Daphne Kroeze’s Setter Academy Review: Can This Training Help You Escape The 9-5 Grind?

March 30, 2024

Setter Academy is a training program for women aged 20-35 made by Daphne Kroeze, with the aim to help them supplement or replace their full-time jobs. It offers 24/7 text support, one-on-one coaching, twice-a-week Q&A calls, and an exclusive community. Members of the program are also guaranteed placements since it connects them with businesses. Moreover, once the course is finished, students will receive the Setter Academy Member certificate.

An appointment setter’s role is to message potential leads from a digital entrepreneur’s social media to schedule sales calls. This position is crucial for online business owners who are too busy to answer their messages. Based on a Zippia research summary, 73.7% of appointment setters are women. Does this mean that Setter Academy is the training program that’ll help females achieve financial freedom? Although a vast percentage of women work as remote setters, two recent reviews for Setter Academy indicate unprofitability.

In this post, I will discuss the pros and cons, features, student results, reviews, and cost of the program. You'll also learn about the creator's background, education, experience, and claims.

Setter Academy Review: Pros & Cons


Location freedom: Appointment setters can work from anywhere in the world.

Women-only community: Setter Academy has a private community with other female appointment setters.

Minimal device requirements: Most remote setters also work with their phones.


Burnout: Although the schedule for an appointment setter is flexible, most end up working all day, even more so than an employee.

Competition: Due to the low barrier to entry, there are tons of competition for remote setters.

No price transparency: Setter Academy does not disclose its pricing.


Price for Setter Academy is $2,000 according to reviews on Trustpilot.

Refund Policy

Refund policy for Setter Academy is not available.


Setter Academy was founded in January 2022.


Setter Academy has a mostly positive reputation. However, there are some reviews that speak negatively about the program.

Can Setter Academy Help You Escape the 9-5 Grind?

The Setter Academy helps an appointment setter start their own online business by providing online training and community. The program is also beginner-friendly because it does not require experience, sales skills, or voice calls.

The average monthly income for an appointment setter according to Setter Academy is $4,000 to $7,000 for 30 to 60 calls. SA states that 30 booked calls per month is considered low and that, the normal rate is 60.

To calculate a setter’s monthly income, one has to keep in mind the following mentioned below.

  • The typical show-up rate for calls is 80%.
  • As for the close rate, the average is 50%.
  • The typical commission rate for setters is 5%.
  • The average price point of products is $5,000.
  • Flat fee for appointment setters is $1,000 per month.

If a setter has successfully booked 30 calls in a month, their income would be calculated by following the format below.

  • 30 calls multiplied by 80% (show-up rate) or .80 = 24.
  • This means that out of 30 booked calls, only 24 people actually took place.
  • Out of 24 individuals, only 12 will begin the program (close rate is 50%.)
  • 12 multiplied by $5,000 (average price of products) = $60,000.
  • $60,000 will be multiplied by 5% (commission rate) = $3,000.
  • So, adding the $3,000 in commissions to the base rate, the income for the month is $4,000.
trist taylor

Trist Taylor


As an appointment setter your job is to sift through the "shit" and gold dig.

It doesn't sound glamorous but the amount of reps I put in as one taught me everything I needed to become a prolific closer

We had to do 300 dials a day.

I'd get 3-5 successful appointments a day.


Trist Taylor shared on X that he used to do 300 dials per day as an appointment setter. He added in his 2024 post that he successfully got 3 to 5 appointments daily.

  • Following this, he has an average daily appointment of 4.

  • If he worked 5 times a week, that’s 20 appointments per week or 80 appointments a month.

  • If the close rate for that month is 25%, this means that 20 appointments were closed.

  • If the price of the course is $5,000 and the commission rate is 4%, that means that the appointment setter made $4,000 that particular month.

However, keep in mind that they have to make 1,500 dials per week. This number is incredibly high and eventually leads to burnout.

What Do You Get From Setter Academy?

