Rachell Jova’s Digital Wealth Academy Review – How This Community Helps You Make Money Online?

March 4, 2024

Digital Wealth Academy is a digital marketing community on Skool by Rachell Jova that teaches you how to generate income online through Master Resell Rights (MRR). This business model not only provides you with the opportunity to learn from the course, but also allows you to own the product outright. With these resell rights, you can sell the course as your own product and keep 100% of the profits. The academy's curriculum also guides you in creating and selling your own digital products that enables passive income generation. It covers essential topics such as Business Foundations, Sales Funnel Creation, Business Automation, Email Marketing, Content Strategy, Branding, and Social Media Marketing. Currently, it holds the 18th position among over 1,000 communities in Skool.

Most reviews on TikTok come from digital marketers who have joined Digital Wealth Academy and are selling the course at the same price. Some of them showcase previews of the academy and commend its usefulness. On Reddit, there is a debate about whether Master Resell Rights are legitimate or a pyramid scheme. A Reddit user claiming membership in Digital Wealth Academy shared that almost all community members prefer to resell the course rather than creating their own.

This Digital Wealth Academy review provides an overview of the community, including its pros and cons, pricing details, and inclusions. Additionally, the article will discuss how Digital Wealth Academy facilitates passive income generation. It will also introduce you to the founder and help you determine if this community is suitable for you.Finally, we will reveal an alternative business model that can also generate you a monthly passive income ranging from $500 to $3000.

Digital Wealth Academy Review: Pros And Cons


Large Group Size: Digital Wealth Academy has 16.2k members and ranks 2nd to paid community in Skool.

One Time payment: You can access and own the course with only one payment.

In-depth course: Digital Wealth Academy offers you an 80 comprehensive business, marketing and automation modules.


Potential Competition: All the members of Digital Wealth Academy may sell the same courses as you are.

Initial Purchase Required: You need to buy Digital Wealth Academy course to enter the community.

Refund Policy

Digital Wealth Academy has no refund policy.


Digital Wealth Academy started on July 25, 2023 on Skool.

Member Size

Digital Wealth Academy has a whooping 16.2k members.


Digital Wealth Academy currently holds the 18th rank among all communities and the 2nd rank among paid business groups.

How Does Digital Wealth Academy Help You Make Money Online?

Digital Wealth Academy helps you make money online by providing digital marketing courses that teach about Master Resell Rights. This license allows you to make money by selling a digital marketing product you purchased to Rachell or other community members, with no restrictions on the number of sales or a cut in profits. You can keep 100% of the sales for yourself. Digital Wealth Academy helps you master that business model through different courses that teach you how to set up System.IO, create email campaigns, implement a strong branding strategy, and leverage sales funnels to resell DWA courses. However, if you want to create and sell your own digital product, you are free to do so. Rachell claims that you can use all the training materials for your own brand and offerings.

Here are some of the websites of digital marketers who joined Digital Wealth Academy. You can see here that they are selling the exact course at the same price created by Rachell Jova.

How Much Does Digital Wealth Academy Cost?

Digital Wealth Academy costs a one-time payment of $497 that grants you access to the full course with resell rights. Additionally, you can opt for a three-month payment plan of $165, which is suitable if you're on a tight budget. However, you won’t be able to resell the course until your payment is completed, although you can still access the learning materials. There is no information available regarding a monthly membership for Digital Wealth Academy in Skool. Once you purchase the course and fill out the required questionnaire, the admins will recognize where you purchased the course and approve your request to join the community.

What Can You Get From Digital Wealth Academy?

You can get access to the community, digital marketing courses, content creation training, French and Spanish modules. You can engage in any discussion form the community members such as forums, q and a and even polls. Additionally, Digital Wealth Academy conducts Q and A call every Monday and Funnel Call every Wednesday. 

Master Resell Rights

Master Resell Rights (MRR) course includes topics about distribution rights, terms and conditions, privacy policy, income disclosure statement, and a certification for Master Resell Rights.

Setting Up System.IO

Setting up System.IO involves creating a step-by-step process to build your sales system and establish your business and branding. It helps you organize your sales process and set up your business operations smoothly.

Editable Pre Made Funnel

Editable Pre-Made Funnels help build your business more efficiently. The Editable Pre-Made Funnel offers a ready-to-use framework that you can customize to meet your specific needs and goals. It enables you to save time and effort in setting up your sales processes.

Email Marketing

Email marketing involves learning how to create email campaigns that engage and convert your audience. You'll learn to design, personalize, automate, and analyze these campaigns to ensure their effectiveness in reaching your marketing goals.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy acquires you the skills to advertise your business or product across a variety of social media channels. This involves identifying your target audience or niche and developing engaging content that drives conversions effectively.

