Glenn and Amber Schworm’s Home Flipping Workshop Review: Will Their System Help Profitability?

March 25, 2024

Home Flipping Workshop is an online 3-day house flipping and real estate investing workshop. Glenn Schworm and Amber Schworm teach you how to earn from house flipping using their system almost every month. 

House flipping is a short-term strategy used in real estate investing to earn money online through buying, refurbishing, renovating, and selling old properties. On June 22, 2023, US-based property data provider Attom reported in its Q1 2023 U.S. Home Flipping Report that 72,960 single-family homes and condominiums were flipped in the first quarter in the U.S. 

In this Home Flipping Workshop review, I will give a rundown of the course, covering its pros and cons, who the Home Flipping Workshop is for, whether house flipping is a risk, and reasons house flippers fail. Last, we will answer the question most beginners in real estate investing would like to know: Is house flipping still profitable?

Home Flipping Workshop Review: Pros and Cons


The workshop is online, making it convenient and more accessible to learn about flipping houses.

Since the Home Flipping Workshop is a live event, you'll get to ask your questions directly to the instructors. 

You can reschedule to another date if you are unavailable.

There are many positive reviews from attendees. 


No recording of the event is available for those who might miss a schedule.

You need time and commitment to finish the three-day workshop.

Much time is spent on motivational talk, showing videos telling the spouses' story, and later offering their more expensive coaching program. 

An attendee said they asked her to change or remove her negative review. 


The 3-day Home Flipping Workshop costs $59.

Refund policy

No refund policy is stated.


Glenn and Amber Schworm's YouTube channel has 2.28K subscribers and 33K followers on Facebook. Meanwhile, Home Flipping Workshop has 3.7K followers on Facebook. No refund policy stated.

What Is Home Flipping Workshop?

Home Flipping Workshop is a 3-day online event hosted live on weekends by its creators, spouses Glenn and Amber Schworm, to help beginners in real estate investing by introducing them to the “Find, Fund, Fix, Flip, Hold” system. The upcoming workshop dates as of this writing are October 20-October 22, 2023.

Besides the system used by Glenn and Amber, Home Flipping Workshop students will also get tools for identifying profitable properties and achieving financial freedom. There are also lectures discussing strategies for flipping houses without using their money or incurring debts. The online workshop also covers the most significant mistakes real estate investors should avoid while flipping homes. 

What Do You Get With Home Flipping Workshop?

You get to learn the exact system Glenn and Amber Schworm used to flip houses successfully with the Home Flipping Workshop. The Workshop covers six topics to teach beginner and expert real estate investors, and these sessions include: 

  • Virtual On-Site Tour - This virtual tour shows you closely the properties of the Home Flipping Workshop. The tour includes a scene-by-scene of the renovation account of each property that Glenn and Amber flipped. It promises to give you strategies and techniques you can apply on-site to increase your profit margin and ensure success in the real estate market.
  • Tax and Legal Session - The Home Flipping Workshop has a separate section that trains you on tax and legal matters. It is the session where you will learn about taxes related to the real estate market and home flipping to help you maximize your profit margin. 
  • Funding Session - If you don’t have money to spend on home flipping or don’t want to use your resources, the Funding Session will teach you how to raise your capital to fund your flipping homes business. 
  • Negotiating Strategies - The Home Flipping Workshop has a “Deal or No Deal” Negotiating Strategies that will teach you how to negotiate and communicate with prospective sellers. Glenn and Amber describe it as an interactive strategy session to help students gain the skills to get the best rates possible. 
  • Evaluator Tool - The Home Flipping Workshop Evaluator Tool helps you estimate the maximum allowable offer and value of after-repair to calculate the profitability of your flip. 
  • Special Funding - This crash course on credit lines provides professional lenders’ insights and will guide you through what they look for. These lenders might include hard money lenders instead of banks, who would approve of short-term loans.

Home Flipping Workshop will teach you how to find profitable properties in your locality and look for funding so you won’t have to spend money. It also teaches you about mistakes to avoid, how to fix and flip the property, and how to master the holding system to maximize its earning potential.

Who is Home Flipping Workshop For?