  • 7-Step roadmap is the comprehensive training provided for the students of Setter Academy. This includes video courses and documents. It provides the essentials of training as an appointment setter such as finding potential opportunities, scheduling your work routine, and taking charge of your income.

  • Setter Academy’s women-only community is another inclusion in the program. This includes other students of the 

  • One-on-one coaching calls will also be given to students to help them with questions they have during the training.

  • Once the program is completed, students will receive the Setter Academy Member certification.

Setter Academy guarantees

  • High earnings: Setter Academy promises to provide students with a well-paid business, plus rewards depending on performance.

  • Intensive training: The academy also ensures that they teach students crucial knowledge including company placements, landing clients, and maximizing income.

  • Location freedom: It also guarantees work-from-home opportunities, including a flexible schedule. Individuals can work anywhere in the world as long as they have access to internet connection.

  • Potential side hustle: As for individuals who are already employed but looking for extra income, this is a good opportunity.

  • Lucrative full-time job: Although it can be a side gig, working as a full-time setter provides the most profit because of its commissions.

  • No experience required: With Setter Academy, clients with no experience in the industry will gain proper skills.

  • No sales skills needed: For individuals who have no experience with sales, training will be provided. The aim is simply to provide services that match the needs of other people.

  • No voice calls required: Appointment setters only message potential clients. They do not need to call leads.

Setter Academy 7-step system

STEP 01: Book your (15-minute) discovery call with us

The first step in Setter Academy’s 7-Step system is a 15-minute discovery call. In this step, clients will be given an introduction to the course. They will also learn if the training is suitable for them and get answers to any queries they have.

STEP 02: If it's a match, get started right away

After the discovery call, another one will be booked. For this one, it will last for 30 to 40 minutes with Jessica Allison, the founder’s right hand. As for this meeting, the client will decide if they want to proceed with the training.

STEP 03: Learn all about appointment setting (course & videos)

Once an individual joins, they gain access to the online community and training materials. The community is filled with other female students of the course. Regarding the program, it contains documents and videos created by the founder.

STEP 04: Coaching by experts

In case a client has questions or problems during the training, they can schedule a one-on-one call with a coach from the Setter Academy team.

STEP 05: Get your SAM (Setter Academy Membership) certificate

After completing the course, students will be given the Setter Academy Member certificate. This document will sent to their home addresses.

STEP 06: Start as a setter with a successful business coach

Clients will be given guidance and tools in terms of getting in touch with digital entrepreneurs, especially to hit their income goals. When they contact these business owners, a meeting will be scheduled to know if it’s a good fit.

STEP 07: Make an income as a certified Appointment Setter

Following a month of working for online entrepreneurs, setters can send them invoices. This should include commissions plus the base fee, with taxes included.

Average monthly income for setters (Based on Setter Academy)

Who Is Setter Academy For?

Setter Academy is for women aged 20 to 35 years of age who want to work remotely using their mobile devices. It is also for those who prefer written communication instead of voice calls.

Are The Students Of Setter Academy Getting Results?

Yes, the students of Setter Academy are getting results according to five testimonials posted on the official website and 58 5-star Trustpilot reviews. However, two reviews indicate a lack of results from the program.

Setter Academy testimonials

Testimonials share that the training has helped students increase their income after only 2 weeks to a month. They also state that the community is helpful and that they are successfully working from their mobile devices.

Positive reviews for Setter Academy via Trustpilot

Positive reviews for Setter Academy from Trustpilot dated from November 8 to 28, 2023 praised the process, material, skills, community, and support team. The reviewers mentioned that the training process was pleasant and that the material was clear and well-organized. They also commended the community which is positive and highly motivated. Moreover, they stated that the support team was helpful, especially the Q&A sessions, masterclasses, and personal coaching.