Branding Momentum

The Branding Momentum module focuses on how to develop and implement a robust branding strategy. It provides comprehensive guidance on crafting personal brands and building a strong reputation across multiple channels. Through this module, you can learn various techniques and tools to enhance brand visibility.

Passion Building

The Passion Building module assists you in identifying your passions and creating a business based on them. Through this module, you will learn how to uncover your interests and turn them into profitable ventures.

Business Tools

In the Business Tools module, you'll discover various tools designed to streamline and enhance the operation of your business. These tools are easy to use and highly effective that enable you to manage different aspects of your business operations efficiently.

Business Expansion

The Business Expansion teaches you how to be a successful entrepreneur and grow your business sustainably. You can discover how to set up systems and products for lasting success. You'll also explore branding strategies, building your personal brand, and effectively scaling it across different platforms.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing training guides you how to boost your digital marketing earnings by teaming up with affiliates. This module teaches you how to turn affiliate partnerships into a source of passive income for your business

ChatGPT Masterclass

ChatGPT Masterclass helps you discover the basics of this AI tool. You'll gain practical skills to use ChatGPT effectively in your digital marketing efforts.

Google Productivity Hacks

Google Productivity Hacks unlocks handy tips and tricks for using Google tools to work smarter, not harder. From Gmail to Google Drive, you will learn how to improve efficiency and communication within your business.

The Ultimate Reels Guide

The Ultimate Reels Guide allows you to master the art of creating engaging TikTok reels to attract customers and boost sales. This module provides step-by-step instructions for crafting compelling reels and editing templates for maximum impact.

Recorded Training Calls

Recorded Training Calls is a library of recorded Zoom calls filled with valuable insights and advice from industry experts. You can learn at your own pace whenever and wherever you want.

Creating Sales Funnels

Creating Sales Funnels teaches you how to set up effective sales funnels to sell DWA courses or other products. It allows you to discover strategies to guide customers through the buying process and increase sales..

Business Automation

Business Automation helps you streamline your business operations and boost sales with automation tools. It guides you how to set up follow-up campaigns and automate tasks, saving time and maximizing efficiency.

Blogging for Success

Blogging for Success covers training on how to write blog posts that attract readers and improve your website's visibility. It discusses simple strategies for creating engaging content that ranks well in search engines.

Create your own Digital Products

Create your own Digital Products teaches you the process of creating and selling digital products on social media. From idea to execution, you will learn how to develop products that meet your audience's needs and generate extra income for your business.

Who Is Digital Wealth Academy For?

Digital Wealth Academy is for beginners seeking to learn digital marketing skills for selling products online. Some courses within the community teach skills applicable to creating and selling profitable digital products. These include email marketing, content strategy, setting up System.IO, and branding momentum. Additionally, Digital Wealth Community caters to individuals interested in earning through Master Resell Rights. If you prefer not to create your own digital products, upon completing the course, you can set up your own funnel page to sell the same course to others and earn 100% from it.

Digital Wealth Academy Review Online

Digital Wealth Academy Review Reddit

Digital Wealth Academy reviews on Reddit mostly about how it works. One user, Bulky-Ad2689, shared his story with Digital Wealth Academy (DWA). He said DWA mostly focuses on reselling its course instead of helping people make their own digital stuff. Bulky-Ad2689 started an Instagram account to promote the course, but found out most people were just reselling it. He saw lots of others, mostly women, doing the same thing.

He said the way they sell the course seems fishy, with them saying you can make a lot of money that targets moms who stay home. While there is some good stuff, he thinks you can find similar stuff for free online. He also mentioned it costs a lot to be part of the program, with subscriptions and tools adding up to $90/month for a store and $40/month for money management and email marketing. 

Digital Wealth Academy Review TikTok

Reviews of Digital Wealth Academy on TikTok come from clients who join the community and sell the same course as Rachell Jova. One TikTok user, mariemabellaofficial, showcases the contents of Digital Wealth Academy in her video and praises how they have helped her generate income effortlessly. She promotes her own website in her bio and claims in her video that you can earn anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 per month simply by selling your knowledge online. Mariemabellaofficial encourages her viewers to click the link in her bio.

Are The Community Members Of Digital Wealth Academy Successful?

Yes, the community members of Digital Wealth Academy are successful based on their websites. However, the testimonials on their website are limited. There are only three success testimonials posted on their website from the community. One of them is Helbest Younis who shares that she earned $5k in just two weeks. Helbest also expresses gratitude towards the course and the MRR system. Meanwhile, Sommer Swan posted a 6-week update and boasted $3k by engaging in the system part-time. She also mentioned her plans to create her own digital course.

