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Dave Mac ClickBank Affiliate Marketing (Short Course): Worth the Time + Money?

March 15, 2024

Dave Mac Title Image

Are $500/day websites possible through ClickBank affiliate marketing? Is ClickBank affiliate marketing legit even? 

In this article, I’ll tell you exactly what’s in Dave Mac’s ClickBank Affiliate Marketing short course.

I’ll also give you my honest opinion on his process.

You’ll have a better understanding of ClickBank affiliate marketing

And, you’ll have a chance to decide for yourself:

Is ClickBank affiliate marketing the right choice for you?

So- is Dave Mac’s course worth your valuable time and hard-earned money?

Read on to find out.


Hey, I'm Ippei!

Until 2014, like many of the people I review, I was working in a corporate job from 9 to 5.

Since then, I've tried many online businesses.

But for me, my first break came through lead generation.

Lead generation is similar to affiliate marketing.
But, with affiliate marketing, you're working directly with small businesses for a commission.

For example, this tree care site ranks locally in Grand Rapids, MI.

And, it's made me $2K/month since 2015.

Now, affiliate marketing is great because you don't need to talk to anyone.

Instead, you just need your individual l link.

However, it comes with challenges, too.

For example, the market is extremely saturated.

In this article, I will be discussing exactly what it takes to succeed with affiliate marketing today in 2021.

That way, you can make an informed decision on whether or not this biz model is right for you. 

But first, let's get into my review of Dave Mac's course.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Basic Explanation of Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling other company’s products with a special link or code.

What Kinds of Affiliate Marketing are There?

There are three types of affiliate marketing:

three kinds of affiliate marketers

Who is an Affiliate?

An affiliate sells a company’s product for a cut of the profit. Sometimes, the company pays the affiliate a commission.

An involved affiliate marketer may be a social media influencer who shows off a new skin care routine.

A related affiliate marketer may promote all kinds of kitchen ware, and only products related to that.

An unattached affiliate marketer is skilled at finding a sellable product, and doing just that- without having any connection to the product.

Can you guess which one Dave Mac promotes?

(The answer is coming up).

What Makes a Successful Affiliate Marketer?

A successful affiliate marketer knows:

  • How to find a product that will sell
  • Where their product will be popular
  • How to create and design a website for that product
  • How to promote that website through ads and searches

Dave Mac has his own strategies to do all of these things. And his unattached affiliate marketing strategy focuses on ClickBank.

What is ClickBank Affiliate Marketing?

Clickbank affiliate marketing is the same as affiliate marketing.


ClickBank hosts a marketplace of companies that provide affiliate links. 

In other words, Clickbank is a resource for people who want to find new products to promote.

To use ClickBank:

  • Sign up.
  • Search for products.
  • Copy and paste your affiliate link, and...
  • You're off and running!


What does a successful affiliate marketer do with their links once they have them?

Well, it’s much more complicated than linking your favorite sweater on Instagram.

Enough of the basics.

Let’s find out what Dave Mac has to say about ClickBank affiliate marketing.

But first- who is Dave Mac anyways?

Your Presenter: Dave Mac

dave mac image

Dave Mac is a ClickBank affiliate marketer.

He has literally hundreds of videos on his YouTube channel, all made within the last year. 

(This is valuable, as affiliate marketing changes over the years. If you’re serious about starting, make sure you have the most updated information.)

dave mac youtube

Dave Mac started his affiliate marketing side gig in 2007, when the  affiliate marketing scene was much different, and much less saturated.

Now, his source of extra cash has become his full time business, and he has created this course to help others do the same. 

Enough chit chat- let’s dive into Dave Mac’s ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Course.

What Will You Find Within Dave Mac’s ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Course

In Dave Mac’s course, you will learn his strategy for making money with ClickBank.

He promotes his course as “no-fluff”, with100% focus on how you can make money.

In the course, you’ll see:

  • A live ClickBank campaign walkthrough
  • The steps Dave follows to become invisible from his competition
  • How to duplicate this campaign
  • The landing page Dave uses in Thrive Architect

All of this, he claims, can help you build websites that will make you $500 a day.

Can this course train you to make that much money day in and day out?

Let’s see.

Dave Mac ClickBank Affiliate Marketing: An Overview

In Dave Mac’s ClickBank Affiliate Marketing short course, you’ll have access to two PDFs, five videos, and a landing page template.