Home Flipping Workshop is for new investors who want to learn about home flipping. You can also join the workshop if you are a real estate agent interested in their method. Glenn Schworm added that it is for people who have time and desire to earn from real estate investing, with home flipping as the way to entry. In this workshop, you can learn the system used by Glenn and Amber to find profitable ways to flip houses.

Is the Home Flipping Workshop Legit?

Yes. Home Flipping Workshop is legit. It got a 5-star rating on Google Reviews. As of this writing, there are 742 reviews on Google. Most of the positive reviews commended Glenn and Amber for their professionalism. They said that the 3-day workshop offers valuable information for those who want to succeed as a real estate investor.

Besides the good reviews, Glenn and Amber have established a name in real estate investment. They are full-time real estate investors for almost 20 years. What’s commendable with Glenn and Amber is that they, or their team, respond to reviews.

Home Flipping Workshop Reviews

Home Flipping Workshop reviews from attendees are ‌positive. Most attendees are beginners. They want to build wealth through property investment and become real estate professionals. Here are some of the featured reviews.

Dillon Kercher shared that the Home Flipping Workshop provided insightful information. He made 15 full pages of notes from the workshop and commended Glenn and Amber’s team for being supportive.

Debbie Pace described the info she got from Home Flipping Workshop as “mind-blowing.” She said joining the workshop was the best decision she made. Meanwhile, Ana Victoria Roberts said she learned great information from the workshop. Ana added that they would sign up for the program if they had the money.

There are also success stories of attendees who applied and got accepted into the VestorPRO coaching program. These students shared how much they earned from their first flips.

Josh and Crystal Cuomos earned $55,000 from their first flip. They first attended the Home Flipping Workshop and joined Glenn and Amber’s program.

Anacita spent $137,000 on her property investment and sold it for $225,000. After the realtor's commission, she got $74,000 from that deal. She said working with Glenn and Amber and their coaches immensely helped her because she could call them weekly to discuss the project. 

Is Home Flipping Workshop Worth It?

Yes, Home Flipping Workshop is worth it. The workshop itself has many positive reviews. 

The Home Flipping Workshop can help beginners who want to learn more about house flipping and how it differs from wholesale real estate. You learn about a system that the Schworms have used for years. The workshop is where they would break down the “Find, Fund, Fix, Flip, and Hold” method.

Also, they offer 16 ways to find properties, 14 ways to fund real estate deals, and there is a virtual property tour. The home flipping evaluator tool they provide helps reduce risks. They have speakers to guide you on how to set up your business. The Schworms will introduce you to the right connections and who to look for. 

 While there were negative reviews about the more expensive program, attendees said the 3-day workshop was helpful. Some said if they had money, they would buy the mentorship course. 

Is Home Flipping Workshop Profitable?

Yes, Home Flipping Workshop can be profitable. It's best if you have the resources, time, and dedication to learn about the real estate industry and house flipping. Glenn and Amber also introduced their VestorPRO coaching program during the Home Flipping Workshop. Most student testimonials on their website are those who also availed of the VestorPRO MVP Coaching program.

One of the workshop attendees in June 2021 was Gretchen Yambao from Chesapeake, Virginia. During an interview for the Charter Student Testimonial of VestorPRO, Gretchen said the workshop helped her gain financial freedom. She also earned passive income and made a little over $50,000 on her first deal. 

Another student was C.C. Fitzgerald from the City of Friend in Saline County, Nebraska. C.C. was a teacher, and she shared that she had earned $85,000 from the three flips during her interview.

Who are the Founders of Home Flipping Workshop?

Glenn and Amber Schworm are the founders of Home Flipping Workshop. Glenn is currently the President of Signature Home Buyers and VestorPRO, and Amber is the Vice President of the two companies. Amber is also an NYS Broker. They bought and flipped their first house in Upstate, New York in late 2007. They sold the house and made $17,000. 

In their second flip, they earned $33,000. In 2016, they started their coaching company, VestorPRO. Glenn said they did not start their coaching business until they had completed 400 home flips to ensure that the system they implement works.