Finally, Desiree Gonzales shared her income after three weeks, which amounted to $333.20. However, it appears that Desiree Gonzales is no longer active within the community. The picture below illustrates her lack of activity and minimal contributions to Digital Wealth Academy on Skool.

Is Digital Wealth Academy Worth It?

Digital Wealth Academy is worth it if you don’t want to make your own product but want to sell already made ones. After you finish the course, you own it and can sell it on your website or sales funnel. You can sell it at the same price you paid, $497, and keep all the profit. Additionally, Digital Wealth Academy offers guidance for those interested in creating their own digital products to sell. Furthermore, apart from the DWA course, Rachell mentions three additional courses you can sell with Master Resell Rights: The Ultimate Reels Guide, My Preset Pack, and Faceless Wealth Guide.

However, the major drawback of this community is potential competition. Currently, Digital Wealth Academy boasts over 16.2k members. It presents the challenge of competing with fellow community members that offer the same courses, inclusions, and bonuses. Additionally, it's challenging to sell digital products when starting out with a low online following or customer base. As per BIA Advisory Services, 61% of small businesses state that more than half of their income originates from returning customers. It highlights the importance of an existing and established customer base for successful online digital product sales.


  • Adonis School: Adonis School focuses on self-development courses and training that teach you how to make money online on YouTube, Skool and TikTok.
  • Digital Growth Community: Digital Growth Community teaches you how to build a consistent and daily paying customers digitally.

What Is The Current Rank Of Digital Wealth Academy On Skool?

The current rank of Digital Wealth Academy on Skool is 18th among all communities and 2nd among all paid business groups. The main goal of Digital Wealth Academy is for you to learn how to make money online using the Master Resell Rights scheme.

Who Is Rachell Jova?

Rachell Jova or Rachell Medero is a 28-year-old entrepreneur, digital marketer, a wife and mother to two children. She is the creator of Digital Wealth Academy. With over three years of experience in the online business industry, Rachell has explored various online ventures and side hustles. Despite achieving financial success, she felt the need for a career that allowed her to earn well while being fully present with her children. This led her to discover digital marketing with Master Resell Rights. Rachell started her digital marketing journey on June 3, 2023. Within her first two months, she impressively earned $100,000, and in just six months, she achieved her first seven-figure income.

Her success in digital marketing is from a course she found on Instagram that teaches Master Resell Rights. This course equipped her with skills in branding, selling other people's products, and creating her own digital products. After that, she shared this business model with other entrepreneurs through Digital Wealth Academy. Rachell Jova has really good online followings. She has 352k followers on Instagram, 14.5l on TikTOk, 16.5k on Skool, and 16.4k on Threads.

Is Master Resell Rights Legit?

Master Resell Rights (MRR) is a legit business model that enables you to own and resell a purchased product. It allows you to keep 100% of the profits from each sale. As explained by Master Digital Marketing Pro, MRR is a type of licensing agreement granting buyers the right to resell the product to others, while also permitting subsequent buyers to do the same. Additionally, they mention that this not only allows individuals to sell the product for personal profit but also enables them to grant resell rights to their customers and create additional revenue streams.

Therefore, there's no need to question the legitimacy of Digital Wealth Academy. It can indeed help you earn money, but it requires significant effort, especially if starting from scratch. This includes establishing your own brand, creating content, building a customer base, and ongoing promotion efforts.

Conclusion: What’s Another Option To Generate Passive Income Aside From MRR of Digital Wealth Academy?

Local lead generation is another option to generate passive income aside from Master Resell Rights (MRR) of Digital Wealth Academy. It works like a digital real estate where you create websites as your digital assets for as low as $500. By employing SEO tactics, you can optimize those lead gen websites to rank highly on search engines like Google. Once they generate leads, you can lease them to local businesses in need of leads and potentially earn a monthly passive income of $500 to $3,000 per website. This differs from MRR, where you must purchase and own the product before selling it at the same price. In contrast, with local lead generation, you can 'set it and forget it' and continue to earn passive revenue.

Moreover, local lead generation reduces the competition you might encounter when selling Digital Wealth Academy courses. As many community members choose to resell the course by creating and selling their own, local lead gen positions you in a local market with approximately 10-15 competitors. Additionally, this online business model can yield an 85%-95% ROI, as it deals with leads rather than physical products.

So, if you prefer not to engage with Master Resell Rights and are interested in a business model where you initially own your assets, local lead generation is another option.

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