Here’s a breakdown of the content:

  • Module 1: Getting Started and Resources

    • A “Read This First” Welcome Guide

    • Resources PDF

  • Module 2: Live Campaign Walkthrough

  • Module 3: How to Build Your Campaign

    • ClickMagick and Landing Page (Links)

    • ClickMagick and Landing Page (Campaign)

  • Module 4: Landing Page

Throughout the entire course, Dave is speaking to you from a screen shared video conference.

dave video

During each module, Dave walks you through the same steps, with slight variations. 

The process begins with ClickBank:

clickbank home page

And continues to ClickMagick:

clickmagick home page

What is ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is software that provides link tracking features.

Along the way, Dave creates a landing page on Thrive Architect:

Thrive architect

Finally, he sets up his advertisements on Microsoft Ads:

microsoft ads

Now, let’s explore the specifics in each module.

Module 1- Getting Started and Resources

Dave’s first module is really a PDF file titled “READ THIS FIRST!” and another PDF full of Resources.

  • The purpose of this module is to let you know the steps you should take through Dave's process.

"READ THIS FIRST!" details the order that you should complete some tasks within the course.

However, I noticed that these tasks do not clearly coincide with any other modules. 

Here are the steps:

read this first

The last item refers to a single video.

And, it’s worth noting that there are two bonus videos hidden here.

Dave added these bonus videos from his YouTube channel.

The second PDF, Resources, gives you some important links you will need to follow Dave Mac’s method. 

The Resources PDF also includes a code for your landing page that will allow ClickMagick to track for you.

Now that you’ve reviewed the PDFs, it's time to watch the Live Campaign Walkthrough.

Module 2- Live Campaign Walkthrough

The live Campaign walkthrough begins in Dave’s own ClickBank account.

  • The purpose of Module 2 is to walk you through a successful ClickBank Affiliate Marketing campaign in real time.

While he walks you through each of these pages, Dave explains that he:

  • Bought a domain called

  • Loaded a landing page

  • Sent buyers there from Microsoft ads

  • Used ClickMagick to find out exactly what keywords to use

  • Then, he checks his ROI.

At the beginning, you can see his Weekly Sales Snapshot...

Clickbank weekly sales well as his Daily Sales Snapshot.

Clickbank daily sales

Then, he heads to his ClinkBank reporting screen, where you can see the Transaction Search bar...

Clickbank transaction search well as examples of his own money coming in, with some sensitive material marked off.

campaign examples

The product he focuses on throughout this module, and the majority of the other videos, is called Diabetes Freedom.

He explains that they’ve had five unique sales for a total of $208.15.


Next, he heads to his ClickMagick account. 

Here is the dashboard:

clickmagick campaigns dashboard

He shows his ClickBank utm report-

utm performance

Then, he checks his keywords-

clickbank keywords

And finally notes that some are great, while others... not so much.

These odd keywords drive up his CPC.

Microsoft Ads and Landing Page

So, he heads to his Microsoft Ads campaign: 

microsoft ads negative keywords

This is his list of negative keywords, that take clicks away from his campaign, combating those tricky keywords.

Now, he checks his Microsoft ad dashboard:

microsoft ad spend

His average CPC is a little higher, due to the junk keywords he's attracted.

But, his total ad spend is $96.96.

And he has made over $200.

So, this campaign has earned him over 100% ROI.

Finally, Dave shows you how to edit your ads-

edit an ad in campaigns

How to set up a keyword string based on searcher's queries-

keyword string

And shows you the landing page template he includes in the course.

landing page

Finally, he shows you important tracking links you can find on ClickBank, that tie the whole process together.

different links via clickbait

Key Takeaway Number One: ClickMagick Campaigns vs. ClickMagick Links

Throughout the course, Dave goes back and forth between ClickMagick Campaigns and ClickMagick Links.

This can quickly get confusing if you are new to the process.

In short:

  • ClickMagick Campaigns works best with Google Ads.
  • ClickMagick Links works best with Microsoft Ads.

Dave prefers Microsoft Ads, and believes ClickMagick Links to be an easier place for beginners to start.

However, this live tutorial is a ClickMagick Campaign.

Key Takeaway Number Two: Take Your Ads Under the Radar

One of the biggest problems with affiliate marketing is other affiliate marketers.

Another affiliate marketer may click through your landing page, learning from your technique and copying your template.

Or, they may work to drive your CPC up, and click through just to waste your money.

One way to combat this is to show ads only in certain parts of the United States...