Besides Home Flipping Workshop, they also run: 

  • Signature Home Buyers. The Signature Home Buyers is a real estate brokerage company in Rotterdam, New York. They buy houses in New York areas, including Albany, Oneida, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Warren, and Washington. Signature Home Buyers has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since May 2, 2018. There are some negative reviews about them on Yelp, and they were rated 2.1 stars from ‌7 reviews.
  • This is a digital network made for real estate investors. By joining this virtual community, you can avail of their expert training, connect with other vendors, access business contacts, and enjoy community support. However, is temporarily not hosting live meetings.
  • The Big Flipping Break Series. Glenn and Amber also host the program The Big Flipping Break Series, which premiered on their YouTube channel on November 12, 2022. The show documents how Glenn and Amber coach new real estate investors in flipping a house and closing a deal. They pick contestants from many applicants, and those chosen get personal training and funding for their first deal from Glenn and Amber. After the deal, the contestants split the profit with the couple 50-50. 

The couple from Schenectady, New York, United States, authored The Birth of the Everyday Real Estate Investor: How Real Estate, Not Stocks, Creates Wealth. Savio Republic published the book on November 1, 2022. The book has ‌7 reviews with 5-star ratings from avid real estate consumers.

Glenn and Amber are also the hosts of the Real Estate of Mind podcast on Apple and Spotify. The podcast has 80 episodes. Glenn and Amber discuss everything related to real estate investing. Topics include market trends, taxation, and how to cut risks and ensure consumer protection. The podcast has earned 5-star ratings from 13 reviews on Apple.

They also have the Home Flipping Adventures YouTube channel. It contains videos on flipping properties from beginning to end. But, the channel's last update was on May 27, 2022, with 27 videos. Glenn and Amber's Home Flipping Tips is another YouTube channel the Schworms host. This one is more updated (last April 23, 2023) with 161 videos.

After flipping over 1,100 homes, the couple has earned over $100 million. They also continue to buy and sell approximately 100 houses yearly. They plan to expand to the Eastern Seaboard and hope to become one of the national brands in real estate.

What Other Workshops Do Glenn and Amber Schworm Offer?

Glenn and Amber Schworm also offer the VestorPRO MVP Coaching program to those serious about building a real estate business. VestorPRO is not a workshop but a real estate investing education that offers a coaching and mentorship program. It provides resources, study materials, and individual coaching for those new to real estate investing and those wanting to grow their business. 

The VestorPRO MVP coaching program will teach you different strategies in real estate, such as house flipping and real estate wholesaling. However, to be a VestorPRO student, you must apply and schedule an interview. The Application Call takes about 30 minutes. 

Glenn and Amber Schworm's Claims

Glenn Schworm and Amber Schworm claim that the Home Flipping Workshop is the gateway to real estate investment and, with their house-flipping formula, profits will follow. They also feature students who created a passive income stream online from flipping homes. Overall, the Home Flipping Workshop is an entry to real estate investment, a strategy anyone could access to ditch their 9-5 jobs.

Glenn and Amber Schorm's Claims DEBUNKED

Using Glenn and Amber Schworm’s system does not guarantee that you can profit from home flipping and real estate investing. Even they would tell you that you need to change your mindset. You must stay motivated and patient in learning about real estate investment. You should also be ready and able to invest resources in home flipping and real estate.

One thing similar about house flipping and buying stocks is speculation. You buy a house at a lower price, spend money to renovate or fix it and find a buyer who may or may not accept the deal. No set formula will guarantee profits from house flipping. Many factors affect your success in the real estate enterprise.

Also, the Home Flipping Workshop received negative reviews from some students. Three months ago, Eboni Aya Jackson gave the Home Flipping workshop a 2-star rating on Google Review. She said attendees gave 5-star reviews for gift cards. While there was some good information, she added she was expecting it to be more focused on real estate and a few motivational talks.

Another attendee who joined three months ago gave the Home Flipping Workshop a 1-star rating. She said it sells a costly program to start a real estate career. She added that they asked her to revise or altogether remove her review. While the VestorPRO website does not show how much the coaching program is, this review might have given away a clue that it costs $40,000.

Home flipping is not as easy as buying a property, fixing and flipping it, selling it to the market, and automatically earning passive income. You need money, skills, knowledge, and passion to pursue this path in the real estate industry. But one good thing about the Home Flipping Workshop is that they present you with these risks and the mistakes they have learned over the years.

