ROI of website flipping within a year is 150%.
  • Outsource Work. If you have the budget for it, you can outsource talent to work on what your digital real estate needs to grow. Like house flipping, you don’t have to work on the house yourself to put it up for a successful sale.

Conclusion: Is Website Flipping a Great Way To Make Money Online?

Local lead gen is a great way to make money online in contrast to website flipping. The biggest risk you’ll have to take in website flipping is the dependency of your website value on Google Core update. With local lead gen, this is not a problem since you’re competing locally against less companies. Website flipping also requires a lot of money. According to Her Paper Route, 25% of flippers use paid ads to drive traffic and increase the value of a website. Based on Thrive My Way’s finding, 90% of buyers put quality content as a top factor in purchasing a site. So, it’ll also take you so much money to hire experts on the niche of the website to establish quality in content.

However, with local lead generation, you can create several websites and rank on the first page of search engines. And you’re competing locally. So once you rank, it will stay there for a long time, even without daily maintenance. The best thing about the rank and rent business model is that it’s duplicable.

As an example, a tree care site I created provides me $2k passive income monthly since 2015. I’ve since created a lot of digital real estate and rent them to small businesses. They generate me $52k passive income every month. 

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