...rather than the entire United States.

With this strategy, Dave has had only one sketchy link:

fraud links

So, you know there's something to this.

Here's how Dave targeted this campaign:

Microsoft ad locations

Choose a few popular states for your product, and start there.

Even just two or three states can make a huge profit.

Other Main Ideas from Dave

Choosing Your Product: 

You don't need to promote diabetes products.

You don't need to promote weight loss products.

Instead, think outside the box.

  • Is there a newer product you could promote?
  • Another poplar network you could sell on?

Use Dave's landing page, and tailor it to any product you choose.

Return to an Old Campaign: 

If you are a former affiliate marketer, Dave encourages you to return to your old campaign.

Then, apply this strategy.

  • Buy your domain name from Bluehost.
  • Import the landing page Dave has provided.
  • Choose one or two states to promote your product.

And, see where your sales go!

Module 3- How to Build Your Campaign

This module consists of three total videos. 

  • The first video, How to Build Your Campaign, is a main part of the course.
  • The other two videos, ClickMagick and Landing Page (Links) and ClickMagick and Landing Page (Campaign) are bonus videos added from Dave's YouTube channel. 
  • What is the purpose of Module 3? This module adds different elements to what you have already seen in the Module 2.

Video 1: How to Build Your Campaign

The same process is shown in How to Build Your Campaign, with these added steps:

Dave encourages you to purchase your domain name through Bluehost, then shows you his WordPress account:


Then, he opens a New Page, and gives it this title:


From there, he imports the landing page template he has included in the course, which you have already seen in Module 2.

import landing page

He returns to ClickBank to get his hoplink and affiliate marketing code...

direct to order link

...and grabs a portion of the direct order link to add to his ClickMagick hoplink here:

clickmagick link

From there, he goes back to Microsoft Ads.

Again, he talks about how ClickMagick Campaigns are best used for Google Ads, and how ClickMagick Links are best for Microsoft Ads.

According to Dave, Microsoft Ads are cheaper and easier to use.

Set your budget high so you have room to get impressions.

And, choose your specific locations:

specific ads strategy

If you don't want to do a state, you can do just a few big cities. 

This strategy helps you stay under the radar from other affiliates.

Finally, Dave once again walks through the process of creating his ads.

He notes the importance of following his process, so that clicks take the buyer through your affiliate link. 

Key Takeaway One:

Dave's "How-To" Video vs. Live Walkthrough Video

Dave's "How-To" video is exactly what was shown in his Live Walkthrough Video. 

In the "How-To" video, he gives a bit more context.

Both videos can be used together as live tutorials to set you up for ClickBank Affiliate marketing success.

Video 2: ClickMagick and Landing Page (Links)

In ClickMagick and Landing Page (Links), Dave again shows the same process but with through ClickMagick's Links instead of Campaign.

Remember: ClickMagick Links is best used for

  • beginners
  • those using Microsoft Ads

He shares this bit of code for you to start the process:


This tracking code is used to minimize spend, and maximize profits.

Then, he creates a ClickBank secret key within ClickMagick:

clickbank secret key

He clicks on the question mark, and finds an instant notification url:


Both items need to be saved to continue the process.

He tests that both ClickBank and ClickMagick work together...


...and once it says Verified, he's off and running. 

From here we see familiar actions, like

  • Finding a ClickBank product
  • Creating a hoplink
  • Entering WordPress
  • Creating a landing page

Landing Page

In this demo, he chooses a pre-made landing page, instead of his template. 

prebuilt landing page

He edits the landing page according to his ClickBank product, Resurge.

Then, he changes the tracking ID to his ClickMagick token, and explains that this lets him track visitors all the way through the conversion. 

He puts his hoplink in his Order button, and puts a ClickMagick code into the footer of the landing page:

clickmagick code within headers, body, footer

With this, Dave's landing page is done.

He sets up his ClickMagick tracking link-

tracking link

And creates his Microsoft Ad Campaign:

Microsoft ad keywords

To set up his campaign, Dave writes simple headlines and descriptions.

He sets a maximum bid.

He chooses to only target Bing, AOL, and Yahoo.

And, he puts his ClickMagick Link into the ad.

Video 3: ClickMagick and Landing Page (Campaign)

The ClickMagick and Landing Page (Campaign) video shows the Campaign side of ClickMagick, instead of Links.

Remember: ClickMagick Campaigns are best used with Google Ads.