House Flipping FAQs

How Long Does It Take To Flip a House?

It takes 178 days on average to flip a house from purchase to resale in Q1 of 2023, based on ATTOM's report. This duration for real estate flipping is longer by 13 days compared to ATTOM's data for Q4 of 2022. House flippers only took 165 days on average to flip a home in Q4 of 2022.

Depending on many factors, selling a home after flipping for some even takes over a year. A Forbes article written by Roger Blankenship, business coach and former Forbes Council member in 2018 listed the following risk factors that affect house flipping:

  1. Market trends
  2. Demographic shifts
  3. Interest rates
  4. Time of year
  5. Valuation
  6. Investor experience
  7. Investor ability
  8. Renovation plans
  9. Unknown or hidden repairs
  10. Problems with contractors

Should You Obtain Building Permits When Flipping Houses?

You must obtain building permits when flipping houses. Permit systems ensure that constructions and improvements follow safety standards. The county or city might require you to secure a building permit or one for installations. Know that rules differ per location. Know that rules differ per location. The guidelines and fees for a property in San Diego might vary from that in South Carolina. So check the policies in the area where your property is located.

For instance, the Idaho Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses requires permits for HVAC, electrical, and plumbing installations. If you are in Utah, you can contact Utah division contacts for planning, zoning, building permits, and inspections to inquire about the process. The first step would point you to the Utah County Community Development Office or website to secure a building permit application and submittal packet.

Permit fees would also depend on the type of permit and your area. Mark Ferguson, a real estate agent, book author, and founder of InvestFourMore, wrote that a permit for a "decent-size remodel" costs at least $500 in Colorado. 


Jon Holdman, a rental property investor from Mercer Island, Washington State, shared on BiggerPockets that trying to avoid permits could cost money that should have been an income. They funded a rehabber who did not secure permits and got caught. It cost them about $30,000 on the deal.

Buying a home to flip is your investment property, and part of that investment is ensuring the legal side of your operation. So, ensure you know about the permit system in areas where your property is located. Before selling your property, it must be code-compliant. Secure these permits to avoid future penalties, lawsuits, or other problems. 

Can You Actually Make Money Flipping Houses?

Yes, you can actually make money flipping houses. ATTOM's year-end report shows approximately 407,417 single and condominium units flipped in the United States in 2022. It comprised 8.4% of all home sales, the most significant percentage since 2005. For Q1 2023, ATTOM's U.S. Home Flipping Report showed 72,960 single-family homes and condominiums flipped.

Attom CEO Rob Barber shared that profit margins in house flipping are in a "slight upward turn" following a slump. Attom's report showed that in Q4 of 2022, gross flipping profit was $53,500. This figure has grown to $56,000 in Q1 of 2023. These numbers indicate that home flipping remains a viable real estate investment. 

What is the Average Rate of Return on Flipping a House?

The average rate of return on flipping a house is 22.5%, based on ATTOM's 2023 report. The figure shows a decline from 2022, which had a 26.9% return. ATTOM's numbers revealed that this is the fifth time in the past 6 years that a drop in the rate of investment returns in house flipping occurred. Several factors affect the rate of return. These include rising home mortgage rates and consumer price inflation. Both factors affect home seekers' purchasing power.

Is House Flipping A Risk?

Yes, house flipping is a risk. Strategies in real estate investing involve real properties where investors always face risks. The most significant risk is when you cannot sell the property after spending money on rehabilitation. Following the timeline for the work completion is also challenging.

Shows like Flipping Vegas (hosted by Scott Yancey), Flip or Flop Vegas, and Flipping Boston boost the popularity of house flipping. More people want to join real estate seminars. They admire prominent real estate investment experts like Tarek El Moussa, Dave Seymour, and Peter Souhleris.

But I found this thread on Quora: "What do house-flipping shows gloss over?" And Steven Haddock, a compliance officer, commented that there are risks not seen in house flipping shows. Steven adds that one slight loss could completely wipe out your investment.

Why Do House Flippers Fail?