Negative reviews for Setter Academy in Trustpilot

Negative reviews for Setter Academy from Trustpilot on January 5 and June 7, 2023 state that the course did not fulfill its guarantees, and that, the course content was not worth the $2,000 investment. The review posted on January 5 warned against the program, specifically about the fact that it has a low barrier of entry yet charges $2,000 for the course. As for the feedback made on June 7, the reviewer shared that the promises of high income and few-hour workdays were untrue. They were constantly on the phone with barely any return on their investment. They also said that the 60 to 90-day placement guarantee was not fulfilled and it has been more than six months for them. Additionally, they found the course content to be lacking in quality since it can be learned while working on the job.

How much does Setter Academy cost?

Setter Academy cost is not readily available on their website. However, negative reviews on Trustpilot share that the price for the course is $2,000. The response to the comment does indicate that this claim is false and that this price is incorrect.

Does Setter Academy Have a Good Reputation?

Yes, Setter Academy has a mainly good reputation. On Trustpilot alone, 97% of the feedback is composed of 5 stars, with an overall rating of 4.8 stars. However, it’s worth noting that there are a few 1-star reviews, which make up 3% of the feedback.

Is Setter Academy Worth It?

No, Setter Academy is not worth it. This is because the appointment setter industry is saturated and the course does not teach high-income skills. Its certification is only recognized by business partners as well. 

Who Is The Creator Of Setter Academy?

Daphne Kroeze

The creator of Setter Academy is Daphne Kroeze. She is originally from the Netherlands. Daphne is a former appointment setter, course creator, and social media influencer. In 2020, she worked as an appointment for a popular online coach. After learning the ins and outs of the industry, she began Setter Academy in January 2022. Her course and community aim to help women worldwide become remote setters. Daphne has over 10.1k followers on Instagram, 395 likes on TikTok, and 951 followers on LinkedIn, with the handle @daphnekroeze.

Daphne Kroeze's education

Daphne Kroeze obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Business from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. She graduated as Cum Laude.

Daphne Kroeze’s experience

Daphe Kroeze’s experience prior to being the CEO of Setter Academy was as a creative copywriter for Savvy in 2020. She also worked for Lexence for 1 year and 4 months until October 2021 in the Business Development, Marketing, and Communication department. In November 2021, she founded The Media Boat. 

Daphne Kroeze Claims: Earn $5,000 to $10,000/mo Through Appointment Setting

setter academy claims

Daphne Kroeze claims that you can earn $5,000 to $10,000 per month through her appointment-setting program. She disclosed this in a slideshow video on the official website of Setter Academy.

Daphne Kroeze claims debunked: Why making thousands of dollars through appointment setting is difficult

Although it is possible to earn such an amount, it is going to be challenging due to the low barrier to entry, saturation, and emergence of artificial intelligence.

Because this opportunity has such a low barrier to entry, many individuals can become appointment setters. Since there are no skills and experience needed, anyone can train to be one. As a Zippia research summary states, in the US, the majority of remote setters, which is about 37%, have a high school diploma.

And since the requirements are little to nonexistent, the industry is becoming more saturated. In fact, those who are training in Setter Academy compete with their peers. This program is among the many offering to teach it.

Moreover, as a 2023 Forbes article points out, artificial intelligence and automation are gaining popularity in the field of appointment setting. There will be businesses that will follow the trend and use AI chatbots in the future.

Is a Setter The Same As a Remote Closer?

No, a setter is not the same as a remote closer. The two work hand-in-hand in the process of lead generation. The setter schedules appointments for closers. Remote closers are the ones in charge of sales calls and ultimately persuading clients to buy products. 

How Does Local Lead Generation Compare To Appointment Setting?

Local lead generation is a lot more profitable compared to appointment setting. Its profit margin is 95%, with only a $300 to $500 initial investment. Additionally, since the skills you need to thrive are high-level, you won’t need to worry about saturation and competition. With local lead gen, you won’t be as burned out as you would be as a remote setter.

Moreover, when you undergo a local lead gen training, you can create websites that earn as much as $3,000/mo. And since the startup cost is low and you'll have more free time due to its passive nature, it's also easier to scale.

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