Dave focuses on three main benefits of Campaigns:

  • They don't rely on third party cookies
  • It doesn't need to use the tracking template field.
  • There are more click protection and reporting features.

However, ClickMagick Campaigns are complicated.

So, beginners may want to start somewhere else.

If you're still with us, let's dive in.

As usual, Dave begins with a landing page. 

This time, we're here:

landing page

Then, he shares how to use a Campaign Website Code...

Campaigns website code

...and shows the Campaign URL Builder.


This {QueryString} is a very useful tool.

It will let you know exactly what the clicker typed, before they clicked on your ad.

Then, you can use this information to optimize ads.

Microsoft Ads are different with campaigns.

You will be able to fill in the gaps, but then you will need to paste your hoplink (found on ClickBank) here:


The token this generates will be different than the token generated with Links.

He places the new hoplink into buttons and images throughout his landing page.

Last, when you create your Microsoft ads:

Create your ad

You won't have to do anything in the ad URL options section.

Now you know how to use ClickMagick for Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, AND Google. 

Module 4- Landing Page

Your fourth and final module deals entirely with the design of your landing pages.

  • The purpose of Module 4 is to demonstrate how to mimic another affiliate marketer's landing page within Thrive Architect.

If you watched all of the other videos, or have any experience in Thrive Architect, this video will repeat more of what you already know.

Dave begins by showing you a "great" landing page that he will recreate:

landing page 2

Instead of a Pre-Built Landing Page, or his template, he chooses to add new:

add new

Once inside, he spends the majority of the video editing on Thrive.

He also goes back and forth between the example page, working to make his new page as identical as possible.

In the end, Dave has created a second Landing Page nearly identical to the page he started with.

Now, you know exactly how you can do the same, and get started with designing/copying your very own landing pages.

How Much Does Dave Mac's Course Cost?

Dave Mac's ClickBank Affiliate Marking Short Course costs $197.

It only takes a few hours to get through, if you only watch the content.

It takes a little longer to get through if you follow along with him.

  • Granted, this is one of the shortest courses I've seen.
  • And, it's also one of the cheapest.
  • But- there's no chance you'll get a refund if you are unhappy.
  • And if you're a beginner, you might not have $200 lying around to take a chance.

So, is Dave Mac's course worth the time and money?

The answer may be different for everyone. 

So, who will find benefit with this course?

Let's take a look.

Who WILL Benefit from this ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Course?

You might benefit from this course if you:

  • are already sold on affiliate marketing.
  • already started affiliate marketing, and need a refresher.
  • used to do affiliate marketing, and want to pick it back up.
  • already follow Dave Mac on YouTube, and understand his process at least a little bit.
  • like repetition, visual learning, and hands-on learning.

You might not benefit from this course if you:

  • are a beginner.
  • want to learn what affiliate marketing is.
  • appreciate organization and presentations.
  • have never watched Dave Mac's content before.
pros and cons

Pros and Cons of Dave Mac's ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Course

I spent hours going over Dave Mac's ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Course.

Here's exactly what I thought was great, and what I thought could be improved on.

 Pros & Cons of Dave Mac's Course


  • Dave Mac has years of experience- over 14!
  • The whole course has a laidback feel. 
  • The course is short and can be completed in just a few hours.
  • It's also pretty cost-effective, at $197.
  • Each video essentially repeats the same, slightly varied strategy. This is great for people who thrive on repetition.
  • Module 1 provides useful links and resources pulled from the videos.
  • Module 2 shows Dave's own live campaign, proving that his method can make money.
  • The third module includes three videos showing Dave's process.
  • Module 4 is a great video for those new to designing pages on Thrive Architect.
  • Dave Mac remains upbeat throughout the course, and keeps the information coming. Every moment of the course is full of content.


  • The course is not scripted, so Dave jumps back and forth throughout the content.
  • Because there is no script, there is also no clear presentation of ideas. This makes it difficult for a beginner to understand the content.
  • The PDFs do not provide a clear connection between the course and the information given.
  • The course begins with a live tutorial, without giving any background or explanation of what we're looking at. An introduction video may be helpful.
  • Each section repeats basically the same information. If this is not helpful to the user's learning style, this can feel exhausting.
  • At times, it felt that a bit more editing would be helpful. Also, some comments were not necessary.

To Wrap Up My Review...

Dave Mac's course of ClickBank Affiliate Marketing can be a wealth of knowledge.

However, its lack of structure-

and context-

make it hard to follow.