House flippers fail for several reasons. These reasons include unpreparedness, unreliable contractors, ineffective strategies, and economic conditions. Here are 5 more reasons a house flipper fails:

  1. Inadequate finances. House flipping is capital intensive. You need money for property acquisition, rehabilitation, and improvements. You also pay for labor, taxes, and permits. While there are banks or hard money lenders to finance your house-flipping project, you also pay for interest.
  2. Lack of knowledge. Without proper knowledge, you might pick a property requiring too much work. Properties have their structural character or issues that might add to expenses. You need to do your research. Learning strategies from experts in the real estate industry can help you.
  3. Inefficient time management. Time is of the essence for a house flipper. A delay in one aspect could affect the schedule of the whole operation. Also, the longer it takes to complete the house flipping, the more expenses you incur. 
  4. Lack of skills. It pays to have skills in house flipping because it can save time and resources. New house flippers who don't have skills in house construction would need to hire other people to do the fixes. They might not even notice when a contractor's installation is poor. 
  5. Lack of patience. Finding a property to flip could take weeks or months. Rehabilitation might also run for months. After flipping a house, finding a deal also takes time. You must be patient to learn about the market. You must go through negotiations and deal with different people.

What Makes a House Flipper Successful?

  • Commitment to educate oneself
  • Learning from experts
  • Spotting opportunities
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Taking action 

These top 5 reasons make a house flipper successful. By emulating successful house flippers, whether through online courses or joining real estate communities, you get to understand how the model works. This way, you can cut the risk of losing the time and money invested.

This commitment to learning will take you to like-minded real estate investors. You can be part of an inner circle to help you navigate the market or introduce you to contractors. It isn’t easy to start a real estate business when you don’t know where to go or who to ask. So, a supportive community and the right network can take you far. House flipping is also about spotting opportunities. But this will take time and will come from constant practice. 

Related House Flipping Courses

  • Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets Review - Van Sturgeon, an established entrepreneur who owns 1,200 properties in North America, will teach you the 4F (Find, Fund, Fix, and Flip) framework in real estate investing in Ultimate Real Estate Investing Secrets. It's almost the same as Amber and Glenn’s system, except for the holding part.
  • First Responders Wealth Network Real Estate Investing Bootcamp - David Knight teaches a REI program that helps first responders make money with real estate.
  • The Flip Secrets Review - This online program by house flipper and mentor Jake Leicht will teach you how to flip houses without using your money. 
  • Epic Real Estate Review - Matt Theriault from Las Vegas, Nevada, teaches proven investing strategies in Epic Real Estate. The course also offers community support to help members quickly establish their businesses and portfolios.

CONCLUSION: Is House Flipping Still Profitable?

Yes, house flipping is still profitable. Based on the ATTOM Data report, there was a strong showing for fix-and-flip investors in Q2 of 2022. The reselling price of flipped homes reached a record-high value of $328,000. Moreover, profit margins increased in 122 of 202 metro areas.

 A CBS news article published on March 23, 2023, reported that house flipping was more lucrative in 2016. That year, the average ROI on each property was 51%. In 2021, you could earn $70,000 in one property.

Yet, house flipping does not always have happy endings, as you see on house flipping reality shows. A house flipper relies on buyers, sellers, building contractors, and house and market conditions. You establish a network of contractors, sellers, and suppliers to negotiate deals. You also need to look for funding.

If you want a more scalable business where your profit is predictable, learn about local lead generation. In this business model, you deal with digital real estate. House flipping will take much time, even after setting up your business. But in local lead generation, you only need to set up the website, rank it, and have a local business owner rent it. It takes little to no maintenance.

This tree care website below is among my many websites. I earn $2,000 of passive income monthly from this site alone.

Local lead generation

House flipping will also require money to purchase the property. In local lead generation, you only need $500 to start. In local lead generation, you deal with business owners who would rent your website, and you can choose who to deal with. 

Profits in house flipping are unpredictable, but in local lead generation, you earn $750 to $2,000 monthly per website. You can even scale it as much as you like by building more websites. You do not have to deal with sellers, contractors, agents, and buyers. 

Plus, no local building codes, permits, or property taxes are involved. I recommend local lead generation as a more profitable business model than house flipping. Check out our local lead generation program and see for yourself.

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