Even though it is a short course, and relatively low-cost (unlike the Ministry of Freedom course), I believe this lead generation course will actually get you a better return on your investment.

You'll also get a support system, coaching, and more...

In fact, I'd love to tell you even more about everything you gain with this lead generation program.

What’s Great About Lead Generation 

affiliate marketing vs. lead generation

So, you've learned all about Dave Mac's ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Course.

Now, it's time to decide:

Is affiliate marketing the business model you want to follow?

Let's compare this business model to the model I follow with lead generation.



With any business model, you need to think about what your competition will be like.

Will you easily dominate your niche?

Or will you need to fight to reach the top of Google search?

Competition in Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, there is tons of competition.

We're talking billions of sites and blogs, all competing for the same extremely popular keywords.

To rank, you will need an amazing site...

unlike those Dave showed in his course:

poor quality landing page

And you will need to back up your amazing site with quality backlinks and expert content.

In the end, you might see results in 6 to 12 months.

For most others, however, it will take years.

And, you'll be fighting all the other guys around the world doing exactly what you do each day.

Globally ranked keywords are massively difficult to rank for. It's the reason big companies spend billions of dollars on SEO. You need an army of experts to make it happen.

Competition in Lead Generation

However, with lead generation, your only competition will be in the local areas you choose.

For example, here's one of my localized sites:

grand rapids tree service

As you can see, this site is the first result on Google's first page.

This site alone has made me $2000 each month since 2015.

In the end, leads are always in demand, while products sometimes aren't.

And, because lead generation is a high level skill, there are less competitors doing exactly what you're doing.

But, easier competition isn't the only great thing about lead generation.

Here's more.



Passive income is the goal.

But what is the best way to get there?

Let's find out.

Work You'll Put into Affiliate Marketing

While it may seem like affiliate marketing brings in a steady stream of income with little effort, I've found that this is not the case.

In fact, when I did affiliate marketing, I spent hours doing tedious busy work.

This busy work was all about paid traffic and ads.

Here's an example of a real ClickBank ad I put together:

ad example

I'd spend hours (and money) developing and budgeting my ads, only to have them flop.

Or, they would bring in traffic for awhile, and then stop being effective- as all ads eventually do.

(Related article: Peter Kell’s VSL Masterclass Review)

And on top of that, I would lose money each time someone clicked on my ads.

That just didn't sit right with me. 

Thankfully, I found the alternative.

Lead Generation = Passive Income

With lead generation, all you need to do is create your website, rank it, and watch that passive income roll in. 

So, you'll enjoy long-term passive income, without any kickbacks to advertising.

How Does Lead Generation Earn Passive Income?

When you rank something locally, there's not a lot of competition. So, you don't have to do a lot of work to maintain that ranking. Your personal resources are freed up to make and rank another site, and another. That means infinite scalability, and infinite passive income.

Just take a look at the leads that came in from one of my sites:


And that was all with very little effort from me. 

So, how much income can you make with either business, passive or otherwise?

Here's your answer.



Do Affiliate Marketers Make Money?

The short answer? Yes.

But often, what you hear them talk about is their revenue, and not what they're actually bringing in for personal profit.

For affiliate marketers to make ANY money, they need to generate a lot of traffic in a saturated, global market.

While Dave gives some ideas on how to combat this, there is a better solution.

What Can You Bring Home with Lead Gen?

With lead generation, you won't have to spend money on ads.

You also won't have to give a put of your profit to another company.

So, you will enjoy higher pay per sale.

And, you'll enjoy potentially unlimited income moving forward.

You can understand why lead generation is my #1 business recommendation.

Here's a few more reasons why I love it:

lead generation


So, is affiliate marketing worth it?

I’ve tried it all, from Amazon FBA to drop shipping to affiliate marketing. 

And, I always return to the same conclusion-

Lead generation really is the best business model out there for making passive income from your home.

To give it to you straight:

  • With affiliate marketing, you will spend way too much time and money on building your paid traffic. 
  • You'll also only get about 5% of your total sales to yourself, that much of that will go back into ads.


But, with lead generation: 

  • You'll build and rank simple websites in Google.
  • These websites will generate organic (not paid!) traffic.
  • You'll provide these leads to small businesses, and let the website do the work for you.

That's passive income, directly to you, each and every month.

Interested in learning more? When I joined in 2014, I had no idea how far lead generation could take me.

So, don’t wait to find out how far it can take you.

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